The Moon, Ch. 11

**A/N:  Eric is justifiably pissed. Pam will pay. (But don’t worry – it’s not nearly as nasty a “torture the bad guy” scene as in Andre…)**

His face a study in cold fury, his eyes hard and his jaw clenched, Eric landed on the rooftop of Fangtasia, now seven stories tall and sporting a convenient helicopter landing pad on the roof. He was thankful he could sense that Pamela was actually doing her duty tonight; things would have gone even worse for her if she’d skipped out as she was known to do lately.

During his flight to the club, the new information he had been given made Eric rethink his punishment. He had been going to go realistically easy on her.


Sure, she would have thought he was being terribly cruel, but really, how ‘hard’ would life actually be without her beloved accumulation of ‘name brand’ shoes, clothes, purses, and cars? It’s not like he was going to needlessly destroy them. He would just have stored them for several decades and Commanded her to buy no others until he said otherwise.

She would have thought that she ‘suffered’ greatly from having to dress in used, unstylish clothing from thrift stores that she loathed, but she still would have had clothing on her body.

She would have thought that having to serve and tend to the needs of homeless vampires and Weres at night for the next five decades was a fate worse than undeath, but she still would have had a safe place to rest during the day and a roof over her head at night.

She would have thought that he was being horrifically unmerciful in Commanding her to drink only from straight fat men for that same five-decade period, but at least she would still have had fresh blood filling her worthless gut.

Her needs would have been more than well met, only not in the way she preferred. She had betrayed him by withholding necessary information, but knowing his exasperating, bratty, self-indulgent Child as he did, he knew that she might have thought she had a sound reason for her inaction. It was based on that knowledge of how her mind worked that he had initially been willing to go a bit (questionably) lighter on her.

Now…now things were different.

Now it was all he could to do stop himself from sinking his fangs into her neck and rending her useless head from her useless body. Only the knowledge that Sookie would hate it if he ended his own progeny saved Pamela’s worthless, prideful, backstabbing unlife.

If it had been so easy for her to withhold from him information that he considered vital simply because she didn’t want him to have it, then what else could she be capable of?  How could he ever trust her again?

He could not, and he had not survived well over a thousand years in the usually brutal vampire world by foolishly trusting the unworthy.

Eric did not look forward to the upcoming confrontation. It wasn’t that he dreaded the confrontation itself – he just didn’t want to have to look at the vile bitch again. But, since he couldn’t wait to be done with her, it was necessary.

If Sevrin, a good friend of sorts from the old days, would agree to his request, then darling Pamela would no longer be in his sphere. He could well and truly wash his hands of her.

And he knew for a fact that no longer having contact in any form with ones Maker was, in truth, the harshest and most painful long-term punishment possible.

He pulled out his phone and called a number.

Once his call was complete, he stashed his phone back into his pocket and flew himself down to the front doors of the now-expanded bar. There was a line at the door, so the place was packed as usual.


This closer proximity to his disloyal Child who had bluntly betrayed him and harbored an almost psychotic hatred of his Sookie brought his rage back full force.

Looking neither right nor left, he burst through all three sets of doors leading to the interior of the club, the doors landing loudly to each side in his wake.

Fangs bared, eyes almost glowing with livid fury, head and body seeming to lurch forward in his desire to reach his prey, he stalked straight for darling Pamela as she lounged indolently against the high bar in the crowded private area toward the back of the club.

The area’s more elegantly attired clientele instinctively parted way and stared, the fury rolling off Eric in such waves that their own fangs automatically dropped as he stalked by them.

Pamela, of course, had already seen Eric’s unintentionally dramatic entry and, instead of savoring her ‘snack’, had behooved herself to go ahead and drain her glass of perfectly-heated Royalty Blended AB+ and place the empty glass on the bar.

When Eric stopped in front of her, she glanced briefly at him then gazed back over the crowd searching for the pretty little red-head she’d noticed earlier.

“What’s got your boxers in a bunch?”

Immediately Eric’s hand wrapped around Pamela’s throat and pulled her up to the tips of her toes. His face mere inches from hers, he snarled loudly to stop her speech and gain her full attention.

Eyes wide in her shocked face, on instinct the blonde vampire’s fangs descended, but she wisely attempted to retract them. They refused to resheath completely, but Eric ignored her vampire body’s natural response to his actions.

