Sookie Takes Charge, Ch. 4

**A/N:  I hope I have my TB facts straight, although I would not be surprised if some things (mainly Beehl’s SVM crap) seeped through despite my best efforts.  If it did, I’m sorry (not sorry).  I had a REALLY hard time trying to keep his shit straight, though, seriously.  And, on that note, I re-watched the draining-in-the-van scene just to get said facts right, and while he did hold her down and cover her mouth to keep her from screaming while he drained her, I did not see him rape her, so I couldn’t nail him for that, sadly.  (The “sadly” is because I really, really, REALLY wanted to unload both barrels over it!)  That being said, I hope you like it.**

Being startled awake so early in the day had seriously irritated Bill Compton until he realized that Sookie had finally returned. He was still annoyed, but now he could at least look forward to a delicious dinner, he thought. His stable was filled with agency-selected donor-whores, and most were exchanged bi-weekly so that he wouldn’t grow too tired of their mediocre flavor or over-used bodies, but his thin lips quirked in anticipation of the return of his own personal fairy fountain – a meal finally fit for a king. Now that she was back from her little adventures in Fairyland, Sookie should taste even better. His fangs dropped just as he slipped back into his dayrest.

When he rose that night, he checked the wifi cameras strategically placed for maximum viewing of Sookie’s house and property. Of course he didn’t have any on her actual property that he would admit to, but he certainly made use of the tall communication towers placed at designated points around his royal residence, and the cemetery was naturally a free zone, in his opinion at least.

In the past he had thought Sookie’s little chats with her dearly departed Gran’s hideous headstone were tragically cute (and had rolled his eyes more than once over her angsty little talks – did she really expect the old woman to answer her?), and those same cams sprinkled about the cemetery were how he had known that she’d been taken by her Fae relatives in the first place. With his tech skills, setting up, placing, and maintaining long-rage wifi cams in the taller trees had been a breeze, and his ‘attention to detail’ had paid off that night over a year and a half ago.

Once a month had passed and Sookie still hadn’t returned, he’d shrugged his shoulders and given up on her – he did have a Kingdom to run and The Authority’s ass to kiss. But he had placed one of his glamoured human guards in charge of watching all those surveillance videos just in case she got bored playing fairy and decided to return to her rightful home.

Every day the man would watch recordings from the previous night, and every night the man would exhaustedly report that no new action had been captured…until Northman had bought that run-down old house of hers. He hadn’t even known the property had been up for sale, but even if he had, he wouldn’t have bothered. It wasn’t like the place was worth anything. He had been sure to appropriately, and publicly, punish his assistant whose job it was to monitor such local happenings, however. His staff apparently needed a strong reminder to keep on their toes. Even though he hadn’t wanted the place, that wasn’t the point. What if he had wanted it? Stupid slut hadn’t been able to sit properly for two weeks – so what if he’d fractured some ass bone or other during her punishment – if she had been doing her job properly it would never have had to happen. Later her squirming around in pain had become so annoying he’d re-glamoured then fired the useless girl.

Bill sighed as he finished buffing his nails. Good help was so hard to find. Once Sookie was back in her rightful place, he would have her scan the humans in his employ. No, he thought suddenly, he would have her stay in her own house until he had a chance to glamour his humans…then she could read them. What he had been doing during her absence was not her concern, but he didn’t want to hear her screeching about ‘rights’ and ‘decency’ – he’d had enough of that from her during the first time around. Plus, he was still playing the ‘good guy’, wasn’t he?

After a quick dinner, he donned his favorite brand of khakis and blue button down shirt – although he was their King, he did try to remain ‘in touch’ with his subjects and would dress accordingly, sometimes. After a quick glance in the mirror decided he was ready to bring his Sookie back home where she was supposed to have been all along.

Why she wasn’t still in her own house come nightfall he did not know, but he was determined to find out…if he ever found her. The very slight bond that still tied her to him felt farther away now than it had when it had woke him up earlier. Once he stepped out onto his porch, he paused for a very long minute as he tried to figure out which direction to take. Finally he decided he was being pulled toward Shreveport of all places, and commanded his limo driver and guards to head in that direction.

In hopes that by now she would be over all that “lying to her” nonsense, en route Bill emailed his primary assistant with instructions to begin ordering clothing he deemed proper for a royal companion. Sookie certainly couldn’t be trusted to pick out her own clothes and he didn’t think her version of ‘white trash chic’ would show suitable respect for his position.

After a ride that seemed to take forever, he finally arrived in Shreveport, then followed his tie to…an extremely upscale hotel? What would an uncouth small-town hick like Sookie be doing in such a nice hotel? Exasperated, he was glad he’d thought to bring his wallet in case he had to pay for her room and, he shivered, any food she had shoved down her throat. Already she was costing him and she hadn’t even fed him yet!

