Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 1

**A/N:  Once upon a time, this really was a one-shot.  Then along came the lovely and talented  Kittyinaz  who did a review of this story for her  Non-Canon Awards site reviews.  Since new readers might wander over to check out this story, I wisely decided to give it a once-over and, well, now there are two chapters with good potential for, um, more…  Remember:  I am the Anti-Canon and have no problems crossing over between TB and SVM at will.  Enjoy the ride!**

The vampires had all finally died for the day leaving a highly pissed off Sookie in charge of a rather damaged Russell.  She couldn’t believe fucking Eric wanted her to guard that asshole instead of just killing him and being done with it all.

That Bastard Eric, as she now called him, had kissed her senseless, then had the gall to throw her in his damn filthy dungeon and shackled her like a common drainer!  After she’d managed to escape, he found and betrayed her again, and literally held her down for Russell to fang-rape her.  Then…he fang-raped her himself!  She really should have let him die in the sun.

Ugh…and now Russell had to start up with the talking and the taunting and the whining again.

Who the fuck did Eric think he was, anyway?  COMMANDING her to watch over this fucktarded asshole?

Fuck that noise.

Sookie sprayed Russell with the silver, and then staked his burnt, gooey ass.

Fuck them all.



You *painfully* betray me, then expect me to follow your COMMANDS and babysit that fucker?  Are you out of your everloving mind?  How fucking arrogant are you?  You betray me, throw me in your damn filthy, nasty dungeon and shackle me up like a common drainer, hold me down and encourage that psycho-freak asshole to fang-rape me, then YOU fang-rape me your own damn self, and THEN you have the gall to expect me to babysit that freak for you?

Fuck you, Eric.  I hope you rot in hell.


Eric stared down at the note in his hand.  He was furious.  He couldn’t remember a time when he was so livid.  That stupid…  How the hell could she…  What the fuck…

His roar rattled the ceiling of the bar.

“Eric, what is wrong with you?”  Pam entered the bar at Eric’s bellow, and noticed the pile where Russell had been.

“Sookie…Sookie staked Russell,” Eric seethed.

Pam shrugged.  “So she got rid of the problem for you.  Wonder if she’s back all cuddled up with Bill yet?  Bet they’re celebrating his unfortunate demise in some sort of missionary position,” she snarked.   Pam couldn’t see what the big deal was.  Russell was a problem and now he wasn’t.  The end.

The look Eric gave her made her question her Maker’s sanity.

He vamped out of the bar so fast even Pam’s enhanced vision couldn’t keep up with him.

She picked up the piece of paper that floated to the floor.

“Oh, hell.”


Sookie looked at the clock and saw it was darkening toward vamp:30.  She dreaded seeing any of the vampires she had the misfortune of knowing.  Even Bill.  Sure, he’d tried to help her escape at first, then after fucking Eric caught her again, even he’d turned on her.  Fuck them all.

Sure enough, a few moments later, there was a knock on her door.

“Bill, I rescind your invitation,” Sookie whispered before jerking her door open.

“Sookeh, are you ok?  I’m so sorreh for everything that happened.  Do you need more of ma blood?”  Bill’s brown eyes implored her to let him help her in some way, any way.  He couldn’t stand the distance between them now.  He should have been able to do more to keep her safe from Eric’s nefarious schemes, but at least now she knew the true depths of his vile character.

“I’m fine, Bill,” she sighed.  “Well, no, I’m not.  I’ve had it brought home to me that every single vampire I know is a lying manipulative sack of shit.  You said you loved me, Bill, but even you didn’t try to protect me from Russell.”

“But darling, there was nothing I could do.  You know I love you and would do anything in the world for you,” he simpered

“Except tell her the truth about why you came here in the first place, right, Bill?”

And…there’s Eric, landing in her yard.

“Bill, what’s he talking about?”

“Ah, nothing, sweetie.  He must be mistaken.”

“Bill.  Tell her.”  Eric had his own bone to pick with Sookie, but he was sick as fuck of damn Bill fucking Compton always being in the way.

“Tell me what, Bill?”

Bill made an odd simpering noise, but didn’t say any words.

Eric vamped up to the door beside Bill.  As he reached to open the screen door, Sookie said, “No, I don’t think so.  Eric, I rescind your invitation.  Lord only knows how many other antique vampires you’re just waiting to sell me out to.  You betrayed me once and once was enough.”

She looked back at Bill.  “Let’s get this over with.  What did you do, Bill?”

“Sookeh, please…” he implored.

