**A/N:  In the last chapter we were able to visit Sookie after a large chunk of time had passed, but that was simply a peep into her life at that moment to show her progression, both good and…on-going.  This chapter takes place several months later and is where “current time” in the story begins.  Also:  Hi Eric!  Welcome to the fic!**

Eric and his annoying entourage of ass-kissers and tasty arm candy arrived at the highly touted Cultural Center for some sort of conference.

Being in Yuma fucking Arizona was not his idea – as though he had time to waste on this kind of bullshit.

Actually, he did, but that wasn’t the point.

He had a New Blood empire to run from afar so why the fuck did he have to be here? His time would be much better spent with those redheaded triplets in Croatia but no…between Pam’s whining and Jessica’s pleading, here he was, and he still didn’t know why.

Oh, she’d given him some bullshit about “expanding the business” and some sort of speech someone was supposed to give…or something.  He’d stopped listening when she’d switched over to her “oh so logical” wheedling tone.

Pam…who had always excelled at the art of evasion when it came to coughing up information.

Pam…who, since becoming the exulted Queen of Louisiana, had perfected the art of redirection, too.


She was his brat, though, so he usually let her slide since he was confident of her loyalty and intentions despite her fascination with bad jokes and horrible puns, but her insistence that he attend this particular conference so he could “further his business interests” had caused a raised brow.

Boredom, however, had kept him from raising it too far even though there was no new business in America that he needed to bother with and since New Blood had cornered all possible markets years ago, he certainly didn’t need to be in Yuma fucking Arizona trying to “secure contracts” he sure as hell didn’t need.

He had an entire department of overpaid stuffed suits for that shit.

Secretly he suspected that his darling child simply wanted her Maker to be on the same continent as her Royally spoiled self for once, and he felt a brief twinge of something that vaguely resembled guilt.

He hadn’t been ignoring her for the past couple of years, but time spent physically near each other had become increasingly rare. He’d simply felt no need to be on the North American continent for the last…while.

Besides, he’d been busy, well, at least at first. They both had.

After getting the synthetic blood business off the ground and making the rounds and securing all the markets and quite a few markers, he had then simply…eased away.

Too much had happened in too short a time, and he needed a break that didn’t involve asinine sunbathing attempts atop boring snow-coated mountains.

He wanted…needed…something different, something…fresh – fresh blood, fresh faces, fresh accents, fresh pussy, fresh air, fresh…everything.


And so he had gone in active, enjoyable search of whatever it was that it seemed he wanted. He knew it was out there somewhere, waiting on the edge of his senses…knew if he searched for it long enough, hard enough, he’d find it.

He hadn’t found it yet, but he was having a hell of a blast looking!

For the first time in his life, he was entirely free.  Nothing was holding him down,nothing was holding him back, nothing was holding him…nothing.

He was living as if in flight, living in the air, circling, soaring, diving,ungrounded, furiously free…

His beloved Maker was dead and while he still had Pam and Willa to consider, the one no longer had any true need of him and the other rightfully refused to have anything to do with him.

Willa’s feelings were understandable, and he knew he deserved it.  The situation around her Turning and his later absence were filled with mitigating circumstances that couldn’t be expected to, and wouldn’t, soothe her feelings of abandonment, and he wasn’t sure what he could do that would.

He had made sure she knew that he would welcome her into his life with open arms; the rest was up to her.

That didn’t stop him from wishing that things were different.

But…they weren’t, and they wouldn’t be until or unless she decided otherwise.

So…his time was his own; his fortune was easily assured through the next dozen lifetimes so keeping office hours was in no way necessary. He had to sign papers once in a while and approve only the highest level proposals since he had glamoured people with abbreviations behind their names to handle the day to day and the night to night shit.

Odin knew he paid them well enough to tend to his business.

He had time to play and so play he did.

Eric snorted – hell, he’d still be playing then if Pam hadn’t manipulated-slash-guilted him into attending this stupid “Business in the Vampire World” conference at some trumped-up probably dusty gilded desert lily of a Cultural Center.

Because, what, he needed more business?  More “culture“?

Since when did “Cultural Centers” have fancy hyped-up vampire hotels attached?

He rolled his eyes.

Business was what the stuffed suits were for.

He had suits, several closets of them considering how often Pam – shockingly – liked to have them ordered in his exact measurements and sent conveniently to his addresses…but just because he had them didn’t mean he wore them.