Not wanting to invite any gossip that might taint his ‘excellent’ reputation because there was no telling how she was dressed or what she looked like now, he had his driver drop him off at one of the secluded side doors. Thankfully there was an elevator bank nearby, so all he had to do was follow the pull of the tie to her floor, then to her room. He wanted to just slip in, grab the girl, and then slip out as quickly as possible since he had a video-chat scheduled for later that night.

She had been gone so long, though, that he wondered how much of her training she had retained. During their ‘relationship’ he had spent a lot of time and patience on her as he tried so hard to teach her how a proper Southern lady should act, and he truly did hope that she hadn’t lost it all. Her conditioning had proceeded so much easier after he’d gotten rid of Adele, but still, he did not relish the idea of having to put up with her mouth and her recalcitrant attitude again, but he would if he must. His hand would certainly be heavier this time around, especially after she had rescinded his invitation the last time he had seen her. He had been extremely hard pressed to keep his temper in check when he’d felt that invisible barrier between himself and the interior of her home. While he couldn’t apply the physical punishments to her as he yearned, at least not until later, he could certainly play up her “you’re a dumb blonde alone in the world” status while picking off her relatives. He calculated that her retarded brother Jason should be the next to go. He was little more than a waste of air anyway.

When the elevator stopped on the next floor, he realized he’d gone one level too far, so he pressed the button to go back down to the next floor, and as soon as he stepped confidently off the elevator, he caught Eric Northman’s scent.

He fumed silently – Sookie was his, damn it! What the hell had Northman been doing here, anyway? After she had returned, if Sookie had just stayed at her house, as a woman alone should have, he could have gotten to her first and pleaded his case. He would have just uttered the phrases that had always worked before, given her a few practiced eye-fucks, then he would have ‘accidentally’ nicked his lip or tongue while they were kissing and the tasty telepath would be his again whether she wanted to be or not.

Now, however, there was no way of telling what lies and half-truths Eric Northman had filled her head with, and not knowing annoyed him.

How could he correct her thinking, and how could he make her come back with him, if he didn’t know what was going through her silly blonde head?

Damn Northman.

As he approached her door, Eric’s scent grew stronger which further befouled Bill’s mood even as his small cock tried to harden over Sookie’s increased fairy scent. After needlessly adjusting himself at vamp speed, he inhaled her delicious bouquet deeply, then knocked.  Surely this wouldn’t take too long.

He glanced up and down the empty corridor as he waited, and decided he’d have his favorite non-agency donor-whore replace the carpeting in the mansion he’d had built after having his beloved old family homestead summarily demolished after achieving his rise in status. She was supposedly some sort of house decorator, interior designer…something. He liked that color of the carpet.

Speaking of pretty carpets, he did miss his Sookie…well, parts of her anyway. Having her around was tantamount to living with a fragile if mouthy vase of beautifully-scented flowers and an almost all-you-can-drink buffet of the finest vintage in a useful package. Yes, he would admit to missing her. The stable of donors held at the palace paled horribly in comparison; their scent was quite rank.


Once again Sookie opened her door to an uninvited vampire, and once again she blocked him with her body by leaning against the inner doorjamb.   When she saw it was Bill as she had suspected, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes, but for some reason while she had trusted Eric not to try to bully his way into her room once it became obvious that she wasn’t going to invite him in, she didn’t have that same faith in Bill.

Regardless she hoped he’d keep this short – dealing with him was a waste of prime eating time and this fairy was starving.

“Sssookeh,” he stuttered, his muddy brown eyes traveling up and down her body in a way that made her want to go shower. “Sookeh,” he started again only to be interrupted.

“Yeah, Bill, I know my name even if you do say it wrong. Now what the fuck do you want?” Really? He expected her to stand here and listen to him recite her name? How lame. Still angry from having to deal with Eric’s shit and now frustrated that she couldn’t just go fucking eat, she wasn’t surprised when she felt the palms of her hands start tingling, but did her best to subdue the now instinctual urge.

“Ahm just so glad to see you; it’s been so long,” he whined a little more forcefully, trying his best to capture her gaze with his while laying on the accent.

Silly Bill, such tricks were for humans. Surely he wasn’t still fantasizing that she’d be susceptible to his shit now?

“Not nearly long enough, though. Here to sell me out to another Russell or Queen or whatever? Maybe a wanna-be-czar used car salesman off in Timbuktu “needs” you to procure me? Come on, hurry up – I’m hungry and I want to eat.” Hell, even her fairy relatives knew not to get in the way of her eating. Singed fairy hair stunk just like singed human hair, and it looked like she might get to find out what singed vamp hair smelled like, too.

