The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 34

**A/N: I bet you thought I’d forgotten this fic while I’ve been working on some of my other stories, didn’t cha? How could I forget my Andre?! (Even if he DID scare the muse – he has quite the glare.) Now, while I don’t believe in lemons (“relations” should not be sour…), I do like a (hopefully) classy sex scene once in a rather blue moon when and only if it’s demanded by the plot.   Well, the plot demanded one, lol, so: NSFW ahead…**



At exactly 5:28am, the door to the apartment slammed open and in strode two tall, blond leather-clad vampires turned in their prime. The Viking aimed directly for his Sookie while the Master Torturer made a bee-line for his Emma. The dainty redheaded Queen, the tall blond brother-by-Turning, and the lean darker-skinned vampire with the Were sitting on his lap were promptly ignored as each male took his female into his arms and proceeded to kiss her senseless.

Everyone pretended to politely ignore the rising scents and evidence of the couples’ obvious arousal.

Andre found that he could not get close enough to his Emma, and he didn’t think she’d appreciate it if he were to strip her bare and fuck her against the wall right then and there, well, not while the others were in the room with them at any rate.

Her scent, the warmth of her embrace…the passion in her kiss…his leathers were tightening and his fangs barely missed nicking her tongue when they descended so rapidly. If everyone didn’t leave soon he would order them out – his beast was demanding to make sure that his Mate was truly well…and truly fucked. This being apart bullshit wasn’t going to happen again for a very, very long time.

Eric gathered his Sookie into his arms just as quickly and kissed her just as thoroughly. No matter that being apart sadly wasn’t a new event to them; any separation was uncomfortable at best, and were only tolerated because of their Bond and their joy in the reunion.

Eventually needing to breathe and at oddly the same moment, both ladies parted from their males and laughed huskily, then remembered their audience. Said males could not have cared less, but the ladies were a tad embarrassed. The fervent kisses had been accompanied by strong hands running over arms, backs, and butts as they instinctively – and thoroughly – checked to ensure that their mates were indeed unharmed.

The other vampires and the Were in the room thought nothing of it. Checking one’s mate, one’s partner, was as instinctive and necessary as breathing was to a human.

Through the unique bond Sophie-Anne shared with her progeny, Andre had of course already informed his Queen of the success of the mission en route back to New Orleans, so she needed no further updates. But, she sighed to herself, she was glad to see him hale and hearty before her. No matter how old they were, they were still her progeny, and she would always worry. She guessed that any mother, of sorts, would be the same. Wybert, of course, had already mentally checked in with her and gone to feed – he always would be her hungry boy, she supposed, especially when he seemed particularly taken with that one particular donor.

As the couples seemingly automatically fell back into their annoying kissing/eye-staring routines, she just shook her head and rose. Andre’s lustful impatience was flooding through their Maker/child bond so forcefully that even she was becoming agitated.

“Well, I can tell when I’m not wanted,” she quipped with a fake pout and an eye-roll.

Reluctantly rising from his Mate’s sweet lips yet still keeping his arms around her, Andre looked over her head to his Maker.

Tomorrow I’ll ask why Sigebert smelled so very strongly of you, she sent silently with a highly-raised brow, but said aloud, “Have a good day, children. I’m very glad to have you safely home. Now don’t do anything that I wouldn’t…oh, never mind,” she finished with a suggestive laugh and a wave of her hand as she exited the apartment.

Sigebert nodded once to Andre and then to the room at large before gathering up the despised board game. After mumbling something that sounded vaguely like “finding brodder”, he left just behind Eric and Sookie.

No one questioned their hasty departure.

Emma thought she heard Sookie say about calling her tomorrow, but the words were muffled. She just laughed.

Rasul gently removed the Were from his lap, stood, and turned to Andre.

“Ended,” he asked, unable to keep the sneer from his face.

With unholy glee, Andre answered with a guttural, “Painfully.”

Both vampires exchanged a very satisfied nod.

It had galled Rasul rather badly that he couldn’t participate in exacting his own revenge, but he understood that not only was he not quite back up to full power, but that his particular skills were needed in protecting their Queen and their home. Plus, he had been able to spend his time with his delightful new…whatever she was to him. “Girlfriend” didn’t sound right, but he couldn’t think of a better-fitting term. He resolved to consider the situation further. He enjoyed having her in his unlife, of that much he was certain.

Knowing that the day’s security was already in place, a devious smile graced the handsome vampire’s face then, faster than human sight could follow, Tracy found herself thrown over his shoulder. A moment later they were out the door, too.

Emma laughed at the Were’s yelp of surprise… then found her own self gently thrown over Andre’s shoulder.

“Hey,” she squeaked, missing the other couple’s exit. “Lemme down!” She didn’t actually mind as the view of his tight leather-clad ass was well worth the head-rush.

