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Yeah, thought that’s all it’d take for most of us to get started. I have some choice names for her if y’all are interested – please feel free to add your own:

  • *Money-Grubbin’ Cu*t  (I detest the word “cunt”, but I do feel it applies in her case)
  • *Now-Talentless Hack (Hey, she started out fine!  Then who knows…)
  • *She Who Hires Drunk, Rabid, Psychotic Ghost-Writers
  • *Money Whore (Wait…that was used earlier, right?)
  • *Someone From Whom I’ll Never Buy Another Book (I named her that after #10)

Ahh, well, at least we have fanfic – and some awesome fics at that.

I’m afraid, however, that interest in my favorite genres will suffer now because of the combined fuckwittery of HBO and CH and that the number of SVM/True Blood fics will naturally decline, and that thought makes me sad.   At least we still have our favorite fics by our favorite writers to go back and revisit – so long as ff lets them STAY up (BTW:  we can save our favorite writer’s works via Storymaster, et all as long as ff will let them continue to work!).

But…will the posting continue?  I realize that it’s entirely natural for people to move on to other fads, to leave the “well, the original content used to be awesome but now it’s swirling down the toilet” thing-of-the-moment and move on to other interests, but…yeah, the thought of writers abandoning Eric, Godric, Sookie, etc. does make me sad

…especially when there’s a story I’d really love to see written, but is now even less likely to happen.  (See what I did there?  Great lead-in, eh?)

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a fic where pre-fairy Sookie has enough backbone to stand up to both Eric *and* the vampire world and demand to be treated as an equal (both in the female/male way AND in the interspecies way), and that Eric respects her enough to see her point, and loves her enough to actually change vampire politics and customs – and not just because he loves her, but because it’s the right thing to do?

I get so sick of all these fics where Sookie – for whatever reason – has to back down, bow down, and be subservient to not only Eric (which is sickening all on its own), but to the vampire world at large just because she’s female and she’s not a vampire.

There have been so many stories that started off absolutely great, and I truly enjoyed reading them, but…yeah…then comes the part where Sookie has to keep her mouth shut because some Vampire HeMan is speaking, or she has to do what she’s told like a good little mindless girl just some Manpire says so, or she has to act like she’s beneath Eric/whoever just because she’s the stupid little woman or she has to bow and scrape because bla bla bla bla bla…  (Pardon me while I take an Alka Seltzer.)

Yeah, I’d love to see a story like that, and not one that starts out with Sookie being in some sort of contrived peril and Eric having to save her, or with her being some sort of slave or whatever sensationalistic shit and then having to fight her way up after being bought and degraded, etc (bla bla bla).   I want the story to start out with Sookie already having a backbone and using the damn thing wisely.  (No body wants a bull-headed Sookie, though – I’m so not saying she should be like that!!)  Of course this doesn’t happen in every story (thank Godric…), but it does happen just often enough that it stepped on my ranter.

Just…why should SHE always be the one having to give over and change HER entire everything for him – why can’t HE change HIS world for her – and everyone else who lives in that mythical place?


Anyhow, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading.  Srsly.  And know that my rants are never directed at any one in particular, and are absolutely NEVER intended to hurt anyone’s feelings – ever.  I’d much rather piss someone off than EVER hurt their feelings.  My words are my own, and even *I* take them w/ a grain of glass of Alka Seltzer…

Here’s something pretty as a “thank you” for making it this far into this post:


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NOW:  Your turn!  Sound off all you want!  😀

26 thoughts on “Generic Meandering Rant – Partake If You Wish

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  2. Rant, lady, rant. I couldn’t agree more. I love strong Sookie and always try to write her like that. I’m not saying I always succeed. And as for CH, she can go rob someone else’s wallet. She’s never getting another penny from me.


  3. Thank you!! I love your Sookies – they’re not ball-busters, but they’re not doormats, either. They know when (or eventually know when, lol) to listen to someone who’s smarter than they are, and when to raise hell. A great combo!

    And as for CH, I’d rather watch grass grow than spend another cent on her.


  4. Oh God! It’s funny that you mentioned that as I had an idea about a year back where she was an assassin and was the most wanted person in the supernatural world. A real dark angel.


  5. I agree. If I don’t like the contents of a story I find another. Its the same as anything if you don’t like, it move on. If its offensive to you move on. There are other people who may get something from it. Censorship is unwarranted, there are ratings; if it is rated beyond your comfort zone don’t read it but please stop complaining about the contents. Not everything in this world is going to be agreeable to you. As for CH, my theory is she had four too many books in her SVM contract & wrote crap to see the contract as she had already spent the advance. I won’t purchase another story of hers ever, that’s my silent protest.


