One Night – Part 3

**A/N:  And now we’ve reached part three of four.   This is probably a “2 pee” posting but there’s only one intermission…use it wisely…  Enjoy!**

The teasing note in her voice finally restarted his misfiring brain but the only reply he could think of wouldn’t be at all appropriate…

Fuck it.

“That’s the wrong pus…”

To his eternal delight, Sookie’s jaw dropped.  Her hand quickly placed over his mouth halted what most likely should have gotten him slapped.


“Eric Northman! None of that dirty talk, buddy.”

Her sparkling eyes and blushing cheeks mostly belied her astonished outrage.

Oh. My. Odin.  She’s…she’s cute!  Cute?  What the fuck?  I am a thousand year old Viking vampire – I don’t think the word ‘cute’…!  Well, she is…she’s…she’s fucking cute when she’s…

With a devilish twinkle in his eyes he ever so gently but quickly sucked at then nipped the fleshy part of her palm as he encouraged the cat from his lap.

She gasped at his actions then blushed even rosier as she jerked her hand back with a squeak.

With a hushed laugh she demanded, “Eric! What are you doing?”

“Well, if you won’t let me tongue…”

She slapped her hand back over his mouth again only to quickly squeak and jerk back once more when he repeated his earlier actions with a decidedly seductive gleam in his gaze…and more tongue.

This time when she pulled her hand back, however, he caught her by her waist and plopped her down onto his hard lap.

“Now as I was saying before being interrupted by your delightful companion, as Sheriff it is my duty to oversee the vampires residing in my area.” Sookie wiggled around a little too invitingly so he warned into her ear, “Quit it or we’re going to the sofa.”

She halted her movements after one final adjustment but looked up at him to ask, “Why would we go in there?”

“It’s softer. Anyway,” he said, stressing the word while teasingly cutting his eyes at her before settling back into teaching mode, “if a vampire visits my Area, he or she must register their presence with me and state the reason for their visit. A vampire simply passing through is not required to state their presence. If a vampire wishes to move into my Area, they must file a petition with my office.  If their petition is approved, they must register with me. If a vampire plans to Turn a child, they must receive my approval unless the situation would be deemed a true emergency.” He saw that Sookie had a question and raised a brow.

Since she’s a human I realize that she couldn’t possibly give a shit less about the ins and outs of the vampire world, but her attention and curiosity do her justice.  I will satisfy that curiosity but…how to make sure it doesn’t kill the proverbial cat…do enjoy her cattitude…

“Why do they have to get your approval to change someone?  Unless the human doesn’t want it, the changing part seems like it should just be between them, right?”

“Not all vampires know how to successfully Turn a human, and not all vampires are financially capable or knowledgeable enough to ‘raise’ the progeny once they rise. I make sure they know what the fuck they’re doing.  And as the local Sheriff, if a Maker meets their final death before their child is realistically capable of fending for themselves, I either match the child with a reputable and willing substitute or I oversee their progress until such time as they are self-sufficient or I match them with someone willing to assume that responsibility. I also oversee the dispensing of an ended vampire’s assets according to either their will if they leave one or common sense if they don’t. If a vampire in my Area has trouble with humans either by causing it themselves or because of discrimination, they are to bring it to me and I either work it out for them or contact your local authorities. If vampires in my Area have a dispute amongst themselves, I solve it. If a vampire in my Area violates one of our rules, I also solve that problem.”

He paused to let that sink in for a moment and laughed a little when Sookie, whose eyes had been growing rounder by the moment, responded faintly, “I hope you have a good secretary.”

With a shrug of his shoulders and a wry tilt of his head he replied, “My child, Pamela, the blonde vampire you met tonight, is extremely good with paperwork and keeping the calendar straight.  She is my Second in Command with the authority to act in my name when I’m out of the Area.”

She nodded then asked after thinking for a moment, “And what about drainers? You said that Bill was supposed to have told you about them.”

His face hardened.

“And he will pay for failing to inform me of their presence” he stated harshly. “If any vampire in my Area discovers a nest of drainers, they are required to bring the information to me as soon as possible. Directly after dark tomorrow night Compton will be apprehended and will serve the maximum five-night sentence for failure to report the situation to me.”

What he didn’t say was that the sentence would be served in silver chains attached to a silver-lined wall, and that an inmate’s survival after serving that weakening sentence was in no way assured.  If the rat bastard had done his duty and reported these drainers then Sookie would never have been attacked.  For that alone Compton deserved far more than a mere five-nights spent in silver.  A plan was forming…

Sookie nodded and seemed to be relieved to know of the cretin’s upcoming incarceration.

“I can see telling you about it, but why wouldn’t they take the information to the police? I mean, draining is illegal, right?”

Cautiously optimistic with the calm banality of her question and of her seeming  acceptance of  the information thus far revealed, Eric snorted.

“Yes…draining is supposed to be illegal, but how long do you think the locals would keep drainers locked away? Most wouldn’t even be fined unless the county happened to need money. They certainly wouldn’t serve any jail time.”

Sookie’s brows furrowed as she appeared to be strongly pondering something, and Eric waited with growing impatience.

He wasn’t sure why his teeth were suddenly so on edge because of that tiny furrow between her brows or why this conversation seemed to mean so much to him.

To divert his thoughts, he turned his attention to the woman’s presence on his lap.  As much as he was beginning to crave tasting her blood as her warm fragrance rose to swathe his nose in almost tangible temptation, he found to his surprise that simply holding her on his lap was…almost enough, for the moment at least.  Her ass was nicely plump and certainly seemed made to ride his lap…and other parts of his body…

Unfortunately he had to wonder how long it would remain in place considering everything he had disclosed to her and what all might come forth as the conversation progressed.

Eric realized that he had given her a large amount of information in a too-short period of time, but it was necessary.   He was admittedly pleased with how well she seemed to understand and accept everything but wondered how long it would last.

But how long will this intelligent acquiescence last? I wonder how she’ll react to my plans…plans I’m only now truly considering. Unfortunately for her it’s the best way to keep her from being turned into a more useful version of her cousin…or worse. But before we get into that…

His patience ended.  It was time for a change of subject and he needed to know all the facts anyway.

“Why were you showing those pictures around tonight?”

He wanted to hear the explanation in her own words.

Her expression fell.

