Decisions, Chapter 32

**A/N: Wow…chapter 32?? I honestly had not intended this little story to be so long but the FLM had just kept adding stuff to the basic story-line, blast her flitty little hide…  Ok, y’all, the gore factor of this chapter is more than my usual, and it’s NSFW.  You have been warned – read accordingly…**

Reluctantly Godric parted from the mercifully still existing warmth and softness of his beloved, and stepped a resolute foot back. The instant pout on her slightly kiss-swollen lips sorely tempted his resolve, but he held fast. The time was at hand for her to be rid of the one who claimed to be her cousin so that she could heal from his wanton betrayal.

Convincing his beast that this was neither the time nor the place to pursue far more intimate knowledge with his Cara was quite difficult as his beast was adamant that both the time and the place were, in fact, perfect. Eric’s amusement flooding the bond didn’t help.

“Come,” he enjoined to her lips before remembering to raise his eyes to meet hers, “let us stop now and deal with the bastard in the cell. We will most certainly continue with this afterward.”

The burning light of heightened sexual arousal tinted his eyes and weighted his lids.

Cara knew she heard words coming from his lips but for the life of her couldn’t remember exactly why she was supposed to care about this whole “stopping” nonsense.




With a sulky sigh she reluctantly nodded even as she mentally cursed the asshole’s hide.

It was then she realized that even while her attention had been incredibly focused on the delicious ancient vampire still too close for her libido’s comfort, unlike earlier some part of her mind had also been paying attention to her surroundings.

Sookie had gone on ahead with Eric and Pam and although the minutia hadn’t interrupted the decidedly non-verbal communication going on between herself and Godric, she now realized that she had been hearing, if not focusing upon, the interrogation happening farther down the hallway.

Godric felt the rise of her pride through their bond, and raised a brow even as he appreciated the huge smile slowly spreading across her delicious, slightly swollen lips.


Fucking Nat…

If Eric didn’t end his sorry excuse for a life, Godric would.

He brought his thoughts back into focus.  Just because he could detect a feeling didn’t mean he knew what had caused it…plus the sometimes painful whiplash of a young vampire’s mental and emotional vagaries were rife with all sorts of confusing causes…raising a vampire was not for the weak!

“It’s taking a while, and it’s coming in bumpy stages, but I’m definitely learning how to vamp,” she whispered into his ear. “While we were getting reacquainted, sure, I was focusing on what we were doing, but there was a small part of my mind that was also keeping tabs on where Eric, Pam, and Sookie were, and what they were doing. I could hear that they were all talking, but I would have had to concentrate a lot harder to hear their individual words. Their words, by the way,” she added with a snicker, “weren’t all that important at the time.  I was kind of…busy…”

Happy to celebrate any and all progress his mate might have, Godric allowed himself to smile broadly. This was great progress especially given her partial-vampire status. Now that she had identified that separate mindfulness that existed within all vampires, it would be far easier to help her grow accustomed to more of the differences between her fully human self and who she was now.

That she had identified the separate part of her consciousness on her own was amazing, his beast crowed as he strongly urged them to forget the upcoming meeting meant to provide closure and skip straight to…dessert, vampire-style…

“Well done, Cara! That you can tell the difference between the focused thoughts in what you might call the front of your mind and the more instinctual, secondary thoughts running steadily but more silently in the back of your mind will be of great benefit to you.”

To keep from succumbing to his true desires, he grabbed her hand instead of her entire body, and kissed her knuckles…instead of her entire body.

His beast was not amused.

Still reveling in the bit of pride she felt over not just her realization but from Godric’s praise, too, Cara nodded with the smile still in place, and together they walked the short distance to Nat’s holding cell.

Just before they entered the suspiciously clean room, he felt her mood plummet.


Instead of answering immediately, she turned into his chest and rested her head on his shoulder. His arms naturally rose to encircle her waist, and he simply held her until she was ready to talk.

“It’s nothing, not really. I wish things could have been different between me and Nat, but they never were what…,” her voice trailed off as she shrugged.

