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This is a place to voice gripes of all types.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section…if it deigns to show itself (thanks, WP)…

*Why did Ballsack introduce the AMAZING character of Godric, only to kill him off that same season?  And why did he continue living up Beehl’s anus and apparently infect the new guy with the same disease?

*When is someone EVER going to wash Billith down the drain?  (This finally happened just way, way, way too late to matter.)

*When is True Blood going to stop making Sookie look like the Bon Temps ho’bag and let her FINALLY hook up – AND STAY – with Eric?

*How long does it take for this damn flumonia cough to go the fuck away?  (It finally left, but then it came back, then left, then returned, then…damn thing’s like the community cat.)

*(generic fuming over generic WP weirdness)

*Why am I not cuddled up and sexing with Alexander Skarsgard at this very moment?


*I wonder how long I should make my stories.  They’re always either too long or REALLY too long…

~more later I’m sure…and feel free to add your own in whichever category…


Just a few of my *observations regarding sex scenes in the fanfic world…


More Peeves, Questions, & Ughs

Generic Meandering Rant – Partake If You Wish

Please feel free to add your own words of wisdom, whines, tangents, ughs, bitchings, peeves, and the like…there’s room!

8 thoughts on “○THE RANTERY○

  1. why am i not a vampire?
    why do i not have my very own viking and/or 2,000 yr old man-boy whose name starts with the word GOD?
    why is my husband listening to country music?
    why are there mean people?
    more to come, i’m sure…


  2. So your day can be defined by more than just darkeness/night?
    UGH – you and me, both!
    OMG!! CUNTry muzik SUCKS!!! UGH!!!!!
    I dunno…I say let’s dip them all in unrefined corn syrup and drop them onto ant farms.


  3. but wouldn’t you rather have night than old age and death?
    yes i hat country too
    i hate mean ppl
    here’s a thought…why do you think you know the meaning of life and have all the ansers and knowledge of the unjiverse when your in your HAPPY PLACE with the green brownies?


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