Wanted: Personal assistant with investigative background for busy entrepreneur; flexible hours, excellent pay; must be discreet, single, obedient. AU, canon characters, an SVM/TB Eric/Sookie story by the co-writers CollidingMuse.


Introducing CollidingMuse, the chaotic results of a collaboration between the illustrious and enormously talented J.R. Watkins and the gum-smackin’, oft-cursing Meridian (me). Expect a really good story (J.R.), shenanigans (both), and profanity (M) all filled with the foul miasma wafting from the primordial ooze of our collective muses. Odd chapters are written by J.R. Watkins, and even chapters are written by Meridian (still me). *Enjoy!

(*Affinity for throw rugs not required but unfathomably helpful…)!



4 thoughts on “DODGE & CHASE

  1. Okay, I’m going to end up reading it anyway. However it would be nice if this page told you if this is a Eric/Sookie story or Godric/Cara, i’m going for the former since i see you have a little pic of Eric.


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