Without being fully aware of her actions, she smoothed her cheek over the soft material of his shirt several times while she found her words.

“It’s just a case of the “ifs” colliding with the “woulda-couldas” is all. After tonight he’ll have no more meaning in my life, and no matter what I want, there’ll never be another chance for him to hurt me or for him to try to have a decent relationship with me. It’ll all be over, and what hurts the worst is knowing that this is for the best. Out of the peevish greediness in his tiny little heart he’s made this bed of his, and even if this were a forgivable offense,” she paused as she felt Godric stiffen at her words and hastily clarified, “which it’s not, I still wouldn’t ask for anything on his behalf. I’m still furious with him for setting me up like that.”

She chuckled evilly. “Hell, part of me wants to rip him limb from limb for that shit, but there’s a small part of me that will miss what I had always thought of as a family connection. I don’t have much family left, you know. Not the kind I was born into, at any rate,” she added to forestall Godric’s next words.

Godric felt badly for his mate. He could feel the emotions warring in her heart and doubly cursed the festering sore in the room beyond for causing her pain.

Cara took a cleansing breath, held it for a moment, then slowly blew it out. “Welp, as much as I like it, cuddling out here in the hallway isn’t going to solve global problems, is it,” she asked rhetorically.

With a chuckle Godric briefly squeezed her in his arms, then stepped away to indicate the opened doorway.

“After you.”

Godric was certain the cell where Nat was currently being held was not the one where he’d been “housed”, but saw no reason to speak of this fact. His experienced vampire vision quickly ascertained that Nat had, indeed, had an extremely unpleasant ‘stay’, and that would do for now.

Slumped unrestrained in a chair in the center of the room, even to Cara’s eyes Nat looked rough. His face was oddly misshapen, his eyes mere slits between rolling bruised flesh, his lips split and still slowly trickling blood. His hands and bare feet showed digits sitting at unnatural angles, and both knees and elbows more closely resembled grapefruits than joints.

Emotionally, Cara shrugged. The sight of his face removed the last vestiges of any familial tinge she might have still felt for the man who sat on the chair…the man who had in effect arranged to sell her into slavery.

Fucking bastard.

Together she and Godric turned to face Eric then Sookie, and both had to hide a smile. Eric and Pam had placed themselves protectively between the fairy-hybrid and the prisoner, and Eric was standing noticeably close to Sookie.

Both vampires were highly alert to any movement on Nat’s part, but everything about Eric’s body language screamed his protective feelings toward the short blonde hybrid standing just behind and to his side.

The telepath shrugged when she noted Cara and Godric’s inquiring gaze.

“I haven’t been able to get anything out of him that Eric hadn’t already heard. He’s a dumbass,” she said with a scorn, “and a lowest-level one at that given how few names he actually knew. But he really did think he could make a quick buck by handin’ you over to the lowest filth he could find.”

When Sookie stopped talking, it seemed to Cara that the other lady had more to say but was hesitating for some reason. A quick glance at Eric and Pam revealed that they seemed similarly confused. Moments later another look at Sookie’s face revealed that she seemed to be listening once again to the lone human in the room. Everyone but the sometimes-moaning Nat fell silent.

“And selling her into blood and sex slavery was the right way to handle your pathetic jealousy?” The unexpectedness of Sookie’s loud and obviously angry demand startled even the older vampires.

The telepath advanced a step toward Nat.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? What right did you think you had to hold anything against her?  You honestly thought that she had to pay for the so-called privilege of being your cousin? Just because she thought you were family didn’t entitle your ass to a single penny of hers and even in your twisted memories I can see how she tried to get along with your sorry ass for as long as she could, but that just wasn’t enough for you, was it?”

Eric took the partial step needed to wrap one long arm around Sookie’s waist and Cara couldn’t tell if that arm was meant to be comforting or gently restraining. She figured it was probably a bit of both.

