Decisions, Chapter 16

Finally Godric had his Cara all to himself. And, although the brown filth on her plate held a vile stench, he watched with satisfaction as she finished her food and drained her glass. It was obvious she had enjoyed the “green beans” and “fried okra” – he knew the names of these vegetables because he asked – but she managed to swallow most of the processed meat of dubious origin, too.

After he placed the plate and glass on the table and passed her the box of tissues – he even found her sniffs adorable, he leaned back, a small, sweet smile gracing his lips as she nestled her tired body into his with a sigh. He spread the throw from the back of the couch over her and wrapped his arms around her slim form to hold her close, and although his hands were never actually still, he held her silently for well over half an hour.

He carefully stored this blissful memory away for future perusal, noting how she melted into his touch as he softly stroked her back and sighed as he nuzzled her neck. He figured she had to know he was inhaling her luscious scent and loving the smooth, silken texture of her skin beneath his nose and cheeks, but she never objected. The kisses he occasionally placed along the top of her head were so light he knew she wasn’t aware of them at all. It was all he could do to keep from purring, but he wasn’t sure she was ready for something so vampiric just yet.

As he sifted at the speed of light through 2,493 years’ worth of memories, he could not pinpoint one single time when he had ever felt so much at peace. During his human days his time was spent concentrating first on keeping his home hearth safe and provisioned, then as time went on, he found himself taking his father’s place, so then his time was spent keeping all their hearths safe and well stocked. Then he woke one terrifying night to never see the sun again.

With a shiver, he wrenched his thoughts away from the darkest times in his history. There was no need to go…there.

He brought himself back to the present with a silent chuckle. Should he reveal to his Cara his true age? All he knew of currently still in existence thought him to be a mere 2,000 years, but as his Mate, she deserved to know what even his first-turned Child did not. He was so accustomed to spouting this lie that many nights even he believed it to be truth.

Perhaps…perhaps he should share this knowledge with Eric. At over a thousand years of age he might be considered old enough to know by now. Or not…he would have to think upon this later.

During his very long undeath, quite a few times the secret power he had grown with increasing age had come to his service. Oftimes his enemies had been led by his stature and perceived age into underestimating him. Enemies who no longer existed, he thought with a gleam in his eye. His lips quirked slightly as he briefly relived the memory of his last couple kills.   The fools deserved much worse than they received; they should be glad he ended them so quickly. How dare they come after those of his line?

Filling his lungs deeply with her calming, soothing scent, Godric placed another feather-light kiss to the top of her head, and forced himself to relax. The quietening of her pulse and breathing as she relaxed into a light sleep filled him with warmth of the sweetest joy.

As he smoothed his cheek over the softness of her hair, he wondered why it was so easy, comparatively speaking, for him to mentally review his life when he was with her, yet such reminisces proved so… difficult when he wasn’t.

Mentally shrugging, he adjusted the throw from where it had slipped, and turned his thoughts back in time.

He was Turned back when mysteries were fact, back when men and women were truly equal because each truly needed the other to survive. With cooperation, they lived. With strife, they died. The facts of life were so much simpler then; harsher, yes, but simpler.

The comestibles back then…his Cara would not have recognized many things, nor would she have enjoyed the clothing as much. He would have had to work hard to keep her warm in the generally colder climate, but he would have ensured she had the softest of bedding and the best of the meats, berries, vegetables, and fruits as they came. He would have carved her fine combs and bowls, and idols of whichever gods and goddesses she might have chosen to honor.

He inhaled deeply, then considered that, back then, he would already have claimed his Cara, and had he been human still, she would already most likely be ripening with his seed.

His heart tore just a little at the thought. Now, the only thing he could truly offer her was never-ending night, and he did not wish to make such a choice for her.

If she should freely choose to become his eternally, he would gladly, so very gladly, bestow unto her his everlasting kiss; however, it had to be her choice. Not that he wouldn’t use all his formidable powers of persuasion, of course…

He quickly cleared the smirk from his lips as he felt his Cara slowly begin to shift in his lap, and reluctantly removed his arms from her slightly too-warm body.

