The Moon, Ch. 18

As Willa blurred around her bedroom collecting the things she wanted to take with her, she couldn’t help but overhear Sookie’s “conversation” with her unborn daughter, and she sighed with a sad smile. She’d wanted children herself once upon a time, but as she grew up and learned more about society and politics, the desire to bring a child into the world as it was grew less and less.

She now wondered if she hadn’t been a bit hasty in that decision, but knew it didn’t matter. The only “child” she could ever have now would be of the fully-grown adult variety and she honestly did not want that kind of responsibility any time soon.

As Sookie had put it, Willa was still learning “how to vampire”.

She laughed at her slightly maudlin self, and worked faster.

Once finished with her own packing, she entered the hall to go to Sookie’s room, and found Sevrin leaning back against a wall, his long leather-clad legs crossed before him and his hands folded across his flat stomach. He looked up when she plopped her stuffed carry-on bag on the floor near him.

With a grin she inclined her head toward the den. “Are they up to the mushy stuff again?”

He quirked an eyebrow, then shrugged. “Like that often, are they?”

Willa almost successfully hid a shiver as his eyes roamed her face and the tone of his voice seemed to slither down her spine.

With a wry smile both for the situation and in recognition of the signs of her budding infatuation, she willed herself to behave normally – tall, dark, and brooding would either like her for who she was, or he wouldn’t.

She nodded, and then became more serious. “Come on in,” she said as she moved toward the door to Sookie’s room. “I need to make sure that all her stuff has been packed, but we can talk while I get busy.”

Without waiting to see if he followed, she entered Sookie’s room and began gathering odds and ends.

She didn’t see the other brow quirk at her quietly commanding tone or the way gleaming black eyes appreciated the curves of her ass, but she did sense that he followed her, and smirked to herself.

“She and Eric were kept apart for years,” she emphasized, “and all because Pam was jealous of how Eric felt about Sookie.  Now, Eric could have gone to Sookie any time he wanted to, but he didn’t think she wanted him.  Sookie did try to approach him a couple of times at first, but Pam killed that. It’s weird, though.  I don’t think Pam ever even had any true romantic interest in Eric, I mean, she likes women and all, so it doesn’t make any sense. But anyway, they have a lot of lost time to make up for now, so you might as well get used to all kissing and holding hands and hugging and ugh,” she ended with a grin and an eyeroll.

Sevrin smirked at both her description and her actions.

“Not a big fan of romance, huh?”

Willa blushed, and Sevrin took notice. For a human it would have been hardly visible, but for a vampire… He tucked away that knowledge, as well as how that uncontrollable reaction of hers seemed to warm him in some way, for future thought.

She paused near the dresser and thought for a moment.

“I am, actually.” She figured that she might as well own it. “Romance softens the hard edges of the world and helps fill an empty heart and make a house a home. It’s the perfect excuse that allows people who like and respect each other to be sweet and kind and gentle with each other.  It lets people dream together.  So, yeah, I do like romance, and I’m glad that those two have finally reconnected after all this time. And I think they’re permanent this time around, at least I hope so.”

Taken aback by Willa’s gentle yet unabashed bluntness, he knew he had more things to file away for that later contemplation. He knew he already somewhat liked the girl. Her courage had drawn his attention far quicker than any surface beauty ever would, and now her blatant honesty and pragmatic kindness added to that something extra about her.

He grunted in what Willa thought might be agreement.

The next few minutes passed in companionable silence as she made sure she had collected all of Sookie’s belongings, and when she finished, they left her room together.  Sevrin found himself grabbing Willa’s bag from the hall when they neared it.

Eric shot him a bemused look upon their reentry into the den – thankfully the lovebirds had managed to come unstuck from each other by then – and he had to agree with Eric’s expression. As one of the top ten wealthiest vampires on the planet, the act of carrying someone else’s bags for them simply was not on his usual agenda…as if it would have been anyway.  Just because he preferred a hands-on approach to running his combined silver mine/vampire prison system didn’t mean he wasn’t a lazy fucker.

He shrugged, then smirked back at Eric who had his own hands filled with what appeared to be small bags of food. Seems he wasn’t the only vamp on that list who knew how to help a lady out…

After tipping his head in sardonic acknowledgment, Eric turned to speak to his child, “Willa, grab all the bags you can and we’ll load up the vehicle.” After her nod, he faced Sevrin.

“You are free the rest of the night?” At the man’s nod, he continued. “Did you drive here?” His lips quirked when all he received in answer was yet another nod. “Good. I would appreciate it if you were to follow us to the house I have chosen. It’s not that far from here, but we’ll be going in a rather…circuitous route.”

