On The Morrow

You don’t whine, honestly, you don’t. You have normal human (which could also be normal for aliens, too, I guess, for all I know…) concerns, gripes, wishes, wants, needs, etc. etc. etc. just like we all have. And, if I can help soothe the wounded beast or inspire the floundering bird, or buck-up the pouting baby bull, then that’s what I’mma gonna do! 😀

We are none of us perfect, sweetheart. None of us. I get down in the dumps and just know beyond a reasonable doubt that not only does my writing suck but that my works should be used in a “what not to do” presentation for 4th graders…and I get that way often, lol. I feel for days and hours and months and weeks that my life has reached a dead end, that I have failed all miserably, that I’m nothing more than a waste of space and time and energy and that it will never, ever, ever get better… I feel sometimes as though I have let down the accumulated hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires of all those who have for millennia come before me, that I have squandered all their combined efforts both huge and small that ensured that I would magically appear on this planet at a certain date and time.

Then I eat some carbs and get the hell over it.

It’s what we do. We feel deeply, we wallow in it and enjoy the fuck out of whatever it is we’re feeling whether for better or worse, then…then we get the hell over it.

Regardless of our actions or inactions the sun is still going to rise on the morrow, and it’s up to us to see, and “see”, it.

**A/N:  This is an excerpt from my reply (one of many, lol) during an email convo with an unnamed friend (who gave permission for me to post it anyway).   I’m sharing it simply because I like the flow, and the imagery.  What say you?**

Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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