“Nature’s calling,” she explained as she rose, then presented him with a beautiful full-body stretch.   She didn’t see how his eyes caressed the curves of her breasts as her stretch drew the material tighter and exposed more of her shape, and she didn’t see how his eyes avidly followed the curve of her ass when she bent over the table to grab some of the containers…but she must have had her suspicions.

“I will help,” he commented when she threw him a suspicious glance over her shoulder as she straightened up.

“How do you feel,” he asked, not acknowledging anything.

Cara sniffed loudly, and shrugged her shoulders. “About the same, really, but the nap was nice.” She smiled shyly at him, somewhat chagrinned at having fallen asleep all over the ancient vampire.

With a bow and a blue-eyed grin, Godric replied, “My pleasure.”

He then rose and gathered the rest of the items on the table and followed her to the kitchen, and just stashed everything in the refrigerator rather than trying to figure out what went where.

While she went to the bathroom, he poured her more of the red juice, and snickered at his grandprogeny’s choice in human beverages. He ambled back to the living area and placed her drink on the table, but left it shifted toward the couch. He then checked the medicine bottles, wondered about the vitamins, then placed the cough syrup next to her glass.

When he heard the toilet flush and the water running in the bathroom after a small coughing fit, he sat back down on the couch and readied the throw. He was by no means prepared to either leave or to have her sit elsewhere.

Cara returned to the living room and smiled to herself when she saw Godric apparently ready to resume their cuddling session on the couch. As bad as she felt, she was surprised by how much she was enjoying his company. Thus far he’d been quiet, and very laid-back…basically the opposite of how she perceived most vampires.

True, he had had something of a love affair with her neck while she was dozing, but that was ok. In a way it was just like having a cat again, and she’d fully expected him to start purring at just any second.

Not realizing that she’d paused in the middle of the small living room, she was startled when he patted his lap and called, “Come, Cara mia. You should rest more.”

He held his hand out for her to join him, and that was a pull she couldn’t ignore. After she sat back down across his lap, he handed her the cough syrup.

“This will probably make me sleepy, you know.” She eyeballed the nondescript bottle and wondered if the doctor had a thing against dosage cups. She guessed she’d just take a sip as there was nary a spoon in sight and dang if she wanted to get back up again.

“Then you shall sleep,” he replied simply. He patted the hand on her lap in an old-world gesture that felt strangely appropriate, and urged her to continue.

She raised his hand to cup her flushed cheek for a moment, kissed his palm, then released it to open the adult-proof bottle. That, she decided, was the one thing the mysterious doctor and the mysterious pharmacy could have done without. Oh, well, she thought as the narcotic-laced syrup slowly slid down her throat, at least it’s the good chewy kind.

After dosing herself and placing the bottle on the small lamp table behind her, she, tired in body but not in mind, gladly eased back into Godric’s embrace.

“Do you want more of your drink,” he asked as he smoothed the throw back around her

“No, I’m going to let the cough syrup stay around for a bit. Thank you, though. She took his hand in hers, and continued, “And thank you for being here, too. I just…I’m not sure…” She trailed off and looked down, doubtful as to how to say what was on her mind.

Godric waited a moment, then prompted, “You just what, myn lykyng?” Curiosity ran like fire through his dead veins. Something was on his Mate’s mind and, judging by her difficulty in expressing it, it was something important to her. He bundled her closer to his chest and mentally willed her to speak. He knew it wouldn’t do any good, but he had to try.

“I just…” she began again only to pause maddeningly once more. Finally, just as Godric was certain Eric was about to lose his Maker through spontaneous combustion, she completed her thought…sort of.

“I just don’t know why you’re here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad you’re here, but, why? You don’t know me well enough to, you know, care.”

Godric inhaled sharply. His Cara didn’t…! She couldn’t…? How could she not…! She snapped her head up at his low, thundering growl and the string of what sounded like foreign profanities.

“Cara,” he finally said clearly, his voice dripping with sensuality as he cupped the back of her head to hold her gaze to his , “Were you not ailing, I would be most pleased to show you exactly how much I care.” He trailed his fingertip from her brow to her jaw, then lightly down her throat and watched in satisfaction as her brown eyes darkened with the merest fraction of the lust powering through his own body.