Although the situation was of a more serious nature, just to amuse himself Sevrin nodded again.

Willa and Sookie both snickered at the walking mountain’s subtle antics, and the vampire in question hid his surprise well. He wasn’t sure if it was because of his forbidding appearance or his reputation, but most people didn’t catch his version of humor.

It soon became obvious that Sevrin was thinking about something as he boldly appraised the expressions on everyone’s face. Eventually he came to a conclusion and spoke to Eric, his accent heavy but his words well-chosen.

“I will help you with this. Something is not right here. Tonight after we have secured your woman in this safer place, I will see to Pamela. Find me a silver-lined cell where she will see no one but me.”

Eric nodded as he hid his relief. Sevrin would be a fierce comrade and while he could certainly manage without him, he wouldn’t pass up his highly unusual offer of assistance, either.  “Fangtasia has alternate quarters that would be suitable for a longer stay.”

The black-haired mountain nodded again, then glanced darkly at the two smiling ladies and felt the need to announce to the room at large, “I do not do this out of the kindness of my heart.” He noted that Willa merely quirked a brow at his partial lie. “I am bored at home. Things should run as well without me as they do with me watching over them. They should, at any rate,” he finished with a glower.

To his shock and everlasting amazement, Sookie stepped right up to him and put her arms around his waist. It took him a moment to realize that she was hugging him, and a couple of seconds longer to remember that he was supposed to put his arms around her small frame, too. He did so awkwardly, but was afraid to squeeze her back, though, as he didn’t want to risk hurting her with his vastly superior strength. She might pop and that would not be good.

There was no way Eric could have missed the brief flash of shock on his old acquaintance’s face, and he had to smother a grin. Sevrin was someone he respected, certainly, and for the most part he got along well with the slightly younger but very powerful vampire, but they had never been close friends. Distance was a factor, but Sevrin, while proven trustworthy, wasn’t someone easy to know. Building friendships, much less maintaining them, was definitely not on his “to-do list” – he was a very confident, self-contained “vampire’s vampire” who made it obvious that he bluntly didn’t care about…much of anything, actually. Sookie’s voice brought the Viking’s attention back to the dark giant’s discomfiture.

“I really appreciate you helpin’ us out with all this, Sevrin. Thank you,” she said as she smiled broadly up into his slightly bemused face.

He gave her two hopefully-gentle thumps on her back as he wished she’d remove herself from his person. He supposed it was alright as hugs went, but enough was enough already, he thought with a slightly embarrassed clearing of his throat. Were all breeding females this emotional? Subconsciously he looked to Eric for help.

Eric smoothly drew Sookie into his arms as he, too, thanked Sevrin.

“Thank you. Ok,” he began after a last brief kiss to his Sookie, “Willa, it will take two trips, but let’s take these bags down as quickly as possible. . After that, Sookie, I’ll carry you down and put you in the vehicle, and Sevrin, can Willa ride with you as you follow us?”

Reverting back to his preferred ways, Sevrin simply nodded, and with good humor restored, he ignored the smile exchanged between the ladies.

Later, as he easily kept pace with Eric’s vehicle as they flew along, weaving in and out of traffic, taking side and back streets before emerging once again on more well-traveled thoroughfares, Sevrin pondered his actions as he kept an eye out for anyone following their progression.

He also wondered about himself and his big mouth since he really did not enjoy getting caught up in other people’s problems! Most people caused their own dramas and they were not his to solve, but this time around things seemed a little too “coincidental” for his liking.  Life wasn’t fair, not by a long shot, but sometimes the odds did need evening out.

He was good at evening the odds.

And he’d always had a soft spot for breeding women.

And he’d never seen a vampire of any age blush, and especially not as prettily as the sweet-scented woman in the seat beside him.


**A/N:  So, what did you think?**

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55 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 18

  1. I want a Sevrin of my very own for X-mas pretty please!!!! My favorite line was a Vampire’s vampire nothing pussy whipped about that!!! (Giddy clap) Can’t wait to see what he does with Pam!


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  3. I’m loving Sevrin and I so want him and Willa to get together. Pam is in so much trouble now that he has a soft spot for Sookie (as well as Willa 😉 ) I can’t wait for more of these wonderful characters.


  4. i love it when “tough guys” are rendered befuddled. maybe someone should teach Sevrin about excessive hormones with breeding women. but honestly, i want my own Sevrin too….right after Godric, of course. i’m selfish like that. 😉


  5. Willa and Sevrin sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i …well you know the rest *grin* 😋
    Loved the chapter. Can’t wait to see what happens next and for Pam to get her come-to-Jesus! 😳


  6. I like your Willa. Instead of Little Orphan Annie, we have a strong person and fierce in defense of those who considered her own, with a soft hand, to call no matter what white, white.