“Not on your life,” he replied as he smoothly walked over to lock and arm the door. He was glad everyone had finally left. Already there had been too much talking and not enough fucking. Only his age and rigid self-control had kept him from succumbing to the remnants of his previous bloodlust that he had barely contained thus far.

When he turned around toward the bedroom, she spotted one of the bonus chips from that infernal game before her gaze automatically returned to his perfectly toned ass. She just knew that Sigebert was cheating somehow, but never could figure it out…or the game, either, for that matter.

In seconds she found herself on her back with her hard-muscled vampire braced on his elbows atop her. She raised her hand to cup the back of his head to bring him down for another long, searing kiss before she broke away slightly.

“I’m glad you’re back, Andre. Really, really glad.”

“It is good to be home, ma chérie,” he agreed as he lowered his head to nuzzle her throat. A moment later he raised his head to smirk down at her. “It is even better to come home victorious.”

She’d felt flashes of his impatience and temper much earlier in the evening, and for a few minutes there’d been an odd sort of longing, but then…nothing. Sookie had noticed her surprised confusion, and when Emma asked her about what she’d felt, the blonde had told her that she’d felt the same odd absence and what it had meant. Their men were effectively going into battle and had closed off their bonds to protect their women from feeling the negative effects of the upcoming fight.

A couple of hours ago, when she now assumed they must have been finished and on the way home, she’d felt that little bit of bond they had reopen, and instantly recognized what she could only call “smug joy” coming from him.

That same smug joy now gleamed down at her from a smirk and two gorgeous blue-green eyes as the intensity of his satisfaction and lust barreled into her at full volume.

With a sultry smile and a tantalizing spreading of her thighs to allow him closer to her core, she asked, “Just tell me one thing.” She paused to squarely meet his gaze. “Did he suffer?”

Andre’s entire demeanor shifted as his fangs erupted and his expression turned slightly feral. He could have sworn he felt his already-extended fangs give a hard throb. He purred his approval of his Mate’s movements and her apparently bloodthirsty nature.

“Yes,” he said with a low, thundering growl that vibrated from his rock-hard body into hers. He thrust his hips into her warmth as he elaborated, “I made sure that he suffered the same mercy he would have shown you.”

He would tell her what he had discovered, but only if she asked. He rather hoped she didn’t. His Emma may have a not-so-well hidden ferocious side, but she also had an innocence that he never wanted taken from her.

“Good,” she said strongly, determined to close that chapter of their lives.  She was fairly certain that she wasn’t supposed to be quite so gleeful over the death of another, but… Oh, well. She met his hot, adoring gaze, and brushed his loose blond hair back behind his ear.

“Why did Sophie-Anne give you that look?” She decided to ask before she completely forgot. There weren’t that many sunless hours left, but she had a strong suspicion they’d be spent with Andre trying his best to sweetly fuck her unconscious…which she surely wouldn’t mind. She’d missed him, too.

“Later,” he said on what amounted to a snarl just above her lips. Trust his Emma to notice something that would lead to a conversation he did not know how to have. “Fuck now, talk later.” He then crushed her lips with his as his hips rocked back and forth with a mind of their own.

Emma agreed wholeheartedly with his intentions, and when she surfaced for air long moments later, she had to ask breathlessly, “Then why are we still dressed?”

With a low, seductive, rumbling growl, he leaned up to remove his shirt. Then he hooked one finger into the neck of her blouse and swiftly ripped down the middle and smiled a fangy smile as her torn blouse and bra fell to each side. After another firm kiss to her already-swollen lips, he trailed kisses and nips from her chin to her throat where he paused to nip and suck just a little harder, then continued his tasting journey past her collarbones and across the expanse of her upper chest.

He rested his head between her breasts as he inhaled deeply. The scent of his aroused Mate caused every nerve ending in his body to spring to life with the need to claim and satisfy her.

Moving his head over, he laved and suckled her nipple as he fought a losing battle against his rising need. He braced himself on one elbow and fumbled in his haste to loosen the front of his pants, and breathed a sigh of relief as a large section of the leather ripped and his erection sprang free. The tight confines of the soft but thick material had become rather uncomfortable, but the new freedom did little to stem the roiling tides of his built-up lust.

Andre knew he wasn’t going to last much longer before he had to be inside his Mate’s body, and was determined to make her cum at least once before he took her hard and fast.

Her other nipple, pink and hardened with her arousal, demanded his attention, so he licked and nipped over to it. He closed his mouth around the rosy peak and rolled it firmly between his lips before sucking strongly on the puckered flesh.

Her moans egging him on, he rose up to his knees between her spread thighs and released her nipple with a pop before grasping her jeans on each side of the button. With one hard motion he split her jeans far down the seam, then did the same with her panties.

