The Moon, Ch. 20

The moment her beloved Maker abandoned her, Willa rounded on Sevrin. Her face a study in embarrassed outrage, her eyes flashing, her cheeks faintly tinged with pink and her nostrils flaring, she glared up…up…up into the culprit’s ruggedly handsome face.

“You were eavesdropping?!?,” she seethed as quietly as she could. Those bastards! How could they??

Entranced by the bewitching sight before him, Sevrin took the few measured steps needed to close the distance between himself and the outraged hellcat. Black eyes gleaming and with one dark brow raised, he promptly settled his big hands on her waist and lifted her up to brace her back against the wall by the door.

Before Willa knew what was happening, he was lowering his head…

As his firm lips gently glided over her own, she finally realized his intention and gasped in shock. Ever the opportunist, Sevrin took advantage of the situation. With a gentleness surprising for his size and appearance, he quickly deepened the kiss.

Lost in the smooth feel of his lips on hers, the rhythmic stroking of his tongue against her own, and the heady masculine scent that rose from his massive body, without conscious effort she brought her legs up and circled his waist as she returned his kiss with matching fervor.

Easily succumbing to the responsiveness of the woman in his arms, Sevrin soon matched the rocking of his hips with the thrusting of his tongue, pulling back only to surge forward again and again.

Willa delighted in the fact that neither of them had to stop to breathe and tightened the hold her legs had on his core to bring him into even closer contact. As unexpected as this was, it felt far too right to bother with thinking…

Her hands rose with a will of their own and one delved into the fall of his shiny black hair to hold his head steady while the other clutched at his broad shoulder as if her unlife depended upon it.

Finally the tinkling of the bell above the station’s main entrance drew their attention, and Sevrin lifted his head a scant few inches to answer her now-forgotten question.

“Yes, and I like you, too.”

Having said all that he deemed necessary, he lowered his head and, hidden by the curtain of his loose hair, proceeded to make the most of the time they would have while the pregnant one devoured whatever the fuck “barbecue” was.

He hadn’t liked it when Willa had dropped her legs from his waist, but considering their public location, he understood.

But that didn’t mean he had to like it.

Of course, if she hadn’t, visitors to that store may have seen what a good old-fashioned hard-driving never-ending vampire fuck was like.


Sookie was in hog heaven, as it were. Three orders of barbecue sat on the small table before her, two in take-out boxes and one in a plate already mostly inhaled. Nearby and already in take-away containers sat extra coleslaw, some pickles since she was sure Eric’s safe house didn’t have any, and while the little diner hadn’t had fish sticks, they did offer some glorious fried chicken. Two whole orders waited in yet another to-go container, and two gallons of iced tea waited in a plastic bag. Deep-fried potato wedges waited in another bag (topped with a large handful of diner paper napkins)…and since she didn’t consider deep-fried potatoes to be an actual vegetable, she planned on making herself a huge salad from the small but fresh-looking salad bar…after she finished her barbecue, thank-you-very-much. She debated between eating the large container of mac and cheese here, or later at Eric’s house…

“Eric,” she suddenly asked after she’d taken a giant swallow of the orange juice he’d bought her. “I was just wondering, do you have toilet paper and coffee and stuff at your house?  I mean, I wouldn’t think you usually have humans at one of your safe houses, so I just wondered.”

The resulting grimace on his face answered her question.

An instant later he was on his phone ordering the head of his private investigations department, Pete Bronson, to go shopping, and after providing the Were with a highly detailed list of necessities, he paused to ask Sookie if there was anything else he should add. Sookie, her mouth full of a bite of pilfered fried chicken, simply shook her head – Eric had even told the man the correct brand of coffee and everything. After ensuring that Pete knew which house to bring the supplies to, he ended the call.

He thought that all his safe houses were well-stocked with such things, but hadn’t been willing to bet on it, and besides, he knew there wouldn’t be such things as fresh milk or vegetables. A call to his trusted employee was indeed warranted.