  6. I tend to agree. I think that CH got in over her head and when the TV people started making their demands and her publisher started making his demands she caved. She was unprepared for what comes with major success and she fell back on what was comfortable and uninspired. (Exactly what she did to Sookie.) Now she while she has the money she has lost a lot of her fans respect and any future sales she may have. I hope that SVM/TB money lasts a long time because she is going to need it since none of us will ever touch her stuff again.


  7. Absolutely! I totally agree with both of you. I think CH’s greed got her in over her head, and her little clique of sycophants got her too big for her britches, and so books 10+ happened.

    And FF? Srsly, all they would have had to do is install some sort of “age verification system” (which, granted, would depend completely on the honesty of the user, but still) and do away with their slavering band of tattletale censors. Then, the only time a story should be flagged is if it’s, say, rated T when it should be MA or some such.

    I hate censorship!! And, it’s completely unnecessary if a true description of the story is given in the summary and the rating is true.


  8. I love strong Sookie. Always. It seems as if everyone who’s posted does as well, but it seems they’re also missing the point of your rant. Like you, I too love stories of a strong, recognized as an equal Sookie. They’re rare, but they are out there. You know, I love all of you ladies with your blogs & terrific stories & how you keep these wonderful characters together & “alive” for all of our enjoyment but…
    …the irony seems lost on many. With all of venom spewing about CH (even AB; he created Godric & IMO, it’s the ONLY good thing from the show, besides AS); all of the anger directed toward CH, does it ever occur to anyone that without her there would be no Sookie, Eric, or other characters she created? None of you would be writing these splendid stories or have your personal sites wherein you could share her borrowed characters so creatively woven into your own stories – if she hadn’t written them? I’m just as disappointed as the next fan at how the books ended, but CH wrote HER books. You’re all writing your own stories & writing your own endings, and some of them are great! To continue lambasting CH makes no sense – we would have never had Sookie & Eric without her. We wouldn’t have all of this amazing fan-fiction if we hadn’t loved these characters so much. Some of you may have never gone as far as becoming published authors without the forums provided as outlets for honing your writing skills. I’ll always be grateful to CH for these characters! She may have written the most disappointing ending to a book series ever, but she caused an entire world to open for talented & creative writers from all over to continue the stories of Sookie, Eric, Pam, & all of the other wonderful characters from the SVM world. So go ahead & rant back at me. Just think about it logically first. Thanks!


  9. Lol, I’ll freely admit that I adored her first 8 books, but 9 seemed to be veering off course, and 10? Yeah, it and everything that came after it seemed to have been written by someone else, someone determined, it seems to me, to derail pretty much all of what the first 8 books were about. I’ll keep the first 8 SVM books, use 9 and 10 for firewood, and pretend the rest never happened.

    Godric, allowing AS to be cast as Eric, and keeping Lala aive were all good things AB did. HBO, however, I believe, was the entity that pressured and pushed CH.