Currently clad in his traditional black jeans and black T-shirt with the “NB” logo emblazoned across his hard pec, when he strode to the check-in counter the only evidence of his ‘importance’ in the financial and undead worlds was the crowd of minions dutifully rushing to follow his long strides.

He smirked when the ladies, and a few gentlemen, at the front desk seemed to suddenly recognize him en masse. It wasn’t as though national and international magazines weren’t littered with his picture…oh, wait, they were…

Thankfully some of the publicity seemed to have died down over the last couple of years…well, he’d stopped paying attention to it at any rate.  Why anyone was expected to suddenly “settle down” and “stop playing the field” just because they had fame and fortune was beyond him.

With a practiced toss of his long blond hair – grown out despite/because of Pam’s many and fervent objections – he inhaled the heady scents of the assembled staff’s rising arousal and knew dinner was planned for the night…after he shook off the grasping hands of his tag-along feed-and-fucks.

Were they all cursed with giggling problems or was his luck just that bad?

In short order the Supervisor of Guest Services had muscled her way in and had not only checked him in and checked him out but had offered in a throaty voice to tend to his every need.

Business as usual as far as he was concerned, Eric pocketed her proffered card and winked at one of the junior receptionists standing around gaping at him behind their flustered boss’ back.

At least that one didn’t smell like a cum cesspit.

The concierge had already been imperiously summoned to escort him down to the lower level wing that Queen Pamela had reserved for him and his semi-edible troupe, as she called them disdainfully.

As if she hadn’t enthusiastically partaken of the oh-so-willing portable meals in the past after declaring that “Daddy has great taste”…

After exchanging an eye-roll with the concierge en route to the elevator bank, with resignation Eric nodded for the man to hold the door for the giggling heels to catch up to them in the gilded box.  The suits gladly followed the ostentatiously consumed bellhops pushing the luggage carts toward other cars.

Once they reached their destination, he had to admit that he wasn’t displeased with either the lay-out or the blandly refined color schemes.  The place bragged that they had designed the lower level suites and wings to suit vampire sensibilities…at least they hadn’t gone with the generic red and black “undead” look.

He directed everyone to settle into their own quarters and hoped the food and lodging at this stupid conference were good enough to keep his human luggage from bitching. As he prowled though his own “presidential suite”, he had to agree with Pam that the place seemed to be adequately appointed, but what the hell would he need with three separate unattached bathrooms in one suite?  Each bedroom had its own facilities as it was…

Eric cringed briefly – he could almost hear the squeals and shrieks of excitement from Cherri, Sherri, and Merri – or was it Sandi, Mandi, and Candi?

He could never remember, and why did they all have to choose rhyming fake names that ended with an “i”, anyway?

After this was all over, or sooner if they got on his nerves even more than usual, he’d have them delivered back to wherever it was they’d come from – one of his staff kept up with that kind of detail – then he was done with portable meals who couldn’t even remember their own fake names.

Eric checked the security details of his suite of rooms then flopped down on the sofa with the conference info packet in his hand.

He still wasn’t sure why Pam was convinced he needed to be there – hadn’t believed for a second whatever “reasons” she’d coughed up, but she’d been strangely insistent.

Hell, she’d even brought Jessica, promoted to her Second after the Bill-brat had finally ditched the increasingly obsessive Hoyt, on board the “drive Daddy crazy until he does what I want” game.

With a scoff Eric admitted if only to himself that in the end he usually give Pam what she wanted anyway, but it was fine. After the vompire episode she had finally grown up, he was proud to claim. She would always be a little arrogant, a little mouthy, but that’s why he liked her. She was always willing to be spoiled, to, but that was what progeny were for, right?

She was Pam, after all…and come to find out she still had a few surprises for her old Maker left up her Chanel sleeve.

After Bill’s death the vampire political situation in the U.S. had been up in the air for a while, but he hadn’t had a damn left to give about any of it.  The few fucks he’d had left were reserved for Pam, Willa, and himself.


For the longest time, his sole focus after his progeny had been on “growing his business” as that one pretentious little shit had repeated so often that he’d gotten sick of both the man and the phrase and had drained the moron in a fit of righteous, and thirsty, irritation.

Oops…temper, temper…

So he’d been a little easy to irritate after…everything.

Everyone had been on edge, right?

Eventually, however, the vampire powers that tried to be had started in with their attempts to come after him for “revenue”. He could quite easily have uprooted his holdings and permanently left Shreveport – the entire country, but he’d been strangely loathe to take that step.

It had felt too…final.