The moment Sookie announced she was full, without rushing her but with amazingly efficient movements, he packed up the items she wanted to take and quietly called for Willa. When she appeared a few moments later with disheveled hair, faintly flushed cheeks, and slightly swollen lips, he had to raise a brow. Sevrin, having closely followed the brunette, appeared as impassive and glowering as ever.

Eric was not fooled.

“Willa, I’m going to carry Sookie out to the SUV. Can you put these bags in the back so we can get back on the road?”

At Willa’s nod, Eric helped Sookie to rise from the low diner chair, and within a minute they were en route once again.

“So who’s this Pete guy,” Sookie asked after they’d exited the parking lot. She grabbed her handbag and started searching for her antacids – the barbecue was awesome but her stomach didn’t always appreciate her version of “awesome”.

“Pete’s the Were in charge of the private investigation firm I own. I’ve had him on Steve’s case – he’s how we know that Steve was released. Pete’s father has worked for me off and on through the years, so I’ve known him since he was a small child. He is trustworthy.”

“That’s good. It’s nice to have people around you who you can trust.” As she popped two antacids into her mouth, she gazed dolefully into the depths of her handbag. The shock of that night had worn off, but the fear she’d felt was just as strong, as was that horrible sense of being ignored during the attack.

Correctly interpreting the direction her thoughts had taken, Eric thought about how he should respond. While he didn’t have extensive knowledge of the Dae, what he had observed and heard about them down through time had stayed with him.

“Sookie, Willa told me how things happened the other night with Steve, and I have a theory about that. While I don’t have any proof, I do know that some Dae have the ability to influence or dull the thoughts of those in their proximity. I don’t think it’s a form of glamouring or brainwashing, but it is something along those lines. It doesn’t affect vampires, however, which I believe may have been what saved you, and this may explain why it took so long for the others to act. From what I can tell, he may have, for lack of a better word, dulled their thoughts so that they wouldn’t be as aware of their surroundings as they normally would be.”

His heart ached when the relief she felt from his words bled through the bond, and he wondered how long the fuckhole had been muting Sookie’s friends toward her. Emotional fuckery of that sort deserved a long, slow torture.

Soon enough Sookie’s full tummy caught up with her, and Eric gladly allowed her to drift off to sleep.

When he was certain that he wasn’t being followed, a maneuver he fully expected Pete to follow, he switched directions and drove straight to his safe house.

This house, as was the usual layout, had two stories visible above ground, but also had two extremely well reinforced, waterproofed and insulated stories hidden below ground level. The entire structure was fully ventilated, light proofed, and solar powered.  The only entrance was via the fully enclosable garage, but multiple hidden exits were available from both hidden levels and from the roof. In short, this design was perfect for a safe house.

Located well back from the closest two-lane county road, the long driveway was deliberately easy to miss and was quickly swallowed by what appeared to be a small forest of trees and shrubs purposefully planted to provide cover.

As expected, Pete was parked behind the garage with his vehicle strategically hidden from view.

Once parked, Eric waited for Sevrin to pull in beside him and for Pete to quickly unload his vehicle before he pushed the button on his dash that would close the garage. Within a very short time the three vampires and the Were had unloaded both vehicles, turned on the lights to the main floor, and engaged the ventilation system before Eric brought in the still-sleeping Sookie.

After placing her on a comfortable sofa in the den, he turned to Pete and motioned for the Were to follow him.

Once back in the garage, he ordered, “Find Sookie a female day companion, someone to keep an eye on her safety while they’re also keeping her company.”

“My mom,” the Were immediately recommended. Suddenly remembering to whom he was speaking, he cleared his throat then began again. “My mother would be perfect. She’s full Were, as you know, and she’s raised three kids. She also took some first-aid classes a while back, but mainly she knows how to keep her cool in the face of accidents and trouble. With three boys, she had to,” he trailed off with a fond smile. Then he snorted. “With my dad now retired, she’d be glad to get out of the house, too, but I think she’d like some company herself.”

