Decisions, Chapter 21

Eric flew as fast as he could to The Third House. The terror in his Child’s call was enough to make him drop fang again as he finished changing his clothing. He had stopped Cousin Nat’s ‘interrogation’ for the night and stored the bleeding man in one of the human cells in the basement less than ten minutes prior to feeling Pam’s call.

He probed the Bond with his Maker as best he could, but all he felt was mass chaos interspersed with nothingness. And then he remembered…

Fuck… Cara was there!

That realization spurred him to fly even faster. He knew it would devastate Godric if his Maker harmed the girl in any way while taking his mental break. Eric couldn’t let that happen if there was any way to prevent it.

But that wasn’t the only problem.

Fucking Cara couldn’t be glamoured. She would remember far too much about Godric’s…unwellness…and there was no way in hell that she would be sticking around after what she has undoubtedly witnessed…what she could well be seeing right that second.


He couldn’t let word about what would be considered a terrible weakness get out about Godric, but at the same time, his Maker was far too firmly attached to the girl to simply let her be put down.

Perhaps if she had an accident, he considered as he flew to The Third House at the fastest clip possible. True, Godric would mourn…but…  Damn it, no, that would send him into a rage the likes the modern world has never seen.

He quickly negated that idea, and a moment later felt an odd lessening of Pam’s terror. He didn’t pause to consider why.

But if I were to Turn her… Perhaps if she has an accident, the kind where I’m ‘fortunately’ close enough by so that I could ‘save her life’ by Turning her…I could command her to never speak of Godric’s… issues… with anyone but family.

Resolved to further consider this plan when he had the time, Eric finally approached the house, and hovered just outside the main door listening as intently as he could. He had learned on previous occasions that Godric didn’t always remember exactly who he was, and could be just as dangerous to his own Child as he was to anyone else.

Dallas immediately came to mind. While it by far wasn’t the bloodiest incident, politically speaking it had been the worst to date. At the time Eric had no idea what had set him off, but by his arrival almost every single vampire in Godric’s nest had been eviscerated – only Isabel had been left intact.

He privately thought that Godric had spared her because, while she could be incredibly ferocious, she was also a petite female, and Godric had always treated the female of any species with at least some respect. As Death he might have drained just as many females as males, but their deaths had always been quick and as painless as possible.

Eric would always hold Isabel in highest esteem for having warned him earlier that night about Godric’s impending “mood”, as she had politely described it. While he wasn’t able to arrive in time to stop it, he was at least able to help mitigate the fall-out.

Pam sensed Eric at the door, and as quietly as possible slipped out to meet him. She was still reeling from shock that this Cara had managed to soothe the beast that lived in her grandsire and desperately wanted to prevent her own Maker from disturbing the fragile peace at the other end of the hall.

Once outside the house, she grabbed Eric’s sleeve and led him away from the structure.

“Pam?” His voice and face showed his frustrated confusion.

“That… was a close one,” she said in unaccustomed seriousness as she paced in agitation. “I don’t know how in three hells she managed to do it, but she calmed him down.”

“She…what?” Eric was shocked. She who? Cara?

“Yes,” Pam hissed in her version of a whisper. “Cara has somehow…I don’t know how…but she calmed him down. They’re still talking right now.”

“Is he well? Is she?” She had him talking? Eric decided to rethink his Turning Cara notion. He wasn’t going to forget the option, however.

“Godric seems…calmer…  And oh, yeah, she‘s quite well.” She looked into her Maker’s eyes. “He didn’t remember me at all, but he knew her. Eric, he protected her from whatever threat he imagined I might be. Shoved her between his back and the wall, crouching, snarling, everything.”

Eric drew Pam into his arms as he knew this had upset her even though she would never admit it. Godric was, after all, her grandsire, and one of the very few beings she had let into the vault of her heart.

“There for a few minutes I thought he was going to come after me, but she…she somehow got it through to him that I was on her side, that I was trying to protect her from him, and that seemed to reach him. The stupid bint saved my ass,” she said into his shoulder with a quiet sniff and a slightly louder half-laugh.

The gratitude coming off her in waves wasn’t lost on her Maker.

Damn. Two more reasons to like this chick and it’s not even Monday, Eric mentally groused.

Eric rubbed Pam’s back for a moment, then released her.  “Where are they? You said they were talking?”

“Yes, she’s got him started talking,” she repeated in amazement. Talking was the last thing the ancient one wanted to do after an episode. Both vampires acknowledged this usual twist. “And they’re probably still at the other end of the main hall. That’s where he moved her at first, and they stayed there. How does he read to you? I let him know that I felt you approaching so your arrival wouldn’t alarm him so much.”

He shrugged. “Well done. From what little I can tell, he’s calmer, but he’s mostly shut himself off.”

Pam didn’t know what to do. She wanted to go back in and check on the girl, but she sure as hell didn’t want to do anything that might set Godric off again, either.

Fucking decisions…

The Viking made the decision for the both of them. When he reached the door he instructed loudly enough that his Maker would have to hear him, “Remain in the kitchen.”

He couldn’t help but allow a wry expression to cross his face at the thought of Pam voluntarily remaining in any kitchen.

Being sure to make an appropriate amount of noise as he opened the door and entered the house, Eric listened intently, and was surprised to hear Cara speaking quietly with his Maker. From Pam’s information it was expected, but it was remarkable nonetheless. He stepped into the hallway, and paused to take in the scene before him.

