Decisions, Chapter 26

**A/N:  **A/N: To answer a ff reader’s question about Godric’s state of mind during the sex/draining part:
I can expand on Godric’s state of mind:  —————-
Exactly that – his instincts, his beast, whatever you want to call it, that kicked in, and his mind, as such, blacked out. He was at the height, and lost in the depths, of physical pleasure, and ‘that’ part could no longer be held back since, to vampires, sex and feeding are so very closely linked. Also remember that he’s not entirely “centered” in his brain, too, which definitely helped him further disconnect from the reality of what he was doing. All he knew was PLEASURE-FEED-PLEASURE-FEED, over and over and over again. When Cara stilled was when he, basically, came to… I hope that helps?**

In an instant she was on the other side of the kitchen with her hand over her mouth, her throat swallowing convulsively.  Her eyes revealed her shocked dismay as she pressed her back against the wall.

Stunned, Godric stepped forward only for her to throw up a hand to ward him off.

“No, don’t come any closer,” she begged, her face stricken.

The plea in her voice stabbed at his heart.

Had he terrorized her that badly? But…but she was fine a moment ago… What could have changed?

Apparently interpreting his horrified expression correctly, she shook her head, and relaxed a bit when he stood still.

“No, it’s not you, it’s me,” she said behind her hand, then, after a convulsive swallow, that beloved irrepressible sense of humor peeked through, and she smirked briefly at her choice of words.

After a deep breath, she clarified, “If you stay over there, you won’t smell so…so…,” she broke off and covered her face with both hands. Eventually she mumbled, “Deliciously edible.”

Deliciou….  What?  What did she mean by that..?

A flash of brilliance finally pierced Godric’s mind so absorbed in chaotic relief that rational thought had apparently fled – he could probe the bond!

Resting lightly at the back of his mind, at first the bond hadn’t felt any different – it was simply lingering in the recesses as it naturally should have before she had taken so much of his blood.

However, after having to consciously access it, a fact that truly surprised him, he was glad to find it now far stronger and far more informative. He could tell via the tenor of it that she was not his Child, but, regardless, they were very strongly linked, a fact for which he was extremely thankful. That he had to make a conscious effort to access this bond between them would definitely be explored later.

Now…now he had a clearly distressed Cara to understand, soothe, and comfort.

He focused.

While nowhere near as calm beneath the surface as her actions and expressions would have an onlooker believe, her emotions were still surprisingly controlled considering the circumstances. She felt no pain or discomfort, which was expected but nevertheless he was glad to confirm it. Her heart beat and her lungs breathed as would a human’s, but only slower and not as fully.

Her thoughts seemed to be racing a mile a minute, which was reasonable, and as a result, the chords of her emotions were played as a musician would pluck the strings of a harp.

It was madness and beauty and had a sensory lure all its own.

The courageously undaunted love she felt for him was a soothing balm to his soul, and the loathsome worry she felt over some action that he could not discern concerned him greatly. Sadly he could not read her mind so that he could easily put her unstated fears to rest.

He sighed. The bond had revealed that she had far better than average control over her emotional state than would be expected, had told him of her love for him and of her unnamed fear and dread either of or for him…it had told him of the highly complicated workings of her mind and how they were affecting her emotions which were swirling around too quickly to correctly interpret, but thus far it had told him little of value concerning this particular situation.

It told him that she had eaten, and the kitchen reeked heavily of the various foods she must have ingested, but it didn’t tell him why she didn’t seem sated.

As he gazed at her in utter fascination and adoration, he allowed his pride in her to saturate every pore. She wore her new paleness well – one who did not know her previously would only suspect she needed a bit of sun. There were no changes to her hair, of course – dead proteins had no reason to animate – but it looked as lovely as ever against her new skin tone. The expression in her eyes – the mirror to her brilliant and effusive personality – had not changed, although the large brown depths were now sharper and brighter.

And her scent…  His gut clenched and he brought himself up short as his beast rumbled.

No, he could not indulge in such hedonistic pleasures just yet.  With sharp intent he refocused.

She was still his Cara, and even the restless, greedy beast within crowed with joy.  Sadly she was not his Child, but miraculously she was still somehow his, and  although she wasn’t pure vampire, still, she was a newly-risen vampire hybrid of some sort.

And…it clicked.

Fuck – she was ravenous!


If it would have helped the situation at all, he would have gladly rammed his head into a brick wall for a year.  How had he not realized that she was craving blood?  That she could eat food was irrelevant. In her state, especially considering the newness of this state, she needed to feed.

Of course she was fucking thirsty!

Almost instantly he was across the kitchen and had her gathered securely in his arms.  Then, with a speed even she with her new senses couldn’t track, they were in his bedroom.

Cara kept her face covered with her hands, fearful of giving into the increasingly strong urge to bite and drink, to sate that odd hunger that now, it seemed, had a name.


Earlier she’d noticed how the delicious smell that had wafted into the kitchen seemed to have made her mouth water and her gums ache, but at the time she hadn’t known about the fucking FANGS in her mouth. Then Godric’s sudden appearance had startled her so she’d thought no more of it just then. She still couldn’t believe she’d jumped backwards and up onto the counter – gymnastics had never been her strong point in school – but the main thought going through her mind at this particular moment was that she had, apparently, gone bat-shit crazy.

