The Moon, Ch. 31

**A/N:  Here’s a soft-n-fluffy to get us back into this fic.  Hope you enjoy!**

Several minutes passed in silence after Eric stopped the video.

No one knew what to say, what to do to either comfort the Maker who had lost his progeny or to honor the progeny who had gone out in a blaze of glory.

Then there was a hard knocking at the door.

A cursory glance about the room revealed Thalia’s missing presence – Eric didn’t remember hearing her leave but since she was one of the stealthiest vampires he knew, he didn’t think about it – so he nodded to Willa who had already partially risen to open the door.

“Where do you want him,” Thalia more demanded than asked as she stood just outside the doorway.

Her petite face was a study in feral satisfaction as she dangled the bloody stub of an arm in one hand and held the rest of the vampire captive by his neck with the other.

The manager mentioned in the video had apparently not managed to go very far.

Sookie sat up straighter in Eric’s lap and, to the shock of everyone in the room, her face brightened. She bestowed upon Thalia a smile that was only slightly less vicious, and received a regal nod in acknowledgement.

Only Eric noticed the protective tightening of her arm over her stomach.

With entirely false indifference he casually called up the camera to what had been Pam’s cell. The cleaners were in the process of gathering their supplies to leave the now spotless room…a room that wouldn’t be clean for long.

The now-former manager could bleed until the coming night, however.

“Pam’s cell will be fine. Thank you, Thalia.”

The male whimpered Eric’s name in a pleading voice, which was ignored by all in the room. The collective disdain was palpable.

Thalia blurred from the doorway with her quivering prisoner in stumbling tow.

After a moment of stunned silence, Sookie cleared her throat.

“Ok, I’ll say it; ‘Go Thalia!'”

Eric’s face displayed his surprise at Sookie’s words while Sevrin simply nodded his head in agreement.

Willa’s immediate response, a half-laugh, half-snort noise, brought even more relief to the tension now leaving the room.

Eric leaned back in his chair and ran his palms over Sookie’s internally-mobile abdomen. He wondered if the child within ever rested.

“This change in your outlook is a surprising relief, Sookie. There was a time when you would have protested her actions…”

Sookie snorted.

“There was a time when I was a naive child determined to be a stupid ostrich keeping her head buried in the sand so I wouldn’t have to deal with anything. Now, we all know that ostriches don’t really bury their heads in the sand thinking that they’re invisible, but I guess I really thought that if I didn’t know all the facts then I wasn’t responsible for anything that happened to me or anybody else, but it just doesn’t work that way.”

She shuffled a little on Eric’s lap to ease her abdomen.

“I finally realized that I’m a part of the supe world and that there’s no way for me to back out of it even if I wanted to. Now, there’s a lot of stuff I still don’t know about, things I don’t like or understand, but I figure if I ask you or Willa or even you, Sevrin, about it, you’ll tell me so that I will know.”  She shrugged, then began playing with Eric’s fingers as she continued.

“Do I like that Thalia yanked that asshole’s arm off? A part of me doesn’t, of course, but there’s an even bigger part of me who’s still cheering her on. I don’t like that vampire justice, or supe justice in general, is so much meaner and harsher and so much more painful than the human version because I just consider us all people, but I also know that, given time, he’ll regrow that arm whereas a human couldn’t. And, to vampires, time has a completely different meaning. It was a mean thing to do to him since he is still a person, but then, he was complicit in the Dae plans against me and you and probably Willa, too, and look at what those assholes were going to do to me!  Look at what they already did to Pam and Willa!”

She turned to look at the brunette vampire and asked with the abrupt change of subject common to the easily distracted, “Willa, are you ok?”

Without blinking, Willa replied, “I wasn’t, but now I am, well I will be when I wake up tomorrow night. Sevrin arrived just in time to save the night.”

“You are not well?”

Eric and Sookie both noted how Sevrin immediately turned Willa in his lap so his dark eyes could sharply scrutinize her face for any evidence he might have missed.

Willa put her hand on his chest mostly to steady herself.

“I feel fine, just a little odd from everything. I think it’s from the combination of all the ancient blood suddenly flooding my system.”

Eric studied his remaining child then demanded, “Odd? In what way?”

Willa thought she could almost feel her Maker accessing their bond for information about the state of her “health”, but brushed the notion aside. She felt odd but not that odd.

“Just a little strange, like, I don’t know, I guess you’d call them something like power surges are running through my blood somehow. They don’t hurt, not at all, but I do feel them. I feel stronger, and I can’t explain it which is weird since I also feel smarter somehow.” She shrugged, truly at a loss as to how to put into words the effect of the ancient blood on her system.