Eric rolled his eyes.  “Sookie, it seems your dear cousin Hadley bragged to the Queen about your ability, and your well-mannered boyfriend here was sent to procure you…by any means necessary.  After he secured your loyalty and affections, it was only a matter of time before you would be taken to the Queen’s residence in New Orleans…whether you wanted to or not.”

Sookie turned tearful eyes to Bill.  “Bill, is this true?”

Red tears running down his face, Bill cried, “Sookeh, I can explain…”

“So, basically, both of you have fucked me over and betrayed me,” she interrupted.  She nodded as if she’d suddenly figured something out.  “I was right.  Apparently being a lying, cheating, fang-raping bastard is the standard vampire behavior.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.  Now, if both of you fucking assholes are through, I’m going to bed.  Being nearly drained last night has left me oddly weak.  I can’t imagine why.”

Bill took a step toward the door, and Eric slung him off the porch.

“Sookie, why did you save me from meeting the sun if you think I’m such a fucking asshole?

“Just because you lied to me, held me prisoner, encouraged Russell to fang-rape me almost to the point of draining me and then you fang-raped me your own damn self doesn’t mean I have to stoop to your bottom-feeding level, you filthy disgusting son of a bitch.”

“Damn it you know why I…”

“Oh, save your self-serving excuses for the next fool who might believe them, Eric.  You can lie to yourself and attempt to excuse your actions all you want to, but you weren’t the one you used, abused, and betrayed.  I was, and I’ll have nothing more to do with you.  Now get the hell off my property.  You’re nothing but a fucking manipulative bastard and there’s nothing left for you here.”

He started to reply when the door slammed in his face.


A year and a half later, her words still rang hard in his ears.

During her absence, he’d had a lot of time to think.

He concluded she was right.  He had treated her horribly.

Regardless of his hollow-sounding excuses, he had, indeed, shackled her in his filthy dungeon like a common drainer.

He had held her down for Russell to painfully fang-rape her to the point of nearly draining her.

No matter how gently he’d treated her, he, himself, had fang-raped her, too.

And, after all that, he had arrogantly demanded that she “babysit” her tormentor.

Sitting on her restored porch once again, he watched as the moon rose, and concluded she was wrong.  Everything had been here.

 **The one-shot grew…please review…!**

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39 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 1

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  2. Found your blog yesterday and am now exploring your stories. Sookie being strong and standing up for herself is always good to read. But of course I am Sookie & Eric all the way, so in my mind she comes back from the craziness in the fae realm and he is able to earn her forgiveness. Learning his lesson he now treats her with respect and tells her what is going on. That is my idea of a happy ending for them. (and Bill went to Peru and is in a cave somewhere updating his database).


  3. valady1: *waves* Welcome aboard!! I love a strong, emotionally secure Sookie, and I’d like to imagine that when she returned, that’s exactly how she was, and that Eric had finally learned to treat her with the respect and dignity she deserves. She’d also be more emotionally mature, and would now recognize when she needed to listen to Eric’s thousand years of advice, too.
    That’s one of the reasons I’ve left this story where I did – it’s open-ended…readers can have the fun of creating their own HEA between Eric and Sookie in any way they want.

    I see Beehl shackin’ up in that cave in Peru with Emoward Cullen…and they’ve taken up pottery and knitting, and are living happily never afterward… *snicker*


  4. Loved your bad ass Sookie, would be nice to think she makes it up with Eric when she gets back but on more of an equal footing 🙂
    I have to admit though what really made me laugh was your earlier reply above, ‘Beehl, Emoward, knitting and happily never after’ *snorts* I can picture it so easily 🙂


  5. Cuinawen: I love a bad-ass Sookie, well, so long as she’s not off-the-charts. And I can totally see Beehl and Emoward swapping knitting patterns and baking tips as they tend their llama farm…


  6. And when Beehl’s in his day sleep, Emoward is secretly knitting him a pair of matching gloves and a scarf in his favorite shade of apricot while insisting to the llama-farm hands that they’re not “together-together”, but they totally are. Everyone snickers at them trying to deny it…as if no one hears Beehl calling Emoward “snookums”…


  7. *actually crying with laughter*
    Where do you come up with this stuff?! I’d totally read that story!
    Lmao, maybe Emoward could call Beehl his Billy boo


  8. …and while Beehl’s “at peace” during the day, he can come up with silly rhymes to tease him with at night as they knit together under the stars by the warm, cozy fire… He loves when Beehl gives him that old Southern “pshaw”….it just dingles his berries, it does!