To his eternal shock, though, within the month Pam – his dear, darling, spoiled-rotten, “apple of her Maker’s eye” Pam, had taken over the state of Louisiana and among quite a few other things had had him permanently declared exempt from any and all authorities and attempted revenue theft while he maintained any sort of residence, either permanent or temporary, within her domain.

She was the fucking queen, she’d later said, therefore she could do whatever the fuck she wanted and her edict was law. The wannabe Authority 2.0 could go violently fuck themselves with all appropriate vim and vigor with sandpaper cocks.

She had done her time as a Princess and now it was time to be Queen.

Queen Pam certainly had a way with words. The Authority 2.0 had quietly disappeared shortly thereafter.

He had no idea how many pies she had her dainty fingers in, didn’t actually want to know, but no one had tried to touch him since. He’d missed having Pam around the office what few times he’d bothered showing up at any of them, but since he had highly-capable minions running the faux bloody empire, it didn’t matter.

Their phone conversations were frequent if usually short since she vastly preferred texting, and she was, as always, welcome at any of his holdings any time she wished to pay him a visit, queenly or otherwise.

Willa was welcome, too, but that didn’t seem likely anytime soon.   Oddly, she had a better relationship with Pam than she did with her own Maker, not that she spoke all that often with Pam, either.

That he knew of, anyway.

The last he’d heard about his youngest progeny was that she was casually exploring her way somewhere west of Texas in some of those tasty but dusty states.

Eric shrugged.

His reputation, both as a warrior and as one of the wealthiest vampires on the planet, would protect his Willa whether she realized it or not.

He’d had Pam pass along his current numbers whenever they changed, and knew she’d delivered the message that his door would always be open to her, that if she ever needed anything, all she had to do was say so and it would be hers. He’d set her up several very generous accounts in several banking systems so funds would be available to her no matter which country she found herself in, and she had several safe houses in her name across the globe so she could be as secure as possible come what may.

Maybe sometime before the next millennia she would forgive him…

He stuffed the rising torrent of regrets back into their neat little boxes and went about dialing up a snack whose name didn’t end in a vowel.

Maybe that sweet little brown-haired receptionist…

The next two nights passed in much the same way although he now knew slightly more about how advances in modern technology might affect his future business projects. He now had far more knowledge than he wanted about how badly the Queen of Idaho danced although she tried valiantly and enthusiastically. He knew he was considered the “celebrity” of the fucking conference and endured more pandering than any of the actual Monarchs in attendance…combined.

Of utmost importance and irritation, he also now knew that he had somehow been roped into attending some sort of fucking gala the next night because, thanks be to darling Pamela, he was apparently the guest speaker.

On behalf of the Queen of Louisiana his tight shapely ass…

No wonder she’d had a selection of his suits forwarded to his rooms.


As they were catering a large event that evening, Sookie had taken the current day off until she needed to go to Tasty Morsels’ home base to supervise the night’s routine that evening.

Although Misty was officially in charge of any anything arranged for vampire events, Sookie was more often than not needed behind the scenes in the catering kitchen and “launching” areas.  Someone had to be there to help smooth any last minute hiccups, boo-boos, accidents, spats, ruffled egos, and moaning (several years ago) over deflated soufflés – which she had then promptly struck from all future menu options.

Fuck soufflés.  Nasty things wouldn’t have traveled well at all anyway.

This routine worked out more or less fine although she begrudged the loss of her cherished “home by dark:thirty” rule on those nights. Her reading time now that she had rediscovered her love for light romances, her “staring at the weather channel but not really watching it” time, and her nail-painting time had suffered a little with the increasing number of vampire functions, but for the most part things were working out well.

Profits were certainly up, and a happy bottom line equaled a happy Sookie.

As she knew from personal experiences she’d rather forget, vampires demanded the best, the shiniest, the most exquisite products and services, and they weren’t shy about paying and paying well to have those expectations met, either.

Misty had raised a curious brow several times over the surprising amount of knowledge Sookie seemed to have about vampires and their practices and quirks, but had never asked any direct questions.  She already knew they wouldn’t be answered.

Sookie almost felt badly for her somewhat-friend.


Once in a while a little voice would remind her that not all vampires were lying bloodthirsty pigs, that some of them were capable of deeper thoughts and feelings, but then she would remember Bill and how he had ended his own life in a perfect showcasing of that less-savory vampire stereotype.

He had wanted, and expected, her to use up her power, to waste that part of who she was, on him while giving in to his final arrogant demands.

