The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 38

**A/N:  Yeah, so NOW they’re both being little chatter-boxes…  *sigh*  Children…**

Two afternoons later, Emma had had enough. Andre had not only continued avoiding the talk, he had started treating her even more like a delicate flower on the verge of breaking.

The previous night had also made the fifth in a row where he hadn’t ‘touched’ her. Cuddling was nice; cuddling was sweet and wonderful; cuddling was necessary to a deeply binding emotional commitment; cuddling, however, was not always…enough.

Emma paced and pondered inside their bedroom as she waited for him to rise. She knew something strange was going on with him, and with Eric, too.

During the previous evening while ‘the boys’ were off doing whatever it was they did while Eric and Sookie visited the Palace, which was much more often these days, she had made a point to speak with Sophie-Anne privately. Maybe she knew something?

Come to find out, the Queen, her Andre’s own Maker, didn’t know what was going on, either. At first she had been her own flippant self and simply accredited his actions to being busy getting ready to take over his new Kingdom should he ever give in and let her crown him.

Somehow Emma knew that wasn’t the root of all the problems, and after she took the time to describe her observations, how he was treating her as if she were made of spun glass, Sophie-Anne realized that something really was going on, but still didn’t have any idea as to the cause. She did relay one telling piece of information, something that truly shocked Emma: Andre had given Sigebert a large vial of his blood before he had left to end BeauChamps.

The Queen had scented the blood of her Child on the huge blond mountain that night, but had held her peace. The next evening, however, she had cornered him to find out what was going on just as any good Maker would do. The reasoning behind Andre and Sigebert’s safety measures had brought a proud mother’s tears to her eyes. Of course she had been a bit miffed at first that Andre hadn’t chosen her to Turn Emma should anything go wrong, but in the end had to agree with Sigebert’s stilted logic. After all, baby vamps did require so much time and attention…

She had laughed at the brunette’s shock upon hearing of Andre’s precautions, and her words still rang in Emma’s mind: “Ah, ma petite, did you really think he’d let you get away from him so easily? Whether he has realized it or not, he has searched for one such as you his entire life – both of them. Now that you are in his arms, why would he risk losing you to something as silly as death?” After delivering that bomb, the sophisticated red-head had fluttered away as though she hadn’t just disrupted her friend’s entire world view.

At first Emma hadn’t known exactly what to think. Naturally she had thought about “the whole vampire thing” since she was involved with one, but those ponderings had been brief and far between. So much had been going on at that time and he had so quickly become such a part of her life that the standard rules of becoming involved had no longer applied.

Even after Sookie had secretly told her about the conversation between Eric and Andre during that mission, she had decided to wait for Andre to bring it up before giving it too much time in her brain. She had mentally started a list of questions of course, but really, that was as far as she’d gotten. Lately she had been more concerned about the vampires’ odd over-protectiveness, not to mention Sigebert’s sad funk and Wybert’s sweetly blooming relationship with what’s-her-name, and then there was Tracy’s relationship with Rasul, and of course the Queen’s over-planned party, and then there was her own theoretically upcoming Queenship…  Combine all that with all the other things going on and her mental “wondering about other things” time had been sorely limited.

But now…now she knew that she had to give the idea some serious thought, and then she had to corner the male in question.

On a whim she texted Sookie to let the blonde know that the situation was being investigated that night, and was certain her friend would get a laugh out of the three-word message: “Bull, horns, tonight”.

Then she decided that she should eat before taking said bull by said horns, and called Tracy for a meal.  After taking a nice if noticeably quiet late lunch with her in the living room, she released her friend for the night.  Tracy’s face had fallen, showing both her confusion and her sorrow at being told to leave so early, but Emma politely held firm.

The day before she had courteously if bluntly asked Tracy if she knew why “the guys” – including her own Rasul – had been increasingly over-protective even after BeauChamps’ death, and Tracy had shook her head…but Emma hadn’t been entirely convinced by her negation.

Tracy herself had been being more ‘security conscious’.

