The Moon, Ch. 34

**A/N: Caution: The phrase “nether lips” may be found in this chapter.  Nether… Lips…  That almost sounds like the name of a badly out-of-sync death metal/emo garage band with a rasta-haired redheaded drummer who always forgets his shoes.  The lead vocalist does a great scream, though.  That’s what her grandmother told her when she saw their “best practice yet” over Easter.  Enjoy the chapter.  And the “nether lips”.**

Waking once again in the arms of her vampire, Sookie decided that two naps, not to mention what had come between them, were just what the vampire ordered, even if that second nap had been really short.

As always, Eric’s blood had healed and soothed the various pings and aches that seemed to plague her pregnant body and thankfully her knees weren’t even sore from their between-nap activities.

Perhaps most shocking of all, though, was the fact that she didn’t even have to pee, which was perfect considering how great Eric’s hand felt as he softly rubbed her swollen abdomen.

Eric, sensing that his Sookie was awake, lifted his head to kiss the now invisible bite marks on her neck with a satisfied air.

When he had first risen for the day and his Sookie hadn’t been in his arms, he hadn’t liked it but such was life.

He’d certainly made sure that she would after what turned out to be her first nap of the evening, though.

She had dozed off during her foot rub just as he’d fully expected her to, so for long minutes thereafter he’d taken his time and continued softly increasing the circulation that would hopefully help relieve that painful swelling in her feet and ankles until finally giving into the need to simply hold her while she slept.

A little while later when she roused, he had gotten to enjoy sensing her body reviving, and the intimacy of feeling her wake up in his arms had been most rewarding.

Of course, moments later he had obligingly helped her to the bathroom, and although she hadn’t been all that alert at the time, she had wanted a shower so he had very happily shed his clothing and gotten the water started.

Her welcoming grin when he had entered the shower with her had made his blood pump a little faster…with obvious results that his little fairy had obviously relished.

As he’d helped her wash, he’d delighted in the changes in her body, changes that sometimes worried or embarrassed the woman now enjoying his caresses. It had been his honor and his extreme pleasure to rid her of any perceived negatives in her quickly ripening figure.

Using his soapy hands toward their mutual benefit, he had regained a deliciously thorough knowledge of her heavier breasts and her larger, firmer nipples. He had thoroughly surveyed the new tightness of her rounder belly and had spent quality time reacquainting himself with the warm juncture of her thighs…but had teasingly left one place unexplored.

To her sleepily vocal encouragement, his hand now began making wider circles over her belly, his fingers occasionally brushing against the top of that same soft hair that had brushed his cheeks before. His cock hardened yet again as he remembered drying her aroused body with torturous precision before scooping her up into his arms then swiftly if gently depositing her on her back when he returned to their bed.

Her sweet, now faintly spicy flavor still teased his tongue.

The memory of her cries of pleasure – and her threats of extreme retribution if he dared to stop – still rang in his ears.

As his fingers finally delved between her thighs and her breath caught, he considered turning her over on her hands and knees again but didn’t want to risk tiring her too much.

After their shower play and especially after having his lips wrapped around her delicious little pleasure center, both their bodies had screamed for old-fashioned completion – his instincts had demanded that he claim his woman and hers had insisted that he finish what he’d started.

He should know…he had asked her. Come to find out, his delicate little hybrid had a sexy growl of her own.

Now, however, was simply a time for two lovers to share a sweeter, gentler pleasure.

As he leisurely stroked along her inner folds, he felt her hand reaching hesitantly between their bodies in search for his cock. Surprised but gratified, he rumbled in approval, and when she finally grasped it, he growled and thrust willingly into her hand as his fangs snicked down.

How he loved when his Sookie felt brave enough to try a little something new!

Wanting to savor the experience, he slowly put his long agile fingers to best use stroking, tapping, and retreating between her nether lips, teasing the hardening bundle of nerves before sliding away only to return moments later. The movement of her inexperienced hand on his cock was a little awkward at first but her enthusiasm more than made up for it.

He raised his head to nuzzle down the side of her neck, lightly tracing his fangs across her shoulder and back up until the desire to bite her again became a little too strong.