Fuck that.

The asshole had been too damn cowardly to simply step out into the sun. Oh, no, he just had to want her to change the very foundation of who she was on his behalf.

As if he hadn’t already done enough damage in her life.

At least not all vampires were like that, she would sternly remind herself more and more often.

She found it odd that she could think of Godric…and Eric…without that weird sickening fear crawling down her spine and activating Fairy Sookie.

Sookie stretched out a bit as she thought about Godric.

He certainly hadn’t been anywhere near what she’d call normal for a vampire.  She suspected the ancient teenager had been a little off his primordially young rocker at the end, but sometimes that’s what happened when someone’s heart was too good, too pure, for the world around them.

The world sometimes became too much and too big and too small and the viable options narrowed down to hiding inside yourself, getting the fuck out, or…worse.

There for a while she hadn’t been sure which one would have been easiest, but she was happy in her life now.


But not…content, considering the increasing number of times thoughts of Eric intruded on her peace.

She hadn’t really thought much at all about him for such a long time.  Sure, there’d been the odd thought here and there, but nothing deep, nothing that amounted to anything since the rest of her brain was busy keeping her feet on the ground.

The past year or so, more or less, though…

There weren’t any castles in the clouds in the sky, but she could sometimes remember the other occupant of that former refuge.

He sure as heck wasn’t perfect.   His ass and his abs and his eyes might have been, but…

He was sometimes a long way from being perfect, but despite Bill’s best efforts, Eric hadn’t been what she now considered the “typical vampire” either.

Not really, not if she looked close enough.

Yeah, he had his frat-boy tendencies and could be a little high-handed, but he could also be considerate, kind if in an odd manner, and he’d also seemed to “get” her in a way that nobody else ever had.

Hell, nobody else had ever even tried.

But Eric had.

Thoughts of her former haven, her former Big Blond Viking, increasingly left an aching in her chest, too, one that reminded her too much of…back there…but there was a warmth attached to those thoughts and feelings that she missed.

At some point it had eventually dawned on her that maybe he’d cared more than she’d thought he had, but that he hadn’t known exactly how to show that care, at least, not a way that she understood.

It wasn’t as though he’d had a lot of practice in the romance department.

The sex department?  He had perfected that.

But romance?  Maybe not so much…and since she hadn’t had any real experience in that kind of thing either she was bound to have missed some clues or something along the way.

She knew that her experience with “romance” was skewed and had lost faith in her ability to capably judge a real partner, and figured that was one of many reasons she hadn’t wanted to settle down with any of her past FWBs.

Eric had been different from Bill, though.  Bill had spewed pretty little, and not so little, lies in her ears and she had fallen for them like the affection-starved virgin she’d been.  Eric…he might have, well, did lie a couple of times, but in retrospect he was either being his frat-boy self or, where that nutjob Russell was concerned, he’d been trying to get them out alive.

“Extenuating circumstances”, she believed it was called.  She wished they’d talked more but, except when he’d lost his memory, even that had sometimes been off somehow between them.

Sometimes it felt as though they could read each other’s minds, but sometimes it was as if they’d been speaking two different versions of the same language and only every third word got through right.  If she ever met up with him again she planned on asking for an interpreter, a cue-card guy, and a guide book on vampires.

Didn’t matter, though…he was gone…

The chiming of her alarm reminded Sookie to flip over so she could broil her front side under the sun’s still warm rays.

Surprisingly she’d managed to sleep until three that afternoon and while she knew the best tanning time had already passed, the sun would still have its revitalizing effect on her Fae side…and therefore her mood, too.  She’d donned her skimpiest bikini and wrap and headed to the “private relaxation area” she’d created on the rooftop of her townhouse.

That area, separated from the adjoining townhouse by a stately concrete divider, was one of the main reasons she’d chosen to purchase the end residence. She had used it quite often during the past several years to help both her mental and physical well-being.

It seemed her Fae side needed the sun for more than just energy; while the light literally recharged and balanced her own light, it also balanced something in her psyche. The availability of healing sunshine was yet another example of how Yuma had been so good for her and she wondered why there wasn’t an active Fae presence in the area.

Maybe there was one and she just didn’t care enough to search it out.

As she settled in more comfortably, Sookie wished she could have afforded the time to come up earlier in the day, but she had needed her sleep for the coming night’s work. At least she was much more likely to get sleep these days.