“Dawn Green and Maudette Pickens? They were murdered and Detective Andy Bellefleur wants to pin it on my brother Jason. He didn’t do it but he sure looks guilty. He’s…well, he’s not real bright, either. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Hadley and it’s not just because they look a lot alike. He’s kind of flighty, too, and it ain’t his brain that he thinks with most of the time so he comes off as kind of dumb.  He’s attractive enough to get away with it, though, so he does. He’s a classic horndog – he likes the girls and the girls usually find him too tempting to say no to him, and he’s never been real particular about who he, you know…”

As Sookie’s voice trailed off, something niggled at the back of Eric’s mind.

Long ago…something Godric mentioned… What was it…  Appealing… According to Sookie her brother is notably appealing to women… Hadley could be very attractive if she cleaned up… Sookie is damn near irresistible… Alluring…like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle… Both smell unaccountably sweet… I bet the brother carries that same sweetness. Hadley tasted sweet even with the chemical contamination. This is beginning to sound a lot like…but they’re all gone, aren’t they?

He inhaled near the side of Sookie’s neck.

Definitely something… Godric will know. He never forgets anything.

“Anyway he’s connected that way to both Dawn and Maudette so I can see why Andy wants to think he did it, but he’s not the only connection between the two of them.”

Eric waited one of her heartbeats.



“Were these women drained?”

“No, but they did have bite marks on them and were known to date vampires.” Sookie shook her head sadly as she remembered how Dawn looked in her bed.

I wouldn’t call it ‘dating’…

“I see,” he responded aloud.

I’m afraid I do. If this is the work of a bigoted hater… This upcoming trip may have better timing than I first thought.  Need to check the air pressure of the ‘Vette’s tires…right front seemed a little off tonight…so glad I didn’t bring it here…need to do something about that horrible driveway…and what the fuck is that hideous yellow thing – that’s not her car, is it?  Looks like a woebegone half-rotten lemon…bet she qualifies its sad existence with ‘at least it’s paid for’…

“You don’t sound real convinced that a vampire did it.”  She twisted in his lap to better see his face.

“No, I am not. If a vampire planned to kill or accidentally killed a human, they would almost certainly drain their victim, and these women were not drained. But…I do sense a connection between their deaths. I will have Pam look into it.   She is an excellent detective.”

“That vault of hers?” Sookie couldn’t help but snicker at the memory.

Eric smirked slightly as he replied, “Yes, her vault,” then allowed his face to resume a more serious expression. “Do not underestimate a vampire’s gifts, Sookie. It will do you no favors.”

Her wit and humor are oddly engaging but she needs to know what to take more seriously.  She can treat these things as lightly as she wants with me but will need to guard her tongue wisely with most others of my kind.  Never underestimate a potential foe…or friend. With the right reintroduction I could see Pam and Sookie getting along frighteningly well…and probably making my life a living hell…


“Yes. As you are now involved with the vampire world I see no reason to keep such information from you, but most of what I reveal is not widely known and it would be best for my species if it remained that way.”

Sookie thought about it a moment, then nodded.

“I can see that. But I have to ask, is this more of a ‘vampires against humans’ thing or a ‘humans against vampires’ thing?”

Smart observation.

“Both. It is natural for humans to fear most things they don’t understand, but the more intelligent will educate themselves and rise above that fear with knowledge and higher thinking. The less intelligent will choose to hide behind that fear and nurture suspicions and hatred instead. We must carefully choose what information we reveal and to whom because of the less intelligent who would prefer to hate rather than try to rise above that hatred by choosing to explore and understand.”

“Some people are determined to be stupid. I autta know,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. “Ok, so, what’s this about gifts? What do you mean?  Do you have any?”

Eric was glad she didn’t wish to pursue that topic any further just then. Soon enough she would realize the flipside of that coin, that there were many vampires who would never consider humans to be their equal, vampires who derided the concept of “mainstreaming” and who had no desire to interact with humans in anything other than a slave-and-food context.   These vampires hadn’t wanted to “come out of the coffin” at all and a few actively sought to provoke and inflame troubles between the species.

There was even a cult gaining momentum near where his Maker lived and he wouldn’t be surprised to discover fundamental vampires at the heart of the bigoted unrest.

He himself scoffed at the idea of “mainstreaming”. Fake blood was foul pap and no true vampire could stomach it except for publicity or to avoid “starvation”. A vampire was vampire and he saw no reason to be other than what he was and saw no reason not to enjoy his status. While there were aspects of his former humanity he did miss, he knew there was no excuse to bemoan those losses when he had gained so much more.

And…back to gifts we go…hi ho, hi ho…fuck I need a new unlife…

“Pam has an uncanny ability to absorb and retain information in what she calls her vault. It is a gift she gained when I Turned her.   All vampires rise with enhanced senses and strengths but most do not rise with abilities that are either supernatural or are exceptionally strong as with Pam’s memory.”

Suddenly feeling devilish and seeing no reason to deny himself, with Sookie still in his lap as he spoke Eric had allowed his body to very slowly rise into the air above the kitchen chair.   His levitation had been so smooth that she hadn’t even noticed it…until he pointedly looked around the room.

Ready for the possibility, he had his finger over her lips before she could do more than gasp as she turned further into him and grabbed hold of his sides.

“Shhh,” he said with a sparkle in his eye. “I’ve got you, and no, I won’t let you fall. One of my several gifts is the ability to fly.”

Once she had recovered from the shock, he watched as she glanced curiously around the room, down to the floor, up to the ceiling, then grinned.

“So I should call you the next time the ceiling lights need changing?”

“I’m sure we can work something out.”

She snorted then asked excitedly, “So can you really fly, like, if we were outside how high could you go? How fast?”

Eric found her accelerated heartbeat and breathing and that sparkle of excitement in her eyes mildly addictive.

“I can go as high as I want but it becomes uncomfortable after I reach a certain altitude, and as far as speed? I fly much faster than any car. I flew over here tonight, actually.”

“Well that explains it!”  Her satisfaction at having apparently solved a riddle was…cute.

Still not sure I like the word ‘cute’…

He raised an eyebrow while maintaining his height above the chair.

“That explains why I sensed up you up above the house somewhere instead of at ground level like I sense Bill when he walks around my house sometimes at night.”

He growled softly as he descended smoothly back into the chair.

