Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 16

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With an unexpected pep in her step, the next morning Sookie passed through the Portal into the now-familiar brightness of the Fae realm. She absentmindedly caressed the letter in her hands as she searched for Godric, a task she knew from experience might take some time. There was no telling where the ancient brat might be or what kind of mischief he might have instigated while wearing an all-too-innocent expression. She grinned as she remembered some of their previous “adventures”, and wondered how long she had been gone according to “fairy time”.

When she didn’t find him in any of his usual haunts, she decided to save time and pop to the places she knew he was likely to pass, and left a scent trail as a calling card of sorts. Afterward, she temporarily gave up and popped into her quarters.

She wasn’t in any hurry, and it wasn’t as though she had commitments in either realm. The time difference was a hassle, truly, but everyone she cared about who knew her on the other side – a grand total of two between Eric and Mr. C – knew about the time factor and would therefore know not to worry if she were to disappear for up to a week or so.

Despite how silly her cousins were and even taking into consideration the arrogantly grandiose character of Niall, the Fairy Realm truly felt more like her home now. It was at least as much, if not more so, comfortable to her as the human side, and if she wanted to come home to think and rest before moving into the undoubtedly understated yet also undoubtedly “luxurious” new house Mr. C was readying for her, then that was fine, too.

Where else could she think about all the recent changes in her life without worrying about vampires and shifters and witches, oh my!? Eric’s actions the evening before had somewhat made her rethink her opinions of him, in some ways at least.

Having decided to enjoy a bit of a respite in the Fairy realm, Sookie exhaled with a smile, and felt herself relax. She would enjoy a nice, honest chat with her favorite cousin, and perhaps with her favorite Faepire, too…if she could find either of them. She grinned broadly at the thought that maybe they had disappeared together somewhere…

With a shrug, she placed the letter onto the silk covers of her bed that was somehow always freshly made, grabbed one of her favorite gowns, raided her underwear drawers, then headed for her bathing room. There was nothing like a fairy bath to smooth away the harsher effects of the human realm.

Once ensconced in the warm scented water, having been warned “the fae way” of her arrival, one of her maids had popped into the room to offer assistance.

As with all the maids, she was very well informed as to the happenings at the palace, and was glad to inform her charge that Niall was away on “state business”, and after sharing an eye roll with Sookie, she went on to state that Claudia had taken a fully-loaded picnic basket and had “popped away for the day”. After chatting for a few minutes about the rest of her relatives, Sookie as usual politely declined help with her bath, but did request a small meal and a tall glass of cold water.

During the first couple of weeks in the land of her ancestors, she had been shocked to learn that not only were the sun, the air, and the stars different from all she had ever known, but the water itself was different, too. While her people were Sky Fae (she wondered why they didn’t just call themselves Sun Fairies), they also needed the magic inherent in the waters of their own realm. The chemical sludge that came oozing out of the taps in the human world was a pathetic substitute, one she avoided whenever possible.

As she relaxed into the warm, fragrant bath, she took the opportunity she’d been wanting to consider the recent changes in her life. When she’d first returned to the human side, she’d had a vengeful fire burning in her soul. Vampires and grandmothers could all go directly to hell without passing “Go” and collecting that $200 in Monopoly money.

To this day she still seethed rather justifiably over Bill’s treatment of her, but was starting to realize that just as some humans were shitasses, so were some vampires. The Turning might exaggerate some of the more instinctual sides of their personalities, maybe even bring some of their worst aspects to the surface, but the simple act of becoming a vampire didn’t necessarily make a good person go bad.

She would have to remember to point that out in her book if she ever got around to writing the damn thing.

Godric and Bill would both make excellent examples of that line of thought. While she couldn’t prove it, she would bet money that William C. Compton was just as much of a craven bastard before he was Turned as he was afterward, and that was probably what had drawn dear Lorena to him in the first place. Being Turned only gave him a much longer life-span to enjoy the sordid, distasteful lifestyle he preferred. His mother really should have spat.

But Godric, on the other hand, was an entirely different story. Sure, he had been Death for a long, long time, but she blamed the lack of a kind Maker’s presence for that. If as a baby vamp he had been raised, as it were, by someone who had treated him well and taught him how to be a vampire with grace and logic, things probably would have been far different. Even so, he had done well considering how young he’d been when Turned. In today’s mindset he would still have been classified as too young to even drink alcohol, much less blood.