Bill shook his head as his eyes first widened then narrowed. How dare she speak to him in that tone! What was wrong with her, anyway? Had she been, what was it…brainwashed? Was this even really her? He inhaled once again, and sure enough, this was definitely his Sookie, but…not.  His Sookie had always had at least pretended to have the manners of a lady, well, a lower class lady at best, but at least it had been enough for him to work with even if the task of training her up to his expectations had been quite wearying. This…this hussy was not the Sookie he knew.

Yes, she must have been brainwashed because the Sookie he knew would never have the strength or fortitude to speak in such a way to him. After all, he was the King! Oh, wait, she didn’t know yet…

“Sookie! What is wrong with you? Why are you speaking to me in such a way? Ah am the King of Louisiana! Now I have missed you sorely, and yet you speak to me as if you…”

Already tired of whatever ‘Beehl’ was going to drone on about, Sookie waved off his annoying drivel with a flick of her hand and was surprised not to see sparks flying. Humm…maybe later… “Let me guess – you betrayed your sweet li’l queenie-poo, too? I’m so not surprised. Whatever, Bill.”

She pulled her phone out of her pocket to pointedly check the time, but of course his thick skull prevented his brain from getting the point. While she still had many, many words she wanted to “share” with Eric – in her own time, of course – she would have been perfectly happy to have never seen, smelled, or heard William Fucking Compton or his sideburns again.

That fucking rat-bastard was simply not worth her time. The conceited, cowardly arrogant Maker-fucker was nothing but a snake, a boring, incompetent, self-important swamp-dwelling, filth sucking slimy-assed snake happy to slither around in the pond-scum of life. That he also had a small cock and smaller than average balls didn’t help. Whether she’d wanted to or not, she’d seen enough examples of prime male genitalia in Fairy to know the fucking difference. Literally. Now Eric…she paused as she mentally contemplated his probable endowments, then shook her head. Why was she thinking about Eric?

Bill was starting to become truly offended by both her attitude and the fact that she hadn’t invited him into her room so he could work on her privately. He mentally rolled his eyes when he realized that even though over a year and a half had passed, Sookie had apparently not gotten over that little, well, those little incidences that slightly besmirched their united past. Surely she realized that he wasn’t at fault…

“Sookie, I hope you are no longer under the misapprehension that I had anything to do with the Eric and Russell incident, and I did mah best to ensure your survival afterward – I have always had your best interests at heart, you know that!” He made sure to use his most sincere voice and expression, certain this misunderstanding could finally be put to rest so they could move on to din…better things.

“”You’ve always had my best interests at heart,”” she mockingly quoted him. “Really, Bill? Do you really want to fucking go there?” Was he always this much of a fucking moron, she asked herself. Why yes, yes, he was.

As he stood there staring at her with his eyes narrowed and his mouth gaping open, she realized he looked somewhat…ape-like.

“You fucking moron! Just how much of an ignorant fool do you take me for, Beehl?” She had to snicker at her own mispronunciation of his name – the way he said hers often made her want to vomit.

Bill interrupted her to exclaim, “But I fed you my blood to save you, I only pretended to betray you so I could save your life.”

He didn’t appreciate Sookie’s sarcastic laugh at that, and tried to stand up straighter as he faced the woman no longer falling under his control. This was not going as he had planned.

“And you only pretended to love me so you could sell me out to your precious Queen, too, Beehl, or did you conveniently forget about that?”  Yeah, asshole should have left when he had the hint…

Bill opened his mouth to protest but she waved him off as she began again.

“Oh, bla bla fucking bla, Bill!  It doesn’t matter one fat orange fuck what you say – you’re nothing but a lying-ass fucking bastard! Yes, you gave me your blood to help heal me after you betrayed me, too, and after you sat and watched Eric and Russell drain me. Good for you – that’s what friends are supposed to do, right?  Do you want a standing ovation or a take-out pizza? See, what you don’t seem to remember is that you were sticking your nasty bleeding wrist all up in my face every damn time I turned around. Hell, I’m surprised you didn’t offer me blood when I chipped a damn nail!”

Sookie stopped for a second and tried to calm herself down, then realized that he really wasn’t worth the effort.

Bill, sensing through what tie he had with her that she was getting angrier by the second and that he might should beat a hasty retreat, unwisely stated, “”Sookah, I do not like this new version of you! Must you be so crude? I think we should pick this up later when you’re much more reasonable.”  Let her pay for her own room, stupid slut!  How dare she speak in such a way to him!

“Oh, Bill, like I give two shits or a damn what you like!”