On the floor at the far end of the hall sat his Maker, and on his lap firmly held in the cage of his arms sat an amazingly relaxed Cara.

To show that he obviously meant no harm to the vampire who had yet to acknowledge his presence, Eric leaned his tall frame against the wall, and was stunned to observe the ease with which this Cara seemed to be handling his Maker.

As a vampire and especially as a progeny of the ancient one, Eric could easily feel the waves of volatility and unstable emotion still flowing from his Maker’s powerful body, yet this young lady sat in his lap as if she were in the safest place in the Universe.

Of course, according to Pam, she was.



Cara knew that Eric was standing at the end of the hall watching them, and she almost snickered at the look of shock on his admittedly-handsome face, but said nothing. There was no way that Godric wasn’t aware of his Child’s arrival, but if he was wanting to play it cool, who was she to interfere?

However, the brief conversation she had just exchanged with the vampire who held her so securely rang clear in her mind – even if the subject was summarily dropped when his Son was apparently within hearing distance.

Her heart hurt at the confusion and chaos she had glimpsed battering at his poor, ancient soul, and she had no idea what to do to help him. There must be something, though. Talking might help some, she guessed, but even she could tell it wouldn’t be nearly enough.  Maybe her brain would work better tomorrow.

As it was late and Cara was cold, tired, and still feeling awful, she decided to call it a night now that the crisis was over.

“Godric, I know we’re going to talk about this more tomorrow night,” she almost laughed at the slight “I don’t wanna” face he made at that, “but for now I really need to go back to bed.”

He was fully aware of both Eric and Pam’s presence in the house, but paid them no mind. They could wait. What mattered to him most at that moment was the astounding lady in his arms. Not only had she kept her wits about her during his…slip, but she had also managed to calm him down in the process. Even he knew just how close he had come, just how bad it could have gotten.  His Cara, his sweet, strong, beautiful Cara…

She hadn’t run.

She hadn’t rejected him.

She hadn’t even been afraid of him.

He was stunned.

He also didn’t want to let her go…not yet…not ever.

Sensing by the barest tightening of his arms around her body that he wasn’t ready to release his hold on the comfort of her body yet, she continued, “And, well, since I don’t tend to sleep all that great the first couple of nights in a new place, could you come with me? Just for a little while?”

Not knowing if she meant her words or if she was simply applying a salve to his wounds, he decided he didn’t care. Of course he would take her up on her offer!

To watch over her in her sleep would be most…satisfying.

“Of course.”

In one graceful movement he rose from the floor with her in his arms, and glided them into her room.


Upon hearing Cara’s door close, Pam left the kitchen and tucked herself under Eric’s arm as he stepped away from the wall.

“It’s like she’s the Godric whisperer,” she snarked into his ear, her voice too low for her grandsire’s keen senses to detect.

Eric snorted.


**A/N:  The “Cara/Godric Whisperer” came from a comment last chapter left by the awesome Motomary – thanks!!  You know I just HAD to use that, right?  😀  Ok, y’all, what did you think?**






21 thoughts on “Decisions, Chapter 21

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  2. Knowing how unstable Godric was in the last chapter just hearing Eric considering any of those options had me worrying for his future unhealth, thankfully Pam was able to inform what had gone down…and I’d really like to see a picture of Godric’s “but I don’t wanna” face I bet it could melt hearts within a 100 sq miles….I wonder do they make vampire prozac???


  3. charity6201: Vampire Prozac? They do: her name’s Cara! 😀 And, awwww, Godric’s “But I don’t wanna” face truly would break hearts a hundred miles away… Thanks for reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. That was… most satisfying… 😉 I do love Eric’s train of thought here, when in doubt just turn the human it really is a brilliant strategy for such a pragmatic vamp…


  6. shoegirl01: *smirk* I imagine Godric wouldn’t her whispering in his ear…often… Eric…he’ll be fine. But you’re right – he does have a lot on his plate at the moment. Thanks for reading! 😀


  7. treewitch703: Thank you! Your words mean so much to me – I really appreciate it! (I’ll be preening for days now!) 😀 When the trappings of humanity fall away, the remains of his instincts and his soul distill down to their most basic form…but does he then become pure animal, or pure human animal? Thank you for a lovely review!


  8. Bless your heart! I’m so proud, I feel like I’m an itty bitty part of your beautiful story.
    It is beautiful as the love and devotion Eric and Pam have for Godric shows in their determination to help him. Mental instability in a being with the destructive capabilities of an atomic bomb and two millennium of issues…hmmm, bit of a challenge.


  9. motomary: I love it and HAD to use it! Thank you!! Also, I’m passing along what a reviewer named jules3677 over on my TWCS account said:

    The Godric Whisperer is a classic. Kudos to Motomary!!! please pass my many laughs and giggles onto her.

    I’m so glad you love the story. I spend a lot of time trying to weave several layers together, and it’s great to know that it’s working! Thank you!!


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  11. I love your writing so much! I read this a week ago but I guess I spazed out and forgot to leave you some feedback! Godric is so adorable in this story. I really like how Cara is able to calm Godric down and how Eric and Pam respect her because of it! They are so loyal to Godric… I love it! Brilliant with the Godric Whisperer bit!


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