Decisions, Chapter 34

**A/N:  Godric finally let me get this chapter out.  He’s being himself…and later, Cara is, um, herself, too…  Enjoy!**

Godric slipped instantly from dayrest to full wakefulness but as usual remained perfectly still as he scanned his environment.

His Cara, his beautiful, passionate Cara, slept peacefully by his side. Her blessed warmth soothed his gut in a way he couldn’t explain but wouldn’t live without.

Her hand rested on his bare chest and her sweet face was turned to him so that her slow breaths puffed lightly against his arm.

The new rate of her breathing and her precious heart’s beating were calmly normal and he sensed neither pain nor distress through their bond, so he was reassured of her health and wellness.

Her natural scent, changed little by the bathing products she had apparently used at some point during the day, sang of good health as well. Slight food odors spoke of her having eaten, too, at some point, so he knew she had been able to meet her needs.

The scent and feel of the room reminded him of both their current location and of what had occurred after arriving from the blood-splattered room in the basement.

Never had he been as appreciative of his suite in this establishment of his child’s as he had been earlier that morning.

Luscious memories of their intimate times lasting well into the morning flooded his mind and engorged his cock. Before their first joining he had strongly suspected she would have a impressively passionate nature, and to his eternal gratitude he had been proven right.

More than right.

Before her unfortunately-timed partial change, she had been amazing, but with her increased stamina and the security of her decreased frailty, she was incredible.

Every new time they came together seemed to reinforce her courage and increase her self-assurance, and the new vampire aspect to her nature called in so many ways to his own.

He might not be her Maker but he was sure as fuck her Mate. He could feel his blood thrumming through her body, could feel the essence of his magic, the magic that made him eternal, surging through her veins and knew her to be his, maker’s bond or not.

Godric allowed himself the rare luxury of simply resting peacefully, of moving his ankles and savoring the feel of the soft sheet stroking against the tops of his feet, of timing his unnecessary breaths with those of the sweet, beloved living body in repose next to his own.

Such a serene respite was a rarity in his life, in his world.

Sure, he was hard, and, oddly, his thirst had slowly returned with the introduction of his Cara into his life, so a warmed bag or three would go down easily, but his contentment overrode all else.

His woman had been victorious against her enemy – that said enemy had already been contained was irrelevant, but that her first kill and her first true feeding had been her enemy brought forth that same feral joy from the night before.

The worry that she would have problems drinking from a live meal had been soothed…more than soothed.  Without bothersome regret she had attacked and drained her target with glorious abandon!

Should she ever need to bite a living human for blood, a situation he would work to prevent since he understood her innate aversion, all he had to do was piss her off.

Her vampire nature would then take over and her belly would be full.

That she could still enjoy her chosen foods and drinks, that her heart still beat and her blood still ran warm, were all miracles to be celebrated!

That she could fuck as though solely created for the pleasure of it…

His beast rumbled in the background of his psyche and silently ordered him to shut the hell up.

With a slight smile gracing his firm lips, his Cara’s hand on his chest and the sound of her heart and breath sparking bliss in his heart, he slipped into such a deep downtime it could have passed for sleep.

Some time later his eyes sprang open and he was astonished to realize that he had almost slipped into his dayrest twice in one sun’s rising.

His Cara was still by his side, only she had apparently moved at some point.

Perhaps she had woke up to eat again?  He liked thinking of her eating, liked knowing that she was enjoying the act of nourishing the human portion of her body.

What crushed his mood was realizing that she had been up and around during the day while he slumbered uselessly in his dayrest.

Of course she would have to eat and drink and do the forgotten things in the toilet room!

There had been no food in his suite, sadly, but food could be called for and brought up to her…by people he did not know…people she would encounter alone, defenseless.

Neither he nor his beast liked that his Cara was left alone during the daylight hours, hours they couldn’t be with her to watch over her, to tend to her and to keep her safe from those who would harm her.

She was more durable now, yes, but she was a hybrid and not as strong or as fast as a full vampire…and she was a baby hybrid at that.