“Why did you say nothing?” Something flickered in Sevrin’s stern gaze.

“It doesn’t feel wrong, just…different.”

Sookie could tell the moment Willa realized that Sevrin was truly concerned, and not solely about her reaction to the blood.

“If I had my d’ruthers,” the brunette started as she gazed softly into the stern black eyes staring down at her so fiercely, “I would love to go home and I would gladly go into my dayrest early, and I would especially like it if you were holding me. I truly do feel like a good day’s rest will set me right. I do,” she repeated in an effort to reassure the big vampire holding her so gently, yet firmly, in his lap.

“But I can’t, not yet anyway. We have several things we need to deal with tonight so this isn’t the time to make it all about me, you know?”

“No. I do not know this.”

Realizing that the miff was truly strong in this one, Willa sent a silent apology to her Maker and her friend for turning her back on them as she moved to straddle Sevrin’s lap.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and, instead of admiring the broad musculature, she concentrated on the male himself.

“I didn’t bring it up earlier because there just wasn’t time. If I’d been hurting or burning from the silver or anything like that, I would have whined my head off, no worries there. But this…there isn’t anything to worry about, not now at least. Let’s see how I’m feeling when I wake up tomorrow evening, ok?”

He stared down at her for a long moment then she felt the huge muscles in his shoulders relax minutely.

Sevrin realized that he might be making more of what he felt was information being deliberately withheld than he should but it galled him that something wasn’t right with her and she hadn’t brought it to him.

How could he fix what was wrong if he didn’t know that something was wrong?

The honesty was clear in her eyes, though, and while he couldn’t actively read her thoughts, it was enough.

For now.

He nodded as was his way, and was rewarded when she leaned forward to briefly peck his lips. If she hadn’t almost immediately changed her position on his lap, he would have gladly worked that kiss into something far more gratifying, audience be damned.

Unaccustomed to dealing with “relationship issues” in front of others and especially not in front of her Maker, Willa quickly changed her position on Sevrin’s lap and desperately pretended she wasn’t probably blushing a color not normal in the vampire world.

Sookie’s stomach rumbled in the brief silence that followed, and the pregnant hybrid grumbled.

“Y’all, I’m hungry and I want to go home.”

Very much willing to oblige his Sookie, Eric nodded. There wasn’t anything else to be done there that night, so home it would be.

Plans could be made anywhere.

He looked over at Sevrin and attempted to keep his expression neutral. He almost felt bad for the guy…knew exactly what he was going through, but knew it was a journey his old acquaintance-turned-friend would have to figure out for himself….and without hurting his remaining child.

At least he seemed to be a fast learner…

“You’ll come?”

The dark mountain glanced down at the lady on his lap gazing up at him wistfully, and nodded.

Safe but solitary resting place versus…yeah, no question there…

Willa’s extremely pleased expression was more than enough reward.

Eric looked up in time to see Thalia reappear in the room’s open doorway minus her bleeding errand.

“No. The prisoner is secure. Go feed your woman.”

With a nod that implied respect, Thalia blurred away.

Eric shrugged as he lifted Sookie off his lap and eased her swollen feet to the floor.

“Well, you heard the little warrior – it’s time to feed my woman,” he ordered with a grin.

Sookie knew the shadow in his eyes would take time to fade, but his better humor seemed genuine. Some things would just take time and she would help as best she could.

“And,” he added after catching a glimpse of her ankles, “give her feet a nice massage, too.”

In short order but after visiting a 24-hour gas station known for having “awesome” over-powdered, non-New Orleans beignets that Willa ran inside to get for Sookie and then the drive-thru of a fried chicken place and a Chinese place, they finally reached home.

Sookie was far more interested in sampling her edibles, and Eric was far more interested in watching her enjoy her strange food choices, than in paying attention to Willa awkwardly helping Sevrin settle in.  They shared a mutually amused grin over the course of true love as Sookie helped herself to another egg roll.

Sevrin was glad that he always carried an over-day bag in his vehicle when so far from his normal stomping grounds since unforeseen changes in day-rest plans weren’t exactly uncommon.

As he surveyed the large pale blue bedroom he would share with his Willa, he automatically formed and memorized several escape and safety routes, then concentrated on the woman nervously flitting about the room.

He was ready the next time she came near him and reached one long arm out to snag her by her waist. She collided softly with his hard chest, and when she looked up to speak, he gently lowered his lips to hers.

After a long, sweet kiss that he kept firmly within the bounds of “not passionate”, he raised his head.

“Today, we rest. Tomorrow, come what may, but today I hold you safe in my arms until you rest.  Then I will plan with Northman and will return to you as soon as I can to hold you as the sun calls me to my rest.”