Bill stuck his nose in the air and turned to leave, his sour expression showing his contempt for both her and the conversation, when suddenly he couldn’t move.  At all…

“Oh, no you don’t, motherfucker –  we are not finished here, not by a long shot. You decided to flip my bitch switch so now you’re going to stand here and take it.”

Sookie raised her hands and turned his body back around so that he was facing her once again, but left his face mobile – she did love to see him blink in surprise.  His mouth…yeah, that she sealed.

“Now you can’t beat a cowardly retreat, we have much more to cover.” With a flick of her hand one of the generically elegant chairs appeared behind her, and she sat down. She might have to put her dinner plans off, but at least she could be comfy while giving Bill a piece of her mind. On second thought…a small table appeared before her along with the steak dinner she had been wanting, a glass of her ubiquitous sweet tea, and two large slices of orange cake, and a very large Caesar salad…with extra garlic.

She glanced up at his angry, bewildered face.  “What?  I told you I was hungry.”

After quickly eating and verbally enjoying most of her steak and her salad – complete with garlic croutons – Sookie finally decided to continue with Bill, who had had no choice but to watch her dinner performance, his face betraying both his rage at being held and his disgust with her food…and more than a little fear. She wondered what she’d have to do to make him wet his pants…  It was a delightfully good thing she was the only guest on this floor.

“Ahh, that’s better. Now, another thing you fail to realize? I have since learned exactly what vampire blood does to the one who swallows it, and Bill, you are the biggest fucking asshole I have ever met, and I’ve met some big ones. See, I’d gone over 25 years without losing my virginity then, suddenly, within what, eight? nights of meeting you, I lost it. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty fucking sure that would NOT have happened if my Gran had still been alive – and not just because your blood called me over to you after her funeral, but you know what? I think you had her killed just so you could have more influence in my life, more control over it. Of course, since her killer is dead I have no proof, but Billy-Boy, I don’t need proof. I know, and that’s enough for me.”

She paused to sip slowly at her tea, ate another bite of steak, then took a bite of the garlic toast accompanying it.  With a dead-eye glare, she continued.

“You’re such a pathetic fucking bastard! You glamoured the Rattrays to try to “drain” you to test me, then you tried to get me to drink your nasty blood the first night we met! Then you glamoured the Ratts to beat the hell out of me just so you could get your nasty-ass’d blood in my anyway! After that, you had the gall to glamour Rene to attack my grandmother, and you were nowhere to be seen when he attacked me. You “always had my best interest at heart”? Really Bill? Fuckin’ REALLY?  You had my “best interests at heart” while you covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream and alert Tara and Alcide when you were fucking draining me in the back of that work van?  Let’s go over all this again to see if any of seems familiar to you,” she sneered angrily.

Bill stood immobilized, his fear growing exponentially as Sookie’s hands and eyes started glowing with an unearthly bright yellow light.

Fuck! While he couldn’t glamour her, he could control his blood inside her and had done so to keep her from figuring out his plans. He had been able to keep her affections focused solely on him, which stopped her from thinking rationally.  But…but the blood control was gone now. He was so fucked!

“Yeah, Bill, your pathetic game is so over now. Oops for your ass but while I was away from here and away from you and your fucking blood, I started thinking and do you want to know what I think? I think you, who are never EVER late for anything, were “late” just in time to have the Rattrays beat the shit out of me so that I’d have to take your blood. Know why I think this? Because while I was away from here, and like I said, away from you, you worthless sonofabitch, and your nasty, disgusting blood, I realized why their minds felt funny when I was reading them as they were kicking and punching the shit out of me – they were both glamoured. I repeat:  You tried to get me to drink your nasty blood that first night I met you, and when that didn’t work, you had the Ratts almost kill me so that I would “have” to drink it – yet you never once bothered to tell me what kind of effects drinking your blood would have on me. Not once did you ever volunteer to come clean to me, Bill, not once!  Now you didn’t mind going on and on and on about Eric’s blood and what Eric’s blood might do to me, but as for yourself? Hell no you didn’t tell me shit! You didn’t want me to realize just how much of a dickhead you really are. You also never did tell me any fucking thing about the Supe world that you decided to bring me into, and I know exactly why, too, you fucking prick.”

Too angry to eat now and doubly angry with Bill because of it, with a casual flick of her hand the table and everything on it magically disappeared before Bill’s disbelieving eyes. She stalked over to him and raged into his face, “You wanted total control of me, my power, and my blood, and you gladly did what you wanted to make sure you had that control, didn’t you, jackass. ‘My best interests at heart’? What a fucking joke, you sniveling cowardly low-down fucking bastard. I thought that I genuinely cared about you but it was just your blood fucking with my head. I finally realized that you have tried to control my mind and my heart from that second night. THE SECOND NIGHT, BILL, “she screamed into his face, hoping the reeking of her garlic breath would nauseate the overly-sensitive pussy-vamp.