  10. I think sookieverse is great, and it is precisely because of this end written by CH , the FF will survive. many are frustrated and want to write their own end.
    when I heard the end of DEA I wrote on his facebook wall to thank her for having created this world of SVM and have authorized the fanfiction . and I said goodbye !
    and I really think , because ultimately the best ideas she launched ( and nipped in the bud ) were used in the best way in the fanfiction .
    While there stories or sookie is more like this and less like this, but there is a there are people to whom this pleases . some people want to read stories not taken head without argument , or with a lot of sex , or not enough of fighting, and sometimes seems to read the same ff .
    some of you read the fanfiction for longer than me, and I think over time ,we becomes requiring. when we discover we are more tolerant. when I see an A / N or a author to receive bad unwarranted criticism , even if the story I like medium , I turn into a heroine of Series B and I wrote to encourage her , and begs her ignore the negative comments, and has continued to follow his ideas . why? because she writes simply and sharing it with us free manner .
    I always will encourage writers to write ff, a mediocre writer today who knows what it will become tomorrow?
    with regard CH as I am thankful for the world she has created what I hate the most, I think it’s his attitude. not content to say that it was the fault of the fanfiction, that of true blood, lately it was the fault of alexander ..
    she is terribly stubborn of bad faith, this is why I did not buy you the books, not to mention everything that has been said, she has completely fucked the series, not to mention the HEA, she made terrible mistakes of continuity, she happily flouted rules, death threats (I do not believe a word) influences true blood mixed up everything that the “glamor” money, this is a happy mess she’s trying to make us swallow hook or by crook.
    we are not even going to talk about the poor and lukewarm HEA she serves us. a fireworks sookie was expected, we had a damp squib.
    I read a review after DEA or someone told eric was here for captivated vermin and vermin it was us. I think that pretty much summarizes what CH did. and I do not think she will sell as many books and if she regrets it I think she will prefer to die than tell. After DEA his facebook page was “infested” fake profiles of people praying for her, speaking of God, in short, a great team of moderators has everything ready to limit the damage .. and sometimes doing anything of idiot! when a critical negative arose they wrote pavers to secure their point of view, in short it was a little creepy …
    more what I say to CH does not comfort me.
    unlike you all, and this is why I prefer to talk with you.
    then yes, is true in the sookieverse there rotten and silly stories, but even in these rotten and silly stories, there are some good ideas.
    I do not think people will stop writing on sookie, eric, pam, bill and sam on the contrary, I think that future writers will want revenge.
    for what is true blood, I read somewhere that the character prefers CH was andy bellefleur !
    they kill interesting personages and keep us andy?
    a character like godric could bring another dimension to this series.
    they have the knack (or the same disease) kill the interesting characters. when I reflechis and I think rutger fucking hauer was in season 6? a man as beautiful as great actor, which I was in love for a looong time, which plays in my movie worship have such a role, I ask me questions and I wonder WHAT THE FUCK?it’s like christopher meloni that’s why get him if to kill him at the end of the season?
    brief understanding true blood I left a long time!
    sorry it was so long and for my bad english


  11. @naima demars, Your English is fine – not one single problem!!

    I’d heard about how weird it got on her website, and how bad – and QUICK! – they were to remove ANYTHING negative…most of which was VERY much deserved… I can’t see sending the woman death threats (if there even WERE any…I think that was made up to TRY to garner some sympathy to sell more books, but that’s just my opinion…), but she served up a load of drivel with the last 2 books – and her current pamphlet… She is reaping what she (barely) sowed, though.

    About fics: I’ve noticed for myself that the more fics I read, and the longer I’ve been reading them, the more discerning I become about what I like in a story, what bores me, what makes me angry, etc. I think that’s true for any long-time reader. By the process of elimination, you discover what you like and what you don’t.

    And, tastes change over time. What I found acceptable when I first started reading fics, I may can no longer tolerate, and what at first bored me, I now like a bit more.

    That’s one of the things I like about the whole fic world – there’s something for everyone.

    ‘”we are not even going to talk about the poor and lukewarm HEA she serves us. a fireworks sookie was expected, we had a damp squib.'”—–YES!!! Exactly!!!

    “‘I do not think people will stop writing on sookie, eric, pam, bill and sam on the contrary, I think that future writers will want revenge.”‘—–Ohhh, I so hope so!! I want to see Eric get control of his life back, and I want to see a Sookie who is powerful and proud of it, and who is brave and loving enough to truly be with Eric. (And I want to see Pam turn a famous shoe maker!)

    And True Blood…ugh… I ***adore*** Godric, and Lala is awesome – so glad they kept him…and UNF ASkars…but…but…but… The entire Maedad season? The Authority crap? And now…Zompires?? WTF?

    And, srsly, WTF? They had Rutger Hauer! I’ll never forgive them for killing off Godric, but dang, they really could have UNfrumped Niall and made him a regular. If they’re gonna foist fairy babies off on Andy, they could at least have kept Niall!

    And, yeah, they could have made Roman/Chris Meloni one of the good guys, put him in Eric’s corner, and kept him around, too.


  12. I think I paid for TWO books and, by some silly happenstance, they were the two that started the downward decline of the series! I thoroughly enjoyed the series right through until Appius entered the scene.

    Continuity sucked, ’tis true. I rarely even recognize continuity issues because I don’t usually remember from one book to the next what was said but some of them were GLARING me right in the face and daring me to ignore them!

    I think I’ve seen four episodes of True Blood since season four ended!
    Season two? I watch episodes, or portions thereof, that do not include the maenad. It wasn’t really needed in the books and the show just blew it up and that was that!

    I do like the story idea above about Sookie and Eric changing the vampire world TOGETHER! Maybe a bunch of fic writers could get together and write the story. There is one going now, sadly it’s not frequently, that is working up to that but Sookie starts out at slave auction. It has Godric AND Appius in it and is shaping up to be an awesome story.