Her inexperience…those surprisingly few but still extant mood swings and those unpredictable flights of thought…both were liabilities that only time and patience would cure.

His fangs dropped as his beast snarled ominously.

Godric and his beast were not fools; they knew the hybrid status of their mate would rouse the wrong sort of curiosity and bring fear from those who would not listen to fact or reason.

To the vast majority of vampires, certainly the young ones of fewer than 10 or 12 centuries, would probably have never even heard of a living vampire/human hybrid. At most they would consider the possibility a mere myth, something to be laughed at then disdained…then feared should they come face to face with her.

She would become an object of curiosity, in equal parts shunned and objectified.

But that was by far not the worst part.

If anyone beyond his blood realized that she technically had no Maker, that there was no “Master” to control her vampire tendencies, the supe world would explode with fearful and indignant wrath.

Lacking a Maker was the fairy dream of most and the worst dread to a few others, but the having of a Maker whether a burden or a blessing was a universal truth.

Until Cara.

They would come for their Cara to probe her mind and body and test her control…they would come for their Cara…

They would come, and he and his beast would end them all.

Many would call for an inquest; a few would call for her termination.

Her kindness, her compassion, her humor, her strength, her gentle hand, that light in her eyes…they would not see, they would not know…they would not care and they would not listen.

They would cheerfully end them all.

Already their fangs ached to rip throats and their hands clenched with the need to rend limbs from frail bodies.

They were strong.

They were powerful.

They had their mate and they would rise up…


Cara’s voice, warm and furry from sleep, pinged through the red haze suffusing his brain, soothing as glacial waters over lava.

The abrupt return of his reason and clarity was momentarily disorienting.

He had not realized that he had ventured so far into himself…

“Honey, what’s wrong? You feel weird through this bond thing,” she said as she moved to rest her head on his chest and wrap her free arm about his waist. “You almost made my fangs pop out.”

The faux censure in her last words made him snort with the desired humor but he could feel her concern.

And her concern burned.

His chosen task, his honor and privilege and joy, was to soothe, to cherish and be the immobile buffer between her and the harsh realities of the world. His self-assumed mission was to ease her way, to provide her with comfort and care, to protect her with his life if need be – not…not to burden her with worry.

…and especially not worry about him.

Guilt rose as bile burning…scorching…


We must soothe and reassure our mate, ordered his beast with fire and smoke in his tone, and Godric listened.

His beast loved and cherished their mate, would never seek to cause her harm in any way.

They were united in this.

“I am fine,” he immediately sought to reassure her, but the brief flare of hurt and anger following his lie puzzled him.

“Nope,” she retorted as she rose up on one elbow to glare down into his now wary blue eyes muted with gray. “You’re a lot of things, but mood-wise, you’re far from fine, sweetheart. Now, what’s wrong? And,” she interrupted when he started to speak, “no lies about how fine you are. We’re a team, remember? And besides, if something was wrong with me, wouldn’t you want to know what it was?”

He detested when someone used such straight logic on him – logic he couldn’t evade no matter how much he did not wish to worry that someone.

His beast huffed in agreement, then chuffed…in agreement.

Even the beast, eh?

As he stared up into her worried brown eyes still slightly hazy from her sleep, he realized that perhaps he should share at least a part of this worry with her if for no other reason than to assure her that they were, indeed, a “team”, as she called it.

Plus knowledge was power and he would give her all he had to give.

He raised a hand to stroke her hair, now a riotous mess after she had probably showered and gone back to her sleep with it wet.

“I worry about your safety while I am dead for the day. I cannot expect you to remain by my side as it is not in your nature to do so, yet I…worry.”

She gazed down at him, her eyes thankfully softening, then lowered her head to rub her nose against his. To his disappointment, she then leaned back up.


“And?”  He hoped his look of innocence worked.

“And what else is bothering you?”

It did not.

“I will end the world for you.” He hadn’t meant to say that, hadn’t meant to go there at all, but once the words were spoken aloud, he knew them to be true, and felt through their bond that she did as well.

