The Moon, Ch. 25

As Eric reluctantly made his way down to Pamela’s cell, he couldn’t help but wonder how in the hell Sevrin had been able to come up with the things he’d said.

How would he know if Pamela lied to him? Pamela was a highly skilled liar; he was the only one who could usually tell the difference and even then sometimes only because of the bond they had once shared.

How would he know if she was supposedly “extremely loyal”?   There had been a time when Eric would have agreed, but that time was long passed.

Also, if she really was so loyal, then why had she almost literally stabbed him in the back? Why had she chased off Sookie, the one person she knew Eric loved more than anyone on the planet?

Jealousy? Of course she had been jealous, but if she’d been that “loyal”, wouldn’t that have overridden the jealous bitch that lived inside her?

Eric shook his head.

What was she hiding from him, and for how long?

Why was that secret obviously worth severing all ties with her own Maker? Why was that secret worth enduring her Maker’s considerable wrath?

Nothing was making sense.

It tore at him how his heart had momentarily lightened upon hearing of Pamela’s loyalty. For a second he had come nearly to rejoicing over that salve to his pain, but then common sense had reared its soothing head and quashed the temptation.

Pamela was loyal to Pamela first and primarily; all others were secondary at best. There had been a time when he’d have said with assurance that she was a loyal progeny, but that time ended when his time with Sookie had begun so long ago.

Now…now he…

Now he cursed Sevrin for giving him what would surely be false hope.

A loyal Pamela.


But then again, how did Sevrin know these things?


Sookie and Willa watched as Eric blurred from the room, both concerned about him and the situation he was soon to face. Neither of them thought things would end well.


Willa’s voice interrupted her worried thoughts.


“How did Sevrin know the things he said?”

“I have a theory,” she said slowly as she contemplated what she’d seen on the screen. “But it’s so off the wall that it can’t be right,” she warned.

“What is it?”

Sookie looked over at the younger vampire.

“From what I saw on the screen just now, from the way he looked…the way he talked, the things he said… Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sevrin was maybe a telepath like me.”

Willa stared at Sookie in less shock than Sookie was expecting.

“Yeah. That thought had crossed my mind, too,” she finally said. “Just the way he, you know. Like, the way he interrupted her and told he not to lie to him, that he would know. How else would he know if not by being able to somehow read it in her thoughts, right?”

“And he knew about some sort of threats before he’d even talked to her,” Sookie added.

Willa nodded, her expression revealing deeper thoughts.

A minute later she asked, “Can you imagine being a telepathic vampire? He…it would be so dangerous… He couldn’t let anyone know, ever. But he did just now.”

Sookie, feeling the weight of the decision Sevrin had made on her behalf, looked down at her abdomen.


Refusing to give her friend a chance to become emotionally overwrought over the issue, Willa blurred over to the small bar in Eric’s office and grabbed Sookie a cold water from the fridge, then helped ease her pregnant friend into the slightly lower desk chair she’d wheeled over earlier. She then sat down in Eric’s taller chair to wait for the upcoming scene.

Knowing Pam, it was bound to be good.


Eric rounded the corner near Pamela’s cell, and instead of pausing or even slowing his step, he boldly entered the open doorway and took his position beside Sevrin’s imposing figure.

The other vampire gave him an indecipherable look but suddenly Eric knew.

He just…knew.

The look in the dark-haired vampire’s eyes when he was talking to Pamela…the way he spoke with her…the phrases he used with her…the way his eyes looked like Sookie’s when she was…

Eric just knew.

Sevrin was a fucking telepath.

Somehow, someway…a fucking telepath.

And Pamela did not need to know this.

Eric knew far better than most the danger inherent in being a telepath in the vampire world, and the risk his old acquaintance was taking by allowing this closest of all secrets out was astronomical.

Yeah, fuck Pam, she didn’t need to know this.

Pam, for once using her common sense, was kneeling on the floor with her head bowed, and thankfully saw nothing.


As Sookie and Willa watched, Eric entered the room and barely glanced at Pam. He did exchange an odd look with Sevrin, and Sookie, at least, could tell that he suddenly realized the truth about the tall dark-haired mountain.

Knowing her Eric as she did, she doubted he’d reveal this secret to Pam or anyone else for that matter. Pam, no matter how loyal Sevrin had said she was, simply wasn’t trustworthy enough to take that risk and nobody else needed to know.

Willa, she considered, wasn’t quite as familiar with Eric’s expressions and reactions and so she probably wouldn’t realize yet that Eric had caught on, but she’d tell her later if she had to. Right now the show was about to begin and she didn’t want to miss a thing.

She tried to ignore her sudden craving for hot buttered popcorn, something not usually found in a vampire bar.


