I like writing Godric and my original character Cara together, just like so many wonderful fanfic writers like to write Eric and Sookie getting together in different ways.  I see G/C like others see E/S – as the standard couple who SHOULD be together.  I will unashamedly admit that I like seeing (ok, writing…)  the two of them getting and being together, just like I like seeing  E/S getting and being together.  (Have I over-stated the concept enough yet?  I could go on…and on…)

I’d like to thank HBO and Allan Ball, et al, for the creation of the calm, cool, collected potential tornado of vamp awesomeness that is Godric.  Without him/them, my Cara would have had an extremely boring virtual life.  But I do wish him horrid clown nightmares and a strange recurring rash for killing him off so soon, and for interfering in any way possible with Eric and Sookie.

So, to that end, I’m writing a currently-unknown number of stand-alone stories featuring G/C.  In each story they’ll be unique (or mostly so), never having met before (unless it’s that particular story’s plot)(which I doubt because that’d get dang complicated!), and their stories would never cross-over or merge or anything like that.

Each story would stand alone (except Anticipating which will have a sequel).

Why Cara?  Well, for one, because I like her.  I’ve had an absolute blast creating her to be the way *I* see her –  she’s smart, witty, bright, courageous, and she’s not a sniveling moron.  Also, AB didn’t give Godric a canon mate, so I, in my infinite wisdom/perverted imagination, created him one.  And to me, that mate is Cara.  (Plus, just imagine Godric growling “Cara-mia” when he’s just about to…yeah, now, ya see?)

They may have somewhat different personalities and/or backgrounds in each story, or they may be more or less the same just meeting for the first time in different situations; I don’t know.  I do love that I don’t have to stick to any sort of canon – I can be as AU as I want, considering there’s no “Cara” in anyone’s world but my own, lol.  All in all, it’s just (I hope!) going to be fun.

You know how we keep reading all these many and varied different stories about E/S getting together?  Same diff, just with G/C instead.

Get it?  Got it?  Good!  😀









19 thoughts on “ON GODRIC AND MY CARA

  1. Ha! found you! im so glad you posted that link on fanfic! ive been following your stories since the first chapter of anticipating…so glad you are going to continue writing! look forward to more amazing stories from you…loads of love.


  2. Hey! *waves* Welcome aboard the Godric train!

    I hope you’ll have a look around and maybe find something you haven’t read yet. I’m still plotting out the sequel to Ant, but I’m (slowly) working on Andre and will start more on Decisions at some point in the near future. Currently my muses are on strike/vacation/prison/something… *sigh*

    If you find the little beasties, please round’em up and send’em home for me, ok? 😉


  3. Sounds lovely to me! I think it would be cool if you also but them in Andre as well. Come up with some new way they get together again (maybe do it in the story?), hint hint! 😉


  4. Coley: This is me hinting to stay tuned for the sequel to Anticipating…which won’t be written until sometime after I’m finished with Andre… 😉


  5. If you stop writing Godric/Cara stories . . . clown nightmares and strange reoccurring rashes are the least of your worries missy!


  6. Patrice: LMAO!! Best comment ever! 😀 *pulls up other Godric/Cara story notes* See? Not planning on stopping anytime soon! *whew…now I’m safe*


  7. Lana: I actually have more over here on WP than I do over on ff, but you can look me up by my pen-name over there: InvertedMeridian

    One of the things I prefer about ff that isn’t available here is more privacy regarding reviews. Granted they’re still publicly viewable, but it takes an extra step or two to get to them. Also, I like their private messaging feature, which WP lacks.


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