For the longest time rest, peaceful or not, was a precious commodity she had desperately needed but could rarely find because sleeping meant having horrible nightmares. Sleep had quickly become the enemy and only crept up on her when she was unlucky enough to collapse from exhaustion.

Sometimes she’d dreamed she had murdered in cold blood the dark-haired lover of her dreams – the person she had allowed herself to believe that Bill had first been; several times she’d dreamed that she’d staked him just after he’d taken her virginity. Another couple of times she had staked him during marriage proposals or during their first Christmas Eve together. One time she had even staked his sorry ass during their first wedding dance.

It wouldn’t have been so bad except in these nightmares he’d been the sweet, tenderhearted lover she’d always wanted, and those “lover Bill” dreams had taken a dreadful toll on her psyche.

Eventually, however, came the monster dreams; dreams where “lover Bill” morphed into the hideous monster she hadn’t realized – until too late – lived below the surface. In those dreams he would sometimes Turn her without her permission, and often he would then murder her – again – after she unwillingly rose from the dead. Sometimes he would beg her to kill him until she reluctantly gave in only to betray her by mostly draining her then selling her weak body into slavery to his horrible queen.

In many such nightmares she fared far worse – torture, rape, betrayal…  In several he would force her to watch by commanding her as her Maker to watch while he flayed Eric alive or did far worse to him, and then to her.

In time she noticed that the “lover Bill” nightmares had apparently played themselves out because only the “monster Bill” night terrors remained. Oddly she found she preferred it that way.

Well, once the episodes where he gratuitously tortured and murdered Eric had finally ceased. Those were the worst.

It was only after she had started soaking up the sun that even the “monster Bill” nightmares finally dwindled down to nothing.

She figured the sun must have baked out what filthy vampire blood the asshole had left in her system.

Over an hour later her alarm still hadn’t chimed again and the daylight was beginning to weaken. With a sigh she checked her phone…and cursed.

The damn battery was dead.

She rushed back downstairs and gasped when she saw how late it was. She didn’t have to try to access the messages she just knew were waiting on her – after previous experience with this particular crew she knew that a couple of feathers probably needed soothing already. Cursing the lack of time for a shower, she quickly changed out of her bathing suit, tossed on some work clothes, and headed in.

Two kitchen-busy hours later Misty arrived to escort the first wave of food-laden catering vans to the venue and witnessed the Sookie version of a frustrated meltdown in the making.

It was bad.

Long blonde hair coming loose from her formerly professional bun, eyes glaring with looks that could kill, and jaw tight as she barked out orders to the staff, Sookie looked minutes away from firing the entire crew.

Once the last batch of orders had been issued, Misty grabbed Sookie’s elbow and pulled her into the head cook’s office. To Sookie’s everlasting shock, Misty gave her one of her rare hugs complete with a couple of there-there pats on the back. She then grabbed the slowly calming blonde a bottle of the spendy vitamin-enhanced sweet tea she preferred from the office fridge, told her to chill, and left.

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  2. oh i liked it, we are all caught up with Eric and Sookie has figured out that the sun is her recharge button. but it will be her downfall because Eric will smell Sookie on Misty and demand to know where she is OR just follow her back to the shop. because we know the Viking knows that smell and he will have his woman. I have a feeling Pammy knew she was there. until the next post which i hope is soon, you have me on pins and needles waiting to see if my muse is right. KY


  3. I think Eric is in denial and searching for anything to keep him from admitting he hates his life and would love to have a feisty little fairy swoop in and turn hi world upside down. And I think Sookie is just right at the precipice of realizing that she would love to come face to face with a VVSG. Here’s hoping we will get a face to face soon.

    I am also starting to strongly suspect that Willa’s journey in the dusty western regions may have taken her through a certain city, where she just might have come across a blue eyed blonde that she recognized form the past. And she just might have mentioned it to sissy, who might have decided it was a splendid time to branch out and build a cultural center and vampire hotel that didn’t have any catering facilities. And they may have hatched a plan to emotionally manipulate daddy into coming to a conference in the middle of nowhere with the hope that he to might just accidentally (on purpose) come face to face with said blue eyed blonde.

    Am I right? 😀

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  4. Oh my! Where to start?