When he removed his mouth from the curve of her neck, she sounded a mew of disappointment.

“Go ahead and…bite,” she gasped as his fingers sped briefly and her hand tightened in the most agreeable way.

Who was he to resist such a command from his lady?

In deference to her condition he kept his draws light and easy while concentrating on her scent and taste…and her pleasure.

Eventually the circling of his fingertips around her clit brought her to her third climax of the evening, and the automatic tightening and jerking of her hand on his cock brought him to his second.

Erie tucked her closer into his body as she rested gasping in the aftermath. He loved the feel of her in his arms, her soft, warm body feeling more of home than anything else ever had.

She removed her hand after giving his cock one final pat and her satisfied sense of pride and achievement made him smile.

The Bond between them, having been further strengthened while he’d pounded into her from behind after her first nap, was now even clearer and more palpable.

He would have to take better care in the future to avoid inadvertently forming that all-important Permanent Bond, but earlier…earlier, there had been no way to avoid sinking his teeth into her flesh as she sucked his precious blood from his wrist held to her mouth.

Instinct had taken over.

The permanent Bond would be formed when she was ready, but not a moment sooner.

He owed her that at least.

“Them’s some talented fingers ya got here, Eric,” Sookie quipped out of the blue as she gave a short stretch.

He couldn’t help but smirk.

“Thanks for lending me a hand, there, Sookie,” he replied in a remarkably bad imitation of her accent.

She succumbed to a fit of giggles before attempting to turn over to face him, a feat only finally accomplished with his help.

“How long do we have before we go to that hospital?”

He shrugged as he settled his free arm across her waist.

“As long as we want. There is no rush.”

She nodded then smiled as her cheek rubbed against his bare chest.

“So when are we going to discuss your new skill?” He had been meaning to ask her about how she had managed to show up just when he had needed her most but hadn’t had the chance until now.

“Huh? You mean Willa’s? What was that anyway?”

He thought Sookie’s confusion was adorable as she looked up to meet his eyes.

“Willa seems to be developing a vampire gift because of the infusion of so much ancient blood. I’m guessing it will be something along the lines of telekinesis, but we won’t know more until she has a chance to develop it further.   But I was talking about your recent ability to transport yourself from one place to another.”

“Oh. That. I don’t know where it came from. I just felt… I felt your pain, felt like you needed me and like I needed to be with you, then I saw this light and all of a sudden I was beside you.”

“You have never done that before?”

“No, never. It was cool,” she added with a bit of a gleam in her eyes, “but it was kind of freaky, too, since I didn’t know it was going to happen.”

Eric nodded. He could just imagine how it must have felt.

“Fairies are known for their ability to teleport themselves from place to place. Being able to pop away from danger is a distinct survival skill, one you may wish to further explore after…” he trailed off as he patted her baby bump.

Sookie grimaced.

“You don’t think I hurt her doing that, do you?”

He shook his head.

“No,” he assured firmly, “I don’t. The ability seems to be innate – if you weren’t meant to do it, it wouldn’t have happened. If you’re not experiencing any pain or unusual discomfort, I’d say you’re fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to mention it to Ludwig’s nurse just in case.”

Sookie nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, good idea. It can’t hurt to mention it. And besides, your blood can fix almost anything anyway.”

Then she sighed. Now she had to pee.

After rising with the help of a gorgeous naked Viking then, later, dressing with his assistance since her feet seemed to be on an entirely different continent these days, she and an unfortunately clothed Eric returned to the living room to find Willa still ensconced on Sevrin’s lap.

Eric was glad that at least the dark-haired duo was in a conversation of the verbal variety instead of the more physical version. He’d caught the scent of reheated blood and the sound of softly murmured words before he and Sookie had reached the room else he’d have…well, he wasn’t sure what he’d have done.

…snuck in and startled the fuck out of them, maybe…

As Sookie walked over to the chair that seemed to be her only seating option anymore, she nodded to the dark mountain then asked her vampire friend, “So, how ya feelin’?”

