The Moon, Ch. 26

Eric cradled Sookie in his arms as she wept softly, her tears scalding holes through his heart even as he held silent and let her release her emotions. Holding her was one of the easiest things possible, but holding her while she wept was one of the hardest, yet he made himself endure it. Somehow, no matter how badly his heart was breaking, he knew to just let her cry.

He also knew that he had a lot to think about, plans to consider and make, Dae to eradicate and a progeny’s future to decide, but for now comforting the center of his world mattered more to him than anything else.

And so he held her on his lap, his neck sheltering her flushed, tear-streaked face and his shirt clutched tightly in her palms. His hands were busy stroking her back and her hair as he bit his tongue to keep from saying anything that might deprive her of her right to this catharsis. He monitored the beating of her heart and the sound of her breathing and the small noises of the babe inside to make sure her health wasn’t affected, and although it was killing him, he let her cry.

Eventually her tears began to lessen, and though the bed in his safe-room was only a king, it still offered enough room for him to place Sookie on her side next to him so that he could gaze down into her face while he stroked his hand soothingly up and down her back. When his unborn daughter woke in due course from her mother’s stress and began moving, he drifted his hand from her back and began lightly massaging her enlarged abdomen.

Sookie hiccupped and looked up at him with shocked questions in her swollen, teary eyes.

“My dotter senses her mother’s distress and needs her far’s comfort,” he explained with a tiny but soft smile as he rubbed in small circles over her gently moving belly. His faintly thickened accent went unnoticed as did his deep relief that her tears seemed to be drying.

She blinked in amazement.

“You still…you still want her?”

The trembling uncertainty in her quiet voice broke his heart all over again, and Eric knew then that every member of the damned Pantelides clan would die and by his own hand if possible.

“Of course,” he answered, his tone calm and even in direct contradiction to the fiery need for vengeance flooding his soul. “She is of you and so is a part of me. Very soon, if the doctor approves of it, even more of my blood will flow through your veins and therefore through hers. She will be min dotter in both mitt hjärta and in mitt blod.” He shook his head then clarified, “She will be mine in my heart and in my blood.”

He raised fierce, burning eyes to boldly meet her gaze. The look he gave her demanded that she believe the depths of his intention, and without further doubts, she did.

She lifted a trembling hand to pull his head down and sealed what amounted to a vow with a chaste but heartfelt kiss.

When he raised his head slightly, she with a still tearful but now brilliant smile asked, “But she’s already had your blood through me before, hasn’t she?”

The need for vengeance now tucked in the back of his mind, burning hot but banked for the moment, Eric appreciated the joy glowing softly from his love’s eyes.

“Yes, but only a very tiny amount. Your body used what I gave you to heal your injuries so very little was, I guess you could say, left over for her. “

“But you think we should have more.”

Thankful that he didn’t detect anything but simple curiosity in her tone, he nodded.

“For some reason the Dae were adamant that you ingest no more vampire blood, especially mine which I conclude is because of my age and ability to track you through my blood, so if Ludwig approves it, you will have more.”

“I’ll hook you up a fucking IV,” he added with a growl.

Sookie laughed briefly, then fell silent. Eric watched as her expression fell from humor to contemplation, then to resolve.

“I hate that there was deception in how she came about. I was remembering earlier how things used to be between me and Steve, and I don’t know. It might be wishful thinking but I don’t think it was all deception, not at first anyway.”

She snorted.

“Whichever way I look at it, though, it looks different, you know what I mean? If I look at it one way, we were just two barely-compatible fools falling in lust and having a great time doing things I don’t want to talk to you about, but if I look at it another way, it’s obvious that he was trying to get me pregnant as soon as he could. I guess he was…,” her voice trailed off, but to Eric’s relief she seemed more reflective than angry or remorseful.

“Thank God it took forever or who knows what would have happened. From what Pam said it sounds like they would have kidnapped us both or…or stolen just her.”  Sookie’s voice trailed off in horror.

A shiver ran down Eric’s back at the thought of either of those possibilities and he didn’t bother trying to control his fangs or the snarl that followed their fall.