    I’m not angry about the way the story ended, what does being angry about something we have no control over do but raise our blood pressure? I am saddened by it but, all things considered, I’m glad to see it go since She Who Will Not Be Named is obviously tired of the series and wants to break free from the yoke it became and go on to other projects.

    I am grateful she thought up these lovely characters and gave them backbone and made them so loveable (or love to hateable).

    Look at Terry Brooks; how many books are there in the Shanarra series? I can’t remember but I’ve enjoyed each of them enormously and am looking forward to reading the newest ones at some point. He takes a break and does other things between books, he doesn’t JUST stay with Shanarra or we wouldn’t have Landover, Tanglebox, etc.

    I have noticed that life is hitting my favorite fiction authors really hard right now because the stories I’ve come to enjoy, and look forward to the email updates, aren’t being updated as frequently as I would like, lol. Yes, I know, it’s not ALL about me, just sayin’ that I have noticed life seems to be getting in the way of my enjoyment :D.

    Any way, enjoy your weekend.


  13. I know what you mean – when she introduced Rapeyass Appius, I was just about done. That, plus all the continuity issues, plus the general “deballing” of Eric? Yeah…no. I refuse to read anything where Rapeyass Appius is a character. I see no point in him existing. (Bet ou couldn’t tell that I’m totally Godric all the way, huh…)

    Sookie bought at a save auction??? Ewww…no thanks…

    It’s been a while, but I used to ADORE Terry Brooks!!! The man’s a freakin’ genius! And I’m loving the Black Dagger Brotherhood series – sooo easy to get sucked into…I mean…Wrath! Rhage! V! Awww, and Z…can’t forget Z…!

    I love True Blood in a way (Godric!!! Eric!!!), but I’m sooooo sick of them living up Beehl’s rectum. THAT is soo old. And probably reeks.

    Yeah, there are a LOT of fuck-awesome fics NOT being updated these days, and it’s really sad. It’s gotten to the point that, for the most part, I won’t start a fic till it’s listed as complete. So tired of being burnt by the never-updated/presumed-abandoned-after-a year stories.

    Happy Sat!


  14. If we assume most fanfic authors are female (I mean,we assume that, don’t we?) I find it quite curious why there ARE so many weak-Sookie representations out there. It wonder if there’s some psychological reasoning behind it, along the same line as female rape fantasies. *ponder*

    As for CH, I stopped reading the books shortly after Appius showed up, and I can’t say I regret that decision based on what’s been said about the later publications!


  15. Absolutely! You’d think more fic writers (and I’m with you in theorizing that most of us are female, I mean, well, I am, at any rate, lol) would WANT a smarter, ballsier, more competent Sookie who would NEVER be Eric’s spineless wanna-be victim! Ugh.

    And, yeah, there’s no room in my life or fics for a Rape-yAss Appius. I have to wonder at what CH is getting at with *all the sexual abuse she espoused in her stories, and some of the fic writers, too.

    (*Sookie w/ her uncle, Sookie with Bill, Eric with his Maker, LaLa and the orgy, bla bla bla…)

    And, if these “writers” are using rape and sexual abuse just for sensationalism to hook weird-ass readers, then they’re lower than even CH.


  16. It was my extreme disappointment with the reviews of HEA that led me to the world of FF. Someone had posted in a Amazon review that they had found a much better HEA there. I have been reading and discerning and wasting hours of sleep time ever since :-). I still have my first long story “Assent to love” saved as a favorite on my laptop.
    I must say I stopped buying after book 9, just got disgusted, skimmed 11 in a library once bleh. True blood was great up until mid 4 then WHA???
    Thanks for your stories the Andre one what can I say 3rd time through yummy. Squeeling each time there is a new chapter and I keep a weather eye out for any Godric updates.


  17. First: Thank you for your kind words!! I have the most fun giving Andre not only a back story (which was totally ignored by CH, but that’s probably a good thing…), but giving him his own HEA, too. Annnnnd, I have another chapter of Decisions in the works, too, plus a (maybe?) final chapter of Valentine’s Night as well…muses willing…

    I dread to think of all the months’ worth of hours I’ve spent in fic-land myself! I loved True Blood but when they started in with “The Authority” and then started making Sookie into the town bike (everyone rode her…), yeah, I started only watching for the Eric scenes…but it’s going to really hurt when they end it this year.

    Too fekkin’ bad HBO won’t make an Eric off-shoot! THAT, I’d watch…if “memorizing” can be called “watching”… 😀


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