Instead of mocking him or questioning the validity of his all-encompassing statement that should have been quite shocking, she simply nodded, then asked, “Why would you need to?”

He could feel the seriousness of her question, could feel the rising gravity of her mood, and knew he would have to use more words…words he truly wished he did not need to share with the joy of his life.

Knowledge is power…forewarned is forearmed.

And so he spoke.

He told of his fears for her future safety both from those the dead man had associated with and from potentially the entire vampire world.

As his words wound down he studied the far-away look on her face, and wondered at her thoughts.

This was by far more than she should ever have had to deal with, and he would help her come to terms with the drastic nature of the threats, but he had to know where she was in her head. Somehow the bond had become muted, and he did not like it one small bit, but he knew she was unaware of the muting and so did not speak of it just then.

“Cara? Tell me what you are thinking,” he said, and was puzzled when she moved to rest beside him with her head once again on his chest and her hand now resting on his stomach.

“I’m fine,” she eventually stated, and he in no way believed her.

“This is a lot to take in, yeah…,” she continued. “I don’t understand this fear they seem to have of something foreign, something unusual or unknown, though. I just don’t get it. So what if I’m different? I’ve never really understood bigotry or whatever this would be called, though, so yeah, I just don’t get it,” she said, her voice trailing off as she aimlessly stroked his stomach.

Suddenly waves of confusion and sorrow, of disappointment and uncertainty, flooded the bond.

“I can almost understand their fear and jealousy over a vampire, partial or not, not having a Maker to keep them controlled until they can control themselves. Back when y’all were the world’s best kept secret, yeah, it’d make sense to keep baby vamps from exposing y’all to everyone. That’s the way it had to be back then because of how things were, but this is now. Even now, of course you’d need a way of keeping those newly-Turned baby vamps from going on a killing spree because they couldn’t control themselves, but I’m not like that. I don’t even like the idea of biting a living person, well, not unless I’m pissed off, but even if I do get pissed off,” she said, her voice slightly rising and her words coming faster together, “you’ll be right there to keep me from taking out Atlanta or whatever, so it’s not like there’d even be a problem.”

Evidentially realizing that she was building up for a baby-vamp meltdown, she abruptly stopped speaking and concentrated strongly on breathing in and out.

Although her hand had fisted somewhat into his skin, Godric simply stroked her back in long, soothing caresses, and noticeably breathed with her in synchronized encouragement.

He was so proud of her!

She had seen the impending problem and had taken such a good, strong hold of herself to prevent it!

As he gently extracted her nails from the area just above his navel, he sent her strong bursts of pride, of pride and love and comfort and that feral joy she brought to his heart.

In return he gladly accepted the burst of love, adoration, and a strangely firm resolve she sent to him.

Finally she felt in control enough of herself to speak, and speak she did while softly rubbing the now-healed gouges in his skin.

“Ok, how about this – let’s take out the group that Nat was dealing with first. Let’s get the entire group, too, not just the nasty two-bit pond scum he’d talked to. Let’s get the little problems out of the way first so we can concentrate on the bigger problem.”

He and his beast both crowed in response to his mate’s take-charge attitude. She was wise enough to see the problem and feel the caution but was fearless enough to solve the issue.

They were also curious as to what she considered a “bigger” problem. Surely warring against the entire vampire world counted as “biggest”, not “bigger”…?

“And what would you call the bigger problem?”

She raised her head and smiled down at him, a somewhat feral smile he instantly recognized as his own.

It was adorable.

“Educating the vampire world, of course.”

“Oh, of course. Now my Cara, light of my soul and the music to my life, what would you consider the biggest problem?”

That feral smile widened and his blood heated sensuously.

“Well, there are two of those, my love. The first, of course, is figuring out how to keep you from killing the world before they wise the hell up.”

There were two biggest problems, and that was only the first? What the fuck was the second?

He eyed her appreciatively. He did like how she thought.

“And the second biggest problem?”