    I almost feel sorry for Serv. He does not know what will come up, especially with Willa and Sookie joining forces.


  7. I repeat what I said in group: Sevrin and Willa deserve their own story :D..
    Ohhh, and as part of Pam’s punishment she should NOT be given much air time (like whut? Air time? Was she even mentioned? I don’t recall seeing much of anyone other than Sevrin and Willa :D:D:D:D:D, welllllllll, maybe I saw some Sookie and Eric in there somewhere, maybe.)
    Well done.


  8. charity6201: I think we should all get our own Sevrin! 😀 And he’s the perfect example of a “vampire’s vampire” – stoic, quiet, inexpressive, the “strong, silent type”…but then, he hasn’t been around Sookie and Willa for very long yet, so… *evil grin*

    Liked by 1 person

  9. gyllene: He’s developing a REALLY soft (ok, a REALLY BIG, REALLY SOFT) spot for Willa…he just might not exactly know it yet. And with Sookie feeling all sisterly toward him, it’ll hit him even harder, so yeah, Pamela’s in for it…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. galwidanatitud: *considers a Kickstarter for creating Sevrin clones* Someone should teach him when to duck and when to hug, lmao!!


  11. ericluver: LMAO!!! Is it bad that I love it when “the couple” is still in that “making eyes at each other” stage? 😀 Heh, and as attached as Sevrin appears to be getting to Sookie (and Willa…), Pammy might be in for an even worse time… Glad you liked it!


  12. cari1973: Exactly, and thank you! I see Willa as being “stronger than she looks” and able to see the bigger picture and not dwell on bad things or things that are now in the past. I want her to be someone who tells the truth, but tells it nicely, and I’m glad that it comes across.

    *evil grin* Sevrin is in for it! 😀


  13. Ah , the infancy of attraction , the blush , the befuddlement lol
    Yip , excellent treatment of the errant daughter , I see a lot of silver and not a lot else in her foreseeable future . How pissed is Sevrin going to be with her , having to deal with the mess she created . As Willa and him discussed , she is the reason E/S has been kept apart and that this situation has arisen due to that separation . Its going to be personal then ( Evil Laugh ) ,
    Love this story so much , breaking out the 100% Columbian and gently wafting it in your direction .


  14. I love it. Sevrin is so tough and macho. Willa is so sweet and kind of shy, yet she speaks what’s on her mind. The attraction between them is so sweet. So also knows you she can depend on besides Eric. Her hugging a befuddled Sevrin was cute. Please don’t tell Sevrin I though he was cute.


  15. I think Sevrin needs to relax a little bit!
    Willa could help him with that…Hehe!
    That Willa needs some romance in her life!
    Can’t wait for more.


  16. So happy that you updated, I completely adore this fic! I am looking forward to seeing how things progress with Sevrin/Willa & Eric/Sookie. Loved Sevrin’s reaction to his hug. lol Thanks for another awesome chapter!!


  17. Awww Sevrin… You are such a cupcake… Glad he’s sticking around until the conspiracy is better explained… I wouldn’t want to be Pam interrogated by Sevrin either… Willa is entirely too adorable in this story!


  18. Love your Servin! Hope he and Willa get together, I’m sure Eric and Sookie will approve. Glad he is staying around to help them but cannot wait to see Pam’s punishment…
    Looking forward to more!


  19. I like Servin. I think him and Willa would make a lovely, yet scary couple. I do love how you’re writing Willa, you really make her come to life. I wouldn’t want to be Pam when Servin gets round to her… Well, actually, I would never want to be the spoiled, selfish, and jealous bitch. I have Pam issues, but that’s well known by now, lol.

    I can’t wait to read more.


  20. It’s becoming clearer…Willa, I see a tall, dark, befuddled man in your future ! I believe the befuddled state is a new, totally foreign experience for Sevrin(sort of like being hugged). Really enjoying the characters and the story progression.


  21. shoegirl01: 😀 Thank you – I love playing in Sevrin’s mind. And you’re absolutely right about Pam. Life for her is going to be even less pleasant now… 😀 Thanks for reading!


  22. lorip100: Isn’t that beginning stage so much fun? It’s so cute and adorable and and and SQUEEE!!! 😀 And I totally agree with you about Pam’s upcoming treatment – the more he learns, the worse her life will be. Sevrin doesn’t get personally involved in many things at all – he’s too “vampire’s vampire” for that most of the time, but yeah, this is starting to feel more and more personal to him (*definitely evil laugh*) Thank you! Very glad you like this story! *Catches the awesome scent of Colombian coffee wafting in the air….yum!!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. murgatroid98: Willa has a kind of emotional courage that I think will be the tipping point for Sevrin. You’re right – he IS all rough, tough, and macho, but Willa’s soft edges (and Sookie’s too) will smooth them out as nights go on… 😀 (Your secret is safe with me!) ❤


  24. Jackie69: I suspect that Willa’s emotional honesty and courage just might win her The Sevrin Prize… 😀 Glad you liked it!