The palm of Sookie’s hand cupping his cheek helped him assume at least the appearance of control…a thing he would not have until that Dae clan ceased to exist.

She continued speaking calmly.

“Either way and no matter what, though, I’m glad she’s here,” she finally said as she placed her hand over Eric’s where he’d been smoothing his palm over her stomach.

The baby gave an obliging kick that brought a small smile to both her parents.

“When she’s born, I’d like to have your name put on her birth certificate.”

Eric inhaled sharply.

Through large donations and no small amount of glamour – portions of both having come from him – vampires now had equal rights in most common situations. Unfortunately, however, a small but vocal “moral” minority faction had managed to obstruct vampires’ right to adopt even when part of a vampire-human marriage.

Adoption, however, wasn’t the same thing as being listed as the father by the delivering mother on a birth certificate.

“I’d like that,” he understated with a furious blink and instinctively pulled her just that much closer.

“Then consider it done,” she confirmed as she pretended she didn’t notice the faint rim of red in his eyes. Instead she burrowed her head into his chest, stretched out a little more, and enjoyed the simple bliss of recovering from her recent upset in the most secure place in her world.

If the events of that evening didn’t call for a bit of a nap before heading back home, nothing did.


Willa had quietly left the room but internally she was seething.

The sight of Sookie crumbling under the weight of all the deceptions…it would take quite a while for that to fade.

She couldn’t believe Pam. She’d known, of course, that her so-called “sibling” was a selfish, jealous, controlling bitch, but she would never have dreamed just how crazy the woman truly was.

She was off her fucking Prada rocker.

Did she actually think her excuses for depriving Eric of his right to make his own choices would work? Who did she think she was fooling?

There was no way she could convince herself that she hadn’t willingly betrayed Sookie – she probably hadn’t even bothered trying. She probably hadn’t even blinked a single eyelash as she more or less sold Sookie with her silence into a form of…of…

Willa couldn’t stand to think about it anymore just then and wisely changed her mind about going for a live feed. With the mood she was in she would likely drain some poor donor dry.

As she entered a more private area of the main bar and took a seat in Eric’s official booth that he very rarely used, she wondered where Sevrin was. When she’d left the office, he was still visible on the screen linked to Pam’s cell…maybe he was still down there?

The place where she wished her heart wasn’t felt a bit sore at the thought of tall, dark, and confusing.

She wondered how he had known what questions to ask Pam, how he would know if she was lying or whatnot, but figured it was a vampire gift of some sort.  Something about it all tickled the back of her mind, but just then she couldn’t be bothered trying to figure it out.  She did wonder, however, when the hell her own gift would magically appear.

Her Maker was gifted, and from what Pam had told her during Eric’s absence, their  grandMaker had been very strong and extremely powerful, and he had had several gifts of his own, so she knew she came from a strong line.   Even Pam had a gift.  She and Eric had both told her that sometimes it took years for a vampire’s gift to make itself known, though, so being impatient about it wouldn’t do her any favors.

Although the bar was crowded, a waitress very quickly appeared at her table, and Willa gave her order for two heated bottles of the ‘private stock’ Eric kept reserved for himself and special guests, then scanned the crowd with eyes more alert than usual.

From what Pam had said, this Pantelides clan had some way of keeping tabs on her interactions with Eric. She didn’t doubt it, but she just couldn’t quite believe they could somehow keep tabs on every single movement Pam made.

Every single movement?


As if they followed her around from sun-down to sun-up just waiting to see if she held her mouth wrong.

Willa rolled her eyes.

As if dear darling Pam had forgotten how to, what, write a fucking note? Send a fucking text?


The waitress reappeared with her order and interrupted all the various ways Willa had obsessively cataloged that Pam could have used to let her Maker know what was going on.

The “message left in cat litter in Eric’s sleeping quarters” might have been a bit farfetched, but damn.

Pam most certainly could have warned Eric in over 200 ways that she’d thought of in the time it took a waitress to find, heat, and deliver two bottles of fucking blood.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Fucking bitch hadn’t even thought about trying. She saw a way to get Sookie out of the way and took it so fast she probably thanked the Dae for the excuse.