From what he had told her, while he had still been Death when he met and chose Eric, the already ancient vampire had not only allowed his new progeny to remain the person he had been upon his Turning, but Death had slowly allowed himself to revert, however slowly, back to Godric. As old as he was, he had retained enough reason, and a good enough heart, to allow the Viking’s influence to bring him back to himself.

Despite having his own many flaws, Eric was apparently a genuinely good guy when he wanted to be, and Godric had gladly admitted that the child had used his influence on the Maker to encourage the elder to ease back into being a better man.

Sookie smiled wryly. It seemed that Eric really could be a genuinely good guy when he wanted to be.


When he wanted to be.

With a contemplative expression on her face, Sookie decided that more research was necessary before forming too firm an opinion about Eric just yet. He did seem to have changed his behavior toward her recently, but in all honesty, that could simply be because he wanted her letter carrying services.

It certainly wouldn’t pay to forget that Eric was very much “vampire first” in his dealings with her.

However, getting Eric back in touch with his Maker seemed to be what he needed most in the world, and perhaps Godric’s acceptance of all people, regardless of whether they were human or vampire (since he truly didn’t think that much of Weres) would help Eric to do the same. His love and devotion to Godric was admirable, and Sookie thought with slight bemusement, astounding.

She’d had no idea that Eric was capable of such amazing, lasting love and loyalty…no idea at all. And if she hadn’t known that about him, what else didn’t she know? Were there other things about himself that he had hinted at or maybe even shown her but she’d been too blind or deaf to notice?

True, he could be one of the most manipulative assholes in the universe, more than willing to eagerly toss aside her own safety, comfort, and choices so that he could use her in his plans, but what if that event, however atrocious it had been, had been a mistake on his part?

As she gazed down at the multi-colored translucent bubbles slowly moving in the large tub, she had to wonder. What if that person he had been then wasn’t who he actually was inside, and he really had just made a mistake? A terrible one, certainly, a very painful and heartbreaking one for her, but in the end, just an epic… mistake?

What if that person wasn’t who he really was at heart? What if he really did regret it all as much as it seemed like he did?

She didn’t know.

Sookie also had to wonder what things with Eric might have been like if Bill hadn’t ever been in the picture. Fucking Bill was nothing but a painful complication she had never needed. He had been a waste of her time, her energy, her heart, and even her damn virginity, and as much as she didn’t actually want to think about her, she was beyond certain the asshole had caused her grandmother’s death.

Maybe she should have just ended his sorry ass the other night.

She snickered when she remembered literally setting fire to said ass, but her face fell when she realized that he would still be a problem. His kind liked to sit around and sulk, playing perceived insults repeatedly in their own mind until invisible molehills became insurmountable mountains of whine, petulance, and woe. She knew he had been both furious and terrified when she finally tossed him into the elevator, and could well imagine him bathing himself in seething fury as he planned all sorts of retribution.   At least he would be incapacitated for a while.

According to Niall, when a fairy used their Light to burn a vampire, any wounds would take far longer to heal than a normal injury would. She really hoped he was still a burnt-ass’d dickless wonder…

Shaking her head in an effort to dislodge unwelcome thoughts of the slimiest slime ball in her history, she turned her reflections to others. She wasn’t sure she even wanted to think about Jason. She didn’t have anything in common with him, never had, really, but certainly not now. After the way he had acted over their grandmother’s death, she just couldn’t see having anything to do with him again. He was basically a low-down semi-drunk male whore with no ambition, few morals, and very little respect for his sister…a male Hadley, in fact.

Letting him know of her return would be the right thing to do, but she wasn’t in any hurry to initiate contact with him, either. It was something to think about more in the future.

Sam and Tara could wait, too. During her time in Fairy, she’d thought about them as well, and all she could remember is how they would spend more time talking about themselves and using her for what she could do for them than trying in any way to actually help her. Even simple conversations with them were a headache as she had to tiptoe around so many subjects lest they “get mad”.

She missed the Tara from her youth. As kids they had gotten along great, but time had brought Tara nothing more than a deep bitterness and a judgmental attitude that had no place in the telepath’s life. Sometimes friendships simply ran their course, and sadly, that seemed to be the way things stood with her former best friend.

It was well past time to let go of Sam, too. He was just plain weird, she snickered to herself, and had a very odd double-standard that she didn’t appreciate. He expected his waitresses to wear those too-short shorts and tight shirts, yet felt that he had the right to approve or disapprove of his employee’s romantic interests. Nosy old dog, that wasn’t any of his business!

