A tiny surprise + words

I’ve been feeling really badly about leaving you guys hanging for so long (I really hope your hands aren’t hurting!) so when I had a bit of a thought about apples, I ran with it in hopes it might help cheer you guys as well as my rather depressed muse. 

(The ridiculously huge bills flooding my mailbox, the fact I’m *still* on crutches, *still* in the 1,000-lb boot, *still* have to use the ‘chair to go to the dr – and that’s pretty much the only place I *can* go given the money sitch – combined with so many other small and massive issues = one depressed muse.  She’s starting to look pretty damn wilted at this point.)

Anyway, while the entirety of this drabble? (I never know what to call stories when their classification is based on length) is 1,005 words (not including my ubiquitous ANs – they’re, like, mandatory, right?), I like to think it’s setting Sookie up for a far better future. 

It’s my gift to you guys, and I hope you enjoy.

Let me know what you think, and I hope you have a fantastic Friday.


14 thoughts on “A tiny surprise + words

  1. Not just plain old chair darling!!! It’s a CHARIOT! And, you must get yourself a sexy chariot driver. If you live in SW MO, i’ll lend you my hubs!! I had the surgical boot (The shoe of fugly 😉 ) I also had the wound vac for all the good it did me. I’m glad it worked (is working?) for you. And, bills of any kind suck, medical bills suck the most. Hang in there and continue to feel better. patsy


  2. patsy1965: Heh, I do need a gorgeous chariot driver! Thankfully I only have to use it when I leave the house. (Not quite sure the crutches are “allowed” but hey, my house, my rules, right? Right!) And yeah, still in that 1,000-lb boot…bah…but it seems I’m (total guesstimate) about 85-90% healed, give or take (to me, I’m almost done, but to the know-it-all doc? Who the hell knows…ugh…), so that’s good. (I’d have been well a month or more ago if they’d gotten the vac on even 2 weeks sooner, but…gaaagh…) The bills? Yeah, they’re killing me. I will literally never be out of medical debt at this point…well, maybe in a dozen or so years… It’s depressing, which also isn’t good for healing rates, but that’s life. Still and all, I’m glad you have a handsome charioteer! 😀 Go you!! ❤


  3. minicaj: Thank you, gorgeous – all prayers very much appreciated! The recovery is taking forever…and ever…but (regardless of how very, very slowly…), it’s still happening.
    Just slowly.
    With weekly dr visits.
    Still, progress is progress and I’ll gladly take it! ❤


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