The Moon, Ch. 4


Eric rose that afternoon with rage and frustration running rampant through his veins along with something strangely akin to excitement. The anticipation of seeing his Sookie again was warming that place where he assumed his heart used to beat. After instinctively surveying his area for potential threats and finding none, his thoughts then immediately went to Sookie and the surprising call from Willa early that morning.

Although she probably wouldn’t be able to tell exactly what he was sending or that he was the one sending it in the first place, he sent another burst of extreme pride and appreciation to Willa.

Even though at her age she was still dead for the day, he smiled knowing that she would rise knowing of her Maker’s approval. The gift of a Maker’s particular kind of approval was something all vampires craved whether or not they recognized the need. He wished he had more reasons to send the same to Pam. It was tremendously satisfying as a Maker to be able to do such a thing for his progeny.

He supposed that really should make the time to tell Willa that even though he had released her, he hadn’t completely severed all of a Maker’s ties with her…or with Pam for that matter. Neither progeny knew about all aspects of the Maker/child bond, and he was quite frankly in no hurry to educate either one.

Whether they liked it or not, both were still his progeny, and as such, he demanded the right to maintain the sort of contact with each that would allow him to know if either were ever harmed or in some sort of trouble. Just because he had been a shitty Maker to Willa so soon after Turning her didn’t mean he was willing to neglect her now, and Pam would always need her Maker’s support even if she would never admit it.

Frustrated that the sun was still too high in the sky to allow him to leave the confines of his quarters well-hidden on the other side of the basement of Fangtasia, he quickly checked his messages, showered, and then paced like a caged animal as he contemplated Willa’s informative yet disjointed message.

As per his usual now-damn’d habit these nights, he had turned off his phone several hours before the sun rose. He enjoyed his solitude and didn’t wish to have to deal with whatever manufactured “emergency” his underlings decided to foist on him instead of solving for themselves. That’s why they got the big bucks, he had stated more than once to Pam and her dismay – she was his primary assistant, of course.

However, being the businessman and reluctant semi-politician that he was, he also made a point of checking his messages before retiring for the day just in case there had been an actual emergency that needed his approval or final vote.

After weeding through several messages from his accountant, a couple of his brokers, and one wrong number, he had been surprised to hear Willa’s voice.

“Eric? It’s me, Willa. I think something weird is going on and I don’t know what to do, but you would, so I’m calling you.”

His eyebrows rose as he wondered why her whispered vamp-speed speech sounded slightly nervous, but put it down to their still strained but improving relationship.

“Um, I don’t know if you know this or not, I mean, knowing you, you might, but I’ve been, um, friendswithSookieforawhilenow,” her voice waivered as she crowded the words together. Even through his shock he still managed to appreciate how Willa sounded as if she were confessing something to a parent, and he went as still as only a vampire could.

Willa was friends with Sookie? His Sookie? Since when?

“At first it was just because I was lonely and bored and she was really nice, you know? Well, of course you know. But anyway, we got close. Ok, um, so I’m sure you know this but she started seeing this guy Steve a while back, and I never trusted him. You did know she was seeing some guy named Steve Campbell, right? I mean, you know everything that goes on,” she laughed nervously into the phone.

Of course he knew that Sookie had been seeing someone named Steve Campbell…and that she had gotten pregnant…and that she quit her job…and that she was engaged to the motherfucker as well. While he had tried to stay away from anything having to do with her life because it hurt too much knowing these things and not being able to… But just because he had tried to stay away didn’t mean he couldn’t keep basic tabs on her anyway…

Wait…Was? Was seeing? Past tense?

The sudden continuance of his child’s voice refocused his attention.

“Well, even after he proposed to her I still didn’t completely trust him, so I hung around even though it was obvious that he didn’t want me there and I kept kind of an eye on him. I’m really glad that I did now,” she paused as if contemplating her upcoming words.

“I don’t know exactly what happened between you and Sookie but there’s something weird going on here now and I thought you should know and you might be able to help us figure out what it is.”