The bar’s enhanced security division immediately began evacuating and glamouring the human patrons while the club’s team of assistant vampires ‘encouraged’ any other species to move along. Free drinks all around were promised for…another night.

Heedless of the controlled chaos around him, Eric stood glaring down at the cowering, confused visage of his Child. Disgust marred his handsome features.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I want to end you.” At her gasp, he assured her, “Oh, yes, darling Pamela, I very much want to end your worthless life. Take a good, long sniff, and I’m sure you’ll know why.”

He could tell the instant the bitch realized that the sins of her past had caught up to her. Her gaze, chin, and shoulders fell, and her fangs finally retracted – guilt painfully evident in every nuance.

His heart cracked just a little. It was admission enough for Eric.

Already tired of being in her presence and now desperately wishing for the solace that he could find only in Sookie’s arms, he dragged Pamela past all the vampires lining the walls of the club as they made their way to his private office suite.

Once inside, without pausing or releasing his hold on her throat, he crossed to the other side of his main office. He flipped the false light switch that now opened the door leading to the ‘refurbished’ basement, and finally could no longer control the impulse to toss darling Pamela down the steps.

Naturally she used her enhanced reflexes to land on her feet and showed unexpected prudence by backing up and remaining silent.

“Godric told me that the only vampire a vampire can trust is the vampire he made,” he said, his voice filled with loathing as he advanced toward her. “You made a liar out of my Maker, Pamela,” he growled as he spat her name as if it tasted foul. “You betrayed me not once, but twice, and at one of the lowest points in my life at that. You insulted the one I hold dearest. I can no longer trust you.”

Suddenly he opened the Maker/Child bond, previously closed to grant them both privacy, and flooded her with waves after waves of painful disappointment, contempt, and loathing. Pamela’s eyes grew huge once more when she realized what he did, and what it meant.

He smirked cruelly when she realized that he did, indeed, still have a Maker’s connection, and therefore control, over her.

“Oh yes, I still have full control over my little girl,” he mocked. “I only released you from feeling the effects should I meet the true death, but I did not release you from me.”

With that he stepped forward, forcing her to step backward, until she stepped back into the opening of a silver-lined casket standing up against the side wall.

“I do believe it’s time for little Pamela to take a nap. She’s got a long trip ahead of her,” he said as he allowed his true hatred of his one-time companion to shine evilly through his oddly murky blue eyes.

“Don’t worry about packing. I’m sure my friend Sevrin will provide adequately for your needs.”

Her horrified gasp soothed his soul a tiny bit.

“Oh, no, no, Eric, please don’t…”

SILENCE!” he Commanded, and immediately all sound from her throat ceased no matter how hard she tried to speak, grovel, or, finally, scream.

“During my flight here I tried to imagine why you would betray me regarding Sookie. I tried to imagine why you, my beloved Child, decided not to tell me of her call, why you decided not to even tell me of her visit, and why you would insult MY SOOKIE so badly. But then do you know what I decided?”

He leaned in closer to stare intently into Pamela’s terrified eyes.

“I decided that I do not care. I’m turning you over to Sevrin. Maybe he can stomach your petty laziness and deceit. I now regret ever having Turned you.”

Eric glanced away in obvious disgust, then returned his harsh glare to once more capture her gaze.

“You have crossed me for the last time. You will leave my sight until such time as I can stand the thought of your presence…if that ever happens. You are a disgrace to my name, and to my Maker’s name. You are not worthy to carry the Blood of Godric within your veins. The only reason I do not end you now and reclaim his Blood is because doing so would hurt Sookie, the one with the so-called ‘fat hick ass’.”

Pamela looked down then, exhibiting the first sign of remorse that Eric also felt through their still-open bond. There was plenty of terror and heartbreak flooding through, too, just as there should have been. This pleased him pleased him immensely as he was still a seething, burning cauldron of cold, hard hatred inside, but it was because of  that wave of remorse, of true regret, that he did the one thing which might, in the end, save her worthless hide.

He used his Maker’s Command to order her to obey Sevrin. He knew that if he didn’t, her natural insolence would most likely result in her final death.

You will obey Sevrin. He is now your Master.”

