The Moon, Ch. 15

**A/N: You know how I was going to introduce Sevrin “in the next chapter”? Well, I will – in the next chapter…but I’m thinking y’all may not mind the wait all that much? I decided to go ahead and post this (the muse beat me over the head with it this past night) since it’s vaguely NSWF and for most of us it’s Sunday. Eric in the last chapter may have given you cavities.  Eric in this chapter may give you something else.  Oh, and I may have used the phrase “nether regions”.  I hope you’ll forgive me…**

The blood Sookie had just taken from Eric’s wrist seemed to restore her energy somewhat, and she didn’t even try to hide the self-satisfied grin that graced her lips in the face of his obvious pleasure. Even though she more often than not felt like a broken-backed bloated beach ball and waddled suspiciously like a duck, it was gratifying to think that she still had it even at almost nine months along.

Granted her body was too tired, too sore, and too awkward to feel like ‘participating’, but she knew how important sexual pleasure was to Eric, and she liked how powerful it made her feel when she was able to give that to him.

The coming months of extra gestation were an unknown to her, but with any luck things might level out some, and she somewhat hoped that she might, maybe, feel more like breaking in a bed with him, but right now she was still too tired for horizontal acrobatics,  and besides, intimacy was much more important.  They still had a lot of reconnecting to do.

Plus…she was sure she looked like an extremely undesirable beached whale, and who would want whale sex? That thought had her spirits plummeting quickly.

Unbeknownst to her, the ingestion of Eric’s blood had brought him full force reception of her emotions via the reestablishment of a one-sided bond, and he frowned when he sensed her feelings in free-fall.

It had taken him a moment to recover from the unexpected party in his pants – and really, he chastised himself, he should have expected that to happen – but afterward he had held still and allowed himself to follow his blood’s rapid progress through his Sookie’s body. Knowing that the essence of him was inside her, knowing that he was repairing damages and strengthening her system, had almost caused him to cum again.

Instead he watched as her beautiful face healed, and he allowed the renewed connection with her emotions to flood his mind, silently rejoicing as he sensed that she was content. She was tired, yes, and that sense of being overwhelmed still ran riot on the fringes, but that and the fatigue were quickly overridden by an odd sense of…pleasure? Of…self-satisfaction?

When he saw the pleased grin teasing her lips and the slight blush flushing her cheeks, he realized that she had known exactly what she was doing to him.

That little minx! Well, now…

He leaned down and, ensuring that his breath tickled across her sensitive skin, whispered in her ear, “Tonight you should rest and recover, but I should warn you that tomorrow night it’s my turn.”

She shivered at his words, his tone, and his cool breath on her warming skin.

“Oh, Eric, why would…but, I can’t,” she said, her voice filled with nervous regret as she placed her hands on her distended abdomen.

He sensed an entirely different emotion through the new and particularly handy bond.

“Nonsense. If you desire intimacy with me, then all that matters is whether or not you honestly feel like it. So long as I am careful and gentle with you, we are certainly capable of finding our pleasure with each other.”

“But with this weird extension to the pregnancy, how can you be sure doing that won’t hurt the baby?”

“Sookie, have I ever been even remotely rough with you?” Eric fought off feelings of hurt and anger. He had never treated her with anything but respect and consideration in bed. Of course their passions had run high, but even so he would never…

“Well, no, you haven’t. I’m not saying that you would be, either, just I’m worried that it might not be good for her, that all that kind of movement might not be the best thing for the baby. You’re a big guy, Eric, and you’re, well, you’re even strong for a vampire, so…”

“When have I ever been anything but respectful of your body and your pleasure,” he interrupted brusquely. He paused for her to shake her head, then continued, his tone still slightly insulted. “Then why the hell would you think I would be now when you’re pregnant?  When even as a vampire I know that your body requires tenderness and gentleness?”

“I don’t. No,” she repeated upon seeing his disbelief, “I don’t think you ever would be anything but that way with me. That’s just not who you are.  I do worry about whether or not we can even have sex with me this far along and especially with what all might be different since I’m going to be pregnant for so much longer, but no, I don’t worry that you’re going to be rough or aggressive or whatever.”

“Then what is wrong?” He needed to know what that negative emotion was. Bonds were very useful things, but could only reveal so much.