  25. lostinspace33: *evil grin* I think you’re absolutely right! 😀 Willa was raised being “the angel in the devil’s house”, a good honest person having to deal with the users, the back-stabbers, the politicos, etc., so now that she’s free from all that, she has the chance to live her life on her own terms, and I can truly see (that might be because I’m the writer…) Sevrin falling head over heels for her (and it has nothing at all whatsoever to do with her cute butt…nope…nothing…) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  26. missingjasamalways: Awww, thank you!! Very glad you like it! I had a loud laugh imagining this huge mountain of a manpire standing there with his arms held out to his side looking down at a really sweet and highly pregnant Sookie hugging him, and this wild-eyed look on his face like, “What the hell do I do now?” He definitely needs more hugs in his life… *evil grin* Thanks for reading!


  27. redjane12: Sevrin doesn’t like getting involved in other peoples’ dramas – he’s smart like that, lol – but there’s something about this situation that doesn’t sit too well with him. It might have something to do with the pregnant fairy hybrid…it might have something to do with said pregnant fairy hybrid’s bff and her cute butt…ya neva’ know…but yeah, he’s a good guy deep down. I’m loving Willa in this story! Her character on TB never had a chance to grow, so I’m having a blast doing exactly that. Glad you like it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  28. mom2goalies: Heh, right now Pam’s punishment is the worst thing that could happen to her – she’s being totally “forgotten”. She doesn’t know what’s been going on, who is doing what, nada…all she can do is stand around and…think. *evil grin* Sevrin is a lot of fun to write, and so is Willa. (And you’re right – so long as Sevrin treats ‘his little girl’ well, Eric won’t mind, and Sookie loves a good romance!) Thanks for reading and I’m so glad you like it!


  29. mindyb781: 😀 I laughed when I was writing it! I can so see Sevrin standing there, arms out to his sides, looking at Eric like, “Dude, what do I do??” LOL!! Glad you liked it!


  30. queenofareafive: You and me both! I liked BookPam – she wasn’t perfect, but she was alright. ShowPam? I loved the actress but the character with her unceasing jealousy over Eric, hatred for Sookie, and spoiled brat ADULT drove me NUTS! If it wouldn’t be misogynistic I’d consider that she was Turned during a really bad PMS episode. *evil grin* The closer Sevrin gets to Sookie, and Willa naturally, the more he’s going to hold Pam’s actions against her. (And Willa could be an awesome mirror to his more ferocious side, and he has one…) Thanks for reading! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  31. motomary: LMAO! Being befuddled really IS a new experience for him – and as you say, just like being hugged by free-ranging pregnant fairy hybrids! 😀 He really does need more hugs…Willa hugs at that… Very glad you like the story! 😀


  32. nicolle1977: I think it’s going to get a bit deeper…but they’ll get there, eventually. Glad you like the story! 😀


  33. gabbieannie: Awww, she does! She takes those “vampires are supposed to be stoic” rules and hugs the stuffin’ out of them! 😀


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  36. I’m really enjoying this story. I love how you’ve made the debacle of the last episode so much better. I can almost forgive the writers of TB, almost. I would love to know how you picture Sevrin. I’m one of those folks who needs a visual. 😉 Although, my imagination can do a pretty good job too. patsy


  37. looking forward to Sevrin and Willa hooking up. i too am curious why Sevrin is looking out for Sookie. i too am suspicious of the Dae interference, looking forward to the reveals. KY


  38. patsy1965: Thank you, very glad you like it! I’m having a blast “righting some wrongs”… And I imagine Sevrin along the lines of this:


  39. kleannhouse: Whether he wants to admit it’s there or not, Sevrin does have a strong sense of fairness and justice, and he can tell that something strange is going on, plus Sookie’s pregnant, and Willa has a nice butt… 😀 Glad you like it!


  40. Can I just say, “Have Mercy.” And, “Sign me up.” I’ll fight Willa for him. 😉


  41. Awwww young ehm no…. young mixed with really old love. Those two are adorbs and Sevrin’s communication skills are priceless, I don’t even know if he even uttered an actual word now 😀


  42. Willa and sevrin would be so cute! I can’t help but get the feeling that Pam had something to do with the whole Steven the demon shit show!


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