That same inconsistency spilled over to how he ran his business. He never could figure out if he wanted Merlotte’s to be an adult bar or a family restaurant. Such indecision seemed to be a running problem in the rest of his life, too.

Lala…now he was great, she remembered fondly. She missed his outrageous humor, his blunt outlook on life, his bold honesty… Out of all of the people she knew from her old life, he was the one she would choose to keep if he still wanted to associate with her. She had been gone for quite a while…

After mentally clearing out her friend list, she felt better, as though an odd weight had been lifted from her bare shoulders. Her life was her own, and it was thankfully entirely up to her how she chose to spend it, and with whom.

Later, after dressing and enjoying her meal and while continuing her on-going rehydration, she began to truly wonder where Claudia was. She didn’t expect her whatever-times-removed cousin to immediately pop to her just because she happened to stop by for an unplanned visit, but it was odd that she hadn’t at least stopped in for a minute yet, especially since Claudia generally had very few duties. She couldn’t care less whether the other cousins did or not.

With a shrug she contemplated the luxuriously soft and fluffy bedding and how great it would be to curl up in it – full from a large, delicious dinner, she definitely felt a nap coming on. She called her maid back and asked her to let both Claudia and Godric know that she was home for a little while and to wake her when either one returned, then tucked Eric’s letter in the drawer of her bedside table. With a happy sigh, she slid between the silken sheets.


Eric paced the well-appointed confines of his office. Once he had signed Fangtasia over to Pam, he had bought and appropriately renovated a distinguished-looking office complex in Shreveport to use for his Sheriff and business needs. That he had added a large, doubly reinforced, multi-room basement with concealed access via his office wasn’t mentioned. The pathetically minuscule back room he’d used as the bar’s office was now just an unpleasant memory – here he had as much room to think, store, hide, and plan as he needed.

Unfortunately he had not taken into consideration his habit of pacing. His meeting with Sookie had taken place three nights ago and he had neither seen nor heard from her since. He knew time moved differently in Fairy, he knew that, but that knowledge hadn’t helped.

Last night he had even given into the temptation to investigate her new address. The fly-by had proven informative… as had Mr. Cataliades’ vehicle parked in her driveway. Now he knew how Sookie had managed to stay so informed about earthly happenings during her time…away.

It also perhaps explained why her new home was in the same exclusive development as his own home only one street over, the same prime subdivision in which a certain Dae attorney also resided.

That section of the county might as well be called Supeville. The quietly yet enormously expensive – and well-protected – homes could more readily be called mini-estates. The grounds were well-tended, outsiders were regarded with extreme suspicion, and the area was infested with affluent Supes of all varieties. From well-heeled vampires such as himself to Dae attorneys and TV executives to the rare Were construction king (and one Were architectural engineering queen – she truly excelled in her field) to the powerful witch who lived in one of the corner lots, all they had needed was a Fae to complete the set.

From the similarly enormous fenced-in yards to the wide, tree-lined streets, everything about the area seemed to invite those searching for a quiet place to live their lives without the complications of “city life” while remaining close enough to Shreveport for convenience.

Technically speaking, Sookie was almost his neighbor… well, if he removed a couple of bothersome houses… He would wager his ‘Vette that she had no idea.

Finally tired of pacing, Eric once again lowered himself into his office chair and stared at the papers on his desk. He had decided well before now not to ask Sookie to help him with the upcoming conference, and in fact wondered if he could persuade her to go back to Fairy during that time for her own protection.

Just because he hadn’t heard from William fucking Compton didn’t mean the Vampire King of Louisiana was dead, and he didn’t trust the fucker to keep his hands off the telepath.

The fact that he hadn’t heard anything only increased his worry and suspicion as the self-important little fucker delighted in sending innumerable and highly unnecessary memos almost nightly demanding details that he had no use for and wouldn’t understand anyway.

Eric hadn’t heard a peep from the Wuss King since Sookie had literally burned his ass. The Viking couldn’t help but chortle at the memory, but the pleased mood didn’t last for long.

Somehow, three mornings ago, during his dayrest he had been able to feel when Sookie had slipped through the Portal, and that sudden void had left an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach.  It was also oddly more noticeable than it had been before she had returned with Godric’s letter.  Perhaps he was simply more attuned to that knowledge of her, that feeling of her, being in the back of his mind?  Whatever the case, It was disturbing in a way he couldn’t exactly describe.