Willa looked disgustingly great – her pale skin a bit less pale, her oddly-pink-for-a-vampire cheeks slightly pinker, that sparkle in her eyes announcing to the world about how sweet new love could be – but she was still concerned about her friend.

She knew that if anything at all had been wrong, Eric would not only have been concerned but he’d have mentioned it to her, too, but still.

It never hurt to actually ask someone how they were doing.

Willa, true to form, blushed a little as she scooted around on that dark mountain’s lap to face her friend.

Sevrin just nodded at the couple.

“I’m fine, no, better than fine now, really. It’s like all that never happened but I somehow got a recharge anyway.”

“So nothing like dizziness or anything like that? Does it feel like all that old blood is where it should be mixed in with your blood?”

“Nope, everything feels like it should now. I do feel stronger than I used to be, which is cool. I also feel like I’m smarter, too, in a weird way, like my brain grew or something.”

Eric watched the byplay and came to the conclusion that his child hadn’t realized that she’d somehow called that small blanket over to herself and that Sevrin hadn’t clued her in, yet, either.

As she and Sookie spoke, he raised an enquiring brow at the male who subtly shook his head. Eric minutely shook his own head.

While he would love to ask Willa about it, he knew that doing so might cause her to either freeze up about this new gift, or perhaps worse, try too hard to use it and have nothing happen. Either would prove demoralizing to the young vampire, so for now…

“Damn,” he heard Sookie curse quietly. “I just got sit down and my water’s on the kitchen table.”

As she huffed in dread of rising, a second later the bottle came floating right along through the doorway into the living room.

About three feet away from Sookie, it crashed to the floor.

“What the hell?” Willa’s shriek was met by three heads simply turning to look at her.

“What was that?”

“That,” Eric began wryly, “was a bottle of water floating through the air to Sookie from the kitchen table.”

Willa rolled her eyes.

“Well I know that, but how did…” She stopped speaking and her eyes grew huge as it dawned on her that everyone was watching her a bit too closely. “No way. Did I do that? No way!”

She partially rose then plopped back down on Sevrin’s firm lap. He snorted then leaned forward to rumble into her ear, “Yes way.”

Willa turned toward him so quickly that their noses rubbed.

“What? Really? No kidding?”

Upon seeing that his dark eyes were proud but serious, she held his gaze for a moment then turned back to the bottle.

As Willa’s eyes fixated upon the bottle, Eric held his breath – this was exactly what he’d been afraid would happen. Having a gift but not being able to use it was the last thing he would ever want for her.

Seeing that Willa was going to attempt to use her gift on the bottle and sensing from Eric just how worried he was about it, Sookie pretended with a huff and a groan that she was going to try to heave herself up from her chair.

The diversion worked like a charm.

As she watched the bottle rise from the floor and float up to her hand, Sookie grinned in smug satisfaction for her friend.

Afraid that he might speak too soon and interrupt a line of conversation that she hoped would help Willa with her gift, she sent Eric a wave of pride tinged with caution.

Before congratulation her or doing anything else that might disrupt the young vampire’s line of thought, she asked, “Ok, Willa, what exactly are you feeling in your mind right this second…” then held up her hand before Willa could reply.

“Whatever it is, remember those sensations even if they’re teeny tiny. Consider those your telekinetic muscles, the ones that you need to work out and stretch as often as you can until you’re absolutely sure that you can do this whenever you want.”

When both Eric and Sevrin looked at her strangely, she shrugged. “Telepath, remember? That’s how I worked to make those kinds of muscles in my own head stronger. If she and I are both “teles”, then that’s at least a place to start, right?”

As she proceeded to take a drink of her previously floating water, the Maker and the Mountain exchanged similar shrugs, then Sevrin nodded in agreement with the telepath’s deduction.

This was something he could help the youngling with, and the thought made him proud.

Eric lifted Sookie so he could sit down and cradle her in his lap. It now seemed that their visit to the hospital would be delayed for a bit and if that was to be the case, it could be the case with Sookie in his lap.

Willa began eyeballing the room looking for other things to make magically float.