“Nothing. I’m just worried about…things,” she said, her voice trailing off at his obvious disbelief.  Giving into the worried demand in his eyes, she huffed. “Fine.  It’s just that I’m huge, ok? I’m a walking blimp and I don’t look anything like I used to now.”

“Well I should hope not,” he exclaimed with a surprised laugh.

Surely she didn’t think…

The hurt look on her face confirmed his suspicions.

She did.

“Sookie, you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen but now…now your beauty…Sookie, you glow, you absolutely glow with life and… I don’t know the words, but…” he broke off, then to Sookie’s amazement, he lifted and turned her so that she was straddling his lap.

Looking down into her face, he slowly stroked a finger down her cheek. “I can tell you that I have had the worst time keeping my hands off you. When I first saw you again, even though you were feeling bad, even then you had a sweetness to your face that made me want to draw you into my arms and never let go. You are swollen with child,” he placed both hands over what she called her ‘whale-belly’, “and while the child may not be of my blood, if you are willing, she will be my daughter, so how in seven hells could I consider you anything but beautiful? See,” he asked when he felt a slight movement, “our daughter agrees with me.”

She glanced down at his hands on her belly, then covered them with her own. The intensity of his gaze was irresistible, and she needed a chance to breathe. His words, however, were proving dangerous to her heartbeat, and she smiled as she tried not to cry.

Eric let her disconnect for a moment, then tipped her chin up again.

“Sookie, I find you even more alluring now than I did back then. I want nothing more than to strip you down and lay you out on this bed and spend hours running my hands over your body as I memorize these miraculous changes. I want to rest my hands on this proof of the life you are growing, and I want to test the new weight of your lovely breasts in the palms of my hands for more hours than you can believe. I want to brush my thumbs across your nipples, back and forth, over and over, and watch as they harden under my touch.” He watched with male approval as her eyes dilated slightly and her breaths grew more rapid and shallow. “Then, one by one, I will take each nipple into my mouth and suckle until you are writhing in pleasure, then I will tease and nip them with my tongue and my teeth.”

He had felt himself hardening at the images in his mind, but upon inhaling the scent of his aroused fairy-hybrid, his cock flew to full mast.

So his Sookie actually liked a dirty mouth…

“Then I will move down your beautiful, luscious body, licking, nipping, tasting, until I can part your thighs,” he let his voice deepen, “and I will part your thighs, Sookie, and I will spread them wide and then lower my head and…”

“Eric,” Sookie shrieked with a laugh as she slapped her palm across his wickedly grinning mouth. She didn’t think her face could get any redder…or that her heart could beat any faster.

His eyes dancing with glee, he wiggled his eyebrows as he licked her palm. When she jerked her hand back, he continued. “And I will part your lips with my thumbs and lick…”

And there’s that hand back, but at least she’s no longer afraid of showing her body.

“Eric, stop it!,” she said as she jerked her hand back again.  She couldn’t stop laughing – she refused to admit that she was giggling – at his antics.

With a playful growl, he finally let his aching fangs descend. He had been keeping a stern hold on them since he had imagined palming her ripe breasts, and they appreciated the sudden freedom. His cock demanded the same consideration.

The delicious apex of her thighs was so, so close…yet so far away.

He understood her reservations about having penetrative sex with him – not only had it been far too long since they had last been together, but he was certain in a strangely non-arrogant way that her now-former lover hadn’t been built nearly as generously as he. His length and girth would take her some small time to become accustomed to again, and he would gladly give her that time…and thoroughly enjoy preparing her for it as well. He could understand her concern about how vigorous thrusting may affect the unborn child, but he knew time and familiarity would help with that.

He also knew that not all sex acts required penetration.

And as she is sitting here with her thighs spread to each side of mine, she is in the perfect position…

He placed his hands on her bent knees and very slowly stroked them up the outside of her thighs, raising the hem of her gown with his seeking hands as he slowly spread her legs farther apart with the strength of his own.

Her eyes grew wide as she caught on to his intention and her lips parted in a silent gasp, but he held her gaze as his hands finally reached the cotton sides of her panties. He lowered his head and, when she gasped aloud as he split the material on each side, he quickly covered her mouth with his own.

He thrust his tongue into her mouth and kept her attention focused on the kiss as he very quickly removed the damp material from between her legs.   His hands then reacquainted themselves with the roundness of her bottom, kneading, palming, parting and exploring, before he cupped what he would always consider a mouthwatering piece of heaven.