“He does this often?”

Eric had started to ask Sookie how she had sensed him but the thought of Compton skulking around her house took precedence.

“A couple times,” she answered with a nod and then she grimaced. “He lives right over there and he says he likes to walk around outside at night. Hey, does Bill have any of these gifts that I should know about?”

“Besides his terrible accent and fondness for finding the worst trouble with the least effort? None. He attempts to convince those in power that he is somehow stronger than the usual vampire of his age, and that he is somehow smarter, but in my world he is considered a young weakling, barely a pup out of his Maker’s hovel. She, Lorena, is not known for having either intelligence or a discerning personality.”

Compton’s Maker is known as a weaseling backstabbing piece of trash that gloms on to anyone richer or more powerful than…

“Well, you’re an old man over a thousand years old so you’d just think of him as a kid anyway,” she teased, then added in a pensive tone, “but I can sense a difference between the two of you. The void,” she clarified when she caught his curious expression. “I can’t hear vampire minds but I can sense the void of where your thoughts should be. I can tell from that void, from the size and I guess you’d call it the strength of it, that you’re way more powerful than Bill. Your void is huge compared to his.   I wasn’t around her long at all but Pam’s void might be a little smaller than his but it’s a lot stronger.”

Interesting… Pam is decades younger than Compton…

And then he smirked outrageously as several plans finally coalesced with stunning perfection.

“My Maker would blow your mind.”





(Brimme a coffee?)



When he didn’t clarify further so as to tease her innate inquisitiveness, she quickly asked, “What do you mean?”

“My Maker?” He wore his practiced innocence well. “I’m going to visit him in a couple of nights. You should come meet him.” He grinned mischievously. “He is well over 2,000 years old.”

Sookie’s mouth dropped open and her eyes positively gleamed with curiosity.


“Two…two thousand years? He’s been alive for two thousand years?”

He quirked an eyebrow, then regarded her more seriously.

“He has been undead for well over that long.  He is one of the most powerful vampires in the world and is highly respected by all. I believe you and he would get along well. He would enjoy your curiosity and your ability to listen and understand. You can’t begin to imagine the stories he could tell.”

He didn’t state that his Maker was also highly and rightly feared, too. The object wasn’t to scare her away, after all, but to entice her into visiting Dallas with him.  Dallas…where she would not only be safe from the queen and Compton’s undoubtedly nefarious plans, but where she could also potentially be useful against the growing Fellowship of the Sun cult he had heard about.

Mostly, however, she would be safe and would also provide a possibly needed distraction for Godric. The tenor of his last communications with the ancient being had been a bit worrisome, and besides, while the old man was once known as Death, the old man was also an excellent and patient teacher…when the student showed promise.  Godric would consider Sookie a mere babe in the woods, someone to be taught and protected…she would definitely appeal to the old man’s paternal nature.

If his still-vague inklings about the Stackhouse clan were correct then she would need both protection and information. Between himself and his Maker, she would have both.

“What’s your Maker’s name?”

“His name is Godric. He is so old that he doesn’t have or need a last name,” he added when she appeared to expect more. “For the past several decades he has been Sheriff of Dallas and works closely with the King of Texas. I would have you visit Dallas with me to meet both my Maker and, if you wish, the King of Texas. You would be safe there.”

The shock on her face at his proposition wasn’t surprising so he gave her time to consider his offer.

Tina wandered back over and stretched up to tap Eric’s elbow for attention. He reached his long arm down, scooped the cat up in his big hand, and placed her on Sookie’s lap where Tina immediately began purring.

Sookie absentmindedly petted the cat while her brows narrowed in thought.

As Eric watched her actions he found himself slightly jealous of the feline…even if the wait for her answer seemed to be slowly killing him.

“Dallas, huh? How long would you be staying?”

“I’ve arranged to stay with him for a week. I could easily be persuaded to depart sooner, however, as the bar will be closed for the next two nights due to the raid.”

Normally he would be torn between relief for the small break and anger over the lost revenue, but tonight…tonight, he was simply grateful for the unexpected free time to handle this newest situation.

A few moments later, she said, “I admit it, Eric, I’m curious. I’d love to meet someone that old, someone who has seen and probably done so much that I can’t even imagine. I’ve never even been to Dallas, either, and I’d like to see it, too, but what about my job? Gran? What about Tina and Jason? I can’t up and leave them, not right now at least,” her voice trailed off in disappointment.

The sound that came from Eric was nothing short of a snort. The defeat in her voice made him want to break something but the way she had paired her brother with the cat in terms of responsibility struck him as amusing.

Makes me wonder if this Jason is even house-trained…wonder if he bats at toy balls and stray leaves…

“Yes, you can. Pam will investigate these murders that I do suspect are linked in some way to the vampire world. She will clear your brother’s name. Your brother can take over babysitting your grandmother. She is his responsibility too and it is time he accepts it. Tina can remain here or Pam could take her to her house. She has an affinity for cats. Failing that, she will come with us.”

She gaped at him obviously having difficulty reconciling the vampire she had met at the bar with someone who loved animals. He could understand the problem – after all, he had ‘raised’ Pam.

“In some ways Pam is …a study in contradictions. She is unfailingly loyal to me, intelligent and an excellent fighter.  She is many other things including being snarky and lazy to a fault, but if she accepts a responsibility, she will fulfill it to the best of her ability.”

Especially if I task her to do so…lazy brat…

“I dunno,” she hedged, Eric guessing that she probably didn’t want to insult anyone but was having visible qualms. “I don’t know her and I can’t just send Tina off with someone I don’t know.  Gran will make sure she’s fed.”

Eric had his doubts but remained silent as he planned to solve the problem by simply bringing the cat with them. Dallas was easily within a night’s driving distance…especially if he drove.  He glanced down at the cat in Sookie’s lap.

All she needs is a box, some bowls, a cage, and water and smelly food, right?  Meh, Pam will know.  At it’s not like Dallas doesn’t have stores.  Pam would know that, too.

There was something about Compton that continued to irritate the fuck out of his intuition… His gut was warning him about something and he knew to never ignore that feeling. Lorena’s minion was an inherently untrustworthy bastard, always had been, and something needed to be done.

Bill fucking Compton had neither checked in nor registered his stay.

Being the Sheriff, Eric would certainly know.