With that he pushed her fully into the coffin and laughed callously as the unnecessary amount of skin exposed by her slutty bar costume came into contact with the silver. The slamming of the coffin lid reverberated ominously throughout the basement as did the sound of the lock falling into place.

Eric closed the bond.

**A/N: More about Sevrin will come out later, so just have a little patience.  Did you think Eric was justified in his actions? Was he harsh enough, too harsh, or just right?  I know some of us wanted both literal and figurative bloodshed since Pam’s one of the bad guys, but were Eric’s actions satisfactory? What did you think?**

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  2. That was friggin perfect…and you read my mind I totally wanted to know more about Sevrin and what he’s gonna do to Pam (totally fist pumped when you said you’d tell!!!) SQUEEE


  3. Still sobbing into my pretty pink satin pillow (even though I loathe the frills and bows)… can’t stand a fighting Pam and Eric 😦 or an evil Pam for that matter… while Eric was sorta justified as her Maker he does need to take a good long look at himself too for raising the favoured child as he did. His abandonment of Willa hasn’t painted his rearing too well either even though he has made some amends there in thist story. I’m just going to pretend you misspelled Sevrin and Pam’s going of to have a really dry ass cake, Savarin, for the holidays instead…


  4. I’ll have to withhold judgment, I think, until you give us more information on this Sevrin. He sounds ominous!
    I think Eric’s justified in being as angry as he is. Pam not only insulted and belittled Sookie but BETRAYED Eric’s trust. That is what hurts him the most I think. No matter her reasons, Pam had no right to make a judgment call about Sookie contacting Eric. That was his decision to make! I don’t really feel sorry for Pam. She MUST have known he’d find out eventually. She’ll just have to accept the consequences now 😣


  5. charity6201: 😀 Glad you liked it!! Eric was so livid – furious! – with Pam, but he just couldn’t bring himself to actually hurt her. Hence: Sevrin. 😀


  6. hisviks: I’m sorry, bebe…hot chocolate and cookies for you. *pats shoulder consolingly*

    Sadly, in this story Pam isn’t the good, awesome, fun Pam that we love (she is in some of my others, though). But, no matter how angry Eric was with her, he couldn’t bring himself to actually hurt her, either.

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  7. ericluver: Exactly. There was no way he could risk trusting her again. She did what she did knowing that her Maker, the person she was supposed to respect and support above all, wanted (needed!) to know that Sookie had tried to contact him. It wasn’t her call to decide whether or not Sookie was “good for him” – that’s entirely up to him. Logic says that Pam had to have known that her shit would catch up to her, but in her little Pammy-land, she thought she had that all sewn up. Oh, oops – did I drop a hint? 😉

    And ohhh yeah, Sevrin is bad, bad news for Pam…

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  8. I feel so sorry fpr Pam…I hate when Eric and Pam fight but she asked for it!
    Pam should have told Eric about Sookie’s call and visit…
    I know that Pam thought she was doing this for Eric’s sake but it was Eric’s choice if he wanted to forgive and help Sookie right?!
    Who is Sevrin?
    Can’t wait for more..


  9. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: Pam had to have known that this might come out, but yeah, no matter what her reasoning (or jealous excuse…), betraying him like this was not her call to make. And keep in mind that she’s a bad Pam in this story… 😉

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  10. I don’t know anything about this Sevrin, but I can’t imagine her life will be at all pleasant for the foreseeable future. I think it’s a fitting punishment.


  11. *pouts but eats the cookies anyway * I know Pam’s always fun and loving in your other stories… I’m just getting tired of Pam always getting the blame shifted on her… it makes sense in this story, she’ll do anything to stop her Maker from hurting, however ill advised her actions may be. I think I’ll start crossing those fingers again that Sevrin transforms her into the fuck awesome Pam we love instead of a rabid bloodthirsty one…


  12. Just saw you updated! I’m very curious about this Sevrin… My judgement on Pam’s punishment? While I think she deserves it for what she did, I hope she learns her lesson from this and can maybe come back later in the story with a changed attitude toward both Eric and Sookie. Giving Eric the respect he deserves and not being such an asshat to Sookie. I much prefer Pam from the books who looked out for Sookie rather than the one from the Show who acted like a spoiled brat.