Sookie’s words brought back a lifetime’s worth of memories of trying to get along with her cousin, of trying to in some way – in any way – figure out where he was coming from, what his deal was, why he was such a useless, slimy asshole. The conclusion she reached while Sookie appeared to be listening to the pathetic creature still slumped in the chair was that Nat was “the way he was” simply because he’d always been a useless, slimy asshole.

When a low, disgusted growl rumbled up from the back of her throat, she wasn’t surprised when Godric quirked a brow at her. She shrugged and tongued her suddenly evident fangs. Work on tempering her natural reactions could come later; right now, Nat was pissing her off even more.


The words were barely out of Sookie’s mouth when Cara’s vision turned red.

One moment she was standing beside Godric and the next she was crouched over the prisoner with her fangs slicking into his neck.

Everyone watched in shock as she dug one clawed hand into his head to hold his neck where she wanted it and dug the other clawed hand into his shoulder to subdue his pathetic twitching.

Cara had his throat ripped open and was actively swallowing his decidedly mediocre blood before anyone thought to stop her.

Godric recovered first as his beast’s laugh, low, dark, and sensual, rolled through his body.

With a feral smirk and a light burning in his eyes, he quickly halted any potential interference. This was his mate’s right and he would proudly guard it.

Of those gathered, Eric appeared the most surprised and likely to interfere, but thankfully the Viking heeded his Maker’s orders. Pam’s expression, while initially shocked, quickly changed to pride more than anything.  Eric was the only one who heard Pam little more than mouth, “I like her style.”

Sookie…Sookie appeared almost as pleased with Cara’s form of retribution as Godric himself. In a move that Godric would remember to be thankful for later, the blonde turned her body into Eric’s and whispered that it was time to go.

Pam, knowing how things of this sort tended to end, agreed with Sookie and quickly escorted her Maker and his telepath from the room. Neither Godric nor Cara noticed when Pam shut the door firmly behind herself.

Later Cara would ponder how she’d always heard the expression regarding “vision turning red” but hadn’t thought it was a thing that actually happened. For the moment, though, she was busy.

Even as she ripped his throat in her haste for vengeance, she was aware of her actions but it was as though she was watching herself from another perspective.  There was a sort of haze between what she knew to be her rational mind and the glorious instincts prowling freely through her being.

The joy, the euphoria, of ripping into his soft human flesh was overwhelming…and addictive. She felt the strangest desire – the all-consuming need – to bathe in his blood and revel in his cries of agony and knew she would grant him no mercy as she pulled his warm blood down her throat.

She’d loved that sweet cat.

When he was empty she would joyfully dismember him and scatter his meaty bits to the four corners!

Godric was enthralled.

At some point it dawned at the back of his mind that they were alone and the location was secure, but neither Godric nor his beast could have cared less.

His mate was feasting on her first kill, and her first kill had been her enemy. He could not be prouder as he gloried in the faint sounds of her ravenous feeding, in the clawed strength of her hands as she skillfully held her victim immobile with one and shredded with the other, in her body coiled taut and ready to defend her kill from any who might dare to interfere. He ached from the overwhelming beauty he found in her savagery.

His fast, shallow pants filled the air in tempo with her soft snarls.

He was harder than he had ever been before, his blood scalding with the need to rut his Cara through the bloody bits of the enemy’s body, and he could barely restrain himself from tackling her to the bloody floor.

When she raised her head, her lovely face coated with her meal, her fangs protruding, the low growls and look in her eye giving truth to her union with her own beast, he moaned.


Cara swallowed the last easily drawn mouthful of the man’s blood, and whipped her head around the room looking for someone else.


The further slumping of Nat’s body caught her attention and in a blur his body ceased to be whole.  Once he was reduced to a scattered mess of wet meat and bones, she looked around again.


When she spied her obviously aroused mate, body tensed and ready to spring, she growled and lunged, and was met less than halfway.

His hard body collided with her softer form before he was even aware of having moved, and he instinctively turned to take the brunt of their landing.

Within seconds the shreds of their clothing littered the area around them as hands grasped and clutched in a blur, fangs nipped, lips and tongues sucked and laved.