Eric thought for a moment. He hadn’t had many dealings with Mrs. Bronson, but he knew her to be a good woman who ran a clean and well-organized home.

And she was female. He nodded in approval.

“Speak with her tomorrow and see if she would be interested, then let me know.”

Considering himself properly dismissed, Pete nodded and left. Eric secured the premises and returned to find Willa helping Sookie to sit up.

He honestly didn’t see how her pregnancy could last another three to four months; her small frame certainly couldn’t handle much more…stomach. He hoped modern technology had created a device that would help pregnant women to rise from a seated position since she desperately needed something along those lines. He’d look into it tomorrow night.

“Good morning, sunshine,” he quipped with a tender smile. The feeling of having his Sookie in his home, under his roof and in his care, was exhilarating. Finally, she was exactly where she had belonged for so long.

Sookie beamed at Eric – the pride and satisfaction on his handsome face were unmistakable – and wondered at the burst of excitement she felt.  It was at that moment she remembered that she had a bladder…a very full, very tiny, very annoying bladder…

And she had three, possibly four, more months of this to go.

“Ugh,” she said as her smile turned wry. “So I take it we’re here? Well, um, this is a gorgeous room, it really is, but, um, where’s the bathroom?”

With more of a laugh than Sookie thought quite appropriate for the situation, Eric extended a large hand and helped her to stand. After sending Willa to find the bag with the toilet paper, he patiently escorted Sookie to the nearest restroom, then spoke with  Sevrin about going to Fangtasia as soon as he was certain Sookie was settled.  He didn’t want to rush her first experience with his favorite safe house and truly wanted her to consider it her home as well, but he understood Sevrin’s driving need to tend to business – that was just the way he was.

Fucking Pamela. 

For two cents he’d just have his security staff transfer the bitch to the silver cell Sevrin had requested, but he knew how wily she could be…and that she’d fucked half of the females on that staff.

No, he’d have to go, and since Sevrin wouldn’t know the way to the glorified bar, he’d have to drive.

Fucking Pamela.

**A/N:  Anyone want to guess what kind of night Pamela’s going to have?  And, well, I guess you can officially say that Sevrin is a vampire of action, huh…  *grin*  So, what did you think?**

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54 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 20

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  2. Holy first kiss Batman and damn!!! I must say I love me some Sevrin quick and to the point!!! Holy crow that was a whole lot of food she was puttin down lol and yeah 4 more months of that would be hell on earth…can’t wait for some Pam ass whuppin action!


  3. Now that was an awesome first kiss. For a minute there I sort of wanted to be in Willa’s place. Yum!
    I love that Eric and Sookie discussed why the others just sat there during the altercation with Steve. I bothered me, too, that no one jumped to Sookie’s defense until he hit her. Good thing Willa was on the ball.
    I had almost forgotten about Pam. Yeah, I don’t think her night will be fun at all.
    A most excellent chapter.


  4. I think, I’m hoping, that you’re plotting a spin off for Will and Sevrin :D.
    Considering you mentioned how wily Pam can be I’m fully expecting her to try that wiliness on Sevrin AND to succeed with someone else, thus escaping for a while :D.


  5. I am glad that Sev is a man of action. Eric telling his theory on Dae is good for Sookie and feel that if it were not for that fact, everyone around her had reacted to how she was being treated by her partner.