Eric mentally cursed Willa’s tendency to ramble on – something was apparently happening and he needed to know what it was now!

“Steve was never all that good to her, but tonight he was horrible. Sookie had finally had enough of him so she broke up with him, and he hit her! I slammed him against a tree and me and Jessica held him there until Jason finally put his turkey leg down and came over and hauled him off to jail. He and Lafayette and Sam and everybody else just sat there at that huge table and watched the drama and didn’t do anything when Steve was yelling at her and hitting her and she’s almost nine months’ pregnant and nobody but me and Jessica did anything,” she whisper-shouted, her mouth so close to the phone that he could almost hear her fangs descending.

His reaction was instant. He straightened to his full height, and certainly felt his own fangs descending forcefully, aching to rip into this son of a bitch who would dare lay a hand on his Sookie!  The deep, low growls he couldn’t stop thankfully didn’t interfere with his hearing.

“Sookie’shereinmyapartmentwithmenowandIdon’tknowwhattodo. Oh, and she never told him that she could read minds but somehow he knew. Call me back. Bye.”

Eric thanked whatever deities who might be listening for his progeny’s quick thinking – Sookie would certainly be much, much safer in Willa’s apartment than in that old run-down farmhouse out in the middle of no fucking where.

Then he cursed.

He cursed that soon-to-be-dead fucker Steve fucking Campbell.

He cursed her so-called friends for allowing that jerk-off to get close enough to hit her.

He cursed himself for having turned off the ringer to his phone.

He cursed the sun for rising and preventing him from leaving his elaborately furnished quarters under Fangfuckingtasia.

Unable to stand the confines of the serene and luxurious environment another moment, he strode back into the basement portion of the vast subterranean complex beneath the strip mall he now owned, and resumed his pacing.

“What the fuck kind of asshole hurts an innocent woman, much less a pregnant woman,” he snarled to the dark and grimy room.

Furious with himself and the situation, with a roar that rattled the bar glasses above he vented his frustrations on the assorted detainment and torture equipment scattered about the basement until his wrath was spent and little remained but the walls and various piles of rubble.

Oh, well, he thought as he surveyed his handiwork then watched the split skin over his knuckles heal. Pam has been wanting to redo the basement. Maybe now she’ll stop pouting over letting Sarah go.

Breathing hard despite the lack of need for such an activity, he sat down heavily on the lower portion of the stairway with his elbows on his knees.

He felt like such a fool. If he’d had half a brain, he’d have contacted Sookie on some pretext or other. He’d have called her…gone by to see her, something…

But he hadn’t. His pride and what had been left of his heart hadn’t let him. He’d thought…but then when she’d chosen fucking Compton yet again…


With a sigh of mental exhaustion and physical frustration, he rose and went back to his quarters. After securing them for the day, he turned his phone’s ringer on and grabbed his laptop. He fired off several emails, one of which went to his private investigations company.

Just because he was the founder of New Blood didn’t preclude him from investing in, and starting up, quite a few other very profitable, and convenient, businesses.

Before now, he hadn’t investigated too deeply into this Steve fucking Campbell because he’d tried to stay out of Sookie’s life after that last time she had made it clear that Compton came first.

Those nights were now over.

His team should just now have started investigating the fuck out of that asshole, and said asshole needed to enjoy the shit out of whatever time he had left on this planet because the second Eric got his large, strong hands on his body…

Finally feeling the sun’s pull, Eric had reluctantly allowed himself to go to bed, but it was well over an hour before his anger and frustration had eased enough to allow his dayrest to claim him.

As he now waited for the sun to finally dip far enough below the horizon to allow him safe passage to his penthouse apartment, he called the team tasked with researching this Campbell fuck-up for a progress report, then cancelled all meetings for the rest of the week. Somehow he was quite sure dealing with his Sookie’s problems would be much more invigorating than dealing with ESPN, CNN, HSN and the NYSE combined. Pam could hawk the New Blood key chains and baubles and talk inane bullshit almost as well as he could.