Gone around some bend or flipped that all-important switch or something.

She had to no longer be in her right mind.

What in the hell else could it be?

When Godric had been close enough to stroke her fang – I HAVE FUCKING FANGS! she silently cried to herself again – he had been close enough to envelope her in his comforting masculine scent.

His deliciously comforting masculine scent…

He made her fangs ache and her mouth water…literally.

She couldn’t fucking believe it.

She…she knew she had bitten his shoulder during sex – it’s what ‘biters’ do – but the very idea of wanting to actually bite him – to sink her aching FANGS into his flesh for the sole purpose of drinking his blood?

That was simply too fucked up to contemplate.

Cara tensed even more as his scent enveloped her more fully, the pine, leather, and pure masculinity that was Godric far headier now that she was in his arms…and even more so once in his bedroom.

No! No no no no no!!!!

Valiantly she tried to stifle a cry when she realized that she’d never be able to have sex with him again…not with her tendency combined with that unearthly hunger… thirst… what the fuck ever.

“Shhh, Cara, shhhh,” Godric held her close as he comforted her in his lap as he sat at the head of his large bed. He could feel her emotions starting to spiral, and now that he had a good idea as to why, he knew what to do.

He was determined that his first feeding of his Mate would be done in comfort and in privacy, but he also wanted to ensure that he held her complete attention. A vampire’s first feeding would always be remembered, and he wanted her to carry it with fondness, not tinged with reluctance or fear.

But where to begin…  Just the night before she had been human.  Slightly more than human, certainly, but still, her ideas of food, drinking, and blood were entirely based on human needs and cultural concepts.  Now she had to swallow blood via a mouth not accustomed to such things, and without a vampire’s instinctual response to their natural food source, this could prove to be an almost insurmountable obstacle if he let it.

He would not.

“Did you eat this afternoon?”

The incongruity of the question startled her, and even though, or perhaps because, he held her firmly to his chest, she kept her hands over her face when she nodded.

“And did this food you ate fill you?”

She shrugged.

“Did it satisfy you,” he clarified in a stronger tone.


Pointedly keeping his voice soothing and matter of fact, he continued, “Ah, Cara, you still sound, smell, and eat as a human, but you now have the speed and the reflexes of a vampire. You have a touch of the pallor and, I suspect, the senses of one, so my love, why would you not also drink as one?”

After a long moment, he felt another shrug.

“Because it’s gross and I don’t want to?” The small whimper at the end of her speech punctuated the natural revulsion she held from her human days…her human days that had only stopped during the previous night.

His ancient heart ached for her as this would not be an easy thing for her to do, but he would help her in all ways.

Suppressing his chuckle at her words and subduing his sorrow on her behalf, he asked instead, “Cara, why will you not look at me?”

“I can’t.”

“And why not?”  He stroked her hair in commiseration.

“Because I’m afraid I’ll bite you! You smell like dinner and I don’t want to eat you!”

Most interesting!  He had never heard of a vampire craving to feast upon another vampire’s blood… This would need to be studied and tested later…  However, the most important thing at the moment was that his Cara was suffering from thirst, and that it would be his honor to be her first true feeding. All mysteries could wait.

For once in agreement with his beast now demanding to meet their Mate’s needs, he employed a strategy he knew would work.

She was hungry for him, therefore he would feed his Cara whether she, at first, wished it or not. Not only was it his duty, but it would very much be his pleasure to sate her needs.

While Cara was not exactly a newly risen undead, she apparently had at least one of the same requirements, and he certainly had experience with tending to a baby vamp…

With hands sure and firm, he lifted her and turned her body so that she straddled his muscled thighs, and quipped, his voice light but laden with double entendre, “Well, I certainly plan on eating you.”

As expected she dropped her hands and gasped up into his smug face.

With a quick flick of his fingernail he seized his opportunity and sliced across his jugular vein and, in his mind, dared the love of his existence to defy her need for the nourishment he ached to provide.

While the instant of understandable shock and heart wrenching betrayal on her face pained him somewhat, the speed with which she scented his blood then immediately struck his neck and began licking at the wound sadly proved him right – she was starving for blood.

He closed his arms tightly around her and held her to his chest. It was certainly a pleasure to hold her, of course, but mostly he wanted to ease her into a full feeding. If she should suffer a bout of human conscience, in this position he could soothe her even as he would hold her mouth to his vein.

A moment later he realized that he might not have to worry as he felt the prick of her small fangs sliding into his skin and the ravenous draw of a young vampire. Naturally her bite was slightly painful as all vampire bites were painful to some extent, but the knowledge that he was providing for his Mate with his own body, that he was nourishing her with the essence of that which gave him life, brought with it a strongly erotic pleasure that could not be denied.

With soft words he encouraged her to drink, purring his approval as she drew sustenance from him in a heated rush. Slowly he stroked his hands over her back, and when the wound eventually closed he softly instructed her to bite and feed at least once more, and exhaled in relief when she did.