Now why the fuck would Compton purposefully fail to register his presence with his Sheriff?  As stupid as that fuck-up is, even he knows his duty…  Shady…  And isn’t it decidedly convenient that his hovel rests next to Sookie’s family home… 

He glanced down at Sookie’s blonde head.

Once a threat is revealed, only the foolish allow it to remain.

Eric Northman was no fool.

So many options…but the timing…alibis…accountability…logistics…

Pam couldn’t stand Compton – in the past she had often compared him to an ape with the intelligence of a squashed grape…but her lily-white hands had to remain untainted – and definitely above suspicion. Thalia, however…  She was a very old vampire with the ability to dampen her scent, and while she was currently in Bossier City for some probably ridiculous reason that he didn’t want to know about, at her age she could fly even more swiftly than he could. Thalia’s mind wasn’t exactly…right, and she would gladly kill for the pure thrill of it – keeping her from killing was often more the problem. If she happened to be told…find out…whichever…that Compton had illicit designs on an innocent virgin…

Oops.  No more cum stain.  Oh, darn, should I order flowers?  Preordering would possibly look suspicious… No, wait – do they still post Bans or…were those only for engagements?  Compton would be ‘wedded’ with the dirt that shat him so that would count, right?  Ohhh Thalia…do you know what “by any means necessary” involves?  Apply at will…

If he could persuade…or persuade if he must…Sookie to visit Dallas with him, they would all have easily verifiable alibis.

His fangs snicked down with the pleasure of the thought and he swiftly retracted them.

Makers called their children to them all the time, didn’t they…and accidents did happen to vampires once released from a weakening incarnation, or so they say…

“But anyway, what about my job? I’m a waitress at Merlotte’s and Sam’s already pissed that I had Bill take me to Fangtasia tonight as it is. I don’t think he’d take too kindly to me up and takin’ off to Dallas with an even bigger vampire,” she said somewhat teasingly.

Eric could tell she was genuinely concerned about her job and barely contained his huff.

A waitress…for the shifter? With her gift? She has this telepathic ability that I have so far no reason to doubt and she’s wasting it on, what, knowing when someone wants more blood-sauce, no, no, it’s ketchup…just looks like congealed blood. What a waste!  Nothing wrong with earning a living as a waitress but she could be doing so much more and with so much less effort… Wait until she discovers the world full of options available…a world that doesn’t involve fetid shifters at that…

“Sookie, you are a telepath, correct? Then why do you waste your talent in such a way? Why are you a waitress when you could do so much more with much less effort? Why do you waste this extremely valuable talent?”

She shrugged as she continued petting the cat, and her shoulder brushed against his chest. Eric noticed that his hands were subtly holding her as she remained seated sideways on his lap. One palm rested lightly on her thigh near her knee while the other provided a modicum of support for her back.

“I didn’t do so well in school. I mean, I graduated, but it was so hard trying to concentrate when everybody else around me was thinking about something different at the same time. I’d need some sort of degree to do much of anything else but I really don’t want to deal with a classroom setting again. My shields are stronger now and all, but…no. Just no. I have thought about buying a computer and getting internet hooked up out here so I could do one of those online degrees, but there’s never been enough money for that kind of thing.”

He exhaled as he considered her options. What she said made sense and he felt…something…maybe it was pride…that she’d even graduated high school at all with those difficulties.


That idea…the one he had been considering more and more often of late, popped into his head with all-too-convenient timing…and a calculating gleam brightened his eyes.

It was feasible…highly feasible and infinitely appealing…but before now the rut had been so insidiously…lulling.  The logistics…he’d mentally sorted them out many times during the past several years but had never genuinely considered that particular course of action, had lacked that final impetus…

While he had enjoyed the pretense of autonomy he had in governing his Area, in truth Sophie-Anne still held a ruler’s full power over him – power the vicious vampire would instantly abuse if she ever felt the urge.

That had never sat too well with him.

Of course he could easily take over the State, had honestly thought about it a few times, but he had no use for all the headaches that would come with such an action.

But said vicious brat-queen knew of Sookie’s ability. If the queen knew, then not only did Andre know, but anyone Hadley had brayed to about it knew as well…and then there was Compton.

Whether she liked it or not, Sookie was no longer safe in this little backwater mud hole.

The old woman’s snoring briefly caught his attention. “Gran” had gone to bed all right…but not to sleep, at least not at first. Judging by the subtle electronic whine he had detected,  she had gone to her bedroom and then cranked up her hearing devices to maximum undoubtedly ear-piercing sensitivity so she could eavesdrop on their conversation.

That was one reason he had finally drawn Sookie into his lap…perhaps not the main reason, but it worked as an excuse since he could lower his voice. Sookie had subconsciously taken his cue and thus their conversation had thankfully become even more difficult for the elderly lady to overhear.  Very soon thereafter she had succumbed to a light sleep.

As he gave Sookie time to consider her current situation while she stroked the cat’s fur, he further contemplated some facts of his own.

While there weren’t many vampires in the country who were stronger than him, his Maker was one of the strongest vampires on the planet.

His Maker also had an easy working relationship with the King of Texas who trusted Godric as much as any vampire could trust one he hadn’t Made.

The King of Texas was a smart, reasonable, but most of all powerful vampire in his own right…one who paid his employees fairly…especially if they had vampire…or Dae…representation.

Mentally he made a note to contact his own Dae representative – Cataliades.

He glanced down at Sookie and considered the probability that he was thinking irrationally, then immediately discarded the idea.

Eric the Northman did not think irrationally.

It was just that…there was something about the woman in his arms that beckoned to more than his fangs and his cock. She seemed to be…lighter, somehow…lighter than others in a way he couldn’t explain, and that “something lighter” seemed to call to that darkness which had resided within him since he first rose.  Even the thought of his own child biting her had affected him strongly and at that time he’d been exposed to her for barely a handful of minutes…

Light?  Dark?  Bah…much more of this line of thought and Godric will definitely wonder what the fuck is wrong with me.  Any chance Freud was made vampire?  Maybe I should look into it…

Then he mentally shrugged.

He wasn’t sure what was going on but opted to simply go with it. After all, earlier that very evening he’d decided he needed to lighten up anyway.  And her eyes did sparkle with humor when she dared to tease him…

I can’t wait for Godric to meet her…  Wait, why the hell am I so excited to bring her home to meet my Maker? That makes no fucking sense at all…

Eric mentally shrugged again; he was certain it would later.