It felt too much like she was gone.

**A/N: I’ve noticed that there seems to be some interest in a Sookie/GODRIC version of this story, and I’ll be honest, there was a point (in Chapter 6) where even *I* had an excrutiatingly hard time keeping the HEA (happily/happy ever after) being with Eric instead of his delicious Maker.  (If you read back over that chapter, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.)
So…after I’m finished with this version, I’m strongly considering a (pardon the term) revamp where Sookie and Godric have their own HEA. It would feel very weird to me in a way since I created my own character of Cara for my Godric stories (if you sense a bit of possessiveness over her character, that’s cause I am); but if enough of my fantastic readers would like to read this as a Sookie/GODRIC story (same up to Ch. 6 but veering completely after that), I’ll give it more serious thought. It would be a while until that time, though, since I have to finish this one first (gotta be fair to Eric, ya know…he deserves his own chance!), not to mention all my other WIPs.
All that being said: So, what did you think of this chapter? Your kind reviews always brighten my day (or very early morning, as the case probably is)!**

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72 thoughts on “Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 16

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  2. A time for introspection for both of them. She seems to be thinking and assessing her friends with a more discerning eye now. It can be painful to realize that people you once valued as dear friends (Tara and Sam) have become almost toxic for you. Sadly, distance is the best way to protect yourself when this happens….And Eric, missing Sookie, being happy she will be living so close to him, how can you not love him?
    Godric & Sookie…I love Godric, but I confess I’m Eric and Sookie all the way, to paraphrase a line from Jerry McGuire, they complete each other, even if they haven’t completely realized it yet. If Godric is with Sookie, that means Eric has to be without her, and horror of horrors, with someone else.
    Oh, final note, I voted for all of your stories…can’t wait to find out how the contest ends up.


  3. I am truly delighted to see that Sookie is reviewing actions committed, individual by individual, and not judging an entire group by the actions of a few.

    As for Eric, the way forward with Sookie is ‘not manipulating’. If Eric manipulates Sookie, would cause that Sookie put Eric into the category of “undesirable individuals.”

    As for Bill, if you leave an enemy alive today, tomorrow he can become your executioner.

    An idea for your later Sookie / Godric story, based on this story. I think Eric could become the villain, no longer having the feelings of Godric as Fae to counter the viciousness of the vampire, he became the epitome of external beauty and inner darkness. *A demonic laughter*


  4. Good for Sookie to go through her friends and see them for who they really are. I hope she follows through with her decisions, the old Sookie would waiver but this new Sookie is stronger. Also happy she is not lumping Eric in with Bill and giving him some thought.
    As for the G/S version? I say go for it but I’d prefer it to turn into a G/S/E version! I don’t think Eric would willingly give up in her even for his maker!


  5. in TB, Jason had ‘evolved’/matured while Sookie is away – can’t help wondering what path you’ll be taking. As for the rest of them – only Lala is worth keeping around. As for a G/S pairing – Eric must definitely be included! 🙂


  6. I agree with shoegirl! If there is a S/G pairing and HEA, then it needs to be a threesome w/E included 🙂 And I would love it if Sookie contacted Jason to let him know she was alive & well & found that he had matured while she was away. I liked Jason when he wasn’t being a douchey jerkface.


  7. Sorry I am an Eric and Sookie girl all the way. Well Eric really. Sometimes Sookie can just be a snotty brat I would like to spank. I digress. I love LaLa. He is a keeper. As for Jason….Well he is a brother. Sometimes we just don’t get to pick our relatives.


  8. I’m happy Sookie has re-accessed her friends. She needs to get all those negative people out of her life and it’s great that she realizes there’s more to Eric then what she’s seen. I’m frowning here for Eric and how he’s feeling with her gone. I like that see sold Fangtasia to Pam and that he’s matured. It will definitely help with Sookie.

    As for a Godric / Sookie story, you know how I feel about that. E/S all the way!!! LOL. But do what you and your other fans want. Not EVERYTHING is about me. 😀


  9. that’s a lot of thinking for Sookie. i like it. she’s no longer impulsive and doesn’t run her mouth off like she use to. she has a very different perspective now which shows a great deal of maturity on her part.
    be vigilant Eric. anyone who has half a brain knows that Bill is up to something.
    great chapter!