He couldn’t touch her enough, couldn’t get close enough to her; she couldn’t take enough of his touch, his scent, or his taste, into herself…until finally she did.

Bodies now writhing in unison, throbbing, thrusting and retreating only to surge forth again, the world spun away as each beheld themselves in the other, their beasts melding into one amid snarls and gasps and keening cries of impatience.

This time when she bit him and he snarled and automatically bit her back, they rode the violent waves of pleasure to endless completion…together.

Sometime later Cara became aware of being cuddled securely in her Godric’s arms, of his loud, satisfied purring, and instinctively returned that aural caress.

It pleased her on a level she knew to be instinctive that she could return his love in such a way.

Then she became aware of the cold, sticky odor and feel of drying blood. She was surprised that she wasn’t the least bit sorry, or even concerned, about having caused Nat’s death – what bothered her was how the decaying stench of his blood befouled Godric’s eminently more desirable scent.

Godric should not smell like dead Nat.

She lifted the ancient vampire’s hand and scowled at the blood marring the surface.

“So, is there a shower anywhere around here?”

Godric, having been briefly but extremely worried about Cara’s reaction to ending the prisoner and dreading the moment she came back to herself enough to realize what she had done, threw back his head and laughed.

**A/N:  Tol’ja.  So…what did you think?**


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  2. Holy Hell that was bloody brilliant!!! (see what I did there, te he he.) Gotta love that Sookie knew to exit stage right but quickly and that she was impressed by how Cara handled it (not gonna lie wishing for a tad more of this Sookie!) Godric’s inner beast FINALLY got what he wanted!!!

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  3. I second Sookie’s outrage about the cat. Her cat was murdered, too. I think Cara’ s reaction was appropriate. Godric thought so, too. Excellent chapter.


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  5. charity6201: Thank you! Heh, Godric and His Beast (in Vegas the 22-24th, some tickets available) were finally able to get on the same page, lol. I know this Sookie is basically a supporting character (along with Eric) in this fic, but I’m loving this Sookie, too. If this fic had had more support I would have considered writing this E/S a spin-off of their own because I love the circumstances (allbethey briefly described) of their meeting and how well-ish they’re getting along now. *sorry, still cheering for Godric and His Beast…*

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  6. murgatroid98: Thank you, and exactly! That’s one of the bits that pissed me off about Sookie’s story – her poor cat. (As a cat-lover I’m still livid…) Cara’s still in that baby-vamp stage so remaining “calm” wouldn’t have been realistic, not to mention…that’s her cat! (*grrrrrr*) At least Godric doesn’t have to worry about her ability to drink from other humans now… 😀


  7. treewitch703: Thank you, I like to think so. There are still some issues to deal with (just because he’s found his mate doesn’t mean he’s insta-cured, but…it’s part of what will help to bring him back to center), but they’ll get there.


  8. I made the leap from ff! So, the beasts are complementary. There’s a ring of blood bag traffickers. Cara’s friend’s sister is still an unknown’s pet. Nat is dead in the most gloriest manner! Mmmmmmm….enjoyable! I think the muse may be a bit feral.


  9. Yes, I like this Sookie & Eric too. Even if they don’t get their own story, you can sneak a little more of them in here, can’t you.
    He killed her cat! He deserved to be savaged! The ensuing bloodlust sex – OK Vampy Cara!


  10. gaijinvamp: When I was plotting out this fic I’d intended on basically just touching base between Eric and Sookie while Godric and Cara got their thang on, but it’s been really easy, and fun, to slip more and more bits of the E/S conundrum in here and there. The growing friendship between Cara and Sookie is surprisingly an easy one as neither one of them fits in well with their human counterparts but both have created – through circumstances beyond their control – a niche in the supe community. So…don’t be surprised if there’s more E/S as chapters go along. And hell yeah! Fuck that bastard for killing her cat! (And srsly, Go Vamp-Cara! Get you some Godric!!) 😀


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