**DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED** (**SRSLY**) More Peeves, Questions, & Ughs

Yes, there is more as I am a sentient being capable of discernment, original thought, and wrath. But this newest rant isn’t limited to inane, over-used, definitely-abusive-yet-supposedly-“acceptable” sex crap…although that crap does seem to comprise the majority of my rants (with good reason).

I am “gloriously” opinionated, which is why I post these kinds of things on my blog and not yours.  If you agree with my rantings or want to add your own, by all means, do so.

If you disagree with my rantings, then refute them civilly or, more simply, do us both a favor and stop reading.

No one is ever required to read a damn thing I write. 


Don’t be putting stuff – my stuff, other stuff, whatever – in your brainbox that you don’t want there.  I really won’t mind – I promise!

Either way, no offense is intended toward anyone.  I can’t say this isn’t aimed at any one/many type/s of story/stories (I may be a bitch, but I’m not a lyin’ bitch), but my aim and ambition is never to hurt any writer (I’m not a purposefully cruel bitch, either).

That being said, on with the bitching:



  • *MUST be abusive (spanking, fucktardedly believing that he has an actual “right” to punish her for any-fucking-thing, commanding her to cum/not cum like she’s some dog, ordering her around…being abusively ‘dominate’…sorry, but the list is too damn long for this blog piece and I’m gettin’ a headache…)?  Srsly, WTF??
  • *MUST feel some odd need to go around sticking parts of himself up Sookie’s ass? (that seemed to be a trend for a while… even when she didn’t particularly want it…)
  • *MUST be a pathetically insecure over-bearing Dom (why the hell ELSE would he always be wanting her to beg him to cum or feel the insecure need to go around threatening her about various and assorted things, etc?)??  Come on, people, WHO wants an INSECURE wanna-be-dom Eric?  Ew.  Others might want an insecure Dommy asshat version of Eric, but I don’t.

((My friend Rissa brought up a great point:  WTF would GODRIC say about this?  Dammit, he did NOT “raise” a slimy, abusive/semi-abusive insecure wanna-be-dom!!!))



  • *MUST  **allow** him do ANY of the above abusive crap?
  • *WOULD EVEN WANT his fingers/penis/Godric-knows-what-else all up in her ass-box 24/7?
  • *WOULD actually agree to call him “Master” under ANY circumstance?  What, like she doesn’t own her own self?  Weird.
  • *MUST be some whiny, spineless submissive blob of such mortal stupidity?    Yeah, I don’t get it either.

THIRD UP (finally jumping the pathetic sex train…finally):


Are they trying to say that they can’t control what their OWN fingers type? Maybe they need to see a doctor about that ’cause I ain’t buyin’ it.

If they feel the need to write angsty-ass’d (and other) shit, just own up to the fact that they like writing angsty-ass’d (and other) shit, warn potential readers about the upcoming deluge of angsty’ass’d (and other) shit and then be done with it.  Don’t act like their fingers operate independently of their brains and expect readers to be dumb enough to believe it.

I don’t get off on reading or writing about the rape, abuse, degradation, or torture of Sookies or any other character (ok, full disclosure = I might get into writing and reading the torture of the really bad baddies…but that’s it), and I seriously wonder about the mentality of those who do choose to write or read that kind of abusive, demoralizing, misogynistic shit.


THEY did it!  THEY decided to do all that ridiculously unbelievable shit to Sookie (and sometimes to Eric)!!!  They should at least have the guts to own up to the fact that THEY **consciously** decided to write abusive shit, that writing abusive shit makes THEM all happy and whatever inside, and that they LIKE putting Sookie (and, far more rarely, Eric) through 15 levels of gratuitous hell because THEY can’t stand her (him) and they *WANT* her (him) to needlessly and uselessly suffer over and over and over again!

I will never understand why they choose to get off so hard on torturing her, raping her, abusing her, or almost draining her…or throwing her into a cell…or having Eric break her bones to “protect” or “save” her…or actually selling her off to even more abusive vampires…or changing her against her will…or humiliating her…or having Eric treat her like complete and utter shit for absolutely no justifiable reason (not that there WOULD be a “justifiable” reason)…or having the “powers that be” (the AP, anyone?  I detest that bitch.)  betray her by knowing what’s going to happen yet refusing to actually HELP her…or why they choose to have her take all this abusive bullshit and not move on, move out, move away or stake their collective abusive asses…and they certainly never, ever, ever, have her get even with those “beloved” abusive, classless, demeaning, misogynistic asshole-Eric characters.

This is a situation that bugs me about the entire field of writing, by the way, not just writers in the fanfic world.

THEY are the writers who choose to write this bullshit – they have the power to give their main couple a happy story – yet they CHOOSE to knowingly put bullshit like this out into the universe. I just do not understand why they would knowingly choose to add to the negative bullshit in the world when they have the power at their literal fingertips to add so much beauty and light and hope instead.

Good Godric…WTF is WRONG with these people?  If they hate/despise their female leads (and, more rarely, their male leads) *THAT* much, THEN THEY SHOULD WRITE SOMETHING ELSE.   