  10. I really enjoyed this chapter!
    I’m so happy Sookie is taking the time to examine her past: her relationship with Bill,her friends Jason etc.
    Sookie is now realizing that Eric is “much more”!
    Where is Claudia?
    Making out with Godric maybe!?
    More please!?
    As for a S/G story…why not!


  11. I’m feeling lazy so I’ll just say “what everyone else said”.
    Great chapter 😀 I also voted for you. Fingers crossed!


  12. The thoughts of both Sookie and Eric show growth. Like you I would have enjoyed Sookie being with Godric. If you decide to write such a story, I will be glad to read it.


  13. I liked that Sookie was thinking about all the people in her life and came to decisions . I like that she is starting to see Eric in a new way. Eric pacing his new office waiting for her return made me smile. I like how he noticed her absence . I wonder where Godric is? I hope Sookie doesn’t stay away long. I enjoyed the chapter .


  14. Hmmm…i wonder where Godric and her cousin are hiding? I also wonder how she’ll react when she finds out that she and Eric are practically neighbors?


  15. valady1: It is. While a lot hasn’t happened physically between them, emotionally it’s been very busy, and they do need a little bit of processing downtime. And I’ve had to clean out the life-sized friend list too, in the past, and sometimes it hurts a little when you’re remembering “how things used to be”, but when things just aren’t like that anymore, when the time of having that person in your life is over, it’s best to just let it, and them, go.

    I’ve read a couple of great E/S/G stories, but in the end, I just don’t really like the tone. One character always seems to be left out, emotionally if not sexually, and that’s not right. So, if I ever did write this story as an S/G, I’d have to find someone for Eric, and that’s so hard to do since he’s habitually paired with Sookie. Plus, he deserves his own HEA. It’s a lot to consider…

    Liked by 1 person

  16. cari1973: 😀 Sookie had a lot to learn, but she has finally realized that she has to consider the individual, no matter if they’re human or vampire.

    And you are exactly right: Eric will fare far better with Sookie if he’s honest and upfront rather than trying to manipulate her. I think he’s figured that out, finally….finally…

    Ugh, Bill… I totally agree with you – an enemy left alive is an enemy who can kill you later.

    Ohhhh – that’s a great story idea!! It would be so hard for me to write an evil Eric, though, but yeah, I could see him turning evil… *evil laugh*

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  17. mom2goalies: You’re right – the old Sookie found it far too easy to waffle when it came to her friends. She’d excuse and forgive anything and everything just to have someone to talk to her (except for Eric…she always held HIM to a WAY too huge standard just so she could set him up to fail). This new one, though, she’s hella smarter and stronger than that. 😀 She sees Bill for exactly who he is, and she’s now discovering that Eric isn’t necessarily who she thought he was. He’s not perfect – he does make mistakes (huge ones), but he’s not evil at heart like Bill.

    I’m not sure if I will revamp this into an S/G story – it’s VERY tempting, but what would I do with Eric? He needs his own HEA, but it’s only “comfortable” if it’s with Sookie. Threesomes bother me, and not just because I can’t see me writing a 3some sex scene (I’d fuck that up royally…), but because of the emotional element. Someone always feels (to me, at least) left out, and that’s not fair to them. Now, I could see Eric loving Godric so much that he would be the ONLY person that he would give up Sookie to, but I can’t imagine how hard that would be for him unless he was already over her by then anyway.


  18. shoegirl01: He did. I’m considering (planning, plotting…) bringing Jason in because he *can* be such a great character when he wises up. He had a native intelligence that was nicely surprising at times. Lala, however, is a blast. 😀

    That’s my main hold-up on revamping this as an S/G – what to do with Eric? I have a very hard time envisioning him with someone else, I mean, I can, but the writing of it would feel weird, but then again, so would writing Godric with someone other than Cara, and I’m doing that in this story… And I just do not see me writing an effective threesome (and not just because I’d fuck up the sex scenes, lol). Someone always ends up feeling (to me) left out, whether it’s emotionally, physically, etc.

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  19. missingjasamalways: I think that’s where I’m going with Jason. He’s a great character when he grows up some… And he would be a great family link for Sookie to have to help keep her centered, and she does need that. 😀

    That’s my main hold-up on revamping this as an S/G – what to do with Eric? I have a very hard time envisioning him with someone else, I mean, I can, but the writing of it would feel weird, but then again, so would writing Godric with someone other than Cara, and I’m doing that in this story… And I just do not see me writing an effective threesome (and not just because I’d fuck up the sex scenes, lol). Someone always ends up feeling (to me) left out, whether it’s emotionally, physically, etc.


