One Night – The Collection (WIP)

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Man, this “One Night” thing is growing.  Click below for One Night, the first segment of, at this point, probably (edited to say:  I have no fucking clue).  Below that, oddly enough, you’ll find the link for One Night – The Second Night (the second segment).  And then guess what:   yeah, rinse repeat…

The set-up behind this story is explained on the “story summary page” of the first segment, and somewhat reiterated on the story page of the second.  There ain’t no tellin’ what’s going to be on the story page of the third and future segments because it hasn’t finished crawling out of my brainbox yet.  Yes, it tickles.

Good luck, God speed, and wash your hands before you leave.

One Night (The Original First Night):One Night

Click here for One Night – The Second Night:

One Night

Click here for One Night – The Third Night (sensing a trend here?):

One Night

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7 thoughts on “One Night – The Collection (WIP)

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  2. EB Rhome – Awesome!! Very glad you’re enjoying it still (again)! More will be posted at SOME point, eventually (health/muse/life willing).


  3. alishasdean: There’s a lot left to the story, at least in my mind, the problem though is that real life is kicking my ass real damn hard and has been for a while now. Until peace, joy, and stability return to my sphere, assuming they ever do, just imagine for yourself how very many things could be so very, very different if only one action had been taken or one road chosen over another. It’s like the Chaos Theory only with vampires, lol. Glad you like it!


Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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