But, back to the Wonderful World of Fanfic:

Don’t be all ““Oopsey – look at me!  I just stabbed Sookie through the heart and had her raped yet AGAIN, darn it…giggle…”” 

FFS, own that backstabbing, Sookie-hatin’ shit.

Ugh.  Just…ugh.

And another thing…(yes, I actually said that…out loud…) – although this is more of a “revisit” than a new rant…skip if you want:

What is up with these who have Eric doing terrible, horrible, painful, truly despicable things to Sookie – either because he’s a total fuck-ass or  (favorite excuse…) “”for her own protection””? 

And, not only are they gleefully having Eric break her bones, rape her,  all-but rape her, fang-rape her above/beyond what TB espoused, hold her hostage, lie to her, force her to bond with him, humiliate her, use her against her will, ‘bear down his supposed authority over her’, treat her like dog shit stuck to his shoes, but *THEN* they have her basically auto-forgiving him the next time she sees him! 

WTF?  Did their Sookies not come with brains included?

And for fuck’s sake, stop trying to soften it by calling it “non-con” – it’s rape.  If you’re going to tout a rape story, at lease be honest about about the fact that you’re having the character raped in your shitty little pro-abuse rape story.

What.  The.  Everlovin’.  Fuck.

He’s got a big dick and he’s pretty therefore he should be able to get away with treating her like shit and raping her and beating on her and abusing her any time he wants to?  Srsly???

If some sadistic fuck is absolutely determined to have Eric doing that shit to Sookie, to be fair, just ONCE I’d love to read where Sookie obtained her glorious revenge, ya know?  Say, go off, recover, heal her broken bones/heart/vagina/anus, get well, gain her powers/control over her powers, then come into Fangtasia or wherever he’s overlording it one night, and beat the everlovin’ fuck out of him in front of God and everybody for treating her like shit, for thinking that he had any right whatsoever to force her to do a damn thing, abjectly humiliate him in front of all his precious vampires, and when she’s finished and he’s as broken, bloodied and battered as he’d made her,  ask HIM how HE liked it.  But that will never happen because these pro-abuse assholes are too fixated on wanting Eric to be the “Master”, the “Dom”, the “Authority”, the “King”, the……abuser.

I read to ESCAPE from real life, angst, problems, hassles, frustrations, etc.  Why would I want to invite MORE of that shit into my brain??  Oh, wait, I don’t…  Go me!

Ok, now I’m back to talking about both the fanfic and the real-fic world again:

I guess the thing that gets me is that these writers have the incredible opportunity to create something beautiful, but they instead voluntarily, purposefully choose to create something dark, depressing, and disgusting.

Why would they do that?






Why would they choose to write a spineless, doormat, abusable, rape-able heroine?  Why would they choose to so proudly showcase an arrogant, egotistical, asshole “hero” who knowingly and so often chooses to hurt the “heroine” and so gleefully “punishes” her just because his li’l ego says he can? 

Why would they choose to write that kind of sick, sadistic, psychotic shit on purpose?

What is wrong with these people that they WANT to knowingly and purposefully bring even more pain, suffering, and angst into the world?

And I’m not even talking about those silly, unoriginal scribblers caught up like horny teenagers all sucked into the abusive (“Oh but it’s really a romance!!”) world of 50 Shades of  Brainwashed Bullshit.    But that’s for another rant…

Annnnd now we’re back to fanfics.  Aren’t you lucky??  Well, if anyone is still reading at this point…figure most of you have wandered off for coffee and cupcakes by now.

When I first started reading fanfics, I’ll gladly admit that I felt compelled to read anything and everything out there…and yeah, I fell into a couple of those abusive love traps badly disguised as stories.  I (thankfully!!) learned pretty damn quick to just close that window and go on to something infinitely better.  (I adore that little x at the top of the page!)  I didn’t (and still don’t) bother leaving reviews on that kind of trash, either.

Why bother?

Why validate the sadistic creators?

Greener pastures, y’all…they’re out there!  Besides, who has TIME to read that kind of crap?  I sure as hell don’t.  I’d much rather use my time bitching about it over here…  *cheeky grin*

Or, you know, napping…

*And, yes, I’m worse in person.  This has actually been strongly edited.*


Ach, carry on…

11 thoughts on “**DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED** (**SRSLY**) More Peeves, Questions, & Ughs

  1. So much agreeing with this that I have to agree twice. I’m so over Eric being a douche and Sookie forgiving him 3 secs later because all of a sudden he touches her, she becomes automatically horny and they have a good sexing. I know I may not have had the sex but I am pretty sure women are ovens and not microwaves; there is no insta-horny for us. I just don’t understand pain is supposed to be sexy. *sigh*


  2. You know I’m with you. I had the hardest time even turning Sookie in one of my stories, even though that’s what the story was about, I struggled with what I felt was harming her. So yeah, I don’t write non-consensual, nor do I read it. It genuinely saddens me when I read stories in which I can see where it’s going, it’s abusive, and I know somehow the writer is going to make it a HEA…with the abuser and victim. Not okay, and clearly, the author has never been in such a position, or had someone close to them who has. It’s also disturbing that such subject matter is fodder for someone’s writing as a main plot, instead of a situational device or the like. I think vampirism is a tough subject that is just thrown around, considering it can involve murder. We are too desensitized to it, it’s a given! It’s why I’ve rated anything I’ve written as M…I think it’s an adult theme!