He tapped into their bond, once again surprised that he had to make a conscious effort to do so, and reveled in the relief she felt

The difference between feeding her from his body and feeding Eric were at first subtle, but soon obvious. Eric’s draws had been restrained, careful, almost worshipful. Cara’s draws, at first hesitant then growing more sure, were soon strong and demanding, and the satisfaction now flooding the bond he kept open was in itself…addictive.

Eric’s first feeding was from two overly-intoxicated local men found wandering near the site of his Child’s mortal wounding. Only after his new progeny’s most urgent needs had been met did he allow Eric his first indulgence, and then only to strengthen their Maker/Child bond. To be allowed to drink from one’s Maker was not only rare, but was an intimacy far deeper and far more meaningful than anything else, even sex.

A Maker would allow their Child to feed from them either to save the Child’s life, or to show extraordinary favor. Unless the situation was dire and the future progeny highly anticipated, Makers would generally just provide live humans for the rising newborn, and many Makers never shared their life’s blood with their progeny for any reason.

Mentally, he shrugged. Cara was not his Child therefore he could feed her whenever he damn well wanted to.

Finally, after several full, strong draws and a small pout of disappointment when the wound in his neck completely closed, his fully sated Cara licked his neck clean and then rearranged herself.  She curled up in his lap, relaxed her soft, warmer-than-his body against him, then fell fast asleep.

**A/N:  See why I broke that last chapter into two parts?  Godric is taking the mystery of his Cara’s changes quite well, and UNF, what a Maker he’d be……………………………………Oh, sorry, lost my train of thought there for a minute.  Understandable, I think…  Lol, so, what did YOU think of this chapter?**



24 thoughts on “Decisions, Chapter 26

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  2. God I love this!! He is a kind, and very good mate and maker!!! You can tell he really cares, but then wouldn’t he? As her mate? This will be interesting!!!!! I can’t say that enough!


  3. Godric is definitely the best maker and mate ever. people would be lining up to be changed by him if they knew. but then Cara is special so Godric got lucky too. i’m pretty sure Cara will be more accepting soon since she hasn’t lost the sun nor the food eating part. and it definitely doesn’t hurt that she loves Godric before everything that has happened. Godric just have to control his libido coz his monster inside is one seriously horny dude! *sigh* that Cara is one lucky bitch. hehehehehe 😉


  4. He is so good under pressure. From the animalistic vampire he was at the beginning of your story he has evolved into the dominant caring vampire caring for his mate. Nicely done! 🙂


  5. *shrugs* and carries on… Oh no wait that was Cara or Godric… Anyhow shrugs all round because they are damn adorable in this set of ‘biters’ because that’s how they do *snickers*… and no that’s not gross… well maybe a little… I do enjoy the warring of Cara between her human and ‘hybrid’ needs in this especially without saying the words. Love how they just rolled with the punches, finding all the perks and none of the bother… I’m gonna call Godric hitting the Supernatural Jackpot for now… emphasis on ‘for now’…


  6. mate/maker… he’s hers! 🙂 will she just crave his blood or other Vampires too? i think that would send Godric’s beast over the edge…


  7. I’m excited to see how Cara’s transition will go, since she’s not a full vampire and doesn’t seem to have a maker, since she’s had three different (sort of) sets of blood in her when she died. Though we haven’t seen her interact with Eric or Pam since she turned, so I’ll just have to wait for that. Also, I’m pay holed to see what other abilities she’s gained, if any, since she didn’t need the ritual that’s typically necessary for her to turn. And vampire sex. Who isn’t excited for vampire sex? Can’t wait for the next update!


  8. galwidanatitud: *I* would be first in line… *clears throat* But anyway… 😀 You’re exactly right – the fact that she loved him before any of that happened is strongly in her favor as well as hitting the supe jackpot w/ the food/sun thing…and the coffee thing…a thing well worthy of it’s own category (says the coffee aficionado). 😀


  9. jules3677: *preens* Thanks! They’re still on the road to happiness, but yeah, they’re getting there. Cara has definitely given Godric someone to hold on to, someone to watch over him – someone he’s never truly had before. She is his equal unlike progeny would, inherently, be, and that will be to both their benefit. Plus apparently she’s cute when she wrinkles her nose… 😀

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  10. shoegirl01: Heh, Godric and His Beast (weekly gigs, seats still available…) might have something to say about THAT! Lol! And you’re absolutely right: he IS hers! 😀

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  11. Caitlin Struth: Exactly! He’s been around for so long, and has seen and done and been through so much, that it takes a lot to throw him off his game. Also: notice I didn’t answer… 😀


  12. So he is not her maker? Why do I fear this will come with its own little problems? Mmm – most intriguing! Also poor Cara, now she has two natures to manage! Thank you for writing!


  13. morggys: *evil grin* Nope, he’s not her Maker… Cara is in for a few adjustments, that’s true, but she’s a strong one, and she’ll have a great support group with Godric, Eric, and even Pam behind her. I’m glad you like it!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I love the peek into Godric’s ‘devil may care’ type of attitude when it comes to Cara going against the norm… Following his instincts seems to be key for him right now and I’m so curious to see how that will play out!


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