  20. bbrock525: Ugh, I can’t stand a Stoopie! (Stupid Sookie) Love growing her up and smartening her out! Lala was fun! Gotta keep him where and when I can, and I’m definitely considering adding in a smarter, wiser Jason.

    That’s my main hold-up on revamping this as an S/G – what to do with Eric? I have a very hard time envisioning him with someone else, I mean, I can, but the writing of it would feel weird, but then again, so would writing Godric with someone other than Cara, and I’m doing that in this story…

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  21. Perfecta999: I adore Godric, and I’d love to pair him with Sookie at least once (it’d feel weird since I”m so used to writing him with my Cara, but it’d be fun). I’m just worried: what would I do with Eric? I don’t write threesomes, so I’d have to do SOMETHING with him…hell, maybe pair him with Cara?? 😀 *evil grin*

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  22. gyllene: She really needed to reassess her friends, well, “friends”. Sam, Tara, Arlene, yeah, they needed to go. Lala was great, and I think Jason (well, MY Jason…) has potential, but not the others (because I don’t really like them, lmao!). I’m glad Eric is having this chance to miss the real Sookie. He’d missed her before, of course, but it wasn’t exactly “her” he’d been missing, more the idea of her and her “assets”. Now, though, he’s seeing her for who she really is, so it’s good that he’s missing her.

    My main problem with writing an S/G is what to do with Eric. I don’t write threesomes, so it’s not like he could be part of that packaging, and it’d feel weird writing him with someone else. But then again, it’d feel weird writing Godric with someone other than my Cara… Heh, maybe put Eric and Cara together – she’d give him a fun run for his money!! (Yes, I am grinning evilly…) 😀 AND IT IS TOO ALL ABOUT YOU!! 😀

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  23. galwidanatitud: Thank you! Yup, you are exactly right – Eric does need to keep up that constant vigilance where Bill is concerned. His spidey-senses are telling him that Bill’s not just sitting quietly around healing up… Sookie….she’s still a bit impulsive, still a bit quick-tempered, but she’s learned how to temper it all down a bit, how to think more rationally. At least, I hope so (that’s how I’ve written her! She’d better listen!) 😀

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  24. Jackie69: Thank you! Very glad you liked it! Sookie needed some introspection time, and she needs to deal with the continuing issue of her former “friends”, too. That needs to be settled. Plus it has taken a while for her to realize that while Eric did make a huge mistake with her in so many ways, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person at heart. He’s fallible, just like everyone else is. (It always bugged me badly how she’d excuse Bill for anything – granted I think it was mainly because she was infected with his blood, but still – yet she never bothered being “understanding” toward Eric??) (*huffy grump toward Sookie*)

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  25. ericluver: Thank you for voting for me!! And hey, I’m just glad you liked the chapter! 😀 (And I’m the laziest thing on this planet so I can’t say a word, lmao!)


  26. murgatroid98: They’re both growing in needed ways, it just takes time. And thank you! There are quite a few issues I’d need to work out first (what do to with Eric?), but I’d like to see where Sookie and Godric could go from Ch. 6… Thanks!

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  27. mindyb781: Thank you! She needed that time to realize that not only were some of her former “friends” not good for her, but to realize that maybe there’s more to Eric than what she’d seen or noticed, too. And Eric needed the chance to miss HER. Granted he missed who he thought she was in the past, or more likely her “assets”, but now that he’s coming to actually know her, yeah, he’s missing her… 😀 Glad you liked it!


  28. lostinspace33: The old Sookie would freak out and somehow decide that Eric was responsible, yadda, but this new one? 😀 We’ll just have to wait and see… And yeah, that’s a great question: where ARE Godric and Claudia… 😀

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  29. Well, I can’t really see Eric getting over Sookie, no matter what he might say…I have read some wonderfully written E/S/G stories, but only you know what you’re comfortable writing. I’m sure I’ll (we’ll) read a different version if you decide to write it.


  30. Sookie and Eric both on an introspective mood in this chapter… Probably good they take stock before letting chemistry go bonkers….

    I love Godric but I personally have no interest in Sookie/Godric stories (no disrespect intended to those who write/read them!)… I would like to see more of Godric & shy Claudia though…


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  33. Eric with anybody else seems wrong I agree with you there. I don’t know about your Cara since I haven’t read Pet story but I can’t imagine it. Obviously that’s why we don’t do crossovers.


