Eric Northman: After the Show (WIP)

You know how Eric is, right?  Sometimes he doesn’t have much to say, but other times he starts talking and you just can NOT shut him up (not that you’d want to…or could…).

This story is from one of those times.

Now, at this point I’m not sure if I’ll add more to this story or leave it as is, but…Eric and Godric made me do it.  Between the two of them, I had no choice.

My muse – a mythical beast who is SUPPOSED to provide inspiration, great story ideas, and support? – yeah, she’s flippin’ her shit right about now because she did NOT authorize this new foray into Eric’s future…and don’t think she isn’t letting me know it, either!  That particular little snot has a set of lungs on her and dude, she can SCREECH!

Between writing Valentine’s Night, The Revealing of Andre, Decisions, Sookie Takes Charge, and plotting the sequel to Anticipating, and beta’ing for Kittyinaz, I just don’t have time for another story…which is exactly why Eric decided to speak to me, I think.  He’s mean that way!

**I can hear him snickering in the background** 

That’s ok, Eric…as the writer, I’m in control of your future SEX LIFE – yeah, it’s not so funny NOW, is it, buddy?  Thought not…

*ahem*  Sorry about that.  You know how Eric is. 

Quit with that brow, Eric, you’re gonna get a crick if you keep it up!

Anyway, this fic is completely, extremely, absolutely AU, no ifs/ands/buts about it.  I also have no idea where it’s “going”, either, because the muse is pissed with me and isn’t telling me anything.  (Can y’all bribe her?  She’s not talking to me any more.)

All I can say for certain is that Godric is in it as Eric’s Maker, and he will have an HEA with Sookie…well, um…yeah, with a Sookie.

But, all that being said, see what you think of this:

 Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic







9 thoughts on “Eric Northman: After the Show (WIP)

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