“That you are not inside of me.”

Oh yes, he very much liked the way she thought…

**A/N:  So…we’ve got some communication, and we’ve got some, um, communication…  Should he have told her – laid all the potential problems on her like that, or should he have kept it from her for a while longer?  What did you think?**


14 thoughts on “Decisions, Chapter 34

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  2. it’s a good thing Godric has Cara. Cara being as strong and logical as she is could potentially be the only reason why Godric hasn’t decimated half the human population. they really are two peas in a pod. 😀
    Happy New Year!!!


  3. Of course when you consider Godric’s beast he is gonna want to take out the world to protect Cara but I also like that he told her because it would be really unwise to go to that extreme, it may have been a lot for her to take in but withholding from her or lying to her would have been worse and possibly risked both of their lives


  4. He had to share – otherwise problems would’ve occurred since trust would’ve been missing or at the least doubts about what had Godric worried – since Cara doesn’t get bigotry I doubt she would have gone down that path
    Love this story! Can’t wait for the next chapter 🙂


  5. murgatroid98: Thank you! As much as Godric wants to protect Cara from the harsher realities of the supe world and as much as he wants to wrap her in bubble-wrap to protect her from everything else – even worry, knowledge is power and he does want her to have her own “power”. He’s a good guy… 😀


  6. galwidanatitud: *enthusiastic nodding* She could well be the only “thing” preventing him from taking out the world…and I think they both know it (even if Cara only vaguely suspects it). That’s one thing I wanted to bless Cara with: logic. Sure, she’s flighty sometimes (especially in her new baby-hybrid state), but at heart she’s a “2 + 2 = 4, dammit”, instinct-following person.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!


  7. charity6201: Exactly. Cara’s new to the hybrid life and she’s not exactly a “naturally trusting person”, not really -she’s too realistic for that – so he really does need to show her at every opportunity that she CAN trust him. She needed to know the potentialities and since Godric wants to strengthen her (rather than choosing to keep her weak and therefore even more dependent on him), his best course of action is definitely to tell her exactly what’s going on. Because he SO would take out the world to keep her safe…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. shoegirl01: Exactly. He truly did NOT want to worry her, especially considering that adding stress would make her new-hybrid temperament feel even worse to her, but she needed to know. He wants to empower her, not keep her weak and dependent on him, and since knowledge is power… He’s having to expose her more and more to the violently negative aspects of his world for her own protection, and he’s hating it, but forewarned is forearmed. Poor guy…

    Liked by 1 person

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  10. She has his feral smile and his instincts, but also her logic to go with them which makes it imperative to keep her informed, not in the dark. What a delightful couple. Just love em!


  11. motomary: Exactly. She has the strong personality and the impulsiveness to go feral if she feels the need but the logic to keep perspective that she could then share with him – if he keeps her informed about what’s going on. Together they could rule the world or keep the world’s peace…depending on the mood, lol. Glad you like them!


  12. Why’d you have to end it there???? 😦 *yes, I’m pouting* But, yes, I am LOVING Cara’s level-headedness (is that even a word?), and I am totally into how she manages to keep Godric calm. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here!!!

    Your writing, as usual, is impeccable, and inspiring. Can I just hijack your brain for a minute to try and improve my own stuff?? LOL!!!


  13. Caitlin Struth: *snicker* Cause I’m evil?? (Good pout btw…) “Level-headedness” is a word if I say it’s a word and I say it’s a word therefore it’s a word! 😀 I got so sick and tired of seeing other*Sookies*characters making insane/stupid/irrational decisions…no way I was going to let my own OCs be so unrealistically idiotic. I won’t Mary-Sue my OCs (at least, never intentionally) but I’d like to think they’d have at least SOME common sense. Godric…I like to imagine he would be the most common-sensical, level-headedest, realisticalest (heh, love making up my own words!) person ever, naturally, but because of that disconnect/disparity in his psyche, his brain-box isn’t always exactly, um, level… Cara, though, innately knows to follow her instincts. They’re a good team ♥


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