  13. Perfect! He needed to punish Pam, but I like that he’s not after blood. This is the sort of punishment that will get Pam “where she lives”. It always breaks my heart when Pam and Eric are at odds with one another, but it also adds great drama since it cuts Eric so deep. Can’t wait to find out more about Sevrin (I keep thinking of Severus and maybe Pam’s going to Hogwarts, lol) and what will happen to Pam in the coming decades.


  14. Nice. The other punishments were very mild, and the fact that Eric was likely correct in assuming Pam would have seen them has terrible, just shows how spoilt she is. The command at the end was a mercy. Hopefully Pam will eventually see that.


  15. americanandroid01: I loved BookPam – she was awesome! True, she was incredibly Pro-Vamp, but she did finally take the time to get to know Sookie and she did appreciate how great Sookie was for Eric in her own way. Plus, once she let her guard down, she genuinely liked her. TBPam? Spoiled, jealous, manipulative… I loved the actress who played her, and I did like Pam a lot during the first season or 3…until she started being REALLY bitchy to Sookie. Even later on during her scenes with Eric she was great – I just didn’t like how determined she was to hate on Sookie. 😀

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  16. Oh Wow ! Im Glad He Didn’t End Her Though , I Kind Of Like Pam, I Mean When You Think About It Pam In Her Own Way Was Just Protecting Eric , Sookie Always Came To Him With Trouble On Her Butt Then Hurt Him again,,,,, But He Is Only Thinking How Long He Went Without Her , I Mean She Showed Up At Erics Door Pregnant By A Wolf, f I Was Pam I Would HAve Thought The Same Thing , But Good Chapter , Can’t Wait To Here About Her New Master…


  17. TheQueenOfAll: Thank you, and exactly: as livid as he was with her, and furious and disappointed and heartbroken with her as he was, he still didn’t want to truly hurt her. She betrayed him and she broke his trust in her, so yeah…she’s going to have to pay. LOL @ Hogwarts!! 😀


  18. gwynwyvar: You’re absolutely right – Eric probably did save her life with that one command. And yeah, she’d have seen the original set of punishments as being ohhh so bad, but really, all things considered, ti would have been very easy for her. And, if she had shown any true remorse, he probably would have slowly started lifting them. But, when Eric realized that he truly could not trust her, all bets were off…

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  19. marilyn59: True, but she took his ability to make his own decisions right out of his hands by withholding information he wanted (needed) to have. He couldn’t ever truly trust her again after that. I could totally see her advising Eric against calling her back, but after that it has to be his free will.

    **She didn’t show up at Eric’s door – Willa invited her to come and stay with her in her own apartment, and took it upon herself to call her Maker. Willa’s awesome like that! 😀


  20. Hoping this is a just punishment but need to know more about Eric’s friend…although by Pam’s reaction it won’t be pretty. Unfortunately I’m not sure that him using his maker’s command to have her obey will allow her to truly learn a lesson since she will not experience punishment if she defies her new Master. But hopefully this will allow Eric and Sookie time to connect without her meddling and time for him to cool off.


  21. I am curious about Sevrin. I hope Pam learns her lesson. She not only betrayed him, But the hurt from that betrayal will always be with him. Now she has lost him completely.


  22. Pam deserves much worse than banishment, but I think it was fitting. Eric was right in saying Sookie would be upset if he ended Pam. Even if she doesn’t warrant any consideration at all after what she did. I just worry that she will find a way to act out and hurt Eric and/or Sookie after he has sent her away. Can’t wait to hear more about Sevrin and what he does to control her. Thanks for the update!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


  23. mom2goalies: At this point I think he’s so heartsick over her betrayals that he doesn’t really care if she learns; he just wants to ensure that she survives long enough to have the chance to learn, but beyond that? He’s done.

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  24. murgatroid98: She really did hurt Eric and in more ways than one. I can’t say anything else w/o spilling plots, so I’ll just wish you a Merry Christmas! 😀


  25. I though the punishment was perfect. Well, I don’t know what Sevrin will do, but banishment seemed very appropriate since that’s what she essentially did to Sookie. I loved the awesomesauce Pam in the books but, as much as I loved the actress, I hated what they did to Pam’s character in TB.