At her gasp of surprise, he met her eyes, and mumbled that he’d buy her a hundred new pairs as his fingers immediately found her engorged clit. Keeping his burning gaze focused on hers, he stroked slowly and gently at first, then faster and harder until she threw her head back with his name on her lips.

His gaze traveled down her body from her misty eyes to the flush that flowed from her cheeks to her chest to her nipples still hard from his lips and her own arousal. Seemingly of their own volition his hands rose to cup her breasts, palming their weight and rolling each nipple between his thumb and forefinger for a long moment before stroking firmly down her sides.

A smirk teasing his lips as he surveyed his destructive handiwork, he spread her denim-clad thighs wider apart to expose more of her bared pink flesh to his eager eyes. A low groan vibrated from his throat as he dipped his head to quickly taste the sweetly heady product of his labor. With a hand grasping the split denim and cotton on each side of her lower lips, he leaned up and winked at Emma just before tearing the material farther up her backside.

He slid one strong hand under her ass to raise her so that he could tease her folds with long strokes and flicks of his tongue before finally fastening his lips around her swollen clit.

Working hard and fast, he sucked and licked her sensitive bundle of nerves as he eased one then two fingers inside to stretch and prepare her for what was coming next.

The moment she screamed his name, and with movements far more controlled than he’d thought himself capable, he covered her body with his own. His hands braced on each side of her shoulders, he stared down into her slightly unfocused eyes as he thrust balls-deep into her warm, slick center. Jaw clenched, he held still as long as he could to allow her to stretch comfortably around his thick length, then he couldn’t hold back any longer.

With a full-body shudder his control broke and he began thrusting hard and fast, in and almost out then back in again, his last coherent thought being that he would make it up to her later.

The muscles in his back rippled under her fingernails as he slammed repeatedly into her slick welcoming warmth, his head thrown back with his brilliant white fangs gleaming in his mouth partially opened to scent and taste the air thick with his Mate’s scent.

When she raised her denim-clad legs to pull him even closer as she neared her third peak of the night, the erotic sensation of fucking her while they were both still mostly clothed caused a deep, low growl to escape.

His cock grew impossibly thicker and harder as the vibrations from his growl caused Emma to whimper in pleasure. That sweet, mewling sound sparked his inner beast who relished answering her continued cries with throaty grunts in time with his thrusts.

Finally she arched beneath him and clenched around his cock, and he came forcefully in hard spurts spurred on by her cries of release.

Spent and barely able to do more than collapse to the side to avoid crushing her with his weight, Andre hugged her to him as he let her catch her breath. He wouldn’t admit to needing to catch his own. He was a vampire and vampires didn’t need to breathe.


Eventually Emma stretched, then giggled quietly.

“What,” came his reply muffled by her hair.

“We’re neither dressed nor undressed,” she replied as she tried to wriggle away from his side. Nature always called at the most inconvenient times.

He raised up on his elbow to look down into her face.

“Complaints?” Knowing exactly how hard he’d made his Mate cum, he knew there wouldn’t be any.

“Of course not, but lemme up. Gotta go be a human,” she quipped.

He rolled over onto his back and proudly displayed his cock which was already hard again.

Emma stood on wobbly legs, and turned to look down at him. She slowly sucked air in between her teeth at the sight of his hard cock rising majestically above a sea of black leather tightly covering his thick, muscular thighs

She swallowed hard then stated quite firmly, “Don’t move a muscle. I’ll be right back.”

Andre smiled to himself and tried not to listen as she used the toilet then washed herself.

Once she reentered the bedroom, he turned his head and let his eyes slowly roam over his now nude Mate. He adored how her breasts swung with the motion of her steps as she approached the bed.

“Hey, Em? Where’s that blue scarf?”




**A/N: I apologize for taking up most of this chapter with the sex scene instead of advancing the plot (and there is more to come, y’all) since I don’t like fics where the mashing together of various body parts seems to BE the plot.  That being said, once in a while a fic couple needs to reconnect, ya know? *very cheeky wink* Thank you for reading, and what did you think?**




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  4. The blue scarf has returned. Very nice lemon. You need to give the nameless donor a name. I love how everyone seems to be finding someone. I wanted to say love, but I don’t think it’s there yet for the other couples.


  5. gyllene: Love that blue scarf! 😀 You’re right: Tracy/Rasul and Wybert/Nameless are in “heated like” with each other more than love, but it might be coming along…maybe… 😀


  6. Hmm. Everyone is reconnecting. I didn’t know the queen was there… I thought she was being thigh dived while the others were in Andre’s room watching a movie. Oh well, not that it makes much difference 🙂

    Very nice chapter!


  7. gwynwyvar: Lol, that was the night before (or it was supposed to have been – there’s no telling what my fingers typed when I wasn’t looking!). Thanks – glad you liked it! I wanted to give everyone a bit of down-time before the next round of action.


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