The instant his instincts told him it was almost safe enough to leave, he was out of Fangtasia and into his modified ‘Vette with the light-safe “vamp-tinted” windows. Within minutes he was parked in the underground parking area he had installed beside the hotel when he’d purchased the old building.

As he entered the well-lit tunnel connecting the parking area with the hotel, he decided against going to his own apartment first. Despite Pam’s best efforts, he still saw nothing wrong with his snug black t-shirt, well-fitting jeans, and black leather boots.

Just as the sun finally set for the night, he approached Willa’s admittedly overly-secured suite and paused before the door. A deep inhalation proved what his gut already told him – his Sookie was indeed mere feet away.

Blood bond or not, he could have sworn that he still felt her even after all this time.




**A/N:  Feeling better about Eric now?  So…what’d ja think?**




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59 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 4

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  2. Aaaaaaaa! More! Now! 😀 Please let Sookie be smart from the get go!:)) She quit dating that asshole when she’s nearly 9 months pregnant, so that shows she has some balls. Fairy Sookie for the win.


  3. I think the world’s about to get a whole lot messier, again :D.
    Fairy Sookie indeed! Please let it be her who makes an appearance an not doormat Sookie or “I’m a woman hear me roar” Sookie who won’t listen to a damn word anybody says!


  4. I somehow missed part three of the ‘assholasaurus’… thankfully I’m caught up again… boy is Steve living up to the name and his asshollery exempts his behaviour of all the mere mortals around him too… interesting… he must be related to Bill… please tell me he’s not Bill… I am glad to see Eric’s fully on board and let’s hope he rips him a new one… an asshole that is… actually more than one 😀


  5. Darnit… you’re cleverly circumventing again… I don’t think I can handle another Bill rebirth… if he pops out of Sookie’s magical vagina I think I might die… but hey go board!


  6. Oh man! I simply cannot wait for next week’s installment! Please, please, pretty please, and I’ll beg even more if you’ll update sooner, please post another chapter soon! I cannot wait for Eric to discover just what kind of Supe this asshole Steve may be, and then for him to teat him apart, or torture him slowly. Perhaps he’ll even give him to Pam as a new toy to appease her for the loss of Sarah. Just as long as we get to read of his extended demise after Pam’s done with him and he divulges the info & plan behind the hurry to impregnate Sookie! Then they can “kill him a lot!” The rotten bastard, beating up a pregnant woman; for that action alone he needs to die!

    I’m feeling a bit bloodthirsty today. All these “men” at the head of Sookie’s Thanksgiving table just need to be out down as the rabid animals they’re being portrayed as!

    Loved, loved, loved all of Eric’s POV!


  7. msbuffy: 😀 Glad you liked it!! And yes, once Eric has whatever information he can torture from him, I don’t believe Steve has much time left in this world….. 😀 And Pam HAS been pouting lately… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. More! More! More! Did I mention that I need more? I loved this chapter from Eric’s POV and can’t wait to find out what’s going on with Steve. I have a feeling Steve won’t be around too much longer. 🙂


  9. I’m beginning to think I preferred the show…. no thought about it… still prefer this, but I’m going to be holding those golden stickers hostage for a bit… oh dear I uncovered naked bits, I doubt you mind… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh great! Can’t wait to find out what the sniveling little weasel has been hiding. Since Pam has been pouting, I think she should most definitely get a new toy just to lift her spirits! Great chapter! 🙂


  11. gyllene: 😀 Thank you – glad you liked it! 😀 Heh, I should hold a contest to see who can draw the best representation of a Steve-splat… 😀


  12. askarsgirl: Thank you – glad you liked it! And no greedy so much as wanting to see Eric squish Steve, right? 😀 Oh, and maybe something about Eric and Sookie seeing each other for the first time in ages…? 😀


  13. I can’t wait to find out what kind of creature Steve is and how/why he was supposed to be with her. Who’s he working for? What will their reunion be like and how long before Eric can kick his ass?! Great update. Can’t wait for more!