It saddened her that she suddenly felt as though she couldn’t completely trust someone she’d thought of as a good friend, but then she called herself a fool for thinking in those terms. No matter how well she and Tracy got along, Tracy was still an employee and had to follow her employer’s orders first no matter what her own personal wishes might be. Emma tried a little harder to subdue that lurking feeling of betrayal.

If something was going on, and judging by all the clues something was definitely up, why was the truth being purposefully kept from her?

It made no sense. She wasn’t stupid or foolish; she wasn’t flighty or prone to over dramatizing anything; she wasn’t weak or some sort of wilting flower needing to be shielded. It made no sense to exclude her.

It especially made no sense to exclude a certain blonde telepath.

Well, she was going to get some answers tonight, and she was also going to burst his little ‘plausible deniability’ bubble, too.

She returned to the bedroom a few minutes before she knew Andre would rise, sat in a chair turned to face the bed, and waited.

A couple of minutes later her big blond vampire rose as normal – suddenly and with no humanesque yawning or stretching, or even blinking. He changed from being literally dead to the world to awake and ready for action in the blink of an eye.

Although she couldn’t be sure, she had always suspected that immediately after “coming to” he would pause for a moment to take in his surroundings for survival reasons before letting it be known that he was awake.

This afternoon, however, he sat up immediately and looked around until he spotted her.


The one “waking up” sign that he had was his ‘morning voice’. It was always a little husky from disuse, a little rough, infinitely sexy. She was glad to be sitting down.

“Why are you sitting over there? Why aren’t you in bed?”

Andre was confused, and he never liked being confused. He was now accustomed to rising with Emma at least by his side if not actually in his arms, and today she wasn’t. He really didn’t like that – she was supposed to be with him.

He moved to sit on the side of the bed and immediately scanned her face and body, and while he neither saw nor scented anything out of the ordinary, her usually mobile features were placid.

Too placid.


He tensed, sensing that despite his and the Northman’s best efforts, the ‘game’ was up. Only, it wasn’t a game.

“It appears we need to have a little talk, and while our bed is now colder than it used to be, I still think some physical distance between us is for the best.”

He shivered minutely. Her voice was sweet, polite, and dripping with ire.

Not a good combination.


What the hell was he supposed to tell her, the truth?

He resigned himself to becoming stoic in hopes that she would first reveal the extent of her knowledge, or at least the degree of her speculation. Once he knew that, he would then know where to start and how much, if anything, he had to reveal to satisfy her need to know.

The problem, however, was that he wasn’t sure what exactly she was on about, and there were several things he truly needed to tell her.

Andre was torn. She had a right to know what was going on, but he just didn’t want to have these conversations.  He didn’t want her to worry – he never wanted to see fear in her eyes again.

He also didn’t want her to look at him that way.

Not yet.

Not now.

“Now,” she said, appearing perfectly at ease even though her brown eyes appeared to flash with fire. “What is going on with all the over-protection, security over-kill crap?  Something is definitely going on because you’re not one to mess around.  And,” she said a little louder when he started to shake his head, “don’t even bother shaking your head at me, big guy. I know something’s up. Why would you leave me defenseless by not telling me what I need to know?”

Affronted shock crossed his features.

“I’m not leaving you defenseless, Emma, I’ve doubled your guards.”

Bingo, she thought.

“And why would you double my guards if there’s nothing going on?”

Irritated that he’d been caught by his own words, Andre rose and dressed in a flash as he tried to think of a way to diffuse the situation.

When he finished, he looked around for her and saw her leaning back against the door leading to the living room, her arms folded but with a sweet smile teasing at her lips.

He was silently, sweetly, and devilishly trapped. He could move her out of the way and leave, of course, but at what cost?

With a bit of an inadvertent snarl he began pacing. He didn’t want to worry her, but…


If he was going to be having these conversations, he was going to damn well do it with her in his arms where she fucking belonged.

