Yummy Godric/Allan Hyde

UNF Allan 2

This section is reserved for appreciation of the talented wonder that is Allan Hyde.

Yes, he is “Godric” on HBO’s True Blood (Why oh WHY did A.B. kill him off??!!??), but he’s so much more than just that one character.  Watch his web series “ALLA SALUTE!”…you’ll see what I mean!

All the pics here are either screen grabs or taken directly from “the internet”, so, yeah…  Enjoy!

First taste, from one of the ALLA SALUTE! shorts:

UNF Allan 4

ALLA SALUTE! Episode 1: “Sidsel left me…” (ENG. SUBS)

(*Hey, didja know he’s got a Twitter account!?  I hope he (read: his lawyers) don’t  mind:  https://twitter.com/Allanhyde)

(…and a Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Allan-Hyde/42206468453…)

Click for deliciousness…








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