The Moon, Ch. 38

**A/N:  I may be taking a liberty or three with this chapter (about Willa), but just play along, wouldja?  Oh, and yeah:  language and sex alert…**

What the fuck was that?  Why the fuck is Sookie crying?  Can’t she make it stop?

Slightly horrified and definitely confused – he still didn’t know what the fuck had made Sookie break down in tears – Sevrin allowed Willa to tug him by the hand toward what had become their quarters…aka: his torture chamber.

What the tall, dark-haired mountain of muscle and might really wanted to do was order Sookie to reveal what had happened but instincts told him that might not be the wisest course of action at this point.

His natural aversion to crying women might have had something to do with it, too.

Somehow, and fuck if he knew how it had happened, the place in his life held by the pregnant blonde had grown from “someone suffering from a raw deal” to “someone who felt suspiciously like a sister”.

Yeah…like blondes run in my family…

During his human incarnation he’d had sisters, and while like most vampires he didn’t remember overly much about his pre-vampire life, he was pretty sure the way he felt about the blonde telepath was along the same lines.

Or it would be if he gave it much thought, which of course he didn’t.

Part of that connection was that they shared the same fucking curse – telepathy was a bitch to bear, but it was a shared problem.

She was kind, too, truly kind, yet she never tried to curry favor with him or, apparently, anyone else, either, which was a huge bonus in his opinion.  He had no respect for ass-kissers or favor-seekers, no matter their appearance, purported skills, or erstwhile charm.

Fuck knows I’ve dealt with enough of that shit in both parts of my life.

He took a few more steps and his eyes twinkled at how he was allowing Willa to lead him along…until he remembered.

But why the fuck is Sookie crying?  What the hell is going on?

Maybe it had something to do with the Dae.  The need to rend that particular branch of the species was, as usual, hard to contain.

But the ones responsible have scurried away like rats from a cat.  Fucking cowards.  Hands fucking tied until we find…  Gaaagh!

This…this right here was why he kept his fucking nose out of everyone else’s fucking business.

Fucking hell.  Between crying females, cowardly enemies, and lack of sex…  This is fucking bullshit.  Should throw Willa over my shoulder and head back home where shit makes sense.  Bah…

But he knew he wouldn’t do that, not yet at least.

Innately – annoyingly…disgustingly – fair at heart, he detested what the motherfucking Dae had done to Northman’s little blonde.  It was one thing to let the foolish and incompetent suffer the consequences of their own idiocy.

When fucking morons had the relevant information at hand and still chose to act like…fucking morons, that was on them, and he had no problem kicking back and laughing at them when shit blew up in their face.

The results of their stupidity are often fun to sit back and watch.  What is that old gal’s name…Karma, that’s it…   She has a way of evening things out…

This case was different.

The telepath had been blatantly set up and lied to for depraved purposes, and not only was she left to deal with the consequences, the unborn child was, too.  Both were innocent of the shit-job fate had handed them.

Tiny little girl baby…fuckers would wrest her from her mother’s teat if they could…would use her and her mother as fucking breeders…

Neither female deserved such a horrible future – no one should have to suffer because of others’ deplorable agendas.  As best he could figure, Sookie hadn’t acted foolishly.  She hadn’t brought that bullshit down on herself through stupidity or greed or whatever.

Sevrin had listened when Sookie and, to a lesser extent, Willa had discussed the fake relationship with Eric, and he could tell that the conniving Dae fucker had used his silver tongue to lie with persuasion and precision.  He’d hidden his agenda behind a well-planned, deliberately measured assault of saying the right words at the right time – the kind of thing he’d seen gigolos and politicians do for centuries – and it seemed the asshole had used the abusive tactic of withholding affection to draw the somewhat emotionally gullible telepath deeper into his net.

Motherfuckers had sound strategies. The asshole may have been a last-minute substitution but the long-range plan itself had been well organized.  Certain Dae had chosen her and had chosen to deliberately fuck her life over.

Those Dae needed to die.

Some had, he remembered with a lazy, satisfied grin, but far too quickly.  That they had dared lay a hand on his Willa destroyed the grin as the thought sent a burst of living fury through his blood.  He contained the growl that ached to rumble from his belly but his fangs had a mind of their own.