    (For that matter, I hated what they did to MOST of the characters in TB. Eric was too stupid to have survived 1000 yrs, Sookie was even more stupid and petulant, ScumBeehl was even more pathetic and annoying, Tara was a raging psycho. They even screwed up Niall….. Need I go on? The only character they improved was Lafayette, but then they had to go and make him a medium… )

    Anyhoo, I’m dying to find out more about about Sevrin, and I really, really want to know if Eric actually WAS in Italy with a group of F&F’s, or if darling Pamela made that part up. If he was, then he doesn’t have quite as much right to be mad. Just about her withholding information and being rude. But, if she LIED?!? Ooh boy. Then Pammy really does deserve everything she gets.


  26. switbo: YES!! YES!! YES!! Soooo true!!! TB skrewed the characters over royally. Until the last several books, even The Twit didn’t try to portray Eric as being “kind of dumb” like TB did. BookPam rocked – I really liked her, but TBPam? Yeah, no. While I loved her scenes with Eric, otherwise not so much.

    I’m so glad TB gave us Godric and LaLa, but they made caricatures out of the rest of the characters.

    (psst: she lied)…(twice)


  27. I knew he couldn’t end her and I think we will have to find out more of this Sevrin to know what Pam will be put through. I was thinking he would lean more toward physical punishment until he cooled down some. Great chapter! Now he can go back to Sookie and seek out his solace. 🙂


  28. Godric!! How could I forget about Godric?! TB really did improve Eric’s maker. (Rape-iuss was just awful). Godric was wonderful, well for the three episodes we had him. Before they KILLED him. Maybe that’s actually just as well, if AB hadn’t killed him off he probably would have screwed him up as well. Ugh.

    Seriously, TB screwed everything up SO royally, I almost didn’t start watching when another of my favorite book series was just started as a tv series. Fortunately, they are doing it right.

    So, ooh!! She lied twice! Now I’m dying to know what the second lie was!!! Please, please, please… have to post another chapter soon!


  29. Thank you for the early present. I think that Eric did the right thing because he sent her away from him — anything other than true death would have her with him so really she is not truly punished. Looking forward to more about her new master 🙂


  30. Godric *sigh*….probably the only good thing TB ever created….and they killed him!
    i think it’s a very fitting punishment for Pam. and Erci doesn’t even have to do it himself. pretty cool!
    excellent chapter! *two thumbs up*


  31. Its too bad Pam didn’t make an effort to know Sookie, instead she chose to betray Eric. I’m glad he didn’t end her but can’t wait to see what her life will be like with Sevrin. Can’t wait to find out more about Pam’s new master. Great chapter..:)


  32. BOOM!!! It’s been lowered…….and he hasn’t physically hurt Pammy Poo…..well, the silver will sting a bit, but she’ll heal….. But she’ll learn what a pampered spoiled child she was after enduring, I’m sure, Sevrin’s “tender mercies”……. Of course, Eric has to take some of the blame –bratty first child, ignored second child…..I’m sure Godric would be “tsk tsking” him……
    Great chapter!


  33. Kittyinaz: Thank you!! Srsly, as spoiled and whiny and self-centered as Pam is, she would never have seen his “softer” punishment as the boon it was. While that would then have made it a great punishment, she wouldn’t have learned much from it. But once Eric realized that he couldn’t truly trust her any longer, all bets were off. Glad you liked it! 😀

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  34. gyllene: At first I envisioned him making her physically suffer…a lot…but…at the end of the night, no matter what she had done, she was still his Child. I just can’t see Eric raising his hand to a woman with the intent of causing pain. So, he did something that will hurt her far worse (emotionally, at least): he sent her off. 😀

    Thank you – glad you liked it!!

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  35. switbo: Srsly – The Twit and her fascination with rape stuck poor Eric with Rapey-ass Apey-ass, but at least TB had enough respect for him to give him Godric! 😀

    Then they killed him. Assholes.

    *pouts at TB/HBO/Ballsack*


  36. galwidanatitud: I miss Eric, but yeah, I REALLY miss Godric. At least TB gave us him (and Lala, too).

    As furious with her as he was, I just don’t see Eric as being the kind of asshole who would go around hitting women or laying hands on women to punish them. Plus, she’s his Child… He mainly wanted her betraying face out of his sight, fast.