Willa angrily chugged one $25.00 bottle of the spendy blood and didn’t even notice the highly touted flavor.

Feeling faintly guilty over having wasted the “exquisiteness” of the first bottle, she savored the second as she pondered how Eric must be feeling about the situation.

Their bond had been more muted than normal since just before she and Sookie had exited the restroom, and while she’d felt a couple spikes of temper and loathing since, that was all she’d felt from him. She was somewhat glad that he’d muted the bond since she had a damn good idea about what he would be feeling, but she wished she knew how to make it all somehow…better.

If Sevrin were around she’d ask him, but since he wasn’t she contented herself with scanning faces and sipping her rapidly cooling blood.

She rolled her eyes again – like she knew what all the Dae in the world looked like.

While she didn’t for a moment buy Pam’s excuses, she also didn’t doubt that the damn Dae were somehow watching everything that went on in the public areas; it only made sense if they were wanting to secure the consent-irrelevant babymaking services of a telepathic fairy-hybrid. Despite all the prevaricating and self-delusion, Pam’s fear had been real…too bad none of that fear had been for Sookie and none of the erstwhile “concern” had been for her Maker.

Before long the constant noise of the bar, and the constant searching for a Sevrin who hadn’t appeared, started wearing on her nerves. With a low growl of frustration, she decided to head back to Eric’s office on that floor and grab the keys to one of the spare SUVs he kept around for whatever reason. It had been a long night in that short amount of time and she was more than ready to go home.

Ten feet from the door to his office Willa felt a stream of fire enter the side of her neck, and the world went black.

**A/N:  The writer has officially gone into hiding.  If you feel you have reached this recording in err…erm, wrong message…hang on…:  If you murder the writer, you won’t find out what about Willa?  Yeah?  Ok, that’ll work, but the writer is still in hiding.
You know how I normally reply to all comments/reviews, right?  I apologize for not having had the time to get to them yet and figured you’d like a new chapter to read while you’re waiting on my intelligent, witty, smart-ass’d and/or explanatory replies.  Was I right?
  (You get the idea. I’m still aww’ing over Eric so my attention may be drifting.)
So, what did you think?   I truly do adore and appreciate your comments and reviews as evidenced by  Ch. 26’s sudden appearance!  (That and Eric was being chatty.)**

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70 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 26

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  2. <<<<< Is going Eric hunting! How dare he leave things on such a cliffhanger! Grrrrrrrrrr
    A nice, silver padded cell, with perhaps a two-inch square section on the floor, free and clear of silver for dear Pamela.
    A berserkering Eric and Sevrin would at least help me FIND Eric, capturing him, on the other hand, will prove impossible.
    So, I find the closest couch, grabbing popcorn & a drink on my way, sit down, put me feet up and enjoy the show! lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You do know how to end a chapter don’t you? The only thing that comes to mind is aiaiaiaaiiaiaaiiaiai!!!!!!!
    Okay, I feel better now. I don’t have a clue what might have happened to Willa, but I’ll wait impatiently for the next chapter and hopefully a resolution. And I love the way Eric is so clear in communicating his feelings about “his” daughter.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It is seen that our protagonists have not a minute’s peace. I hope the connection between Eric and Willa work to tell what is happening. At this point, it would not be unreasonable to think that what they want is an exchange: Willa for Sookie. And, with the background of Pam and Silvye …


  5. Oh Willa my thinking is in tune with yours . Sevvie baby get you ass back up to Willa and fast ( naughty Meridian ) Eric ( swoon ) he just say’s the right and sweetest things and it is so showing that his priority is Sookie and his daughter .