Now, back to the problem.

“Sookie,” he started then waited for her to look up at him again, “do yourself a favor and think beyond the redneck confines of Bon Temps, beyond New Orleans and even Louisiana. There is an entire world out there that you have yet to experience for yourself.   In my eyes you are so young, so inexperienced…regardless of everything else going on in your life, allowing yourself to wither away and die here in Bon Temps would be criminal.”

His eyes clouded at the thought of her languishing away in such a backward, narrow-minded area then his expression grew slightly stern.

“You have not asked for my opinion but I will give it to you anyway. I suggest that you not only meet my Maker but that you meet with his King, too. It is my firm belief that he will offer you an extremely lucrative job as his royal telepath.”

When he saw the reluctant interest emerging on her beautiful face, he continued.

“He will want proof of your ability, of course, but upon gaining that proof do not be surprised if he offers you a considerable amount of money to retain your services. I will contact my lawyer on your behalf before I go to my rest. With luck, an odd version of which you seem to have in abundance, he may well be able to meet with you tomorrow night.”

Informing the girl in his lap that his lawyer was an entirely different species could wait for another night.  He would bet Pam’s Parisian storage units the girl had no idea about Weres and Shifters – even though she worked for a rather smelly one, much less the existence of the Dae…or the Fae.  He couldn’t wait to see the expression on  her face…

“Why would I need a lawyer?  I can’t afford one.”

Silly chit…like I would arrange for his services then make her pay for it.

He thought her vaguely adorable confusion over the need for an attorney a little unwarranted but attributed it to her inexperience.  But that inexperience…and then she continued…

“And anyway I’m not really sure about meeting this king.  I mean, I’ve met a grand total of like seven vampires and five of them were Bill and the Disco Triplets, and that creepy guy at the bar who was convinced people who visited Fangtasia wanted to die.  I’d like to meet your Maker – you seem to have turned out pretty good which speaks great on his behalf, but I’m not sure my luck would hold when it comes to meeting this king guy.”

He didn’t understand why it was suddenly so imperative to him that she realize how crucial any decision she made at this point could be. She seemed bright enough to see the facts as they were but he felt some weird sense of duty to ensure she was realistically aware of her options.

Ohh, Sookie…if you only knew…  Damn.  I did not want to do this but she needs to know, at least to some degree, what she’s truly working with here. She seems to be considering this situation with appropriate gravity but I suspect she’s allowing her nerves about the king to influence the entirety of her future and that cannot be allowed.  Fuck!  Here goes…

“When dealing with vampires, retaining the services of a qualified attorney is never a bad idea, but before we get into all that, I need to be sure that you understand the gravity of your situation.  You will not like hearing some of this…nor should you. You have a valuable gift, and yes, your telepathy is a gift,” he stated firmly when she started to contradict him. “This gift is highly valued in my world and therefore sought after with a vengeance…an unscrupulous vengeance. I do not understand how you have remained undiscovered for so long, but for your safety you need to realize that your former life is now over.”

The fear and sadness that clouded her gaze burned in a way he didn’t like, but he pressed forward.

“Now you have to make a choice and I will outline the most obvious of them.  Some are good, most are not.  You do not seem inclined toward opting for the worst ones but I will list them anyway.”

He inhaled and would have sworn he had to swallow back bile if it had been possible.  Just because it was highly likely that Compton would soon no longer be a problem didn’t negate him from the ‘list’.

“You could allow Compton to use his blood to assume control over your mind and eventually both your body and your life before hauling you to his queen’s court where you will undoubtedly be ill-used until you either die or escape.  Of course, Compton could have alternate plans in mind for you which would probably be even worse. I wouldn’t put it past him.  You could boldly approach the queen yourself and demand fair treatment, but even with an attorney by your side, she can be manipulative and petulant and considering how vicious her Second is, the length and quality of your life cannot be assured.  You could pack your bags and flee the area but you would lose all contact with your family. You would never be able to return home and the length of your freedom would be highly questionable at best.”

He paused to shift in the increasingly uncomfortable kitchen chair and considered that he should have floated them to the lumpy but undoubtedly softer sofa in the other room…at least, he thought that must be why he felt so uncomfortable.

The slight moisture gathering in Sookie’s eyes had nothing to do with it.

“Or…,” he began in a lighter tone, “with the proper representation, the entire world could be your oyster.” He grinned audaciously in part because he was so relieved to have the distasteful portion of the choices covered. Now he could proceed to the more pleasant options.

“Yes, you could easily become the King of Texas’ very well compensated and respected telepath and you would do quite well working only for him, but there are even more options available to you if you wish. With the right support and contracts you could virtually charge what you wish. You would also be in complete control of your choice of clients and locations as well as your working conditions. Most importantly, you would never be in another situation like the one hanging over your head tonight.”

Except for that damnable moisture, Sookie’s expression had gone into what he was beginning to think of as her attempted “poker face” during his recitation of her more negative choices. He found those “choices” so unacceptable that he would have quickly glamoured them from her if she had even pretended to consider any of them…assuming a glamour would even work on her given her telepathy…but her eyes were now clearing and perhaps even mirroring the gleam undoubtedly shining from his own.

“Well, I’m not too fond of oysters but I’m liking how the rest of those options sound.” She exhaled gustily and scratched Tina behind her ears one last time before easing the cat off her lap.

Eric watched in bemusement as she politely stood up and stretched then walked back to her former seat. After taking a sip of her watery-looking tea, she spoke.

“Ok, buddy, lay it out for me – what exactly do you propose, and what exactly do you get out of this? One thing I’ve learned is that nothing in life is ever really free.”

**A/N:   There were several things I wanted to ask here (parts that I wanted your opinions on, etc) but every one of them came off sounding as though I was “leading” how you guys ingested the story.  So, dang-n-blast’it, let’s just go with the usual:  So…what’d ja think?**


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82 thoughts on “One Night – Part 3

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  2. Cute! Love how he keeps thinking that word then chastising himself. I like that she is actually thinking things through and asking intelligent questions. Looking forward to Eric explaining his ‘plan’. She should freelance through him, and possibly Godric too, instead of just working for the King of Texas.