He then grinned in the way that melted Willa’s bones.

“Later I will learn your body.”

Willa looked up into his dark gaze and felt her nerves finally relax. She wanted him…oh, yes she did…but not just yet. Tonight had been very unpleasant… very, very unpleasant… and she needed some time to recover and not just from her own ordeal.

A day spent in his arms would surely help.  The rest…the rest would come.

She nodded, then smiled a little.

“Ok, I’m going to grab my jammies and go shower,” she declared with a wave toward the bathroom door. “Do you want to wait in here and watch tv or go out there and watch the “See What Sookie Eats Together This Time” game?”

Sevrin shuddered. He could imagine…

“I’ll wait.”

This time Willa laughed.

“Good call.”

He grunted in what was most likely agreement.

Later, once Willa had well and truly fallen deeply into her dayrest and Sookie was sound asleep after having her feet, ankles, and belly rubbed, Eric and Sevrin met in the kitchen, which still reeked of human food, knocked back a few bags of heated blood, and quickly discussed some potential plans.

Each had “a couple sources” to contact, then more notes to compare.

No mention was made by either party of Sevrin’s abilities, but the sun was only barely peeping over the horizon when they gladly rejoined their women.


Sookie woke at her usual time the next afternoon and once up and dressed she placed her now-usual call to Mrs. Bronson who kindly agreed to pick up more butter pecan ice cream and Vidalia onions if they had them…sweet onions if they didn’t…on her way over.

Mrs. Bronson had proven to have a wealth of common sense advice and a slightly bawdy sense of humor. She hustled and bustled around the upper part of the safe house without appearing to ever be in a hurry, and wouldn’t let Sookie stand up on her own or pick up anything weighing more than a pound or so.

She tittered and shooed and she fussed and she coddled and in general Mrs. Bronson provided exactly the kind of older female companionship Sookie had been sorely lacking since her own Gran had been killed.

Their hours together were spent discussing everything from colors to paint a nursery and what to expect when expecting to the differences between types of weres – although it was understood that Weres were the cream of the supe crop, of course.

No topic was off limits, but until now Sookie hadn’t revealed too much about what exactly had been going on in her life.   She knew the Were’s enhanced senses had detected that there was something different about the babe in her womb but there just hadn’t been time to discuss with Eric what all would be safe to tell the lovely older lady.

Forced cheer might be a bit difficult to pull off today since she was still upset over all she’d learned the night before, but she was determined to carry on with as normal a daily routine as she could manage… and that included meeting her cravings, too.

Bless Mrs. Bronson and her love for shopping!

A few minutes later Sookie went to the fridge for a glass of apple juice – pasteurized but pesticide-free from Mrs. Bronson’s cousin’s orchards and brought to her by the lady herself two days before – when she saw the collection of creamy orange jars, and stopped.

If Dr. Ludwig really was the “tiny doctor” the creepy Dae guy was talking about, then could she trust the orange liquid? It did make her feel noticeably better and more satisfied…and it did seem to be helping the baby…but how could she be sure?

The assistant who had brought it over…Gail…she was a Were of some sort but Sookie knew that if she focused her talent and concentrated strongly, she could hear even Weres more clearly than she used to. They still didn’t come through as easily as humans but it was better than nothing. With another dose of Eric’s blood, she might could hone in even more closely on their thoughts.

Now…how to arrange to be near enough to the woman to read her…

She didn’t want the woman knowing where the safe house was but didn’t dare try to arrange a meeting without talking it over with Eric first and letting him have his hours of trying to talk her out of being involved with anything.

He deserved that much, at least, before she ignored his objections. She knew her logic was sound – she was the preggo contact, after all – but would definitely agree to whatever safeguards he would dream up.

She was sure they could come up with something, though, and she did have the woman’s card.

Somehow she just couldn’t see the blunt little doctor giving her something that would hurt her or her baby, not on purpose anyway.

However, as much as she wanted to drink the delicious orange-creamy goodness, she didn’t want to risk doing so without further investigation.

Apple juice would have to do. And milk. And yogurt. And bananas and salmon. And good hard cheddar cheese. And pretzels dipped in strawberry jam.

And butter pecan ice cream with a side of onions whenever Mrs. Bronson arrived.