    I have to admit I’m a little disappointed that Eric has just been flitting around fucking anything attractive that moves. I suppose it’s not surprising, it HAS been nine freaking years. Can’t expect the poor guy to remain celibate or anything, but, yeah, still a little disappointed that he just reverted to form with no apparent thought or regret. 😥 The only thing with him that gave me hope was that “mostly” you snuck in there.🙏

    That said, I was extremely frustrated when Sookie was thinking that maybe Eric had cared for her more than she thought, that he just hadn’t known how to show it In a way she understood. Yeah, he didn’t know how to show it , as evidenced by:

    Eric: “Sookie, I remember everything. Us. Nothing’s changed.”
    Eric: “I haven’t changed. I’m just more. The other Eric is still here.”
    Eric: “Sookie, look at me. Can’t you see him in my eyes?”
    Sookie: “…you gave yourself to me completely.”
    Eric: “Yes I did. I love you.”

    Yep. That is VERY ambiguous. Not clear what he’s feeling AT ALL. Definitely need cue cards and a translator to figure that out. Ugh. That girl. I really just want to slap some sense into her sometimes! 😈 Still, I was relieved to see the “monster Bill” dreams are that she still dreams about ScumBeehl and I’m thrilled that thoughts of Eric have been creeping up on her constantly over the past year. Wish I could say the same for Eric.

    So, she’s frazzled and frustrated in the kitchen….think Misty going to offer to trade duties? Please post again soon!!

    P.S. I loved the “Yuma fucking Arizona”. 😜

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    Meridian – I want to change my guess about what’s going to happen next! 😇


  6. missingjasamalways: All I’ll say is: Eric has been in partial-denial and has been trying to fill his empty nights with whatever it took… *continues dancing merrily away* 😀

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  7. switbo: *snort* I figured you would (re: Y fkn Az)

    Well…Eric’s been in denial. Metric tons of that river’s water has flowed right under his feet. But he’s a survivor, and no matter how he had felt about Sookie, he’d been right to cut his losses – a straight cut being the best in the long run – and moved the hell on…unfortunately, the way he’d moved on generally chose fake names ending in “i”… He’s also a smart survivalist and whenever his thoughts would revert to that “something’s missing” state, he was strong enough to “not go there” and refocus on anything else instead. He’s…a survivor.

    Sookie? She was Bill-stupid back then and things did slip by her or she doubted when she should have STFU and believed. Bill fucked with her heart and with her head back then, which would affect how she remembered things on down the line, too. But…she’s coming around. She’s “evolved” to the point now that even she realizes that she’d need that cue card guy and the interpreter…(desperately). Even her dreams have slowly vanished, well, the “monster Bill” ones at any rate…

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  8. Now I’m wondering if Pam somehow knows what Sookie has been up to? Sure seems like she pushed Eric to go to Yuma and it couldn’t have been just for this conference that he clearly didn’t need to attend. I find it interesting that Eric’s thoughts didn’t once stray to Sookie. He made no mention of her. I’m not sure if that’s good or not! It seems like he doesn’t really care about her but I like to think he’s doing his best NOT to think about Sookie at all because of all the hurt it probably causes him. And we all know that Eric is not weak, except for maybe Sookie:)

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  9. My heart aches for Eric!
    Of course he had to move on but …
    He’s lonely ,he’s bored and nothing or nobody to live for!
    Not even Pam is by his side anymore,she now playing her “Queen of Louisiana” role!
    Maybe if he gets to smell Sookie on Misty,maybe just maybe something will change .
    I do hope so!
    As for Sookie I’m happy she is realizing what an asshole Bill was but she is still doubting about Eric’s feelings for her, like he didn’t show how much he cared for her !
    For god sakes he bought your house and restored it for you when everybody lost hope,he stayed away from you when you asked to be that girl in the white dress again, he helped you to get your friends from the Hep-V Vampires when he didn’t have enough strenght for himself,
    Girl if this isn’t love I don’t what else could it be!

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  10. Pamela has had to figure that ‘all but name ending in i’ with whom is Eric is for hiding himself. I can not believe Pamela wants Eric to be with Sookie permanently. I think Pamela has always known where it was Sookie and aims she right out of the ‘covert depression’ suffered by Eric to again form part of the life of Pamela continuously (of course, choosing her, as happened in the past, instead of his lover (Sookie, in this case. Sylvie, in the past)).


  11. There’s only one reason for Pam to insist that Eric attend this conference, and it’s got blonde hair and is very stubborn..It was interesting looking into Eric’s psyche. Sookie gave him something he never had before and losing her has put him on “vampire” automatic pilot I think. These two really need each other..


