Oh my, my, starry eyed surprise

♦falling leaves & creepy trees

♦sweet cool breeze & tickles please

♦my good luck it comes in threes

♦moon & stars in warm soft tees

As happens with little doggies, sometimes you have to take them “out” late at night.  Usually I don’t mind since it gives me a believable excuse to be outside at night when the moon and stars are out, when it’s cooler than it’s been being during the day.

Tonight was different.  It’s finally October, finally I can feel and enjoy the luxury of fall’s cooler weather, enjoy the sound of the chill breeze through the changing leaves, hear the leaves raining down, hear the crunch of drying, fallen leaves under my feet. 

Tonight was magical.  It was 52*F outside, with a slight breeze just strong enough to caress my cheeks with a nice cool touch with barely a nip to my nose.  The sky was partly cloudy earlier today but tonight, you could see forever.  The stars were out in all their sparkling, tinkling beauty, and the moon was glowing silver, increasing in all her glory. 

The air was crisp and clean and fresh and felt like it could move right through me.  I could hear the leaves gently rustling in the trees and remembered their gorgeous red and orange and yellowing hues from the day.  There were just enough fallen leaves drying on the grass to cause a tiny crunching sound, almost like secrets being whispered. 

These are the nights when you look up and expect to find miracles.  These are the nights when you want to toss a thick blanket on the grass, lie back, and gaze into the heavens till dawn breaks.



See? That’s what “forever” looks like!








Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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