    So glad you liked it!! 😀


  37. suzi44ky: Srsly! Even Eric eventually made that effort, but Pam? Oh, no, she was too self-centered and jealous to bother. (BookPam did, and I always liked that about her.) I couldn’t have him killing his own Child – Sookie wouldn’t have liked that, and eventually, maybe in a millennia or so, Eric would have regretted it, too.

    Thank you – I’m glad you liked it!! 😀


  38. duckbutt60: Exactly!! I just can’t see Eric being the kind of asshole who would hit or physically punish any woman, not even his own Child who had betrayed him, but I *can* see him sending her over to someone whose treatment will ensure that she (at some point) realizes just how well and gently he *had* treated her…

    And sadly, he does know that he might have wasted his natural desire to “spoil his kids” on her, that she just plain wasn’t the kind of ‘kid’ who needed to be spoiled so badly.

    Thanks – glad you liked it!! 😀


  39. gyllene: Exactly – ‘our’ Eric isn’t an abusive asshole even when it might be expected or understood. And you’re absolutely right: it would have hurt him far too much in the end to have killed her (something he would never do unless/until he truly HAD to), and not just because Sookie wouldn’t have liked it. But, Sookie’s potential displeasure did provide him with a great reason to let Pam live. 😀

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  40. Pam lives only because of Sookie. Huh. I wonder how Pamela feels about that?! I bet that’s a bite in the ass. Awesome chapter. There’s nothing hotter than a pissed off Viking! I could hear Eric saying every word you wrote and I could practically feel his rage coming off the page, or iphone screen in this case😃
    More more more! Please!


  41. askarsgirl: Thank you – I’m very glad to hear that! I imagined him furious to the point of attacking at any moment, yet with a strong underlying sense of heartbreak at Pam’s actions, too. And you know it initially galled Pam to find out that, bluntly, she’s only still alive because of Sookie, but it was that bit of shame and remorse she felt over it which softened Eric’s heart toward her enough to give what – knowing her – would be a life-saving Command. Glad you liked it!


  42. I could see and visualize Skarsgard in the episode where he is roaring into the blue tooth at the people who were supposed to grab Beehl..just beautiful.

    The more out of sight out of mind Pamela feels she is ..the greater the punishment . I feel you gave the maker’s command due to his slight feeling of ‘parental’ guilt due to his previous leniency, spoiling, co dependent behavior may have been a factor in her loathsome traitorous behavior.
    The TB Pam didn’t ever have the vibe of a true loyal child to me. When you compare how Pam interacted with Eric and the interactions between Eric and Godric..they are worlds apart

    However, as was discussed above-all the characters were so screwed over by the TB writers, I can’t blame Pam for hating Sookie. I did too.

    That’s why we love your stories so much! Thank you !


  43. motomary: 😀 Glad you liked it!!

    BookPam was awesome, and she made sure that Sookie knew it wasn’t personal, she was just looking out for her beloved (but not creepily so) Maker. TBPam? Well, honestly, I can’t blame her for hating on Sookie some, but she never had that “I’m being wary of you ONLY because I don’t want my Maker hurt” feel. And the respect and reverence Eric showed Godric truly was worlds apart from how Pam treated Eric.
    But yeah, none of the characters honestly resembled their SVM beginnings.


  44. I think pam may get what’s coming to her. … and she should be grateful he’s sending her to ser Vin …. not get final death. … ser ya next chapter 😉


  45. About damn time! I would have loved to hear Pam’s attempt to get out of this. Eric should have questioned Pam before he let the still alive maker/childe bond out of the bag. Then he’d get Pam’s true feelings before she tried to hide how she really feels.


  46. ashmo2000: Eric started to ask her, just “betting with himself” about what excuse she would use, but then he was so disgusted that it didn’t matter. But…keep in mind that he STILL has that Maker/Child bond…he’s closed it for now, but…it’s not gone, and he could use it at a later date without her knowledge. Glad you liked it! 😀


  47. I just got caught up to this story. LOVE IT!
    And, yes, definitely. Eric is completely justified in his anger and feelings of betrayal. It wasn’t Pam’s call to say and do those things to Sookie so see ya..wouldn’t want to be ya!

    And, I am so glad that you wrote Willa into this story. She is such a neglected character, I’m glad to see that she has been a good friend to Sookie.

    AND, I am willing to bet that Pam has something to do with Steve Campbell.