  9. *You’re killing me here, am in serious pain from laughing*
    Don’t forget the matching knitted willy-warmers they made each other, it can get chilly up on those mountains 🙂


  10. Each, however, insisted it was merely a cigar holder…for propriety’s sake, of course…with neither mentioning how the other doesn’t actually smoke… There was much non-blushing and non-heart flutterings that night.


  11. Yes, for propriety of course. They got some suspicious looks for the copious amounts of lubricant ordered by Beehl, but he insisted it was just to help him slip in and out of his light tight daytime hiding spot…


  12. …even though everyone knows that Emoward had lovingly created him that special place in the hand-dug basement of their shared home atop the highest mountain in their area. It took a month for him to create all 8 security doors, but he didn’t mind. His Billy Boo’s safety was paramount.


  13. … and of course Emoward spent each day watching over his Boo’s hiding space, like a great glittering gargoyle. Nothing can be left to chance when it came to his BB’s safety.

    *I was going to say this borders on ridiculous, but I think we sailed right past ridiculous a few comments back* 🙂


  14. Lmao, not to mention how she made Bella actually *like* the fact that Edward had been creeping into her room to watch her sleep.
    I mean honestly, no wonder he was a 100 year old virgin 🙂


  15. A semi-sexual overly-controlling manipulative emo-creeper… I just don’t get how that’s supposed to be sexy.
    I adore Jasper but too many writers try to make him all arrogant Dom and shit, and that’s just not sexy.
    Emmett’s just too bro.
    Carlisle is usually written as either over-Dom-feral or more emo than Fuckward…
    Peter fics are usually pretty cool.


  16. Apparently we’re supposed to swoon over it I guess… if someone tried watching me sleep they’d probably be taking my LotR replica sword to the head! (I don’t own a baseball bat!) 🙂
    Jasper is my favourite Twilight vamp, I agree though he does seem to attract all the ‘causing pain=love’ writers, sad because he’s a great character when written well (and Jackson is mmmm) I like Peter too.
    One good thing I can say about SM & Twilight is that she left loads of great characters tragically underwritten (Jasper, Peter, several of the wolves…) which makes for some great fanfic 🙂


  17. True! There’s so much that can be done with Jasper and Peter (and the wolves even though I think they’re smelly hairy flea bags…) (and by “can be done” I do mean it punnily…). I’ve even seen a couple of really good fics about Garrett, too. She did give us plenty of other characters to play with (said punnily).

    That’s one of the main things I liked about True Blood. It gave us Godric, my personal favorite to write (obviously). And there were several other TB characters with lots of room to grow, as well as with the SVM universe (Andre in particular for me).


  18. I kind of viewed the wolves as of the better things of a bad job (in New Moon especially lol)
    Yes, I can always think of things to *do* with Jasper, and Peter as well *snickers*

    Godric is one of my favourite things about True Blood. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read the books (nor the Vampire Diaries ones for that matter), though I know of a lot of the characters through reading fanfiction 🙂


  19. I was wondering if you could possibly find it in your heart to maybe continue this story because I really love the strong kick ass you made Sookie out to be.


  20. theladykt: Eric has a little bit of making up to do, but…the Viking Vampire is more than up to the task. 😉 I feel like she has a right to her anger, but this (pretend that’s in italics) Sookie isn’t one to hold on to unreasonable anger. 😀


  21. Love Sookie’s language and attitude, here. So. F’n. Fed. Up! I can’t wait to see where you take this, because I’m so intrigued…

    Thanks for sharing your talent!


  22. kleannhouse: I think out of all the chapters I’ve written about Sookie, that one is my favorite. I love her attitude in it! 😀 Glad you liked it!


  23. desireecarbenell: Hey, rereads are ALWAYS welcome! When I first wrote this, it was only going to be a one-shot with Sookie taking both the situation and her life in her own hands and “gettin’ shit done right”. Glad you liked it, and see ya at the finish line! ❤


  24. Go Sookie! For such a famously stubborn person, you’d think she’d stand up and fight for what she believes in more often. This is great.


  25. ladytarara: Heh, ik,r? Always “”stubborn”” but never about the RIGHT things! I had to go there with this story. Like she’d have just stood around following KING MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE CAUSE HE’S GOT A BIG DICK Eric’s order about Russell? Riiiiiiiiiiiight… Oh, wait, that might be ME coming into the picture…dunno…don’t care…she stabbed his burnt ass.

    Liked by 1 person

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