Emma wasn’t surprised when he headed toward her and scooped her up in his arms, but when he all-but stomped back over to the bed and settled down with her in his lap, she was definitely pleased.  She had figured that tears, chisels, hammers, and fireworks would be needed, but this was infinitely better, and slid an arm around his waist and savored being held firmly in his strong arms.

She wiggled around a little to better see him, then asked softly, “Andre…sweetheart, what’s going on?”

A long minute passed before he replied, “That’s just the thing. We don’t know. We’ve heard vague whispers from several trusted sources, but so far we have nothing concrete.”

“Whispers about what? Does this have to do with someone wanting revenge for BeauChamps?” Somehow, according to the way he was acting, it was more than just that, but she couldn’t think of anything else.

“Yes,” he agreed, his voice almost certain.

“There’s more, though, right?” She reached over with her free hand to tuck some hair behind his ear.

He ducked his head and rested his forehead on her shoulder.

Emma was starting to feel more fear and dread than irritation at being left in the dark.  She took a deep breath, then exhaled gustily.

“I don’t know about other people, but to me at least not knowing will always be worse than knowing.  You get that about me, right?  If I’m kept in the dark then I have no idea how to prepare for whatever the problem is.  But, if you tell me, well, not only will I be able to help prepare for whatever it is, but honey, worries shared are worries halved.  Talk to me, Andre.  Let me in.”

He raised his head and kissed her temple, his lips lingering for a long moment, before he straightened up. His entire demeanor changed.  He didn’t want to frighten her, or make her feel forced into making any sort of decision based on the upcoming information, but she deserved to know so that she could face the night with strength and knowledge.

“You know I’m to become King of Arkansas,” he stated, and waited for her nod. “And you know that you are to become my Queen.”

Emma nodded again, still confused as to why these facts were relevant, but listened closely.

“Vampires are the worst gossips, therefore everyone already knows about both of these upcoming events. Vampires,” his voice lowered in derision, “can also be the most bigoted, narcissistic, egotistical species on this planet.”

Andre’s fangs descended with a low, rumbling growl. “These same sources have brought to my attention the fact that there are several factions who vehemently object to having a human queen.”

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27 thoughts on “The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 38

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  2. I was prepared for more of a cliffie than that. LOL. I’m so glad these two now won’t shut up. I’ve missed Andre. I’m glad Emma took the bull by the horns and confronted him. At least we know why he’s added more security to her but why Sookie? I can’t wait for more. There’s so much they need to talk about. Great chapter as always!!!


  3. It makes sense that the turning conversation needed to come up. I hope she won’t be averse to the possibility. Having a loving relationship with a vampire should logically include turning and the vampire can’t turn human. I understand that it is scary for the human and she has to give up some things to gain others.

    Sookie’s situation is a little different. I wonder if her aversion is instinctual because of her heritage. She may have a longer life span.

    Great chapter. More, please.


  4. I love how she set him up and had him off balance from minute one and then even made him admit to something he probably didn’t mean to, he has definitely met his match with her!


  5. I was digging out the vegetables at the back of the drawer in preparation for the promised cliffie… maybe I’ll toss some soft fruit your way instead… or rather at Andre and his hesitance to consider ‘the truth’ to be of any importance. Props to Emma and her face of steel though and warm bed withholding seems like a great strategy with those vampy snugglers. Those human (and other species related) companions should really get themselves one of those gossip boards like the Weres had to share those insightful tips 😉 Loved it and am curious at to what will happen next…


  6. I never understood (book) Sookies vehement hatred of the idea of being turned. It seems logical to me that if you loved a vampire and wanted to spend your life with him or her, then you’d logically have to consider being turned. It would be beyond cruel to let your loved one, vampire or not, watch you either away and die.
    Anywho, that cliffy wasn’t so bad and because Emma’s surprised me constantly with the reactions she’s had to certain situations, I fully expect her to shrug her shoulders and say “well turn me. Then they can’t object!” 😀😀
    Can’t wait for the rest of the conversation. I also want to know what’s going on with Eric too. Is he wanting to turn Sookie? Have the dreaded conversation with her too?
    Gimme more! 😀😀


  7. Ohhh not wanting a ‘No’ to a question that he doesn’t dare ask but kinda needs to ask but… Men! Even dead they can screw things up! Love it!


