New Chapter – ON – 4th Night – Pt. 5

Hey, hey, stop throwing rotting veggies at me for taking so damn long!  (At least reach for the still-usable produce – I can make soup!  Oh, hey, a roast wouldn’t hurt, well, unless it’s frozen…)

Health Crap Update:  Because I know you’re fascinated with all my lovely health problems (feel free to scroll down for the story link – yes, it IS a NEW PART!!) and are dying to know…  Health-wise, well, there haven’t been any miracles but I’m slowly improving.   There are still doctors (and all their requisite bills…) in my immediate future as well as other complications which, when combined with pain, aggravation, frustration, and a general desire to tell the Universe to go fuck itself, doesn’t lend well to the creative process.  But I was determined to finally, FINALLY (FUCKING FINALLY) get this blasted “4th night” wound up for you guys.

And so I did.

Unfortunately I haven’t been feeling too swooft the past few days but I wanted to get this finished and on out to you guys – you’ve been waiting long enough as it is which isn’t the least bit fair to the best readers on the planet.  It’s likely not my bestest work ever and I would appreciate it if you’d kindly ignore any weirdness and/or inconsistencies.  If I get a chance, I’ll go back over it at some point and hopefully neaten it up a bit.   As it does wind up the “4th night”, it’s a bit shorter than the usual (it doesn’t even have an intermission…as such…) but I think it turned out ok. 

I hope you guys enjoy it!

About the other stories:  I’ve been working on Moon and STC (background type work but not the kind that results in sentences strung together coherently), but honestly EN: ATS and Decisions have kind of fallen by the way-side for right now.  I love those fics, too, and I feel terrible for them (because they ARE TOO living, breathing entities – they are!), but I know that when things ease up I’ll be able to get back to them.  They’d cry if I didn’t.  Have you ever heard a story cry?  It’s not pretty.  It aggravates the FLM and she turns stabby-bitchy in the flutter of her little dagger-tipped wings.

Extraneous:  Finally, I’m tucking the GoFundMe link way down here so it’s not insultingly in-ur-face and so you can easily ignore it if you want to.   I’m even going to be all sly and witty and, um, other words and bury it in the above sentence.    Feel free to ignore at will.

Hearts and candy canes (but not heart-flavored candy canes…those are for the vamps…),


10 thoughts on “New Chapter – ON – 4th Night – Pt. 5

  1. I’m very happy for the improvement (it means more reading for me, hahaha). Pain pills are wonderful and some, when they have to pay for these recipes for an indefinite period of time, become regular nature visitors in search of plants that can serve with the same effect as the pills and that are not illegal (such as for example, chamomile, lavender, in poultice in the affected area and that the nerve endings sleep so that it does not hurt).


  2. *squeeeee* Even slow improvement is a joy to hear about, keep it up! 😀 Really happy to have an update, gonna go read it, but had to do a *happy dance* first and offer FLM her rightful sacrifices ☕️☕️☕️🍩🍩🍩


  3. I’m so excited for a new chapter. As I’m seeing this right now and I need to finish prepping for my tutoring tomorrow, I’ll have to hold out until tomorrow when I get home. I seriously can’t wait. It’s funny you mention Decisions- I jumped on it during Thanksgiving Break and started reading it again. I adore all your stories but I have a soft spot for that particular Godric and love how she just gets him so easily. I wish you well, my dear.


  4. shoegirl01: Dude, where ARE the good vamps when you need’em?? *sigh* (See also: glare) I’m ok, and getting ok-er with time; just whiny (and ouchie). (Resumes glaring about the lack of a good vamp when you need one.)


  5. cari1973: Ha! I hope it DOES mean more reading for you! I feel very badly about how long it’s been since I’ve been able to update (poor preggo-Sookie!), but hopefully things will start churning in my brain again soon. I’m fervently thankful that good, strong, powerful pain pills exist, but not only are they kind of expensive *and* require a doctor to write a prescription, they can be addictive if you’re careless. Regular “over the counter” (OTC) drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen are generally effective for smaller pains, but it’s great to have all-natural alternatives, too. (I adore chamomile tea and the scent of lavender is always so relaxing.)


  6. teachert99: Oh, Decisions…I feel awful for being away from that story for so long. As my creative energies return I’ll get back to it, but I figure that in the meantime Godric and Cara are, erm, doing what Godrics and Caras do… *side eye* But you’re absolutely right – Cara really does just get him on a fundamental level. She’s a bit more of an enigma to him, but that’s good – keeps him on his bare toes! 😀

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  7. It is good to see that you are better and going to be great. Thank for update. I can wait for other. Somehow. I wish you faster recovery and happy holidays.


  8. I’m glad your health is starting to improve. The daily toll of feeling miserable is cumulative and painful. I’m throwing canned soup at you right now – Progresso – instead of rotten vegetables!


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