  48. Adriana: Thanks!! I know there are a lot of people who like Pam, and I love SVM Pam, but in this story she’s one of the bad guys, so yeah…at least he didn’t end her, and as her Maker, that would have been his prerogative. I love being able to include Willa! She’s an untapped gold-mine! I wasn’t too sure about her at first, then remembered that hey, she doesn’t really have all that much of a backstory, and nothing of a “current” story, so her character is wide open! 😀 Thanks for reading!

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  49. msbuffy: Thank you!! While on one hand what she did to Eric wasn’t technically all THAT bad, on the other it completely violated the sacredness of the Maker/Child bond and caused him and Sookie years of unnecessary pain. It proved to him that she could not be trusted and thousand year old vampires don’t live that long by being stupid… 😀 Thanks!!


  50. oh damn i think she got what she deserved and the thought of Sookie’s feeling is what saved her from death, dumb ass, she should have known better. KY


  51. kleannhouse: Thanks! Eric’s respect for Sookie’s feelings (only that she wouldn’t want Eric to have to kill her, a Child who he had Turned plus her hatred of death in any way) being the only thing that might have helped Pam had to be lowering for her… *another evil grin*


  52. Whether Pam learns the lesson or not, I’m guessing their relationship is over. Eric can never trust her again, and seems her innate selfishness can’t be unlearned.
    This particular Pam (in your story) was never worthy. “She’s lazy, but loyal.” was the common refrain–but a false one, I think.
    Yes, she’s lazy, but loyal? Ha! What is her redeeming quality? She never left Eric, is a shopaholic; worked as sparingly as possible, acted all high and mighty, went through Eric’s money, and basically became the boss of him.
    She had to know Eric was becoming a “Walking-Dead”–how horribly sad and unhappy he was without his Sookie, and whatever lies she told herself, she certainly didn’t care about Eric’s happiness as long as she was comfy.
    Comparing Pam to Willa, who was abandoned with very little training and support (except money), Willa wins hands-down. It’s in the character, and Pam never had one in my opinion. But was she devious enough to engineer now-defunct Sookie’s relationship and pregnancy? And what’s with Sookie’s so-called family and friends’ attitudes?
    Questions, and more questions… hint, hint.
    BTW, Happy new year!


  53. accidentalreader: *assumes Yoda impersonation* In good time all will be revealed…

    And you’re exactly right: in this story, Pam in this story has not only shat her own nest, but on Eric, too, and there is no way that he could ever TRULY trust her again. If it was nothing to her to keep the fact that the love of his life – both living and undead – had tried to contact him not once but TWICE, he has to wonder what all ELSE she’s capable of doing to him. He hasn’t survived over a thousand years by letting the enemy sleep in his house.
    And you’re right – Willa, no matter that she was basically abandoned as a baby vamp, is farther ahead on the maturity scale than Pam would ever be.
    In general I like SVM Pam – yeah, she was bitchy and lazy, but she also woman’d up when needed, she really did have Eric’s back, and in fact had gone off on her own (Minnesota?) for a while before he called her back to ask her to help him with Fangtasia, etc. That Pam was pretty awesome. TB Pam? Noooot so much… But even with her it seemed she did try with the bar, but when I write that version of her, I definitely cut most of the jealousy over Sookie – except in this fic! 😀


  54. The only bit I didn’t care for was the “callous laugh” Eric gave at the end I get he’s angry but I feel Eric would get no pleasure in harming/punishing Pam no matter what she did like most parents it hurts them almost as much as their chils when they have to file out a harsh punishment. But that being said I like where this is going. It would be I teresting to hear Pam’s reasoning behind betraying Eric.


  55. marebare1979: At this point I’m not positive we’re going to see why Pam did what she did… Never say never of course – she might tell me at some point, but it’s not in the cards at this time.