With a barely detectable nod, Eric assured the slightly younger vampire of both his knowledge and his discretion.

He looked down at Pamela with almost palpable distaste.


His voice was cold and distant, and it shook Pam to her core.

How could she explain this without making things between them any worse? Well, they really couldn’t get any worse unless he ended her himself, and in a way that would be a blessing in disguise considering how bad things were.

And, she mentally caught hold of herself, considering how things really were now that somehow Sevrin had figured it out, and judging by the smell of things the fact that the fucking fairy was right back in her Maker’s life, she could at least give Eric the ammunition of knowledge to hopefully help him keep himself safe.

It might be too late for herself, but maybe her Maker could survive this.

That fucking fairy…none of this shit would be going on if it wasn’t for that fucking fairy…

Staunching her seething hatred and keeping her head bowed, Pam spoke.

“Pantelides himself from the Pantelides Clan in Maryland contacted me the night after Sookie called the bar.”

At the mention of that name, Sookie and Willa heard both Eric and Sevrin inhale sharply.

Pam continued.

“I don’t know how they knew she’d called the bar, but somehow they did. They informed me quite strongly that if you resumed contact with her, they would end you and me both. They would wrap us in silver netting, pull out our fingernails and toenails, drive silver pins through our bones, flay the skin from our bodies, and then soak us in salt water for 50 years. After that they would leave us out for the sun to kiss.”

Pam shivered and paused to gather her thoughts, and Eric glanced at Sevrin to see if she was lying or preparing to lie. He quirked his brow and Sevrin simply shook his head once in negation.

“Every week after that someone would call either my phone or the bar and demand any information I had about her. Usually it was a Dae named Kazilieris, but sometimes one named Tokatlidis would call. Then when Sookie had the gall to show up at the bar, I had to do something to make sure she didn’t come back. After that, for two months straight I would get four calls a week. They finally stopped calling eight months ago.”

Sookie gasped then trembled. She was almost nine months along…

Without saying a word, Willa moved her chair closer to Sookie’s and held her hand.

Eric and Sevrin exchanged looks, then Sevrin frowned heavily at Pam.

“Continue,” he ordered in a voice no one would dare defy.

“I…they…” Pam struggled to find a better way to state what she had to say next, but couldn’t.

She truly had fucked up royally and it was time to pay.

“Tokatlidis wasn’t the one who usually called me, but when he did, he liked to chat. Kazilieris was all business and nasty threats, but Tokatlidis saw himself as an interesting conservationist and let a lot of information drop. The Dae…fuck…,” she paused, and the expression on her face warned all who saw it that she knew her life would be in danger with her upcoming revelation.

“Once King Compton was dead, he said that the Pantelides Clan decided that they wanted Sookie. They think that because she’s a telepathic fairy that she would be a strong addition to their Clan, something about her genetics. Tokatlidis said that they were afraid that if you had time to get your 1,000-year-old blood into her, she might be able to better resist some sort of Dae glamour. I never did understand that part,” she added with an involuntary flick of her wrist, which indicated to Eric that she didn’t understand it solely because she didn’t give a shit about Sookie.

“They also knew that if she’d had your blood and they kidnapped her, you’d be able to locate her, and they couldn’t risk that. He said they wanted her to be added to their Clan peacefully but in the end they didn’t really care how they got their hands on her just so long as it was without your blood in her.”

With visible effort Eric controlled his fury. He knew Pamela and her tells, and realized that there was more to this sordid story. He could rend her to pieces afterward.

As stiffly as Sevrin was holding himself, Eric knew he was close to exploding as well.


His voice held as little warmth as Sevrin’s had earlier.

“He said that they…they had what they called ‘bait’ supposed to be in place to meet Sookie after Compton’s death, but something happened to him and he died. They had to scramble to find someone else to lure her into popping out little telepathic Fae-Dae babies before she could worm her way back into your life and that is why they threatened me with torture and death for both of us. They…they also told me that if I told you anything about it, they would end us both anyway. They were just as desperate that you not find out what they were doing as they were to get their claws on her,” she cried.

She raised fearful eyes to gaze upon her Maker.

“And somehow they knew what was going on, Eric. Somehow they knew everything that happened in the bar, in our offices, everything. If I had told you anything, they would have found out, so I couldn’t risk it. I couldn’t risk you.”

That she didn’t mind risking Sookie was left loudly unsaid.

Eric turned and walked out of the room.


Willa watched with tearful eyes as Sookie placed her hands on her abdomen and bowed her head low, and was ever so grateful when barely a moment later Eric came bursting  through the door.  With a nod to her Maker she gave them their privacy, and went in search of some dinner.

Eric scooped the demoralized, softly-weeping Sookie into his arms and quietly carried her down to the safe-room behind his office.  Right then the rest of the world could go hang for all he cared.