The youngling still leading him by the hand, and the heart, too, if he had to be honest, didn’t notice.  It was yet another sign of her youthful inexperience with the vampire world.

Any vampire worth their rising…sense when another dropped fang…yet she’s fucking clueless.  Young, yes…  Babe in the fucking woods!  But this is something she should know already.  Not a fighter…should never have to defend herself… But damn…needs to know when a problem exists!  No fucking clue…

The thought brought fear for her safety in the harsh, wicked vampire world.

Her open honesty, possibly another sign of the lack of a Maker’s teachings but since he hadn’t seen her interacting with other vampires he couldn’t say for sure, had led to many long, quiet conversations in the privacy of their bed, and he had learned from her exactly why she was as yet so untrained.

Although he genuinely respected and even mostly liked the Northman, he couldn’t help but think the old Viking needed his ass kicked for abandoning this little defenseless child so soon after her Turning.

While the now-dead sibling had somewhat taken care of Willa, there had been nothing nurturing or affectionate in that relationship.  Loyalty to her Maker had guided that Pamela’s hand, nothing more, and all she’d done was keep the new sibling undead.

Hell, for the longest time Sookie had been more of a Maker for Willa than…

Sevrin redirected his thoughts before his instincts took charge.

He had to admit that the Northman had tried to make amends, was still trying to, in fact. He had to give the Viking credit for that at least.

After his return, part of the problem had been Willa’s own dislike and distrust of him, something he couldn’t blame the girl for given what had passed between the Maker and child, and to her own credit, Willa was nothing if not honest about it.  Haltingly and with as little emotion as she could – which was still a lot given that she was an emotional creature – she had given him a blunt run-down of how things had gone between her and her Maker.

Things…had not gone well, and in some ways both had been responsible.

At least they were getting along far better now than ever before.  Whether he wanted to or not, yeah, he had to give her Maker that.

Begrudgingly given his residual anger toward Eric on Willa’s behalf, he also had to admit that the Viking had manned up remarkably well toward the pregnant telepath. Try as he might, he couldn’t think of a single other vampire who would – most vampires would never have even considered taking a former pet back under their protection, but then there was absolutely nothing Master/pet between those two…didn’t seem like there ever had been, either.

That also spoke well for the Viking.

Sevrin found the whole Master/pet concept distasteful and beneath all parties concerned. Sure, in the past he’d glamoured the hell out of humans to do his bidding and help keep him safe during the vulnerable daylight hours, but when it came to fucking and feeding, willing was always better. He couldn’t imagine having so little respect for himself as to sink so low…

Just then they entered their shared quarters.

Willa flipped the lights on and once he was inside, she shut the door.

“What plans do we have for the night?”

Her question seemed to come out of the blue and he shrugged his massive shoulders.

Going by recent history, not what I want to do which would involve shredding your clothing into rags, tossing you to the bed and…

“I wait for calls then I will make other calls.  Why does the telepath cry?”

He had waited long enough to ask, damn it.

To his consternation, Willa laughed a little and shrugged.  It seemed to him that, given how much she cared for her friend, she should be taking this far more seriously.  Instead she had dragged him away and now asked about the evening’s plans, shrugged, and laughed?

Women…they make no sense!

The expression on his face apparently caused her to laugh again.

“Nothing is wrong with her,” she began as she wandered over to the mini-fridge in their bedroom. She proceeded to heat them both a bottle of True Blood Plus, the better-tasting, higher quality version that was mixed with human blood.  It wasn’t good, but it was better than the alternative even if it wasn’t up to Royalty Blended standards.

“The fact that she’s pregnant means that her human female hormones are all over the place,” she continued as she waited for the microwave to ding.

“Pregnant women have mood swings and they can’t help it.  They crave strange foods, get tired really easily, feel like crap as their bodies change and support the fetus, and they cry at odd times and over who-knows-what.  These facts are basically written in stone.”

“How do you know these things?”

Willa snickered.  “One of my cousins was pregnant a while back when I was still human and I was around her a lot.  It was an education.  Her fiancé was out of town for most of it so I went with her to her doctor appointments and all that.”

