Decisions (WIP)

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Well, the muses struck again.   The result?  DECISIONS.

Although I have many different “Godric and Cara” stories in mind, this is the second one I’ve liked enough to actually post.

So…when you’ve got a very powerful, enigmatic 2000 year old vampire and a mischievous 23 year old office worker, some decisions have to be made…

Read on, and see what you think!

(*While I am currently plotting the sequel to Anticipating, this story is in no way affiliated with it.*)

**Generic Disclaimer:  Charlaine Harris and HBO own the “recognizable” character names and bits – I own the plots and original characters.**


And then there’s:

8 thoughts on “Decisions (WIP)

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  2. Eric told me you needed some lovin’! I love this lil’ gem! Eric also told me to tell you that Godric told him to tell me to tell you that he misses his Cara! So yeah! You should do something about that! 🙂 *hugs*


  3. morggys: LMAO!! THANK YOU!!! Please let Eric know I appreciate his consideration, and let Godric know it won’t be too long till I can get him back to his Cara… 😀 LOL! ❤ you!!!

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