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  3. Freelance is the way to go! More options. But with Eric as her “manager” and the backing of Godric, Catalaides and the Texas King.
    I hope we get to hear about her journey to meet Godric and her adventures in Dallas.

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  4. Love how he is explaining everything to her and his musing in-between. he is laying down the hard facts for her and i think she is starting to understand she is fucked,. As he was musing about becoming King i wondered if maybe Godric would consider it and Sookie would be safe that way. Having an alliance with Texas and have the states strong together. as LJ said i hope you sequel this as it would be awesome to see them go further than Texas. I am curious whose blood will be next in Sookie to override Compton’s , Eric’s, Godric’s or the Kings. I don’t think Eric will be happy with her being in Texas when he becomes more attached an jealous of other men/vampires giving her attention….. damn i want Ch4 already Hugs KY

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  5. I think the freelance option sounds pretty good. And I think if she meets Godric before he turns himself over to the Fellowship she might just give him some reasons to hang around for a long time to come. Looking forward to the next chapter and hoping you consider extending this one a bit more!!

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  6. I want to start by saying I love your writing. I love the way your mind works!!!
    This is how Sookie should have been introduced to this world. She might be uneducated but she never should have been portrayed as an idiot like she was.
    This story is begging to be a long one… I’m not too proud to beg right along with it!!! Please!!!!!!

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  7. OK- This is how much I love this piece and want to strongly encourage you to consider extending it a few more chapters— just ‘cuz I love this Eric and Sookie- anyway- I love this so much, I paused at the intermission, which made me guffaw- seriously a guffaw, not a little chuckle- (“This is your time to shine. You’ve got this.” Hi-larious!) to pop down here to the comment box and comment NOW because this is just toooooo good! Love the personality, the relationship, the conversation. Ok- intermission over- time to pop back up!

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  8. Love so much about this- especially the wonderings E is doing in his head as he converses with S. Love the thoughts of Godric and how Eric is, just from this different imagining of what could have happened, potentially changing what I so disliked about TB: Introducing a (hot, sexy) character with such potential and killing him off. Eric is so open with information and I think it’s that, along with the time he’s giving to Sookie, that’s allowing her to sort out her thoughts and feelings in a way that is leading toward smarter choices. Awesome chapter!

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  9. Loving this and I love the reference to Ericizmine’s Entrepid and being an independent contractor. I also want to say you are going to need to do a sequel to tell us about Dallas and meeting Godric, you should also think about taking Gran with them as a history buff she would love to grill Godric for info. Now whine whine how long do we have to wait for part 4, yes I know I’m being greedy but your story is good.

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  10. Dirty talk as if Eric ever would (hahahah)…aww Eric actually teaching her something worthwhile to know about Vampires unlike scumbill…yeah for punishment of scumbill!!!…love a contemplative Eric…Awwww looking at Eric being so trusting while he goes off on a tangent about cars LOL…awww the flying, so sweet….GODRIC GODRIC GODRIC aannnnd intermission dammit!!! Yeah for a trip to Dallas, and time with Godric I can’t wait to read that chapter!!! Uh oh more anger towards scumbill! More evil gran, loving Eric trying to show Sookie the possibilties…sad but time that Eric popped that little bubble she was living in…Yes! For Sookie’s backbone!!! Awesome part 3 can’t wait for the next!!!

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  11. Freelance would endanger the life of Sookie in the Supe world and I knew it would not take long for the very Authority to send someone for her to get her services ‘exclusively’.
    She would be better protected working for the King of Texas, or even for Godric.

    Being without the influence of her grandmother for a while (a week or more) will be good for Sookie to ‘see’ what the Supe world has to offer her. *snort* Tina should go with them to Godric reconnect with life *snort*.

    In case Sookie moved to Texas more permanently, Eric has easy solution if he wants to stay next to Sookie: Godric can call him to his side (or appearing to). Without the support given by Eric, Sophie will not long remain in power (one less enemy because, for me, Sophie sees Eric as her enemy).


  12. God this is awesome…. And I love how your Eric is presenting ideas, and telling her how it is. It makes for a reading that I am breathlessly waiting for the next update, but at the same time, I am going… There is only ONE more!!!!!!!

    I admit, this makes me sad. Very very sad to know this is coming to an end, when I can see so much more happening!!!!!!!!

    p.s. I saw the grape ape statement. Snickers. I just read that in BTD….

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  13. I am so enjoying this…have to comment on Gran, not the loving and caring character she is usually portrayed as is she?
    I would love to see you continue this beyond the 4 chapters you have. The way you have them logically laying out the current situation and Eric’s ideas for resolution seem to be setting up a very un-canon storyline for them. And it’s of course full of humor as well as being clever.


  14. This is so good . I’ve read through everyone else’s comments and I agree with almost every thing that has been said, so I’m left with very little to write without coming across as copy cat without an original thought in my head ( not a complaint, just an observation that your adoring fans all think this story is kick ass and the fact we are all singing from the same song sheet is proof of your awesomeness to tell a good tale ) . So I’ll just repeat my opening sentence , this is so good !

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  15. Smart Sookie. Love the last line. Love Eric’s thoughts. Having Thalia take out Compton is a brilliant idea. I wonder if Eric could get her to watch over Gran and ride herd on Jason without killing them. Glad he’s taking the cat.

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  16. There is so much to love about this that I can’t choose one specific thing! It’s all fabulous! Can’t wait for more…oh! Here’s your coffee. Enjoy! 🙂

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  17. This is so much fun. I can’t get enough of Eric’s internal commentary it has me laughing so much . I like how Eric is putting everything out on the table and giving Sookie a choice. This is so good!


  18. I do not think that Freelance is the best option unless she has the backing of some very strong vampires. Eric and Godric could resign their position as sherrifs and act has her manager/handlers. Maybe a meeting with the AP? While I liked Roman in the Authority I do not think Sookie should be involved with them at this time. I would like to have a birds eye view of Sookie and Eric going to see Godric. Also that same view in the court of QSA when she realizes that Sookie is beyond her grasp. Would QSA come after Jason or Gran? How long would she keep her head if she does? Great story.


  19. I could almost see the light bulb go on over Eric’s head when she was discussing the vamps voids. And I get a small chuckle every time he calls Godric the old man. I really hope he gets her to go to Dallas.