“You lied to me, you used me, you fucked me under false pretenses, you killed my Gran, you left me vulnerable to Rene’s attack knowing good and well that so-called fangbangers were being killed left and right.  I guess I wasn’t supposed to know that if I was “yours” you were supposed to see to my protection. Total fail, Beehl, total fucking fail – just like you.”

She paced off a couple of feet then turned around suddenly.  “Oh, yeah, and thanks for taking for-fucking-ever to call your Disco Triplet dogs off me. Yeah, I really enjoyed meeting Malcolm, Diane, and Liam.  Asshole!”

Sookie couldn’t help it – when she remembered her terror that night, one hand flew up and she didn’t bother stopping the bright yellow sparks from striking Bill’s chest. What a stupid motherfucker, she fumed. Oh, and…

“And you do NOT force-fuck new non-virgins in a damn nasty muddy cemetery, you fucking asshole.”

Stronger sparks flew at the flat center of his khakis and left black burn marks and a gaping hole in the fabric. Yup, she rolled her eyes, he’s still with the tighty-whities.

“I can’t figure out why you killed Bartlett, though,” she said with faux contemplation. “Were you trying to get in my good graces by killing someone, or were you just bored and wanted to play a little murder? If I’d wanted him dead, you stupid jerkoff, I’d have killed him myself.”

She zapped his hands with enough heat and force to ensure that every bone was broken beneath the charred skin. The stench of crispy vampire flesh was starting to clog the corridor, so she decided to get on with the show. Fucking prick wouldn’t take a hint before, maybe he would now.

“And after all that, ALL that, I still went and rescued your worthless ass from that insane cocksucker Russell and your two-bit whore-bitch of a Maker – even after you passed me off to Eric like a second-hand couch, I still saved you! Your fucking blood had warped my brain to the point that I didn’t care – I just wanted you to be ok! Well fuck that shit, asshole.”

With an evil grin, Sookie tossed a brightly glowing ball of yellow light between her hands as she decided what she was going to do next. While she could end Bill right then and be done with the useless ass-fucker, killing when not in danger still went against her grain, no matter how much she’d like to do it. So, instead of doing what she really wanted to, she decided to release Bill…a little.

Beehl,” she simpered with exaggerated sweetness, “When I let you go, you be sure to run to the elevator or the stairwell like the good little coward you are. Run fast now so I don’t hurt you too badly,” she advised with fake concern.

With that said, she released most of his paralysis so that he was, indeed, able to run…with the speed of a human trying to walk through three feet of molasses. Her grin widened.

“This is for fucking your Maker while I was being tortured by the FOTS!”

She zapped his ass repeatedly.

“This is for glamouring my grandmother!”

She zapped the small of his back.

“This is for killing my grandmother!”

She zapped the middle of his back repeatedly until smoke started filling the hallway.

“This is for setting me up to be almost killed by the Ratts!”

She zapped both sides of his ribcage – twice. She made sure all his ribs were broken.

“This is for fucking draining me after I’d rescued you from your fucked-up Maker!”

She incinerated the hand he’d held over her mouth to prevent her from screaming for help.

“And this is for choosing that shitty hair-do!”

She zapped a bald spot into the hair on the back of his head.

“Hey, jackass,” she called out a few seconds later, not expecting him to turn to her. Facing an enemy head-on was so not his forte.

When he wouldn’t turn around, she forced him to turn around and face her. As his expression was no longer frozen, his face mirrored his fear, pain, and disbelief.   Li’l Sookie was no longer under his thumb.

“And this is for taking my virginity under false pretenses, and fucking me over in more ways than one.”

The force of her burning light knocked him backwards against the elevator doors as he clutched at his groin and realized through his pain and fear that she had burnt off his penis and balls.

As if by fairy magic, the elevator dinged, the doors opened, and Bill was invisibly hauled by the scruff of his neck into the box.

“Going down?”

Once Bill had finally left, Sookie waved away the smoky stench from the corridor and reentered her suite.  Dammit, she was still hungry.

 **A/N: While I’m sure some, ok, most of y’all wanted to see her kill him dead, at this point (cursing aside) it’s still not in Sookie’s nature to kill someone who isn’t directly attacking her or someone she’s protecting. I can’t say she won’t do it LATER, though. Non-ending Beehl aside, how did you like it? I tried to cover all his sins against her as best I could, and I loved her light show!**

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  4. Jackie69: YVW! 😀
    I strongly suspect the writers are required to toss a dart at the “Sookie Mood Of The Moment” dartboard before writing every episode and they have to take what they get. Completely relevantly, I’ve also become an episode coward…can’t imagine why…and wait till later to watch it. Forewarned is forearmed… Thanks for reading!