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37 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 31

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  2. Great update! Oh the mess Sookie eats…bleh! Had 30.6 inches of snow here in Reston, VA –and our street and court are still not plowed –and I’ve got cabin fever and I’m sick of cooking……

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  3. Ok…ice cream and onions? Gak! 😝😝
    My cravings were cauliflower (which I’d never liked before) and Fruit Tingles (lollies). Couldn’t get enough of either! Not together though 😳
    Glad to see Sevrin and Willa getting to know each other better. They’re good together. She softens his rougher edges 😋
    Sad for Eric, but I think with Sookies help he’ll be ok.
    Always look forward to these updates. I love this story! 💕💕💕

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  4. I think that I will never look at some of those foods the same way again and I do not think for a minute that it is really Dr Ludwig that is behind the nefariousness. Loving the slow progression of Willa and Sevrin and Pam will be missed.

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  5. Doctor Ludwig would not mind staying Sookie in a coma and remove the child like ‘alien, the eighth passenger’ as long as the result of their experiments would bear fruit. I would not drink the concoction if I were her.
    Good for Sev and Willa! We’ll see if blood so old systems have been fried. If Sookie can increase her telepathy with Eric’s blood, who knows what it might do in a young vampire? In adiction with Sev’s ancient blood.

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  6. i’m glad Sookie is starting to really accept the supernatural world. wonders and cruelties included. it’s just the way it is. and i have to say, just reading Sookie’s preferred diet is making me feel nauseated. 😀

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  7. I got 30 inches of snow too. So this chapter made me smile . Sookie and her food choices are too funny. I like how Servin is so worried and referring to Willa as his Willa . I think Sookie was smart not to drink the orange liquid. I like how much Sookie has matured .


  8. what a great chapter, we are seeing Sookie grow and respect her guard. we are seeing love blossom between an ancient and a youngling. and we are hearing about what nasty food concoctions the fae-hybrid is eating, yuck. but he loves her and he will endure it. until the next post and Sookie defies Eric about reading the Were nurse without him being present. KY


  9. Pregnant women and their food cravings.. I wanted bananas and lobster..needless to say, I got the bananas, lobster only once.
    I am certain that the doctor the dae referred to is not our Dr Ludwig. So hope Sookie is able to vet her quickly and remove that fear.
    Do you have anyone in mind for Sevrin? An actor? I’m trying to visualize him. With most of the characters we have that because of TB..just thinking out loud.


  10. Very nice. They all need healing and it looks like they might have a little time to get some. Mrs. Bronson seems nice. Don’t know about ice cream and onions. I craved biscuits and honey, and grits with salt. Hopefully, they can relax a little while as the former bar manager is questioned. Great chapter.


  11. I’m really on the fence about Ludwig , in most fics I love that sarcastic little imp but this niggling doubt set up by the dae is setting me on edge , so I get Sookie’s reluctance in drinking blindly without question ( the ostrich has left the building hehe ) . Awe …..squee Willa and Sevrin . Lovely chapter .


  12. What do I think? I think I’m *very* glad that I never had those types of cravings with my pregnancies. At most, I had an exaggerated sweet tooth with my second. 🍩

    “letting him have his hours of trying to talk her out of being involved ” – This cracked me up.

    I absolutely love Sevrin and Willa together and I’m really curious to know what’s going on with her.

    Finally, I do truly hope that Dr. L is not a villain in this fic. I love her and would hate to see her be evil!


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  14. duckbutt60: Thank you! I’ve been having a little too much fun imagining all sorts of strange things for Sookie to crave together and I’m totally blaming it on the Dae’baby… *evil grin* I hope by now your streets have been excavated?? Beware of plow-avalanches… Cabin fever is awful and so’s HAVING to cook for yourself regardless of what you actually want. Hope it all melts soon…


  15. ericluver: Heh, yup, and I’m totally blaming Sookie’s odd-ball cravings on the Dae’baby, too, lol. Love cauliflower but only when it’s raw. I think my mom only craved lemon and sardines (not together I don’t think) with me. I’m having a blast with the burgeoning romance between Sevrin and Willa. In my mind they’re so cute together! 😀 Thanks!


  16. mom2goalies: Lol, I’ve been having a bit too much fun with Sookie’s cravings – it’s oddly easy to imagine all this weird crap she’d be craving together… *evil grin* Glad you liked it!

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  17. charity6201: If Pam could have been all the way through the story the way she was at the end, she’d have been great. It’s her own (virtual) fault… Sevrin and Willa are a blast, they really are. I see them as being so cute and kind of awkward together – he’s this ancient being but is so unaccustomed to irrelevant things like “romance” and “feelings”, and here’s Willa totally fine with how she feels, but she’s also a somewhat skittish baby vamp…too fun! 😀 Glad you like it!