  20. This chapter was so good! I like the way Eric is explaining her options to her without sugar-coating them. Bravo! His musings are funny too. I’m just sad that there is only 1 more chapter to go. 😦 Please consider more chapters? I’m not above begging…. lol


  21. I bet Eric loves Sookie’s comment on how his *void* is huge compared to Bill’s. And how Eric is ruminating over fixing her driveway and how she and Pam would get along so well – that’s amusing. He can’t wait to brag a little about his several special gits, too. Well, well, Eric’s very interested in this cute woman with plump ass and intelligent mind.
    I loved how Eric takes his time listing Sookie’s options to inform her, not to scare her (well, maybe, a little? but she needs to be scared to know what awaits her with either of those choices). And Sookie is such a smart cookie, lol, her straightforwardness earns her lots of points with Eric at the end of Part 3. She’s right. Nothing’s free in this life. Ever.


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  23. mom2goalies: Heh, can you imagine Fangtasia Eric thinking about the word “cute”?? LOL! I can totally see that sudden, uncontrollable sneer on his face – and Pam’s donkey-laugh if she found out about it… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  24. ericluver: Sookie definitely has options, and Eric is surprising his own self by how open he’s being with her about them since it’s not necessarily in his “vampire interests” to give her that power (knowledge/information). Poor Eric…so much has changed in his life alluvasudden… *grin*


  25. kleannhouse: Thank you! I imagine Eric’s mind is going in a thousand directions a second…and at least one of those directions has to be snarky, lol. Ugh, I can’t say anything else without it being a spoiler! *dashes away before fingers become too talkative* 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  26. missingjasamalways: Ok, so, this is ONE spoiler I *can* give with a clear conscience: Godric will NOT go emo – repeat: Godric will NOT go emo… The timing of Eric’s “sudden and for no reason” reconnection with Godric, and the curiosity-causing tone of it will add just enough spark to Godric’s life, and concern for Eric, too, that he’ll (bluntly) get over his emo-self long enough to see what in the world Eric is up to now…and that effect will snowball. *snicker*


  27. kcnjuice: Thank you! Got a flashlight? My mind is a scary place sometimes… And I know exactly what you mean: naive and untaught do NOT equal stupid, yet she was so often portrayed as being too stupid to live. CH and AB had the perfect medium to show just how much difference a little time, a little patience, and a lot of knowledge could do for a fairy-hybrid but they all chose to dumb the poor girl down to an insulting level. Pissed me off, it did. Glad you like it!


  28. teachert99: Hey, pop on down to that oddly placed comment box whenever ya want! 😀 Glad you like the story 😀 (You totally imagined the face Eric made as he was trying to keep at least SOME of that stoic vampire facade in place while thinking about the word “cute”, didn’t you…)

    Liked by 1 person

  29. teachert99: TB’s treatment of Godric galled me (get it? Gaul/galled? i’ll hush now) soooo much. They bring on this amazing character with all this massive, brilliant potential…then emo the fuck out of him (I get it – even and sometimes especially the strongest of warriors grow weary of the fight, but come on…). Gaaaagh!!! *happy place…happy place…happy place* Ugh.

    In part, that was one of the thoughts behind this story – I wanted to imagine all the things, all the tides and events and futures, that could be changed via the actions taken during only one night, and Godric’s future was one of them. And I may have went partial-novella in a comment a few minutes ago about how all Sookie needed to overcome her highly-understandable naivete and lack of knowledge was just some time, patience, and teaching. That’s all she needed. Eric would have been raised at least partially in some form of the viking saga tradition, and that tradition would be almost instinctual with him, and in the presence of a Sookie-that-listens, anything is possible.

    Glad you like it!

    Liked by 1 person

  30. tleel: You want Sookie to take her GRANDMOTHER to Dallas with her and THE TALL SEXY VIKING?? *blink blink…blink* I suspect you’re probably hella nicer than I am… *snicker* How-ev-ur, I can say without spoiling anything that Gran ‘n fam will be fine.

    Aww, man, it’s been so, so long since I even tried to reread EIM. I managed a partial once-through about 6 months after she passed away and even then cried my eyes out and had to stop early. Thanks for the memory – I’d forgotten about freelancer-Sookie in her Multiverse! The memories may be sad, but they’re still fantastic. ♥


  31. galwidanatitud: He is! He’s nowhere near aware of just how deeply enamored he is, but he’s truly been, can I say it? Smitten-bitten. 😀


  32. saldred75: You…you want Sookie to lug her GRANDMOTHER and her BROTHER to Dallas…with the TALL SEXY VIKING??? Man, you people are definitely hella nicer than I am…I’d be all, “You people don’t need me…Jason, tend to your grandmother…I gotta go…” *snicker*


  33. charity6201: Heh, stoic vampire facade aside, I can totally see Eric letting his frat-boy flag fly! I can imagine (obvs) that when given an attentive, curious audience (granted a gorgeous one), Eric would let his natural “teaching through talking” (that saga tradition he’d have had to have at least partially been raised with) come through, and I can (also obvs) imagine that when given the right setting (no other peoples’ thoughts nagging at her) Sookie’s natural curiosity and self-protective desire to learn would come through. Sure, she’s naive and untaught, but given the time, patience, and information, I could also see her making hella better decisions with her life and safety.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. cari1973: (*psst: Exactly. That would only work if the Authority didn’t exist. She would be far better off working under the “triple protection” of Eric, Godric, and the King of Texas…and that will be made clear to her at a future point. At this time Eric is simply trying to lure her out of her old mindset with potential “bright future” aspects.)

    And I totally agree with you – Sophie-Anne only allows Eric to be a Sheriff in her territory so she can keep an eye and a queen’s potential power over him – not because she in any way actually trusts him. (If she did, she’d have contacted him the next night after Hadley had spilled the Sookie beans, but she didn’t, which was quite telling.)


  35. Jackie69: Heh, love when Sookie’s backbone makes an appearance! 😀 Man, I’d love to go to, well, anywhere that has Eric and Godric…THE Dynamic Duo! 😀


  36. Kittyinaz: Lol, the “grape ape” bit is from a PM convo with you a LONG time ago…plus Beehl is just so…apey…do remember EIM’s Bill/banana scene, though, and it still makes me giggle!