“Yes, I want you; nay, I crave you, but not just your sweet, beautiful body and your,” he paused to pointedly draw his nose along her throat as he slowly inhaled, “delightfully fragranced blood,” he uttered lowly into her ear.   He flicked his tongue from her lobe across a bit of her jaw, then continued down her throat, mirroring his previous path with his fingertip, tasting, teasing, crowing as her pulse quickened.

He stopped when he reached the crook of her neck and rested his forehead there for a moment as he attempted to regain control over himself and tried to convince himself that his cock would soften… eventually.

With a shudder he raised his head to meet her wide-eyed gaze. “But there is so much more to you, Cara mia, so much more that intrigues me, enthralls me, calls me to your side with no intention of ever truly leaving unless you send me away.”

Sad that his words would surprise her so much and more determined than ever to make her know her place in his heart, he continued, “Your eyes are the warmest shade of brown I have ever seen, but even more, there is a life in them, a spark of joy and intelligence, of curiosity and mischief that calls to my very soul.”

He leaned forward and placed a kiss between her brows, then laughed ruefully. “Ah, my sweeting, you are an awful liar, did you know that? Yes,” he paused to close her mouth with his fingertip, then let it linger on her lips, “lying certainly does not come naturally to you even if your reasoning was commendable.” His grin widened with her muffled “hrumph”.

“There is a lightness and a joy, a passion tempered with common sense and humor about you that draws me as a moth to flame. You are soft and warm, gentle, kind and caring, yet I sense an underlying strength and wisdom rarely found in these times.”

His gaze turned serious, his blue eyes intent upon hers. “You are entirely correct in that I know next to nothing substantial about you, but…I want to. I need to. I desire to know everything there is to know about you, and it is my undead mission to accomplish this goal.”

Cara searched his eyes as she tried to determine his true goals, his true intentions, and found that she believed him.   She bit her bottom lip for a moment, then smiled. He watched her dimples emerge, and lowered his head for a kiss, but was shocked when she immediately backed away.

“No, honey, no, I’m sick, remember,” she exclaimed while shaking her head.

“Cara, Cara, sweeting, I am vampire – I do not get sick.” His tone somehow blended entreaty with arrogance in such a way that she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ugh, lucky you,” she groused as she reached for a tissue.

Sensing an appropriate opportunity to tout the benefits of vampirism, Godric drew in a breath…which turned to a growl when he heard a sound then the chime of her doorbell.  His formidable fangs fully descended with an audible snap when her tiny startled jump indicated that no visitors were anticipated.  He tensed and let his hands tighten into claws as the visitor then knocked on the door.

Cara automatically glanced at the clock on her cable box, and stated indignantly, “It’s after 11:30! Who in the…” her raspy voice trailed off as his growl deepened, and she struggled to rise from his lap to answer the door.

From his place on the couch, his sensitive nose had detected that this visitor was male, and his instincts were strongly demanding answers.



Quicker than she could readily discern, Godric rose, placed her in his seat, and flashed to the door.

In one continuous movement, with his vision going red and his thunderous snarl rattling the walls throughout her small apartment, Godric ripped the door from its hinges and slammed the dark-haired male hard against the inside wall. His inner beast rejoiced as he sank his lengthy fangs deep into the intruder’s neck and drank.




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  2. Hope that isn’t long lost family at the door. Godric has gone into super overprotective mode on Cara (tee hee). BTW who is he going to get to repair the front door at that time of night? Quite enjoying reading Godric’s wooing of Cara. Very flowery language, had me giggling. 🙂


  3. jules3677: Thank you! I love imagining how such an ancient person might think, how their thought processes might sound – conveniently in English, of course… 😀


  4. Hmmm. Not so sure Cara’s going to be impressed by the whole attack the stranger (hopefully not friend) that’s come to the door. I think Godric’s going to be in trouble. He’s gone all alpha-male-possessive and over-reacted.
    Hope there’s another chapter soon 🙂


  5. treewitch703: 😀 Thank you! Pam told me to remind everyone that, “All vampires know that red is healthier.”

    Maybe she’ll stop poking my shoulder now…


  6. *GASP*
    eeep! I think I know who it is! can’t remember his name tho!
    excellent again!


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