**A/N:  So…what’d ja think?  About the chapter, not the out-of-sync death metal/emo garage band…although I guess Nether Lips would count, too…**

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  5. Sookie is a very clever girl, who never received due credit because of her telepathy. A masterful way to treat a problem that would have resulted in a lack of self confidence by her friend Willa.
    This makes me wonder, how many times Sookie tried and failed with her telepathy, having help from anyone? A very clever girl, indeed.

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    Heh, and I totally see Sevrin as a humongous muscular mountain with that long black hair and that sorta-scowling expression that would put off mere mortals, lol. Ahhh, yeah, a nap on his lap would be fantastic…


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    There will be an upcoming discussion between Willa and Sookie, with the others listening of course, about how difficult a time Sookie has had in the past learning how to work with and work around her telepathy. She came by her skill the hard way; experience isn’t always the kindest teacher.


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    Now, where the hell do we put in those orders…

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    The Nether Lips – now screeching and/or appearing at your local rot-gut dive…probably literally so don’t look too closely…


  20. valady1: Can I just say that I absolutely adore making the (sometimes absurdly) paranormal feel…normal? Common? NBD? I mean, I have these two hunky, delicious old VAMPIRES who are super-powerful, super-strong, super-experienced warriors with great gifts – Eric can FLY and has berserkr while Sevrin is a super-sniffer with slight TELEPATHY – just kind of hanging out during the evening with the FAIRY-HYBRID TELEPATH who’s carrying a PART-DAE baby in a pregnancy that will last up to (but not really, spoiler) a blue-billion months and a very young vampire who already has an awesome vampire gift emerging while still in her vampire-baby years…who can blush a little. Go me! Lol, I love my hobby… 😀 Glad you like it, too!

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  22. lorip100: Thank you! She is – she’s a lot smarter and more intuitive than family/friends who’ve known her all her life think to recognize. And lol, that they are! With Sevrin’s telepathy and Willa’s telekinesis, they’re definitely a power couple, lol! 😀

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  24. teachert99: Here, this might help:

    “Dear Hubby,

    Sometimes (usually/often/always) in most forms of romantic fiction a man and a woman (or two men or two women or two men and one woman or two women and one man) will fall in love/insta-love/trip into lust with each other, and they will then want to express that love/lust/groin fire in a physical way.

    When this *usually/often/(depending on the genre)always* happens, the fiction writer will have to explore alternate methods for naming the relevant body parts. Sometimes due to the gratuitously repetitive number of sex scenes , euphemistically and often optimistically termed “lemons” for no actually relevant reason, these erstwhile authors have to become, shall we say…creative… with their descriptives.

    Unfortunately many times these often barely relevant terms for parts of the (usually female) body have little in common with such inanities as, say, reality, sensuality, or words which do not tug quite effectively at the ol’ gag reflex. Such terms include but are sadly not limited to: love canal, nub, slit, rosebud, and the ubiquitous nether lips. Some verbally athletic writers have even descended to using the phrase “slime trail” when referencing the woman’s apparently always tasty/addictive/overly flowing “juices”.

    Caution should be used as often such phrasing causes the poor reader to feel that perhaps a doctor’s visit rather than the nonexistent condom is actually in order, but I digress.

    Long story short, dear hubby, it is often best to simply turn off your brainbox and let your eyes vaguely skim over the (vast) parts of the work where the main characters suddenly become…joined in some way, form, or fashion. You shall require far less eye-bleach if you follow this wise advice.


    Your Loving Wife

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  25. galwidanatitud: *snicker-giggle* Ohhh, so can I! And while Sevrin is a very serious “grunty dude” character, I can see him grinning to himself every now and then over her antics. 😀


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  27. I’m not sure Dr Ludwig is who they should be looking at, perhaps the nurse who handles the special mixture for Sookie.
    That is such an amazing power Willa has I assumed it was Sookie. Guess not. Sookie should practice her teleporting, so she can call on it in emergencies.


  28. ashmo2000: Man, I’d love to have Willa’s new power! How convenient would that be?!? And you’re right – Sookie will be practicing her newly accessed fae power after she’s delivered. *evil grin at the “little doctor” conundrum*


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