  6. Nice to see something good happening for Willa…or should I say TO Willa!!! 😉
    Can’t wait for Pam’s comeuppance 😈


  7. Wow! That was a hell of an answer Willa got! LOL
    Thank you Eric for explaining about that Dae power, it explains so much.
    Don’t think Pam will be having a very good night, can’t wait to see what they have in mind for her, although I have a feeling things might nit go as smoothly as it should…


  8. That was an awesome first kiss. Willa is a lucky woman. I’m happy that they are at his safe house and Eric is wonderful in his attention to her. I do hate that he has to leave to deal with Pam. I have a feeling she will be paying for that later on in the night. As always it was a great chapter. I love Willa and Sevrin, but you know… not as much as I love my Eric and Sookie. 🙂


  9. I think it is really cute that Eric watched Sookie eat all that BBQ and then packed it all up. I laughed when she asked about TP. Hey that’s important especially when you have to pee all the time. Willa and Servin are funny. I liked the chapter.


  10. Sqeeee ……. now I’m singing ” Willa and Sevrin sitting in a tree ” loving it .
    The really need more info on the Dae but at least Eric’s info helped to understand her friends ( I use the term lightly ) reactions .
    Looking forward to Eric and Sevrin escorting Pam to her new accommodations , you just know she is going to dig that hole deeper ….. evil laugh …. just imagine if she where to make a derogatory comment about her baby sis ….. continues evil laugh .


  11. oh looks like Willa may have some fun yet, besides taking care of her good friend. love this story. Pam is gonna have a shit night…. KY


  12. charity6201: Heh, I wanted their first kiss to be one for the records! 😀 And that is so Sevrin: he knows what he wants and he goes after it. (It’s fun imagining what all Sookie could be craving, lol) And yeah: Fuckin’ Pam…

    Liked by 1 person

  13. murgatroid98: Thank you – glad you liked it! 😀 Heh, Sevrin’s a vampire of action, that’s for sure, lol. Eric has been around for a very long time and he’s really good at piecing things together. At least Sookie can feel a bit less ignored/abandoned by her friends/family now, even they never were all THAT wonderful. I wish we could KEEP forgetting about Pam…but the plot won’t let me, sadly…


  14. tj6james6: Well, you know ‘our’ Pamela… While I miss writing GoodPam, this far less savory version is also a blast to write. And there might be an escape attempt


  15. cari1973: Thank you! And I do see him as that type. At least Sookie now knows why it seemed as though her friends/family just sat around “not seeing” how Steve was treating her…very glad that weird Dae ability doesn’t affect vampires!


  16. ericluver: Lol, Sevrin’s a vamp-o-action, that’s for sure! (Willa said her knees were still wobbly…) And I do wish we could just keep ignoring Pam, but the damn plot won’t let me…ugh… 😀


  17. mom2goalies: Heh, go Sevrin!! 😀 And at least now Sookie knows that her friends/family weren’t purposefully ignoring what was going on with Steve. (I do wish we could keep ignoring Pam, but the plot just won’t let me, dangit!)


  18. No, no, no! Pam cannot be ignored, she will think everything is fine then – she needs to be Sevrinly punished!


  19. Jackie69: 😀 I…I kinda think maybe he does…a little…maybe… *tee hee hee* 😀 If the plot continues the way I think it will (and if the flighty muse allows it…), then yeah, there should be some Pam in the next chapter. “Should”… 😀


  20. gyllene: Sevrin is definitely a vampire of action, lol. (Willa said her knees are still wobbly…) And yeah, I hate that it’s coming up on Pam-time, but the plot demands it…dammit. It’s good for Eric to finally have Sookie ensconced at his house where he can look after her properly…even if he DOES have to leave almost immediately to deal with Pam…

    Liked by 1 person

  21. galwidanatitud: Sevrin is, indeed, a vampire of action… 😀 (Lucky Willa!) And Eric? Yeah, he’s pleased as vamp-punch at having her in his, now their, home. 😀 Glad you liked it!