  56. Chapter 11 *digging in THE BOX and tossing on to the couch gloves, trashbags, mop, bucket, air freshner looking up as Godric walks back in “what do you mean you couldn’t catch him? darts back to reading*….Convenient helicopter landing pad…not doing her duty if she doesn’t know he has taken the week off. I vote for needless destruction of all of Pamela’s things she isn’t going to need them. *ummmm Godric did Eric take his sword?* Oh Pamela I think you have crossed a line that Eric did not even know was there. Poor Pamela you just lost your maker and you aren’t even aware of it yet! Sevrin who is Sevrin? How do you just drop a name like that. I can see that entrance in my head just like at the witches….BOOM BOOM BOOM…Eric is in the building! Boxers in a bunch…child even I know not to use that statement to an enraged Eric. Guilt only at being caught not at causing him pain. Is this the same basement he destroyed in an earlier chapter? You are fucked Pamela…Your maker is done with you…Who is Sevrin or who do you picture as Sevrin can I have that at least until I can meet him? It’s not remorse yet Eric just mad she got caught. I have no patience…don’t you know me by now? Yes Eric was justified and as soon as I know who or what this Sevrin character is I will be able to tell you if it was harsh enough, too harsh or just right.

    Off to the next chapter!



  57. I think it was an apt punishment, she’s obsessed with being the centre of Eric’s world so he’s sent her away. Pam’s still his child so hurting her hurts Eric. As his child she has no right to decide what she thinks is ‘right’ for him so the punishment is realistic for the supernatural world. I loved Pam in the beginning and still enjoyed aspects of her but Alan Ball did a lot of damage to her character in the last few series so I don’t have it in me to really feel sorry for ‘this’ Pam. I have to say I love Kristin Bauer van Straten’s portrayal of the character, even though I wish they’d have kept Pam more true to the books. True Blood did have a wonderful cast.


  58. anem72: That’s something I’m not sure some kept in mind – Pam IS his child, so not only is her betrayal hard on him, but so is the necessity of punishing her. He’d by far rather have her by his side so that he can keep an eye on her, protect her, and have her near, but she’s made it so that he can’t trust her, and that’s just not allowable. She could have given him the “benefit” of her opinions all night long but she should have relayed Sookie’s message…or called him from his office to let him know she was on the phone or in the building…

    I adored BookPam – she rocked!! And I liked several aspects of ShowPam, too (KBvS is a great actress!), but TB made her into this jealous hag-bag that I didn’t understand or like.


  59. If a maker can’t trust his child then I don’t see another choice. Willa was right about taking himself away from her being the obvious answer. The thing is with Pam she’d probably just resent the punishment and fail to see why he did it but he has to try.

    Yes I agree about TB – such a waste of a great character. A real shame when you thing about the great on screen moments Eric and Pam shared. They portrayed the depths of a maker/child relationship better than I thought possible.


  60. anem72: Exactly – that’s how I saw it. He can’t trust her now, and if there’s one person in the universe that a Maker must be able to trust, it’s their progeny. (And I could kick TB for perverting Pam’s great character from the books.)

    Liked by 1 person

  61. Yeah Alan Ball had a wonderful actress and she would have bought Book Pam to life perfectly – he could have still had snark. After all Book Pam would have done anything for Eric too.


  62. anem72: He literally dropped that ball when he made her crazy jealous over Eric. I could totally see having her be protective and wondering if Sookie really was good for him or not, but dropping that after receiving his reassurances (maybe even keeping an eye on their relationship and being willing to step in/speak up if necessary, but dang, drop it already!).

    Liked by 1 person

  63. Wow Eric is super pissed! Why do I just want Pam to one out with some ridiculous Pam-esque explanation of why she thought it was in his best interests (at least in her head) to not tell him about Sookie? Oh yeah – cos I love Pam – and usually she’s a bitch with a reason, even if it’s a shit one. Yes she betrayed Eric but hell I just want them to make up! Eric and Pam are a package deal in my world. But I can understand where you are drawing this Pam from – TB Pam was a lot nastier than SVM Pam, and I can see how things could’ve gone this way. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it! Maybe the mysterious Sevrin can reform her! *puts on dodgy 80s t-shirt that used to say ‘Save Ferris’ but now says ‘Save Pam’*


  64. ladytarara: I will spoiler this: Pam did have her reasons…now, I’m not saying they were GOOD reasons, but in HER mind, well, let’s just say that in her favor, she in her own psycho/weird way truly did remain loyal to Eric…in her own way…sorta…kinda… She is redeemed, though. In a way. You can wear your shirt, though, if you want…maybe have several (dozen) made for future wear…

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  65. I think Pam probably had her reasons and spurned Sookie out of loyalty and in looking after her maker. I think Eric was too harsh. They are the dream team. I hope he sees it in his heart to forgive her.


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