The microwave dinged so she extracted the bottles, capped and shook them, then handed one to him which he reluctantly accepted.

True Blood Plus might taste better than True Blood, but that meant shit compared to real blood.  At least the bottled TBP could be stored longer.  That was its only benefit in his opinion.

“What happened upstairs just now wasn’t about anything anyone did or didn’t do.  She’ll cry over commercials on tv, but then again, she did that before now, too, so maybe that’s not a great example.  Oh, and be prepared for her to suddenly get really pissed off for no apparent reason, too.  She’ll go on a rampage for a few minutes and then she’ll cry for half an hour afterward.  It happens.  You’ll get used to it.  Sort of.”

She uncapped her bottle at the same time he did and, with a grin, she raised it and touched his bottle with a small clink before swallowing the entire contents at once.

Hormones?  Can’t she just turn them off?  They don’t sound productive.  Guess not.  Is that a woman thing or a human thing?  Do I care?  No…oh, no, I do not. 

Relieved to know the pregnant lady was just doing what pregnant ladies do, he gladly slammed the mental door shut on all-things-pregnancy.  There were some things he simply did not need to know.

Or think about.

Instead, he studied Willa’s throat as she swallowed, his focus lingering on the muscles as they moved, and once again he felt his cock stirring over the smallest thing she did.

With a grunt he downed the contents of his own warmed bottle and wondered when his dick grew a mind of its own.

Along about the time we met the youngling… That courage she displayed when we first met…trying to protect her friend from a vampire centuries older and stronger than…mmm….

His gaze shifted to the large bed calling to him.

Thus far they had yet to put the bed to its fundamental use.  They had, as she called it, “fooled around some”, and while those times had been beyond enjoyable, he had yet to claim her properly.

His blood ran inside her but his cock hadn’t had the pleasure…yet.

For a while he had wondered…mentally bitched…rather querulously about the delay.

Motherfucking Godforsaken cold showers…fucking lie…don’t work for shit…

She wanted him.  He knew it as surely as if she had verbalized it using tiny little words while drawing X-rated pictures.

Unbeknownst to her, they actually did have what was apparently a one-way bond.  It was weak, but it was there despite his well-intentioned precautions.

He’d been sure that having her Maker’s blood flood her veins and coat her belly before giving her his own blood would have prevented any such mystical link, but while the Viking’s contribution had indeed diluted his blood, it hadn’t diluted it enough.  Apparently he and her Maker were too close age-wise and their bloods were more or less the same strength.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want a bond with Willa…it was that he wanted her permission first.  It was important that she actively and knowingly choose him.

And then I’d bond the fuck out of her.  Anyway

While he couldn’t detect her every emotion, he could sense her strongest feelings and he could track her, but he couldn’t influence her in any way.

He knew because out of curiosity he had very gently tried to call her into the kitchen from the den before the move.  It hadn’t worked, and what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him…in more ways than one.

She did have a temper.

At least he had finally deciphered the cause of her shyness when in bed with him – she was nervous about fucking in such close proximity to another vampire because of vampires’ enhanced hearing. That the vampire was her Maker for some reason made it worse.

Unfortunately along about that time he and the Northman had realized that remaining in their now-previous location was a mistake.  As careful as they had all been, it was too risky to stay there much longer.

During that particular night his gut instincts had started tingling in a way that demanded attention, and when he’d brought it up to the Viking – and discovered that the Viking’s own gut was telling him the same damn thing – they’d acted instantly.

From that point onward, his time had been spent on the logistics of locating, acquiring, furnishing, then moving into a new home in an ‘unlikely’ location.

In three nights.

The need for food and whatever other human things the pregnant lady needed was the only reason it’d taken four nights.

Money and favors owed make the world go ’round…and so do big-ass’d vehicles.

That was then, however.  Everyone was settled in, the situation was secure, and they had the gleeful service of the demon sisters.

This was now, and he was tired of waiting.

Shyness…of all things…  As if I don’t know all about the scent of a horny female… 


His senses were stronger than Willa’s because of his advanced age so he could easily tell that her Maker and the demon sisters were still with Sookie on the main floor.