Pleased that, via the bond, he could tell that she was enjoying his gentle attentions, he raised his head and caught her gaze before trailing his other hand up her swollen abdomen, pausing to enjoy the new shapes and textures he found there.

Finally he reached her chest and cupped one warm, heavy breast, and indeed tested the weight of it in his palm as he slowly drifted one cool finger over the sweet wetness that his tongue ached to taste.

Unfortunately she wasn’t ready for his mouth to be where his fingers were as she was still too self-conscious about her body to truly enjoy such a thing yet, but he was  gratified that she was as accepting of his touch as she currently was.

Breast in hand and finger poised to slide through damp blonde curls, he relished her wide-eyed gaze. He almost laughed at the shock on her face – did she really not think he ached to see to her pleasure?

Maintaining that eye contact, he stroked his thumb back and forth over her nipple and groaned when it instantly hardened. While paying marked attention to the new bond, he also very lightly stroked his long finger over her damp curls several times, and was pleased with how much wetter she was becoming.

When her breathing hitched and her heart started thundering, he gradually delved deeper into her warmth with long, slow strokes, his fingertip moving back and forth, circling her clit before dancing away only to circle that hardening nub again.

He took her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth, gently squeezing and releasing, as he gradually delved deeper, stroking harder and faster then slowing down for a few lingering strokes.

Her eyes widened even farther before closing to mere slits as he began focusing more on her clit, and when she bit her lip to stifle a moan that crept through anyway, he lowered his lips to hers, kissed her firmly, then nipped at her neck.

“Let me hear your pleasure,” he whispered huskily as he rolled her nipple a bit harder.  The bond told him that, for reasons unknown, she didn’t enjoy that, so he immediately made his touch soothing for a moment before moving his hand to her hip.

Cheeks flushed, breath hitched, Sookie couldn’t ever remember being so turned on…not since the last time she had been with Eric. Her hands, which had been grasping the covers to each side of her thighs, now rose to his shoulders as she hung on for dear life.

Wanting to draw her pleasure out forever but knowing that would be unkind, Eric increased the pace of his strokes, and when he felt her nether regions begin to flutter, he stroked faster, narrower circles around her swollen clit.

Her sweet moans, the feel of her slick pleasure under his sensitive fingertip, and the scent of her approaching climax all served to make his cock throb in tempo with his movements, but he held himself back.

It had been far too long since he had seen such bliss on his Sookie’s face and damn if he was going to miss it.

Suddenly she squeezed her eyes shut and jerked, her hips refusing to stay still a moment longer, and he kept his movements constant until her whole body shook with her release.

He was so entranced with her at that moment that he never noticed her nails digging into his shoulders.

When she lurched into his chest, he immediately gathered her into his arms and held her close.  He savored the pleasure and, oddly, the comfort he felt from her as he softly ran his hands over her back in strokes of a soothing nature.

Soon he wondered if her knees or hips were tiring from her current position – she truly was heavier with her child and her center of gravity had changed significantly, so he picked her up and once again sat her sideways on his lap.  He could feel her former fatigue returning slowly, but didn’t want their night to end quite yet.

After kissing her temple, he asked, “How do you feel?”

He knew exactly how she felt, but wanted to hear the words from her.

She cleared her throat, and somehow managed to blush even redder. “I feel, erm, fine… Eric! I can’t believe you did that!”

Her bark of embarrassed laughter warmed his heart, but also made him feel the need to reassure her.

“Why wouldn’t I? You are a very beautiful and desirable woman. Why wouldn’t I want to see to your pleasure?”

His voice was innocence itself.

Suddenly giving into the real laughter she felt bubbling up, she collapsed against his chest, but didn’t answer.

“So, you are ok?”

Softly shaking her head at his insistence, she answered, “Yes, I’m, well, I’m actually doing pretty great right now.”

“Good, because my promise for tomorrow night still stands…as it will every night thereafter  so long as you feel well and would enjoy it.”

He smirked when his words caused a detectable jump in her heartbeat, then his gaze softened as he felt her weariness returning more strongly.

“But what about you,” she asked tiredly.  She still couldn’t believe he had…and with his…!!  Unfortunately, however, her euphoria was crashing quickly – it had been a very long evening – but there was no way she could miss the log that had grown in his pants….again.

“I am a man fully grown, my love. I can take care of this later. For now, you should rest. This evening has been far too exciting for you as it is.”