  5. Ohhhh yeah!!! Loving it! Seriously, I loved how you brought up sooo many times, if you need another one ever, how he left her to die in the nest…..


  6. Kittyinaz: 😀 Thank you!! I’ve left it open so I can add even more things later on if the story goes in that direction and I’ll DEFINITELY keep that shitacular move in mind! Glad you liked it! 😀


  7. I do think Sookie managed to cover all the major points. Your Bill is truly an asshole. He deserved to die for killing her grandmother. Too bad Eric isn’t around to see her reaction to Bill’s visit.


  8. murgatroid98: Good, glad I caught most of them, but I did want to save a thing or two for later jic Sookie decided to go there again, lol. And, I had actually considered letting Eric be a fly on the wall, but along those lines I think you’ll like the next chapter… 😀


  9. cari1973: Lol, right? I strongly suspect Bill would have still been ‘lit up’ even if he’d been there first, though. *evil laugh* Glad you liked it! 😀


  10. This whole chapter is ducking priceless!!! Seeing inside Beehl’s head just goes to show how incredibly nonredeeming he truly is!!! I’m glad to see him get put in his place!!! And these are just his offenses against Sookie thru season 3!!! He’s done far worse since then!! Great job, and more please!!!


  11. missrissa81: Thank you gorgeous! I may have left a couple of less offenses hanging for jic there’s a “later”, but I loved covering these! (But I will admit that it sucks that I couldn’t cover past S3, though…)

    He is – he’s all face, no grace, and Sookie has seen through all his faces at that! 😀 Thank you!!


  12. Oh and by far my favorite part!!!

    As he approached her door, Eric’s scent grew stronger which further befouled Bill’s mood even as his small cock tried to harden over Sookie’s increased fairy scent. After needlessly adjusting himself at vamp speed, he inhaled her delicious bouquet deeply, then knocked. Surely this wouldn’t take too long.

    But I severely doubt that Beehl sees his “manhood” as anything less than impressive!!


  13. Brilliant!!! It was great to read how Bill was put in his place by Sookie since we will never get to see this on TB (and more shockingly we never got this in the books where his misdemeanours were even worse, more like unforgivable crimes but hey… Fuck canon). I actually liked that Sookie in this case did not kill Bill – can’t believe I’m writing this as I am normally of the ‘the only good Bill Compton is a dead Bill Compton’ school – because Sookie is such a badass and so rightfully angry that I kinda want to enjoy Bill remembering his humiliation… And possibly getting another or a few other rounds of Sookie-ness… Would be nice if there was a videotape of this that Eric could see just so he appreciates he got off lightly… Can’t wait for whatever comes next in this great story… Who can’t enjoy a story where Sookie takes control of her life…


  14. redjane12: Thank you!! There was so much from SVM (yes – TOTALLY fuck SVM…), and even from seasons after 3, that I so wanted to put in – very hard not to. And I totally agree: making King Beehl live with this humiliation is so much better, and…I may have saved a thing or 2 back for a future bitch-out session (that may or may not happen, story-depending), jic.

    But yeah, I love the idea of Bill having to live with the knowledge that not only is Sookie no longer “his” in any imagination, but that she’s an ass-kicker who he can’t possibly control now. That will eat him alive (while he’s regrowing his crispy body parts…) 😀


  15. A/N: Yes he was stopped in the van before he raped and killed her. That is more on the SVM side. Either way, he still violated her in some way. JMHO.

    Stalker Scumbill comes out in the first few paragraphs. Ugh I hate him so much.

    OMFG LOVED Sookie getting her revenge. Let him live to torture him even more knowing he’ll never have her again. Pain and suffering growing everything back. hmmm think that LA needs a new king or queen. That would be icing on the cake.


  16. theladykt: Oh, I completely and absolutely agree with you – even though he didn’t rape her with his penis, he definitely raped her with his fangs – she had offered him her pre-cut wrist, but when he tossed her over onto the floor of the van and held her down with his hand on her mouth and drove his fangs into her neck? Definite violation.

    Thank you!! It was a pure joy to write, too! (I can totally see Sookie taking pot shots at him every time she sees him, “Wanna dance, Beehl?” *zap…zap*

    LA just might be scheduled to have a new King…ya neva know… 😉


  17. Oh, so splendid! I love it! The more “non-canon” the better! Where to begin? Hmm… Well we all know that Sookie has a much larger axe to grind with Bill than she does with anyone, and she sure let Bill have it! Love it!