No better time than the present…

His cock gave a throb of agreement and he flexed his thick thigh muscles to help control that rising need.

Many hours were left in the night and he planned to enjoy most of them so he concentrated on steadying the course.

He had to admit it – he’d been surprisingly relieved when he’d figured things out, and had been more than glad to discover that there weren’t any deep, hidden problems.  The bashfulness still didn’t make a lot of sense, but then again, it hadn’t seemed to interfere with their previous “foolin’ around”, either.


Kissing had led to hands being free to wander where they wanted…which had been everywhere…quite often.  That of course had led to even more intimate explorations…tasty, finger-lickin’-good explorations.

Tight rosy little nipples…and that odd blush!  Tight slick passage…barely fit two fingers…

Fuck yeah!

An arrogant grin threatened his firm lips when he remembered the shock on her face when she’d gauged his impressive size – her hand wrapped a little more than half-way around his cock.

Yet she is shy.


He’d been surprised to discover that she hadn’t been with anyone in the past couple of years.  As a vampire there had been times in his long history when he’d gone without sex and it honestly hadn’t been that big of a deal, not really, but she was basically a baby vamp.  He couldn’t see going without at that age when the instinctual needs were closer to the surface and much harder to deny.

Why deprive yourself unless you had to?

So, apparently that shyness wasn’t contingent on proximity to her Maker…it just made it worse.  That combined with the dislike of one-night stands she’d told him about, combined, she’d said, with the lack of what she considered “suitable potential partners” in the Bon Temps and Shreveport area, had made it surprisingly easy for her to avoid becoming overly involved with anyone.

While he didn’t understand shyness, he could understand having some standards and not choosing just anyone for a lay.

Good…no former lovers for me to rip limb from limb.  Human ex-lovers…guess they can live. Glad she’s not virgin, at least…would hate to hurt her that way…Fuck she’s tight enough around my fingers as it is…

That memory was the final straw.  Had Willa been watching Sevrin instead of idly flipping through the papers on the table near the closet…

With studied grace he placed his empty bottle beside the microwave and walked over to lock their door.

When she heard the lock snick into place, as expected she glanced up and he caught her eye when he turned to face her.

Slowly as though he had all the time in the world, he grabbed the bottom of his tight black t-shirt and drew it steadily up his body.  He may have flexed his abs and pecs as he went – it wasn’t as though he didn’t know the effect of his heavily muscled body on the female now swallowing nervously on the other side of the room.

She cleared her throat.

“What are you doing?”

Her words sounded a bit breathless and the lists on the table were promptly forgotten.  He was pleased.

Without replying, he gave her a raw look as he stalked over toward her, and at the last second veered to the chair that faced his future lover.

He sat and removed first his boots, then his socks all the while remaining silent and keeping his motions controlled.

When he stood, he pinned her with a stare more predatory than ever as his hands went to the button and then the zipper on his soft leather pants.

“Sevrin, what are you doing?”  She repeated her question but the heady scent of her arousal blooming in the room deemed the question unnecessary.

Spicy…sweet…night blooming jasmine…with enough lily of the valley to prove the time for her shyness is over.

Already peeking out behind his lips, his fangs descended to their fullest length.

He watched as Willa swallowed hard when he shed his pants.  He’d gone commando as usual and his cock…long, hard, and thick…sprang forward.

Damn thing is a homing device aiming straight for her…

Her wide-eyed gaze drawn to the unmistakable evidence of his passion, she licked her lips in unconscious invitation and her cheeks flamed pinker than ever.


She gasped then squeezed her eyes shut, and Sevrin felt a bolt of sweet lust set fire to her blood.  When her fangs descended, his gut clenched.

With a growl rumbling from low in his chest he closed the few feet separating them to stand before her.  Instead of shredding her clothing and tossing her to the bed as his body demanded, he raised a slightly shaking hand to brush a few strands of hair from her face.

She jumped as though struck by lightening.

“What about…”  Her voice was shaky and laden with need.