  14. Eric wasn’t thinking there’d be any real emergency when turned off his phone, so he shouldn’t feel so guilty. I hope Eric’s team of investigators can find out what’s going on with Steve.


  15. ashmo2000: See, common sense tells US that, but yeah, he’s feeling bad about it because if he’d had his phone on, he could have been over there (very late) the night before, but he’ll be ok. And you know Eric – he only hires the best, so yeah, his team rocks! 😀


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  17. charity6201: Thank you!! The Eric that *I* know and love would never have just arbitrarily Turned some random woman just for revenge. No, whether or not he even realized it – and he probably wouldn’t have considering how crazy things were at the time – he had to have felt a pull to her, had to have sensed something ELSE in her that drew his Maker instincts other than just her relationship to da gub’na.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. charity6201: I think the last 2.5 – 3.5 pieces of shit she cranked out were really written by drunk psychotic ghost writers because she got too damn lazy to do her own writing. She started leaving more and more of it open to her underwriters who, like her, hated Eric because Bill’s farts smelled SO GOOD to them…

    Liked by 1 person

  19. If that’s true then she should have her ability to write taken away from her because it started out so good and then she just phoned it in and is the entire reason I went seeking fanfic to begin with!!!


  20. Alright I have decided to trust in Karen and have given the injector back to Godric for safe keeping but I reserve the right to call it back at any time now. Chapter 4 YEA! We are starting off with Eric “Love you Eric” *blowing kisses and waving* Huh you did it AGAIN!!! Why would you do this to me. Eric gets a time jump too. So he knows about Sookie and is filled with rage, frustration, and excitement that is our Eric. Yes you need to be proud of Willa she is a good one! Side question did Pam turn Tara in this story? Just trying to get all my ducks in a row as to where everyone is. Oh what I would have given to be a picture on that wall to see him listening to Willa’s message. Semi Politician you got my vote Eric. *waves a Team Eric flag* DANGIT I knew the cell phone number Karen gave us was the right one Chrsti were did we put that number we should have left a real message!!! Ahhh rambling verbose Willa…I am sure Eric is screaming in his head get to the point already and quit dropping these mini land mines on me with perfect aim. *grumbles going to shove a turkey leg somewhere Jason doesn’t want it* Okay I need a “guest” list of who was at this dinner…I need to make a Revenge to do list. *takes notepad and pen out of THE BOX and sits up straight to take notes. So who was around that table just “watching”?* Oh Eric is cursing now *hands him a Viking sword from THE BOX* “Eric, you go have some fun with that Person I got you an alibi.” Eric pacing now the floors will need replaced…no apparently the basement will need replaced. We know that that wrath is not spent it is only hibernating till it can be released on the dicktard called Steve. Pride it is the downfall of sooo many! I will just say this Pride will always be the longest distance between two people….as you have seen!! And it is okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don’t lose someone you love over your pride. Steve fuckwit Campbell may i introduce you too a Vikings revenge. *sits back to watch the show* Humm this will show us how on top of everything Pam is as his second since he just cancelled everything for a week.
    What no…”Blood bond or not, he could have sworn that he still felt her even after all this time.” How can you do that to me? *eyes filing with tears* I thought we were friends!! *Godric I need a hug to recover from this cliffy.*

    Off to the next chapter!



  21. 4padfoot: *evil snicker* Can’t you just FEEL the impatience when she had him on the phone? 😀 (I’m going with the background that everything that happened in TB still happened, even though I’m purposefully not going to be mentioning 99% of it if I can help it, so yeah, Pam turned Tara, just it’s not going to be a topic of conversation if I can help it.) GO VIKING!!! Wait, too soon? 😀


  22. Awesome! Knew Eric would be pissed of course but you have conveyed it so well! Steve Campbell will soon be dead and deservedly so! I could feel the tension rolling off poor Eric,could picture him all pacing and cooped up. Wonder how Sookie will react!


  23. ladytarara: Things aren’t great in E/S land yet, but they’re getting there. Poor Eric – so pissed off and hurting for her yet still feelin’ the feels… Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

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