  12. Both of them are trying their hardest to fill their life with doing ‘things’ instead of looking for what that actually want, sigh.
    While Eric didn’t seem to even think about Sookie once he is good at compartmentalizing his thoughts and feelings. He’s probably shut that box really tight but I think just a whiff of a Sookie hugged Misty will have that box spring open like a jack-in-the-box!
    Sookie has been peeking into her own box of hidden feelings but needs something to smash it open too. Maybe a crises that only she can fix at the event?
    Cannot wait for that meeting to happen.


  13. Meridian, he’s definitely a survivalist and, like I said, I certainly can’t blame him moving on after the way she treated him. I just thought it was sad. He thinks to himself that he’s longing for (and trying to find) *something*, but it never seems to occur to him what that something might be. It certainly can’t be found with vapid little clinger-ons following him around everywhere. He waxes on about “living in flight” and how exciting it is, but he’s not grounded. He doesn’t even really see Pam anymore. I felt sorry for him. Look at what Sookie has reduced him to. He’s even got these skanky little fangbangers that he travels around with. He never did that before, he was strictly catch and release before Sookie. He’s aching for that connection and doesn’t even realize it and he definitely won’t find it with the likes of those pathetic creatures.

    I know Sookie was brain-effed by ScumBeehl, but she’s still just SO frustrating!! It doesn’t get ANY clearer than “I gave myself to you completely…I love you.”! But, that’s why I read your lovely work, because I know you’ll make it all better!

    P.S. I’m not a not-it-all, I was totally stealing Kleannhouse’s answer! 😏. Snicker.


  14. I think it’s time for two old lovers to meet. I like that Sookie has positive feeling about Eric. It looks like she is finally healing from Bill’s abuse. I wonder if Queen Pam has some idea that she is in the area and is smart enough to realize Eric needs her. Great chapter.


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  16. Ok I found I had to come back to this. Firstly, I don’t blame either of them for their actions or for moving on. I’m also not all “poor Eric” and “stupid Sookie.” I think sookie did the absolute right thing for herself at that time. She’s completely right. What did she have to stay for ? It was healthier for her to go and start over. Wait for Eric? Why? For how long? Regardless of whether all of it was due to her misguided decisions or fears, he was gone for who knows how long. She’s supposed to waste away forever in a place that only reminds her of her losses or mistakes? Pfft.

    As far as Eric, like he said he’s finally FREE. If he wants to fuck everything that moves and have regrets in between? Go for it. That’s how most people move on. Plus, I didn’t see her mentioned anywhere in his musings, if he even knows she took off. He seems content and why not? Autonomy and limitless physical gratification and funds to do with as he will .

    I don’t necessarily expect him to come salivating like a puppy full of remorse when he sees her. Why should he. I hate to think if she was the one sleeping around how much more vitriol she’d get.

    I’m sure you’ll do them right. 😉


  17. It seems to me that Eric is living a meaningless existence right now. Looking for something but can’t find it? Crazy . I’m surprised he hasn’t even thought of sookie. She has thought about him. It’s funny that Sookie hasn’t made the sun connection . I can’t wait for them to run into each other.


  18. I think that I as always loved it, I think that Pam knew/knows exactly where Sookie is and is setting Eric up (mwah ha ha) and mums the word for the rest….


  19. askarsgirl: Exactly! It’s not so much that he’s never once thought of Sookie since…then – it’s more that he hasn’t allowed himself to admit to missing her. He’s a survivalist at heart and at the time (considering Sookie’s actions and the hold Bill had on her), Eric had no reason to waste hope or time or anything else on her. (And she’s definitely his weakness!)

    Liked by 1 person

  20. galwidanatitud: They are; they’re both leading highly productive but ultimately empty lives. Eric has Pam and Sookie to a far lesser extent has Misty, so they have friendship of sorts, but it’s not enough and it’s not the same.


  21. cari1973: (For better or for worse, I’m pretending Sylvie never happened. It’s just too SUDDENLY: ERIC LOVED SOMEONE ELSE IN THE FAIRLY RECENT PAST-ish) Without giving plot points away (either for or against), I can definitely say that Pam isn’t clueless, and that she does adore her Maker but not in the creepy-jealous way TB would have had us believe. And exactly – Eric is a survivor so he knows the best and fastest way is to make a final break from Sookie since he can’t waste his time and attention, not to mention his heart, standing around while she keeps choosing and being manipulated by Bill. There’ll be more in the next chapter.