“Your Maker is with your friend.  We are alone.”  He brushed his thumb across her lower lip and inhaled deeply.  When her eyes darkened even further, his hand blurred to cup her jaw and hold her steady as he lowered his lips to hers.

When he raised his head, her eyes were once again closed as she clutched at his thick shoulders.  The whimpering noise she made in protest brought forth a purring response as he pulled her into his hard body.

He stroked his cheek along the top of her head down to her jaw a few times then pulled back enough to pin her with his gaze.

Sevrin knew he should say something then, that the romantic in his Willa would want the pretty words and sentiments, but somehow he didn’t think “let’s fuck now” would suit…but he wasn’t going to lie, either.

“Waited long enough.  We are as alone as possible.”  He ran his hands down her back to her hips then palmed her ass.  “I want you.  I want to pound into you for hours, until you scream my name and cum and I will keep pounding until you have so much pleasure you go into your daysleep early with my name still on your lips.   I want to rise with my cock still inside you and I want you to greet your night with my name on your tongue as I make you cum again, and again, and again,” he growled against her lips.

As he spoke her fingers on his shoulders had slowly clenched, driving her small nails into his skin, and he hissed as he drew her close enough to feel the evidence of his need.

Instinct told him that victory was only a nod away.

“Does my plan meet with your approval?”  His words were a garbled, guttural mess but he knew she would understand.

Willa swallowed hard…and nodded.

His last coherent thought was of her fangs piercing his lower lip with her kiss.


Upstairs Eric, who had been holding his Sookie in his lap while she happily decimated a jar of pickled beets while waiting for Diantha to return with the anticipated pickled okra, smirked.

Fucking finally.

Poor bastard had waited…and suffered…long enough, he guessed – longer than he’d have given the dark mountain credit for at any rate.


He calmly grabbed his phone and began pressing buttons at vamp speed.  Within a minutes a new bed was scheduled to be picked up by the sisters the next afternoon.  As much as he didn’t want to think about his newest child…doing that, she was an adult and, well, she couldn’t ask for a better mate.


Eric would definitely be keeping an eye on the situation.

Either way, though, no child of his would sleep on a broken bed, and he knew how vampires tended to go through furniture…

He then phoned the demon-hybrid to pick up the missing tissues.  No mate of his would be using paper towels…

Sookie, now pleasantly full and cuddling into his neck, mumbled.

And pineapple juice.

**A/N:  So…Sevrin and Willa – fucking finally!  *snicker*  Annnnd what did you think?  Glad they’ve finally “consummated” their relationship?  I’m proud of Sevrin for (reluctantly…grumpily) agreeing to wait so long (in his opinion) for Willa to truly be ready, but he did, and now he’s being, erm, rewarded.  At least they’d fooled around some before, right?  *innocent face*

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    I’m so glad that Sevrin and Willa have finally taken the next step. They are so sweet together. And his inner thoughts about Sookie and the crying were a hoot. He thinks of Sookie as a sister – awww! He’s just soft as a marshmallow inside isn’t he?

    Eric ordering them a new bed was hysterical. I suspect poor Willa will be horrified when she finds out. Lol. And Sookie may smack Eric for embarrassing the poor girl. I can totally see her doing that. A “love tap” on the chest or shoulder while she admonishes him.

    And woohoo for “Fourth Night”. I can’t wait.

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  3. Do you know of those films that you are saying throughout the filming that they finish with the torture? Some of them may seem silly, but they are the ones that remain in the memory of the people. I think it’s because of the tension being built (that’s why I like SVM so much about Eric / Sookie).
    Sev does not understand people who are naturally shy, but I think he’s going to get to know them firsthand from now on.
    Happy Christmas!


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  6. Well finally! Sevrin is such a sweetheart under all that gruff. I laughed at Eric ordering a new bed 😂😂


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    Have a lovely and Merry Christmas, Mer. I sincerely hope you get and stay well. Make sure to stay warm and cozy. I feel ya w/ the allergies. Mine are year-round and if I’m not careful I’ll go into bronchitis as well- been using my “as needed” inhaler a few times a day of late- Erg! Sorry, don’t mean to whine. Lotsa love and good wishes to you and yours. 🙂


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