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The Dae will have unleashed more than they bargained for – am I right?
    Take care of yorself with the storm heading your way – hope it deviares out to the ocean and all you get is a soaking (but no floods!)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What a treat!!! I am loving all these updates. I liked how Eric let her cry, it was what Sookie needed. I’m so happy that Eric still and continues to claim it as his daughter. I’m very curious about the blood if they were so scared about the effects of what Eric’s blood could do I hope they talk to Dr Lugwig ASAP. Maybe the blood will supercharge the baby girl and Sookie! I am glad Eric is there the baby will learn Eric’s voice. Willa, not to smart girl friend. I know you are in teenage vampire angst over your man, but don’t go out alone girlfriend. Poor Willa got BBQed, crossing my fingers…Servin go get your woman!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Where is Mr. C. when you need him? Now it seems as if the enemy has captured poor Willa! Sevrin and Eric will be so pissed! I wonder if Pam will make it through another night… Poor Sookie, when will she get a break? Always being manipulated by these Supernatural men! At least she knows now that Eric sincerely loves her and HER baby, no matter what. I’ll bet she’ll be wanting some revenge of her own, lighting up those microwave fingers! LOL! These chapters have been fantastic!
    Hope you manage to ride out the hurricane with just some rain! We’re supposed to be getting some of it here too, the wider effects, more likely in the form of heavy rains much like Ivan 11 years ago. Good luck!

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  9. Eek! Willa! You are an evil writer to leave it there. Please, please tell us you’ll have a new chapter out soon.

    And, oh my goodness, how awesome was Eric? Letting her cry. Claiming the baby. Crying when she wanted to put him on the birth certificate. Wow.

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  10. O Poor Willa ! Oops There Is going To Be A Severe P’d Off Servin ! Not To Mention Daddy Dear ! I’m Thinking Bad Guys Want To Trade……

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  11. I do hope you come out of hiding real soon with another update so poor Willa isn’t left hanging too long…
    And Eric – if there was ever a time for him to say and do the right thing it was then and man, he came through with flying colors! Letting Sookie just cry it out and then reminding her that she is carrying his daughter…swoon, but we all know our Viking is perfect like that 😉
    I’m hoping Sevrin has realized that something has happened to Willa and they can get her back ASAP.
    Fingers crossed the storm doesn’t do too much damage – last I heard it was supposed to be heading more out to sea and not make landfall on the East Coast. Hoping that also means that the winds and the amount of rain won’t be as bad as originally predicted. Stay dry!

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  12. LOVE seeing the love between Eric and Sookie even when dealing with all this drama…Poor Willa hurting seeing Sookie hurt, hurting for what Eric is having to deal with Pam and hurting because Sevrin isn’t giving her the time of day and now it looks like she is being kidnapped by the bad guys this girl needs to catch a break or maybe perhaps she needs her own spin off fic….(insert evil laugh)


  13. Aaaaaargh! You can’t leave it there!! Noooooooo!
    I guess Eric will be doing some hunting, I assume with Sevrin tagging along. Maybe Sevrin will get his head outta his ass and realize how much he cares about Willa.
    I suppose the Dae think they can exchange Sookie for Willa? Hostage?
    Pam needs to be punished but I’m not sure how. I’m not sure if I want her ended but her excuses are pretty pathetic. She had not a single thought for Sookie OR Eric for all her blustering. She’d never have betrayed him that way otherwise. Her only thought was for how everything affected her!
    Can’t wait for more. Soon pleeeeeeeeeeeease! ☺️

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  14. Even though she is the least of my worries, Pam is first her to get her out of the way. If there’s no more to learn from her, put her in silver, in a sealed coffin and ship her to the mines. She’ll be out of the way and suffering at the same time. It’s what she deserves.

    Poor Willa, scapegoat of the year award. First Eric chooses her to get back at her father, now she’s targeted(perhaps) by the Dae to be exchanged for Sookie.
    If she’s in the hall near the office, hopefully Eric and/or Severin heard what was going on. Vampires to the rescue!

    Sookie is just a wanted women. The Fae & Dae want her for reproductive purposes. Vamps want her for her telepathy. Jason wants her for free food. Sam wants her to have his puppies. Eric wants her for his life. I’d go with Eric.

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  15. i am happy Eric is gonna decimate the DAE, it seems right and i think Mr. C. has a right to be there with him. poor Willa trying to figure things out. but i think the fire on her neck is the DAE in hiding in the bar and Sevrin will be the one to save her from her attacker. as for Pam, off with her head. KY

    Liked by 1 person

  16. No matter how cool he plays things, Sevrin’s going to go hunting if Willa has been taken by the Dae assholes…


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  18. First I want to say that I loved how sweet Eric was about his dotter and convincing Sookie that he still wants them both. Secondly, a cliffhanger!!! I don’t care if you respond to reviews but I do need to know who’s got Willa even though I have an idea and what they are going to do with her. And where the hell is Sevrin? I hope he saves Willa and stops being moody.