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  22. valady1: Exactly. Eric is a survivor. He knew when to cut his losses and just…let it go. I can’t blame him with how Sookie kept choosing Bill over him and staying under his manipulative control. I can’t say that the way he’s dealt/not-dealt with it has worked, though…


  23. mom2goalies: Exactly. Some of it is from denial, some from things that might go a bit deeper, but yeah, they’re both living something of a “half-life”. Their lives seem to be extremely successful, and in ways they are, but… (Eric’s mental boxes haven’t been quite as shut as he’d have liked, lol)

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  24. switbo: Heh, I’m the snickering know-it-all…writer’s (annoying) privilege since I know what’s gonna happen *and yup, I totally typed that in a sing-song voice*

    It is sad seeing him basically living an unsatisfying life because we know just how happy he could have been. According to how he perceived a proper vampire’s life pre-Sookie, he’s been livin’ it up (insert lots of bro-talk here), but…no matter how tightly he’s closed the lid on back then, it’s never been completely shut, not for long at a time at least. But no worries – it won’t be long now… *does that annoying skipping merrily away again…hey, it’s good exercise!*

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  25. murgatroid98: You’re exactly right – it has taken YEARS, not to mention the sun’s healing powers, for Sookie to recover from Bill and all the crap associated with him, but she’s finally…finally…pretty much in a good place now. And Pam? Pam does adore her Maker… Thanks!


  26. estrella75: Thank you – you’re absolutely right!!! To all intents and purposes, Eric and Sookie really ARE living completely separate lives – both from each other and from how they formerly lived. Each made what, to them, was the most applicable (if wrong on Sookie’s part) short-term choice they could see. Hindsight is usually hella clearer than the facts as presented in the moment. And, once seemingly intractable choices were made, there was nothing left to do but live with those decisions, or run from them, as best they could.

    Eric was well-versed in living “a vampire’s vampire’s kind of life” for centuries before being Sookie’d, so it was only natural for him to revert to what felt most, well, natural for him. He’s become a globe-trotting, country-hopping , c*nt-hopping, heels-on-tap vampire extraordinaire. When he decided to cut his losses with Sookie, and who could blame him, moving on completely was the only thing he could do to get (heh, partially…ok, not really at all…) over her, and if the lid he’d put on his feelings for her cracked open once in a blue moon, it would have led to that subtle but inescapable sense of something missing from his life.

    Sookie hasn’t put her life on hold, either. She’s realistic enough to know that her time with Eric is over, that she has to move on, and in a way she’s still doing really good to have grown past the “just moving…period” phase. Emotionally she might still be somewhat frozen in place, but her bed also hasn’t been all that cold. I see that as yet more proof that she was, in some ways, moving on from the crapfest Bill made of her life (some of it her fault, sure, but mostly due to his manipulations and general Bill-ness). She hasn’t felt compelled (yes, bad play on words…) to become emotionally involved with any of her bed-buddies, though, because something keeps holding her back. Can’t imagine what (who) that could be…

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  27. mindyb781: I think Sookie’s Fairy instincts have made the sun connection, but her human side still thinks, “Oh, I just like soakin’ up the sun”. I see this Sookie as being guided mainly by Fairy Sookie after her meltdown, and to a slight extent she still is. And you’re exactly right – Eric’s gut knows that something is missing in his life, something big, but he’s so determined to “move on” that he didn’t want to really consider what (who) the missing element might be. 😀


  28. LMAO! “Sing song voice”. Snicker. Why isn’t there a sing-song voice type font? The world *needs* this! And I don’t mind you skipping merrily away, as long as you’re headed off to write!. 😜


  29. Why is it ok for Eric to cut his losses and go but not for Sookie. I think they did the same exact thing. Are we holding Sookie to a higher standard? I hope not.


  30. Yay. No more Bill dreams. Those sounded horrible!

    Nice thoughts of Eric and Godric. Good, good. Love the cue card idea. I think she should definitely ask Eric for them 😉

    Sunbathing and no shower??? At a vamp event? This could get interesting.

    Eric… Lmao. Love his bits. And the fact that he is over his portable meal trios 😉


  31. Oh that Pam is at it again! She would be queen of course! Eric with all his hangers-on was pretty funny – in a strange way I think he and Sookie have kind of done the same thing. Sookie has isolated herself by withdrawing from the world; he has isolated himself behind a wall of anonymous, disposable people who can never really get close to him. This is a beautifully written story.


  32. ladytarara: YES!!! Eric and Sookie are meandering through their own separate lives but neither one of them is doing quite…well. They’re coasting, both needing an anchor they don’t have. Thank you!


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