  34. Love it!! They are growing up. Aww. Look at the cute couple who are finally deciding to join the rest of us in adult land!! (Run!! It’s not awesome here!! Go back to your blanket fort and color!!)

    As for Godric Sookie, yeah I’m in the same boat, but I have decided this for a certain fix I’m working on now………. But I would like to read it, if Cara will allow you to write it…


  35. bbrock525: Heh, I’ve been calling her that for a while now…and I can’t stand that beyotch! 😀 And if Jason does come into play, yeah, he’ll be a lot wiser and even somewhat brighter, too, lol. Thanks!

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  36. mom2goalies: Writing Eric ==>> believably <<== falling for someone else would be a strong challenge, that's for sure. And yeah, there are a couple of really good E/S/Gs out there, but I can't see me being able to write one well (there'd be body parts going everywhere!) Thanks!!

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  37. redjane12: They both really did need time apart to think and process the new thoughts and ideas. Plus, since Sookie is now stronger and wiser, she’s also a bit more wary about trust, too. Eric still has his work cut out for him, but he’ll get there in the end.

    If I did (eventually, at some nebulous point in the future, lol) go ahead with the revamp, I’d note it very plainly in the summary that it would be an S/G story so E/Sers would be aware before going into it (I hate fake-out stories). That way there wouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises… (Nothing wrong with likin’ what you like and hatin’ what you hate!) Oh, there’ll be more G/C in this story… *evil grin*

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  38. Kittyinaz: Heh, I really should post a waring to Eric and Sookie that adulthood is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be! RUN! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!! 😀

    Heh, I’m not really sure Cara will let me…she might be the one to go for Eric if it happened… *broad wink*

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  39. Perfecta999: Heh, only a LITTLE evil…really…honest! 😉 Jason…Jason…Jason…well, if I bring him into this story, yeah, I’d make him a more grown-up, wiser (although still bumbly…) version of himself. Sorta. 😀

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  40. Ancient brat…..still sniggering over that one. Love a Sookie with perspective that can actually see what complete morons the people she surrounded herself with were. Hmmm so Eric feels her missing??? (raises hand as a yes to Sookie and Godric)


  41. charity6201: You know I can totally see Godric being an ancient brat, right? 😀 Sookie needs that perspective in her life, and her time spent in Fairy has given her the time she needed to step back so she could see both the forest and the trees…and decide to chop some of those trees down. Eric is finally able to miss the true Sookie, to miss her for who she really is rather than who in his arrogance he’d thought her to be. 😀

    It might be a while before I can get to the writing stage for the revamp, but you know I’ll be telling you ALLLL about it when the time comes! Thank you!!

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  42. Wow, I’ve finally found time to read this chapter. This is one of those stories that I always want to read instantly when an update appears, but RL got in the way this week. That said…
    Wonderful update as always. I’m waiting patiently to see where Godric has gotten off to, with his own little fairy. I wonder how much time will pass in the human realm before Sookie returns. It’s already been three days and she only took a bath! Poor Eric!
    I KNEW she was living in his neighborhood! LOL Hope Eric is right and she doesn’t know. That will be tons of fun when she finds out. Although, knowing Sookie, she will probably think that Eric moved there after she gave him her address. LOL
    btw, I am E/S all the way, but I would still read a G/S if you decided to write it. This version of Sookie is just too awesome not to follow wherever you take her!
    Well done! See you next time!


  43. kinnik7104: *preens* Thank you – very glad you liked it! (Real life can be a recalcitrant hussy – I’d always rather you wait to read when you CAN take the time to —hopefully— enjoy it rather than trying to cram it in between errands. Use that time to breathe and not kill people…)
    You asked an important question in your review…something that may have repercussions in the human realm…
    And thank you! I love this ballsy Sookie. Sure, she has her now-rougher edges that need smoothing out, but she’s not stupid, either, so she’ll get there. If I do “revamp” (ha ha) this story at a later date, I’ll be sure to note in the summary that it’s an S/G HEA, but Eric will still have his own HEA, too (can’t leave him out, poor guy!). 😀