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  18. cari1973: Dr. Ludwig has a unique opinion about her patients… The consequences/benefits someone who’s virtually a “baby vamp” ingesting such a quantity of ancient blood – both from her Maker and from another old vampire – are…unknown. *twisty grin* Sevrin and Willa are a lot of fun with him so ancient yet so new at the whole “love” thing and her so young but so willing to feel and show affection.


  19. galwidanatitud: She is. It’s hard for her cause she’s a softie at heart, at least, she was until “her own” were threatened… She’s finding out she can go MAMABEAR real damn fast now, and not JUST over her baby. (And I may be having a little too much fun with Sookie’s food pairings…but I totally blame the Dae’baby…)


  20. mindyb781: Snow. Ew. BAD WORD ALERT! Blech. Glad you liked the chapter! Heh, Sevrin’s hooked…and I think he’s realizing it and is going down with less fight than he’d thought, lol. And poor Sookie…as tender-hearted as she is, the supe world just doesn’t work the way she’d like for it to, and she’s figuring it out the hard way…yet again. This time the info will stick, though.


  21. kleannhouse: Is it bad that I love playing around with the horrible food combos? I can totally blame them on the Dae’baby and get away with it, right? 😀 Poor Sookie…she’s had to learn the hard way that the supe world can be a violent and harsh place, but it’s good that she’s come to certain realizations now that she’s responsible for more than just her own safety. It’s also good that she’s finally realized that the sexy old vampire is also wise, lol. (She’ll listen to him…for once!)


  22. shoegirl01: I have *no* idea, lol, but I am having a blast coming up with these weird food combos and can totally blame them on the Dae’baby, right? Right?? *evil grin*


  23. Jackie69: Thank you! That’s one of my primary ambitions when I write Sookie. I want to show that not only is she capable of learning from her past mistakes and maturing in natural progression, but that she’s actually NOT allergic to common sense… 😀 Willa – I couldn’t leave her character as it was on the show: partially-written, disrespected, and at odds with Eric. Nope…can’t have that… I feel like I’ve almost written her as an OC by this point, but she’s so much fun. Glad you like them!


  24. valady1: Heh, check my main blog page (click the title from any chapter page and it’ll take you to what I mean), then look down to the 4th gif – Jason Momoa is mostly who I’m basing Sevrin on. Just a little taller. With blacker hair. And broader shoulders. And a bit more muscular. I should stop here, right? There’s room for one more? And slightly bigger hands. 😀

    Man, I wish you could have gotten your lobster more often. It breaks me out in hives – you can retro-have mine if that’s possible.


  25. murgatroid98: Thanks! I decided to throw in a genuinely decent “older lady” for Sookie. She needs friends her own age-ish, true, but she needs that mom-figure, too. Heh, I’m having just too much fun with the weird cravings but I can totally blame them on the Dae’baby, right? 😀 Aww, man, I crave biscuits with honey and grits with salt anyway! NOM!


  26. lorip100: Heh, no comment about Ludwig… I had to toss in that ostrich reference considering how bad Sookie used to be about hiding her head and thinking her ass was invisible. But yup, she’s – for better or for worse – wised up considerably about the supe world. I’m absolutely having a blast with Sevrin and Willa! He’s so old yet so new to silly things like “romance” and “feelings” and here she is all “younging-skittish” yet so emotionally mature (comparatively speaking)! To me, they’re just plain cute together! 😀

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  27. switbo: Heh, I’ve never had a baby so at least I can claim total innocence if these food pairings get too weird, right? And I’m totally blaming them on the Dae’baby and that makes it even right-er, right?? *evil grin*

    Thanks! I can absolutely see Eric spending his hours trying to talk her out of getting involved…and failing miserably. Willa…no comment. Sevrin and Willa, though, I freely admit that I’m loving them together. He’s got the ancient vampire thing going on but he’s never really thought about, much less dealt with, all that silly nonsense about “romance” and “feelings”, yet here’s the skittish youngling being all emotionally mature… *snicker*


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  29. I’m loving this story. I started out hating Pam but I love the way u brought it all full circle. Pam is the best. I love Sevrin and Willa together. Sookie and her cravings and eating habits are kinda disgusting lol. I have 3 kids and I never craved anything I didn’t already eat nor did I eat like a hog. I try to speed read through her eating but other than that this is an awesome story. Cant wait for Eric to kick some dae ass for Sookie, Pam and Willa. Love it love it!


  30. Melissa Moore: Hey thanks!! Yeah, lol, I tend to have running jokes of a sort in most of my stories and Sookie’s weird-shit cravings is a huge (painfully) UNsubtle one in this fic. Sevrin and Willa are fun! Pam…that Pam was hard to write and she absolutely DEMANDED redemption…and Pam gets what Pam wants! 😀 Glad you’re liking the story!


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