**A/N:  So…what did you think?  Can you see where Pam was coming from in her own twisted, strange, anti-Sookie way?  What do you think Eric should do now?  How should he handle this?   I hope y’all liked it – lemme know!**


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35 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 25

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  2. Ah the plot turns. Must be hard to realize you were so coldly used for what you could produce. No value to you- just your genetics. But why is it so important that Eric be kept at arms length?? And who is their spy?

    Liked by 3 people

  3. You are so creative! I had no idea how you were going to make Pam look loyal, but you did. I’m glad Eric realized Servin’s secret. Sookie must feel very scared after learning about all those threats. She does need Eric’s help and protection. I don’t know what Eric should do. Pam was not loyal because Sookie was his life and Pam need to realize that first and then move from there. Fantastic chapter! I laughed when Sookie wanted popcorn.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hmmm…I SUPPOSE I can see her (twisted) reasoning, but she should have trusted Eric. Personally, I think she used it mostly as an excuse because she didn’t want Sookie back in Eric’s life. After all, she did say that the FIRST time they called was after she’d ignored Sookie’s first phone call.

    Thanks for the bonus chapter. I can’t wait for more. This is getting so exciting!

    Liked by 6 people

  5. I suppose her actions were “loyal” in her own mind at least, although I agree with switbo that they were just an excuse to keep Sookie out of Eric’s life.
    If she really trusted and was loyal to Eric she should, and could, have found a way of telling him what was going on. She confessed that the Dae knew everything that went on in the bar and offices, but what about out in public or in their private homes? Sorry, but not good enough!
    And I feel sorry for Sookie finding out how she was used to “breed.” And that she now has Dae after her for some reason.
    Great chapter and thanks for Andre too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Using Pam, they have managed to turn Sookie into a walking incubator. Pam was determined to get rid of Sookie, with or without help from Dae, from the very beginning. Fae telepathy comment, means there is different Dae telepathy that may be able to ‘hear’ vampires (would know all of the own head of the interested parties, ensuring their cooperation until the work was done). A kidnapping attempt hovering in the air when Sookie give birth.

    There is no better defense than a good offense, and now Eric knows which Dae family has to be eradicated from the face of the earth (or hell, if where they are located).

    This is so exciting!

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  7. Maybe Pam was being ‘loyal’ to Eric in that she wanted to protect him from a true death however, she was protecting her own ass too. With the added benefit that Sookie would stay out of his life and she could have him all to herself. Her little confession didn’t sway me in the least and I think they would be better off with her out of their lives permanently. It would be very hard and painful for Eric, but he should let Sevrin end her. She isn’t going to change or be reformed, and spending any time at all in Sevrins camp will only make her more dangerous to Sookie and her child in the long run. As for this Dae family, they need to be dealt with swiftly. Wonder if Eric has ties to any Dae that can help him in this?

    Thanks for another great chapter!!!

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  8. I’m still in the she’s using any thing to justify her actions camp . Ok there was a threat to her and her maker and anything said at fangtaisa seems to be relayed back to them ….so she could not inform him out with the walls and since when do vampires fear the Dae ?
    Oh the intrigue ….love the workings of your mind .
    Ah Sookie forever coveted .
    Loved this chapter .

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  9. I’ve been dying to know what Pam did or didn’t do. I had a few ideas in mind, but I never guessed she was ‘threatened’ into what she did. In one way I can understand why she did as she did, she was scared for her Maker, and herself, but I can’t help but think a larger part of her just used it as the excuse she needed to try and keep Sookie and Eric apart.

    I’ve always thought Pam had a unique perspective on what betrayal entails. She thinks she knows what’s best for Eric, thinks she is all he needs, so to her keeping others, some he might love, away from him isn’t a betrayal. She just thinks she’s doing what is best. Of course all of Pam’s actions are steeped in selfishness, something she fails to realise.

    Poor Sookie though. To hear you’ve been used as nothing more than a breeder has to hurt.

    Can’t wait to read more.

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  10. Poor Sookie, used as a broodmare for nefarious purposes. Eric & Servin are as we say in the hood, “38 hot” like a smoking 38 pistol. Heads are gonna roll for sure. First up should be Pam’s.

    I would get you some coffee if I could just as long as it is not the dreaded PSL, Pumpkin Spice Latte lol!