    Great chapter as always and I can’t wait for more!


  19. valady1: *snickers…plugs ears…snickers more* Willa will be…oh, sorry…gotta go…hear my coffee calling… Heh, you know me, she’ll be fine. And exactly – Eric knows somewhat how Sookie’s mind works and he’s definitely not going to let her get bogged down in insecurities.


  20. shoegirl01: The Dae are just begging for sooooo much trouble… And thankfully it headed back out more to sea (we still had some fun with another system pissing down on our heads for a few days).


  21. mindyb781: Thank you! And you’re exactly right – sometimes someone just has to cry, to let it all out, and while it might have been extremely hard for Eric to “just” let her do that, it’s what she needed even if it was killing him. Heh, Dr Ludwig just might be needing to cut her vacay short, bless her (also short) li’l self. And Sevrin…yeah, he’ll be in the next chapter. 😀


  22. msbuffy: Poor Sookie, she really has had a lot of hard lessons to learn, but she’s also finally realized that Eric really does love her. That’s what we got, and most of it was from a different system bearing down on us. Combined, it was a little windy but mostly just…rain. And rain. And more rain. Then guess what – more rain. That…got old fast.

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  23. switbo: *snicker* It was definitely time to show the closeness growing between Eric and Sookie. And I love a man (or vampire) who just “gets it” – sometimes a lady just needs to cry, to let it out of her system. So, no matter how much it killed him, he did. He loves her that much. ❤ *goes back into hiding*

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  24. marilyn81459: That might well be what they’re thinking (ok, it is), but they haven’t had to deal with a ROYALLY pissed off Sevrin yet… *evilsnickergrin*


  25. mom2goalies: Awww, so glad Eric got it right. Sometimes a person just needs to cry, to let it out without having to worry about someone else’s reaction, and so, even though it killed him, he just let her cry. (Awesome Viking Vampires are awesome like that!)
    Thankfully it headed back out to sea and didn’t land near us, but since we were also under attack from a different weather system, yeah, we got some wind but mostly a helluvalotta rain. And more rain. Then more. The sun was but a myth in the sky by the time it was over.

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  26. charity6201: Willa has had a rough time in her own way. It sucks to see your friends hurting and know that you can’t do anything about it, and then there’s what her Maker is going through, then the deal/non-deal with Sevrin…and now this? Poor girl! I don’t doubt that Sevrin will make up at least SOME of this for her~ *evil grin*

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  27. Yeah, a week and a half with no sun would be good if we actually had a certain Viking but with that not being the case, it sucked…


  28. ericluver: *ducks* Sevrin does care about her, a lot, and is a little wary of it all because of it (he’s kind of like Eric was after meeting Sookie – not as bad and not in denial, but the newness of it all is still shocking to his old vampire system). And Pam? Yeah, the deal w/ her is complicated. Her actions aren’t exactly ending-worthy, but…close. She totally disrespected Eric and his abilities solely because of her jealousy over Sookie and her obsession with doing what SHE wanted to do. She’s gonna be paying for that now.


  29. gaijinvamp: LMAO @ Sam wanting Sookie to have his puppies!! Too right! I feel bad for Sookie, but now that she’s with Eric, she has him to stand between her and all those wanting her uterus and her brain. She deserves better than that. Pam’s situation is…complicated. She’s so ungodly selfish and self-centered but she *is* loyal, just, she shows it in the wrong ways. (I miss BookPam, btw…I liked her.)


  30. kleannhouse: Heh, that Dae clan is over and they don’t even know it yet. Mr. C is going to be so very pissed off, and you just don’t piss off 2 ancient powerful vamps and a very powerful Mr. C and live to tell the tale.


  31. jackie69: I love being able to show that emotional closeness between Eric and Sookie. They’ve each had such a hard time that it’s, well, just time for them both to have the peace they could only find with the other. He knows on an instinctive level what she needs, and now that she’s letting herself truly feel, she knows what he needs, too.