  3. Even if the story didn’t include sex, yeah, if it’s about a vampire in any way “”realistically”” (yeah, I know, shaddup), then it SHOULD be “M” rated.

    The only time I could see myself writing abusive shit is if it’s a plot device where the REAL hero saves the victim…and that’s pretty much it.



  4. I pretty much agree with all of this except…anal sex can be really great 1. If you have a partner who knows what they’re doing and 2. If you have a pleasure center in your ass. Sounds weird, I know, but unlike men, most women don’t have a nerve reaction that tells us that anal sex feels good, hence why it mostly doesn’t (it doesn’t just have to do with the prostate, either). Some women, however, do. To them, anal sex is different, but enjoyable. So it’s not complete bullshit. Just mostly. 😉


  5. I agree with Mirkit1. For some women, anal is pleasurable, but it’s not for everyone, so meh *shrug*. Also for some women D/s is enjoyable, but there is definitely a fine line. Cos a lot of the stuff I read that writers reckon is D/s.. Is just abuse, plain and simple. Gah. Actually the line ain’t that fine. And sometimes i read that shit and just go WTF. You have no idea you vanilla scented imbocile!

    I get, sometimes, the use of angst as a way for characters to grow. But. Holy. Shit! After 30+ chapters? FFS! Yes, sure. Ok, something shitty happens, and the hero/heroine made a bad descision. Get them to deal the fuck with it and move on! Going over and over, repeating the same crappy shit, with slow mental thoughts of wondering if they are doing the wrong thing… Then. Doing. Nothing. About. Those. Thoughts! Holy. Shit! Why. WHY? There is a difference between having your character reluctant/resistant and them just being STUPID!

    Ok i’m done 🙂


  6. Abuse is abuse, no matter how they want to sell it.

    And I totally agree – sometimes you DO have to have a BIT of angst to move the plot along or to get the characters where you want them, but damn…after a while there needs to be SOMETHING different! A…CONCLUSION, maybe?? After that many chapters of nothing but bad/stupid shit happening over and over and over again to the hero/heroine, it’s called “sensationalistic stagnation”, not “growth”…


  7. I am totally easily offended but I read it anyway! 😛 It’s a cold day and I’m looking for ways to distract myself from upsetting matters! But damn… I wasn’t offended, coz all of that is so far from anything I’ve ever done. I’m just scratching my head and wondering where the hell are all these fics you’ve described lol! I haven’t ran into many of those, but given your rant, there must be countless thousands!
    I will say though and maybe that’s lucky for me, that I rarely get through the end of a fic if I don’t like it in the first few chapters. So the fics I do read that had that kind of abusive content just fell into oblivion and forgetfulness before I got too far into it.
    As for long dragging cycles of angst, I don’t know the exact context, but I think I can relate. It might be just an inability to get to the resolution and inexperience and the need to just put something out there. I think I’ve done it – not proud of it either. But I like to think at the very least it shaved off some corners and I’ll do better next time.
    The dom thing is strong with this fandom – I think a lot of it is just an unexplored, unmanaged kink. Nothing wrong with that, but usually the way it comes out is really, really worrisome. 50 shades, which you mentioned, is to me a prime example of that – it’s just weird that it got published – eep!
    huggles! rants are fun! sorry I was late for the party! 🙂


  8. Hey, rant away any time you want! We’ll make more!

    Unfortunately there are plenty enough pro-abuse fics in the TB/SVM world (and others, too, sadly) to warrant my rants, and it super-galls me that the majority of these “writers” are most likely female, yet…they feel nothing wrong with abusing, punishing, raping, Dom’ing, denigrating and disrespecting women in their own works. If they detest Sookie, or whoever, that much, then why are they writing her? Ugh. Talk about back-stabbing their own gender.

    I freely admit that I, luckily, have problems disassociating myself from what I’m watching or reading. I have a heart and a brain and I know how to use them, plus I know that once I read or see, etc., something, that thing has the potential of staying in my mind indefinitely. Sadly, I also have the “gift” of recognizing abuse and abusive behavior when I read or see it, too. That dramatically shortens my reading list… If more readers would read wide their eyes wide open instead of just happily swallowing whatever kind of crap is thrown at them, there would be a lot more respect between characters in both the fic world and the published materials world.

    Come on…you weren’t late to the party – you brought the party with you! 😀


  9. I LOVE your rants! And I whole-heartedly agree. A while back I wrote an essay about all the things in fanfic that make me crazy. I’d love to share it with you for your rant page. Let me know if you are interested…


  10. jewelpearl: Bring-it! Since it’s along the lines of what I’ve already ranted about, feel free to post it below this reply if you want. 😀


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