  8. gyllene: Lol, yeah, I like to warn people when there’s going to be even a widdle cliffie so people don’t throw inanimate (or, hell, animate…) objects at me. I’m glad you liked the chapter – thank you! And you’re totally right – there’s still a lot more talking that needs to be done… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. murgatroid98: Thank you – I’m glad you liked it! Also: Ugh, I can’t answer anything without giving away valuable plot wordage!! 😀 All I can say is: read on, my bebe, read on… 😀


  10. charity6201: *evil snicker* Emma’s a sweetheart with a steel backbone and a sharp brain. Just because she loves him dearly doesn’t mean she’s going to roll over and let him get away with much. Glad you liked the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. hisviks: Hey, toss over a banana if you have one…I’m out… Toss all you want at Andre for trying to “protect via ignorance”! Later it will be revealed why he’s not been as forth, erm, cuming in the bedroom department, but I had to let her sneak in a semi-snide comment about it… Thanks – glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. ericluver: That’s always been a thing I’ve wondered about. I’ve considered that maybe her fairy nature inherently shied away from becoming the “opposite” of a fairy, but still, the whole idea should have been explored in much more depth than it was. Bluntly, it’s selfish to allow an immortal (of sorts) to fall in love with you if you’re just going to take yourself away from them after what amounts to a very short time in the eternal scheme of things.

    Annnnnd I can’t answer anything w/o giving anything away, dangit! Just keep reading… 😀 Thanks – I’m glad you liked it! 😀


  13. Hoping she won’t be like Sookie n not won’t to be turned. To me that’s selfish n cruel. To make ur loved one sit by n watch u die either from old age or other circumstances when they can easily prevent it is unnecessarily cruel n selfish just because they don’t want to adapt. That’s just one of the many reasons y I don’t like CH’s and TB’s Sookie. I mean come on, if Sookie really n truly loved Eric then she would do anything to be able to stay with him. It’s not like Eric can change back to human. Sry about the rant. Loved that Emma took the bull by the horns n confronted Andre n made him tell her what was happening. Grt update!


  14. eaaustin85: Hey, rant away!! 😀
    I’m of two minds about how Sookie was with the whole vampire thing. On the one hand I have to consider that maybe her fairy side caused her to innately shy away from being Turned, that maybe the act of Turning her might have gone wrong and killed her or something of that nature. But then on the OTHER side, if she was all damn’d and determined to never be Turned, then the moment she realized that she should have immediately start cutting romantic ties with the vampire community. To me it would be cruel to encourage an immortal (give or take) being to spend their love on a mortal who is determined to grow old and die.

    I’m glad you liked the chapter! Emma is her own self… 😀


  15. took me five days (errand and chores permitting) but i finally was able to read all chapters of this story. i should really learn how ro properly read my stories one chapter at a time. marathon reading is really hard on my eyes.

    love the story though. so worth it. 😀


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  17. galwidanatitud: Awwww, sorry about your eyes (and those inconsiderate chores and errands!) but thank you – I’m very glad you liked it! Andre is an original, I’ll give him that… I have to admit though that I’m the same way – pacing chapters is just TOO hard! 😀


  18. Loved it and good for her!!!! Poor Andre being worried, and it is something I have been thinking about in my fics too…….. Looking to see how you take care of it.


  19. Ah, indeed – there would be many vampires unhappy with a human queen. I thought Andre would be more resistant to spilling the beans, but in the end he chose to stop the avoidance. And maybe next they’ll have that talk about being turned… And hey, it’s late but here’s some pizza. Hope you’re still hungry…


  20. ladytarara: *snags pizza…it’s always pizza time* Yup, Andre bit the bullet and went for it. With his Emma, that’s the way to go. Plus he knows that the more informed she is, the better she can protect herself.

    Liked by 1 person

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