  32. gyllene: Awww, thank you! Eric and Sookie definitely needed that bit of emotional closeness and communication. Lol, and Sevrin is being a moody git… *ducks back into safety*

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  33. Rain. We got some of that, but ours came from Canada. I think when the GOP gets that stupid wall they want built, they should require some type of cover for it too so we don’t get their cold weather too…
    I really love this story! Mr. C could explain so much about the demons!


  34. That’s a lesson my husband has never learned. He always wants to ‘fix’ the problem. He’s never been able to just listen.


  35. switbo: In a way I feel bad for guys b/c they’re (well, used to be at any rate) raised (nature vx nurture, who knows) to fix problems, and sometimes problems don’t have an easy fix, or a fix at all. I can only imagine the pain that situation might cause a consummate “fixer” like Eric, but in my imagination at least I saw him reading the situation closely enough to know that sometimes, regardless of how much it hurts him, he just has to let her cry it out. (Have hubby read this chapter and the comments – he’s more than welcome to!)


  36. Ha, I love it, poor Willa, daddy is gonna be pissed. I love the Pam in the books,she wouldn’t turn on her maker…. Great job keep up the good work. Sorry out all the rain, course it could be worse Snow!!!


  37. I am holding onto the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter. I really enjoy the crazy cravings that Sookie has. Do you choose really gross combos or ones that ppl have really eaten. just wondering.
    Also wanted to know why you use the word ‘gravid’? I had never heard of it before to describe a pregnant woman and when I looked it up it wasn’t used for human births. Was that a way to tell ppl that Sookie’s baby isn’t human?


  38. Laurie Giftos: Thank you! And soooo true – love watching it snow but detest the ice! I miss BookPam. She was “vampires first” but she wasn’t rabid about it, and when she saw that Eric had true feelings for Sookie, saw that Sookie was important to her Maker, she took that into consideration *because* it was important to her Maker. Yeah, I miss that Pam.


  39. summerame: *passing over snacks – the good ones, not the weird preggo combos – to hold you over for the next chapter* I have a blast thinking up strange things for preggoSookie to “crave”! It’s so much fun! Some friends have told me what they craved but it’s the “usual, normal” things (think pickles and ice cream, etc.), which are bad enough (ew), but I try to keep in mind that she’s growing a “Dae-by” – a Dae baby – so I’m going with the idea that *that* is affecting her cravings.

    I like the word “gravid” because it’s slightly less well known, but I’m using it according to the definition (just another – if slightly less-used – term for preggers). It’s use is also to suggest that her pregnancy isn’t quite the normal, typical deal, too (good eye!). 😀


  40. Lol. I bet. I’ll get the b/f in on the questions this weekend. He was the inspiration behind some of my stories and since he’s such a sarcastic and punny individual he’ll more than likely be able to come up with some stuff you can use.


  41. tj6james6: I’m having a blast reading all the question ideas I’ve been getting. Even if I can’t use them all, they’re still really interesting – and fun! – to read. Here’s hoping the muse cooperates but you know how that FLB is.


  42. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I know, lmao! I haven’t read the other questions/comments since I’ve been replying from my notifier. Since I’ll be on wordpress most of the day, between bouts of baking, I’m sure I’ll make it back there at some point.
    I’ve got tomorrow’s Minions to get out, a post for my stories site and several for my other, plus getting posts ready for kitty’s food blog. Thank heaven’s it’s a long weekend! lol

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  43. Oh no, not Willa! Sevrin and Eric are going to have to go kick some Dae ass. Must be them. Perhaps Pam was right to be so scared of them. Sure it’s a cliffie but hey I don’t mind. Cliffies are fun when they are done well, like yours. And Eric really was very sweet!


  44. ladytarara: All I’ll say is that Pam was right to be so wary. She may have handled the whole thing entirely wrong (thisPam being thisPam), but she’s right to be so scared.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Sounds scary! Surely Sevrin and Eric will sort it out though. And maybe Pam will one day actually apologise to Sookie, though she may need a few centuries in that silver mine first!


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