She snorted. It wasn’t every night that a pregnant woman was told to add three or four more months onto a pregnancy she’d thought was almost over.

Sookie yawned then, and felt Eric lift her and place her on the bed, even going so far as smoothing down her gown.  After settling himself in and once again covering them up, he rested his hand on the swell of her stomach, and listened as she quickly fell asleep.

**A/N:  So, am I forgiven for no Sevrin and yes ‘nether regions’? Are you happy with my muse or are you throwing things at her?  Let me know what you think in the comment section below!**

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  8. I like how he is trying to assure her that she is beautiful. I want her to believe him, and know that she gives him pleasure. I loved that he wants to be a father to her child. Great chapter.


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    Some how she must be able to see how unfair she has been to him throughout their history. Automatic self defense mechanisms are hard to get rid of, but she can if she truly focuses on Eric and not her fears.

    Great chapter, I’m just jonesing for some trust and acceptance from Sookie. He needs some support too dealing with his progeny’s betrayal.


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  19. redjane12: Heh, Sevrin might have had an unpleasant reception if he’d dared interrupt them just then! *Muse says thanks!* Heh, and Eric’s a vamp of many talents… 😀

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  20. mindy: Thank you – very glad you liked it! I think he needs to be able to show her that he cares, and her pregnancy is just the opening he needed to let himself coddle (“his” words) her, and she needs to see that he does care about her and respect her. I think one of Sookie’s problems has always been an underlying sense that she’s not “worth” him, that she wondered what he found in her to love. Now’s his chance to show her that. 😀 Thanks for reading!


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  27. motomary: I absolutely agree – if she’d been with the right person all along, then she wouldn’t HAVE those rampant insecurities – just being raised with a lying grandmother in a back-woods town was bad enough. If he had been given the opportunity, Eric would have taken the time and respect for her to make sure she KNEW how much she meant to him, how important she was in his (un)life. At first, sure, he wasn’t that sweet and courteous with her – true feelings do take time to develop and for the person having them to feel comfortable in expressing them, but he was getting there pretty quickly…

    I think Eric was (sadly?) shocked at how accepting Sookie was of Pam’s punishment, but he also knows that she’s not yet met Sevrin, and doesn’t yet know the extent of the punishment, so she’ll have another chance to show her support soon.

    Thanks – I”m glad you liked it! They’re both growing – he’s growing “out” emotionally, and Sookie’s just plain growing up.


  28. baronessjai: Hey thanks – glad you liked it! It was definitely time for Eric to show Sookie that he truly does find her desirable. 😀 (You know Luna Lovegood of HP? Well, my muse is a lot like her, only less mentally focused…)


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  30. lol! You are forgiven milady!! Especially for this type of yummy goodness. Sookie needs to remember she is not dealing with a typical man. Men from his time savor pregnant woman more, it is actually very important to their survival, so their minds make the woman more pleasing to him. Yeah Marty is watching brain games, and it is explaining all this actually.

    Thanks for the treats!!!!


  31. Kittyinaz: EXACTLY!!! She was feeling kind of down (after all that with Steve, then finding out that she’s going to have to retain her “whale shape” for 3-4 MORE months…, plus the changes in her body) and Eric was wanting to do something to make her feel better, so Ms Muse decided that since giving her his blood was an intimate situation anyway…

    Plus, her current state is just the “excuse” Eric needs to be able to let that other side of himself, that side who naturally respects and cherishes not just women but especially pregnant women, to shine through. In his human years he would indeed have been raised to respect and treat well women who are growing life, not only because of the miracle of it all, but because of the sad risks inherent in carrying then delivering a child. He needs to be able to show her that sweet, gentle side of himself, and she needs to see it…so it turned out well. 😀

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  32. ashmo2000: I feel badly for Sookie because not only does she feel so miserable, she also feels, well, unattractive, and you’re right – Eric finds her extraordinarily attractive! 😀


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  37. ladytarara: *snicker* I had to mock the use of “nether regions” – sounds like an Undie (get it?) band… Annnnd I may have thrown that in there just to refer to the SSSSS bid’ness…I’m mean/tacky/witty/whatever like that…

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  38. Ah, deliberate sabotaging of the brain bleach then!! Always helps to mock your own writing – I do it too! Nothing like taking the piss out of yourself when you fall into FF cliches on purpose!


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