    Glad you like the story! I just wanted to see what all could be changed – tides, futures, mindsets – via the actions of one pro-active vampire during one night…turns out, quite a lot! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  37. valady1: *no comment on Gran (except to say that I’ve always seen her as scaldingly hypocritical)…just wait…*

    Awww, thank you! I love applying my version of logic to situations such as theirs just to see how things might have worked out differently if said logic had been a thing that existed in the writers’ brainboxes. Plus, I wanted to explore all that could have been affected – tides, futures, situations – had Eric been that bit more pro-active. Turns out, quite a lot! 😀


  38. Meridian- you are hilarious! I was laughing before the end of the first sentence. Oh, I get it! And not just a strong warrior with great potential that was WASTED but a beautiful actor who can, ya know, act! Happy place indeed! And you can go partial novella anytime- I really do enjoy your writing- ha, ha! I agree that Sookie, when treated like an intelligent being, is revealed to be (lo, and behold) an actual intelligent being. So, anyway… One Night: The Next Night? One Night: A Night in Dallas? And Beyond? Next Week? In NOLA?


  39. murgatroid98: Thank you! I figure at his age and with his experience, not to mention his own natural common sense, Eric is definitely able to ‘read’ people, and he’s pretty sure he knows just how “well” the cat would fare without Sookie there to tend to her. Thalia…man, TB could have used her in so many ways!! She and “the Dae Cataliades” really needed to be on TB.


  40. msbuffy: Why thank you gorgeous! 😀 It’s so much fun exploring all the futures and tides and everything else that could have been changed during the course of that one night if just that one thing had happened. Very glad it’s readable! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  41. mindyb781: Lol, thank you!! I figure with his vampire mind Eric has dozens of “thought lines” going on at once, and at least ONE of those lines of thought MUST be snarky, right? Right! 😀 Glad you like it!


  42. treewitch703: Thank you! I’m torn between long chapters and regular (shorter) chapters…the longer ones do allow the reader to settle into that world and gives them more of a chance to explore it and enjoy it, but shorter chapters allow busy readers a quick break…which, of course, could almost as easily happen with the longer ones but would involve more “stopping and starting”.

    I’m just glad this story is going over so well! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  43. desireecarbenell: **spoiler alert** Right now Eric’s just giving Sookie a run-down of most of her options as he’s trying to “edge her” toward making the choice that he knows would be best for her. With QSA in power and with the Authority humming along in the backgroun, freelancing would NOT be in her best interest, not yet at any rate, but the idea would sweeten the “Sookie decision-making” pot. (I totally agree: Roman was great in the Authority!)

    See also: evil grinning… (me, but probably other players in the story, too)


  44. suzymeinen: Heh, I love having Eric think “mean sounding” things about Godric because we all know that not only does he respect the hell out of “the old man”, but that he’d never insult him like that for real. (*spoiler: he will*) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  45. campyrs: Thank you!! I can see Eric wanting to make damn sure she knows what’s really going on but yet not wanting to freak her out TOO much, so he’s having to walk the “how explicit should I really be” line. And heh, in my mind, Eric is sometimes the KING of snark… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  46. AlphaEN: Heh, in my mind he was totally frat-boy smirking…and with great reason, too. He’s definitely interested but as of yet has no idea just how hooked he already is. Boy he’s going to be surprised at some nebulous (but not too far away) point in the future…

    You’re absolutely right- Eric didn’t want to scare Sookie, but he did feel the need to ensure that she truly was taking the situation as seriously as she should, so it was time to lay it (almost) all out on the proverbial table. I see Eric’s unusual openness being a direct result of Sookie’s own openness, and that they’re doing what people have done since the beginning of time – feeding and reflecting off each other. She’s relaxed therefore he’s more relaxed therefore she’s able to calmly (and sometimes teasingly) respond which eases his own responses, and so on. Heh, give those two kids a chance and they’ll go far! (Plus I figure that when her brain isn’t being harassed by other people’s constant thoughts, Sookie could be pretty smart, pretty straightforward in her approach as she’s had enough “bullshit” in her brain.) Glad you liked it!


  47. Four chapters— how about 44? Totally get the one night concept, but now we need to relish those changes that night brought forth. Particularly bringing beautiful boy Death out of his funk. I don’t see Eric being able to leave Sookie in Dallas and him return to Shreveport, even for a day. It might be time to play the ‘my maker calls’ card to get out of his contract and become the telepath’s manager/ protector/ partner/lover/ mate,etc, etc


  48. motomary: 44, huh… My muse’s internal time-keeping device just screamed in terror…and it wouldn’t be so bad but little scenes keep playing out in my brain… Meanypants. (Not you, my brain…ok, and you, too…) 😀


  49. I love this story so much I re reading it, although I just read it a few weeks ago, with the exception of the latest update. I need to enjoy the beginning again before reading the latest. I love this Sookie. She’s smarter and less stubborn. This Gran? Oh not so much. Sookie should leave her in Bon Temps and just send checks lol. This is an awesome story. Love it all over again


  50. Melissa Moore: Thank you! I love a smarter, more laid-back Sookie (can’t stand me a Stoopie…) who can see beyond her own nose. Gran? Well, she mellows out some, in part thanks to Eric glamouring away some of her old resentment toward Jason and Sookie (mostly Sookie). Glad you’re enjoying it!


  51. This is so good! It’s taking me a while to read but I try to read a little everyday. Wish that’s all I had to do. I love this smarter Sookie! On to the next.


  52. luvvamps: In one way I love the format I’ve chosen for this story, where each night is it’s own “chapter” but it has to be told in segments because each part is so…dang…long. Eric…bless his old heart but that dude notices so much and thinks so much and does so much…! Glad you’re liking it! 😀


  53. So Eric has Sookie entranced by the idea of meeting a 2,000 year old man, wiser than Mel Brooks. He is quite sneaky and Sookie is quite smart. Like them both.


  54. gaijinvamp: Thank you! I see Sookie as naive yet she’s not stupid (“my” Sookies are not Stoopies…), and she’s very curious about the world. Eric is smart enough to use that to his advantage – he knows she can’t stay where she is now that he’s figured out what’s going on with the queen, and the best way to get her out of the area is…willingly. And who COULD resist meeting a 2,000+ year old Godric? *innocent face*


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