  11. Looks like Pam was caught between a rock and a hard place. She was damned no matter what she did. At least this way, Sookie has gotten Eric’s protection and Sevrin’s, too. I imagine these Dae are tough, but I think they bit off more than they can chew. It’s obvious they are afraid of Eric or they wouldn’t have bothered with threats like that. Excellent chapter and reveal.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Poor Sookie! I see that Pam thought she was doing right by her Maker but surely there was someplace they could have talked where no one could hear them. They can fucking fly! I can’t wait to read more and see how Eric is going to deal with this. First off make Sookie feel better. Great chapter or should I say chapters as always. 🙂

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  13. Pam is still guilty of treachery. Assuming there were listening devices in their offices, she simply could have talked with Eric outside of the bar. Did she honestly think that Eric should be kept in the dark? He’s lived 1,000 years! She’s practically a new born, how could she not trust him to know what to do? Of course, she had a secondary motive – jealousy.

    Sookie’s husband is part Dae, and he used Dae glamour to make her friends ignore her predicament. If not for Willa, Sookie would still be in the Dae’s hands, probably kidnapped by now.

    I don’t think concern for Eric is enough for Pam to be free from consequences. She doesn’t see anything wrong with her attitude towards Sookie, even with a maker’s command, she would always be a danger. She’s sly enough to get around it.

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  14. Pam really was stupid in the way she handled this. She is so jealous of Sookie that she was making terrible decisions. Poor Sookie how will she deal with all this nonsense. Just who is the spy in there mist? Wonder is Mr C could help with this mess.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I seem to agree with most of the comments about Pam – she conveniently used these threats to keep Sookie away from Eric. After all they didn’t call Pam until AFTER Sookie first tried to contact him…
    Poor Sookie, finding out that way that she is only being used to breed, sigh, she deserves so much better.
    I believe Eric and Sevrin needs to take out an entire Dae clan ASAP!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Hidden camera’s somewhere maybe, another spy Eric or Sookie haven’t been able to ferret out? And love how much Eric loves Sookie that she is where he heads to first to help comfort her after hearing all that nastiness come out of Pam’s mouth

    Liked by 1 person

  17. The good news, Eric now has a specific target to focus on. I would expect something very creative to deal with the Dae clan that was behind what was done. And now would be an excellent time to contact Mr C. and get his take on this issue and options.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I can’t say that I blame Pam for her actions. It would be hard for her to not feel as though Sookie is to blame even though it’s really not her fault, it’s the Dae who are at fault. I don’t know what Eric should do with her now. I’m not certain that she could ever be trusted around Sookie or the baby, knowing the lengths she would go to to protect her Maker from what she feels are threats. And she clearly feels that Sookie is one.


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  20. Pam always seems to twists things to her benefit, i don’t think she was necessarily saving her Maker’s ass, but more her own. he would just be an acceptable plus. she is so twisted by now that she didn’t even think to realize that if she told Eric she needed to talk elsewhere they could have spoken openly and honestly and i think Sevrin knows this from her thoughts, she didn’t want to be the collateral damage, she wanted Sookie to be in that spot. jealousy and selfishness got the better of her. Now for the DAE, that opens a whole new ball of wax, unless Eric gets blood into the baby so that he can track her/him as well as Sookie, i have a feeling no matter the wards they will try to steal the baby once it is born, i think a bond needs to be formed and soon with both of them. i have a feeling Sevrin will have a few suggestions that they may not like. KY


  21. i forgot to mention the popcorn comment, i was laughing my ass off about it, she in for a show and needed some goodies while she watched. but i think it was for the best she didn’t have anything, don’t know if she would have kept it down after finding out what she was to be used for. KY


  22. Yeah, the “I couldn’t say anything ” is total bullshit. She was delighted to have a reason to blow Sookie off when she tried to contact Eric. Her actions are the equivalent to conspiring with the Dae. Even more disappointing than just spitefully lying to her maker for her own selfish reasons.


  23. Yeah… But it didn’t excuse her. They could have went elsewhere, left all technology behind and communicated. Shit she could have left it in a note!!


  24. I tend to agree with the many comments above that Pam just used this as an excuse. She didn’t want Sookie to be around and she didn’t care what means they used to make sure that she wasn’t. It’s impossible for me to believe she couldn’t have found a way to talk privately with Eric at some point in time. As to what he should do, I’m sure you’ll come up with something suitable for that.


  25. What an emotional roller coaster! I actually agree with what Pam did now! Considering how the old sookie was, and how she treated Eric, I can see why Pam would choose safety over a self righteous, fickle sookie..


  26. hjr949806: See? Pam’s…complicated. She has her own view of the situation and while she’s not exactly right, she’s (annoyingly) not exactly wrong, either. I’m glad that came through! 😀


  27. Those sneaky Dae! What are they up to? Could it be something to do with Sooke’s telepathy being a Dae gift? Maybe the baby will be some kind of Dae super-weapon. And Pam’s decision. to hide what she knew makes a lot of sense given the level of surveillance and the threats being made. I think Eric will still be angry but perhaps feel less betrayed as she did this from a misguided sense of loyalty rather than no loyalty at all.


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