  22. mindyb781: I remember how silly and squeamish Bill used to be about Sookie eating and LOVE showing the differences between him and Eric. 😀 And exactly! TP is important!! Glad you liked it! 😀


  23. lorip100: I’m having a blast with Sevrin and Willa! 😀 They’re so much fun! And yup, at least Sookie now knows that her friends/family weren’t deliberately ignoring what was going on between her and Steve (even if they ARE usually dumbass to the point of stupidity on a regular day). And while I’d love to be able to just ignore Pam and, like, forget she’s even an issue (I vastly prefer GoodPam), the plot won’t let me, and you know Pam just can NOT keep her mouth shut…

    Liked by 1 person

  24. kleannhouse: Thank you – I’m so glad you do! 😀 And yeah, Willa’s a good’un – it’s great being able to make good things happen to good people. She’s been “there” for Sookie for a long time now…it’s kind of her turn. And Pam…ohhh yeah…and you know she just can’t keep her feet pointed in the right direction… 😀


  25. Seems as if Willa’s about to get lucky! Good for her! Definitely a sign of a man in love if he can sit & watch the woman he loves pig out on her pregnancy cravings! LOL! Loved that he called in her list of supplies with specific brands too! What a great vampire! Now I can’t want to read the description of the look on Pam’s face when she first sees Sevrin! BWAH!!!! 🙂


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  27. Kittyinaz: Lol! Sevrin is a vampire of action, that’s for sure! It was very difficult for him to keep in mind that they were in a public place and that he respected Willa too much to give into his baser desires, but he managed, lol! (Much to Not-So-Little Sevrin’s disgust…)

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Can’t wait for Pam’s “Come to Jesus” moment! (wicked gleeful laughter) Great chapter!


  29. God, I remember that so well! Wanting to eat everything in sight and then having to pay with heartburn. LOL


  30. lostinspace33: I’ve never had a baby so I’m pulling most of this stuff out of thin air (remembering what my mom and friends have told me), and so far it seems that growin’ babies is far more miserable than mystical… 😀 Kudos to all of y’all who have done so!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Not sure what I liked more.. Sevrin and Willa getting to know each other, or Sookie’s incredible meal. She made every pregnant woman who ever had cravings proud.


  32. valady1: And just think – she has up to 4 more months of that! Sevrin and Willa have been a lot of fun to write (Sevrin is a surprise to even me a lot of times), and Willa should have some happiness, too. 😀


  33. Good story. Love your characters and that Sookie and Eric have reunited. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    I remember being pregnant too. We were living in Germany and I stuffed myself with Gouda cheese and butter on fresh rolls, washed down with quarts of whole milk. Never needed an antacid. Today was the perfect day to read this fic. My baby’s birthday is today and she’s 37 years old. I can’t believe it’s been so long.


  34. gaijinvamp: Awww, happy birthday to the ‘baby’ of the family! And aw, man, now I want melty butter on hot rolls! (You’re seeing living proof that 37 years is but the blink of an eye. How awesome is that?!)


  35. Sookie’s gonna need more than those 2 antacids if she keeps eating like that! Late pregnancy reflux is a bitch. I never had morning sickness until I was about 30 weeks and it was because of my enormous son. All 4.2 kgs of him – and I’m a lot taller than Sookie. And as for Sevrin – well, looks like he and Willa are cosying up together rather nicely and the Dae glamour is an ingenious way to explain why no-one reacted to Steve but hey I suspect the good townsfolk of Bon Temps may not have got off their fat asses anyway given none of them really seem to care about Sookie. Not really. She’s better off without them.


  36. ladytarara: (Eric was smart and bought stock in her favorite antacid company…) Even without knowing kg from lb I can tell he was a BIG baby! 😀 Also: ouch.

    Heh, Willa and Sevrin… 😀 Ugh, other than Sookie’s family and friends, the residents of BT are useless. (I hate how in both the books and the show Sookie is so damn attached to the town. Granted it’s all she knows and it’s familiar and “comfortable” to her, but still!)

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Oh I had a friend who was swilling liquid antacid like it was water during her pregnancy. Thankfully I wasn’t that bad. Hmm let’s see – I think he was about 9.5 lbs and 57cms. Yep, ouch!


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