    For Bill to show up at her hotel room was presumptuous. I would think first before taking it upon assuming she may have had company…

    Here’s what I don’t get & it’s probably while I’ll never understand Bill’s motivations, He tells her and promises so many absurd things, how she not see that these are empty promises and pretty dreams that will never some to fruition? By rhis time, she’s as wrapped around his finger as he is of with hers. Needless to say, Bill’s influence is far stronger.

    Sookie calling him out as a liar and a master manipulator was a thing of beauty! Just her eating her dinner in front of him, knowing how much it bothers him, was genius! I loved it! She did everything she could to annoy him and it worked! I really enjoy this Sookie! When she held him in the stasis spell, making all of her grand children somewhat susceptible as well. Fortunately, Sookie was able to release it in order to torture Bill, and that made the chapter all the more worth reading! I can’t see what else she has in store for Eric!

    Such a fabulous, and I can’t wait to see what Sooie’s got up her sleeves for the next one!


  18. msbuffy: Thank you – very glad you did!! I saw Eric’s coming to her at the hotel because he wanted to check on her and was very glad to see her, but Bill? I saw him going solely to capture his prey. Bill, well, both of them, honestly, really should have called from the front desk/lobby and asked if she wanted to see them, but of course they didn’t…

    As much as I hate to admit it, I do believe that Bill *eventually* did have a soft spot in his heart (and stomach, and…) for Sookie – the only thing, though, is that just because someone loves you doesn’t mean that their version of love is in the least bit healthy or even sane. In my story itt took Sookie not only leaving his small physical sphere, but the entire plane AND the power he had over his blood in her to realize just how very unhealthy his versio of “love” was.

    And about the absurd things he says and does, I figure his blood in her brain twisted everything just enough that her (blood-forced) adoration for him literally made her unable to process and see the differences between his actions and his words.

    I just HAD to have her eating her smelly, meaty dinner right in front of him – all while making him wait… *evil cackle*

    Very glad you liked it! 😀


  19. After reading that I feel like I need to buy you a punching bag with Bill’s face on it. Or better yet one with microscopic testes a toothpick and some sideburns…


  20. hisviks: LMAO!! Either/or… 😉 I wouldn’t bother giving Sookie one – she’d just blast it w/ her fairy powers and go have another lunch. 😀


  21. Unfortunately, I do have to agree with you about Bill having a soft spot for Sookie, but I don’t believe this was love on his part; I took as more of an obsession, and a very unhealthy one at that. He still may have had deep-rooted feelings for her, but just how many times doe one have to be told that the answer is a resounding NO?

    I loved that you had her eating in front of him, knowing just how much he hates it! I’ve been cackling evilly since I read the first part, and the read it to my husband. He loved it; he’s a long-time Bill hater! I couldn’t stop laughing! Brava, young woman! Well done! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  22. Well isn’t that the whole point of a workout? So you can double up on the normal amount of calories you eat… and then that bag of chips because you got extra sweaty ooh and chocolate…


  23. hisviks: Ohhh, absolutely! And because you drank some water while working out that double spiked latte you make that night won’t count a bit…


  24. That was GREAT!!! I think it’s a little bit of therapy for all of us and what will probably happen of TB. I don’t think I will be watching tonight unless we get some more Eric and Sookie. I can’t see Eric looking more infected.:(


  25. gyllene: Thank you!! And I agree – even just watching the awesome clips of him and Sookie together were bad enough w/ the icky veins showing on his chest. 😦


  26. I was waiting for that last shot. The second Sookie started sparking I thought, ‘ooh, his bits aren’t going to last! ‘

    Brilliant! !!!!!!


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  28. Looooooved it. Snickered the whole way through. I still feel a bit sorry for Eric but I guess he WAS guilty of the things she said. While Bill is an ass-wipe and will never admit to any wrong-doing and is just looking for a way to get her under control again, at least Eric is genuinely remorseful for what he did. He didn’t make excuses and he will, I’m sure, eventually make it up to her 🙂 Can’t wait for another chapter…


  29. ericluver: Thank you!! I hope I was able to show exactly why Sookie feels the way she does about Eric – and it was really hard in one way to write that simply because so many readers DO love Eric (me, too!). I wanted to show that Sookie’s anger toward him really wasn’t unreasoning, but I’m hoping her encounter with him was cathartic enough that, eventually, she’ll be able to listen to him.
    Sadly I don’t think his excuses are going to fly very far with her – he was, indeed, super-high-handed and arrogant in presuming to abuse her body and allowing Russell to abuse her body, for the ‘greater good’ without ever once asking or even warning her, but I also think he’s learned his lessons.
    Bill never even had a good excuse. Like Eric he thought he had the right to use her for whatever purpose might serve his needs, but unlike Eric, he never truly cared or had a conscience about any of his abuses.
    I have a feeling that Sookie isn’t done with either of them, though. She’s angrier at Eric, and feels more betrayed by him, simply because her true feelings for him ran much deeper than than the false emotions she was caused to feel for Bill. Bill pissed her off – Eric really hurt her feelings and damaged her trust in him.