  44. Yip I’m with Sookie and Eric on this , Compton , that’s a problem just waiting to happen . Loved his wee recon mission lol what will she say ( sniggers ) I’m sure Mr C is vary aware of who resides in this estate and where ( is it possible to light up a demons ass hehehe ) .
    Mmmm…….I’m an E/S lover/stalker and there are a few good E/S/G stories I’ve loved but S/G and Eric with another, mmm….. I’m not so sure it’s my cup of tea ( coffee lover here ) but if that is what the muse demands , is risking the wrath of a disgruntled muse worth it .
    You changed my mind about Andre but I’m not sure I want my mind changed with Eric and Sookie , lol sorry my indecisiveness was no help at all lolol


  45. lorip100: Sadly, sooner or later they’re going to have to deal with Bill (what a bad rhyme…), but like me, they’re not looking forward to it. He really needs to just ooze back into the swamp from whence he came…but he just won’t.

    Heh, Mr C. has a mind of his own…love his character!

    Coffee rules!!

    If I do revamp STC into an S/G story, I’d note it very plainly in the summary, etc., that it’s NOT an E/S or E/S/G story so that E/S shippers will know going in what’s going on and can decide if they’d want to read it or not. And yeah, it would be a challenge because I can’t see ME letting Eric not have his own O/C HEA, too…

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  46. Loved this chapter. Sookie’s thaw is way slower than Eric’s is, but it will come. As for a G/S pairinG, that is just not for me. I prefer him in the role of mentor/maker/friend. I really don’t care for the three some pairing either. It just feels wrong for God rich to share in their connection. JMO


  47. saintsfan022010: Yeah, her issues have been around for a long, long time and are taking a while to mend, but she’s getting there. Eric was in the right “place” at the right time for his emotional growth to hit, but yeah, they’ll get there.

    While I’ve read a few good E/S/G threesomes, that’s not something I’d want to write. And when I pair Godric off with someone, it’s usually my OC Cara, so even THIS story feels a little odd (writing him with Claudine)… At some point I might actually get around to revamping this as a G/S, and if I do, I’ll definitely state that it IS a G/S pairing in the summary so that E/S shippers will know to either skip it, or to tread warily, lol.


  48. Absolutely loving your story and looking forward to a Sookie/Eric HEA. And for Bill to meet the pointy end of a stake or the lightning hot fingertips of the fiery fairy. An earlier chapter had a cracking line from Godric when he said……did I break your brain. LMAO… funny. I love your sense of humour. Can’t wait for more.


  49. nedbella: Ha! Thanks – very glad you’re liking it! Heh, in my mind, Godric’s a blast… (He’s snarkier than you might think)


  50. they are both growing emotionally in leaps and bounds. they are both worried about whom their family and friends are. they are both worried about safety which they should be. KY


  51. kleannhouse: They really are, and it’s time. It’s a good thing they’re both aware of the other factors in their lives, too. (And it’s high time Sookie cleaned out her “Friend List”…) 😀


  52. I missed all the updates and finally am getting caught up. I don’t know how I managed that since I adore your stories.
    G/S of course – popping around pranking everyone in fae. Maybe he could soften some of her hard edges too. Dynamic duo, whoa!
    What to do with Eric? May I suggest an old enforcer buddy? Darkly handsome to balance his blond good looks, an equally matched chess player who sees sparring as foreplay.
    To take it even further….if G/S can have children, that child would be the perfect mate for


  53. treewitch703: As you’ve probably read by now, he does soften some of her harder edges in his own inimical way (no one would be immune to his wise common sense). (Ok, that might just be me…)

    At some point I may well scribble down a version of this story where Godric and Sookie get together – the foundation for it has already been laid, as such, but I’ll finish this one out with an E/S HEA. But that other possibility looms enticingly, lol.

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  54. I’ve tried reading a couple of E/S/G stories and I’m with you – they do come across as kind of weird / emotionally cold. In some ways I can see Sookie and Godric as well-suited, even similar, but I do prefer E/S in many ways because of their differences and the way they need to learn to cope with that difference. Hmm wonder what Godric and Claudia are up to?


  55. ladytarara: E/S/G combos always seem as though one of the contenders? participants? whatever…is always either emotionally or physically left out, or is for some reason always supposed to take second place to the “Master” or some such bullshit. Other times it’s just a collection of penises aiming for various female orifices and most if not all emotional aspects are just plain ignored. Meh. Each to their own and such.

    Now, as for S/G…I do have an idea mentioned earlier I believe in this story…but that’s for a later date. Godric and Claudia? Well… *cheeky grin* They’re a sweet pair, I gotta say, lol.

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