    However, Sookie is a MUCH more forgiving soul than I’ll ever be. If someone had kidnapped me, threw me down on a nasty dungeon floor, chained me by my neck in that filthy dungeon, didn’t tell me anything much less WHY they were betraying me, then actively encouraged a psycho-vamp to fang rape me, then fang-raped me themselves, and then left me bleeding out and half-drained on a table, I’d have silvered the bastard come sunrise no matter how pretty his face, cock, or excuse was. I might not have killed him (and that’s a surprisingly huge “might”), but he’d certainly never have my trust or affections again. 😀


  30. So…..not a Bill fan? LOL — that was fabulous. Love, love take charge Sookie. Do NOT get on her bad side :D. Thanks for writing this story — extremely cathartic — looking forward to more.


  31. Absolutely loved her reactions to both Eric n Bill, both were totally deserved….she should have bitch smacked Bill while she talking/ranting at him…Love how Eric truly realises that he messed up, hopefully she’ll be able to accept his apology….So can’t wait for more


  32. eaaustin85: Thank you! Sadly it might take Sookie a little while to realize exactly why she’s SO angry with Eric – granted, he did fuck up royally, but he’ll get the point, and so will she – eventually! Bill, however, is rarely as smart as his mama made him… 😀


  33. Loved this slam against TB!Sookie: “what kind of person whored themselves out to two men at once? Oh, yeah, indiscriminate fairy sluts, that’s who…” Bwahahahahah!
    The rest of this chapter? So full of win! I love your Sookie – no longer a doormat, no longer a victim. Finally showing that she can be Eric’s equal, since you want them to have a HEA.

    It’s about damn time. Ever see those “Claritin clear” commercials? Where they peel back a portion of the image and now the screen is brighter and clearer? That’s what I think happened to Sookie in Faery. That thin veneer is gone, and suddenly she can see past the bulls#*t.

    Now I have to go read the next chapter.


  34. YESSSSS…… I want to see this eposode of True Suck it would be the highest rating episode ever


  35. Doing a bit of catching up. I couldn’t help but stop and reread this! The rest I’ll scan, but this? Too perfect to gloss over. Bye bye Bill bits!


  36. gwynwyvar: Ohh, I love doing that, too – going back and reviewing a fic just to make sure that I haven’t forgotten this/that…then getting hooked into a chapter, lol. I’m just glad you like it enough to revisit! 😀 (And I’m still doin’ the evil grin thinkin’ about Billy’s Missin’ Bits…)

    Liked by 1 person

  37. YES! I love what she did to Beeehl. LOL. I just hope she hasn’t shown him too much of her powers so he will know he’s dealing with a more powerful Sookie. Might make him get even more sneaky and hire a witch or whoever to get to her using magic. Excellent story.


  38. nedbella: Bill’s a cocky, arrogant, delusional assbastard, so you know he’s still in his own evil smelly little world…but Sookie now comes complete with backbone *and* brains, so Bill had best watch out… *evil grin* Glad you like it!


  39. Omg!!!!! U r gonna get me fired lol. I’m sneaking and reading this wonderful story while I should be working and I’m laughing my ass off so loudly at what she did to Bill that I’m surely caught lol. This story is kicks, I love this Sookie and am dieing to see what the next chapter has in store. If I find myself filing for unemployment, Meridian it’s all your fault lol. Love this story, thank u for sharing this with us


  40. Melissa Moore: Heh, don’t get fired!! But, if you do…I do have several more completed and several more in progress if that helps…not to mention a ton of one-shots… *snicker* Now get back to it! *cracks employment whip*


  41. Your character construction of Bill is excellent. He is even more repulsive than usual but skilfully created through actions, speech and his internal monologue. Wow I sound really teachery… I thought the dinner with garlic was a really nice, slightly evil touch.


  42. ladytarara: Hey thanks! I see him in this story (as in most that I write – hey, have you checked out She’s Back – ? It’s a one-shot with a really skeevy Bill) as so perversely delusional that he needs to be locked away for the good of all mankind… Glad that came through. Garlic bread, anyone?

    Well, you ARE a teacher…it’s forgiven! You’ve appeased my inner Hermione… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  43. LMAO – Inner Hermione! He he – think I’ve got one of those too! Will have to check out your one shot. Bill deserves everything he gets, including extra garlic bread. Hmm wonder how the vampires in France cope…


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