Anticipating, Chapter 19

(Talk dirty to me…)

 “But I don’t talk dirty,” Cara gasped as Godric sucked her ear lobe between his lips as his hands lightly caressed the sides of her breasts before testing their weight in his palms.  Her breath hitched when he started rubbing his thumbs over her hard nipples, over and over and over…  He wanted her to talk dirty to him?  Cara couldn’t even control her own breathing, much less form coherent thoughts.  And she really wished she could breathe better…breathing was good…his scent was so dangerously delicious and intoxicating…like leather…gasp…and pine.

“You do now,” his voice, deep and dark, rumbled through his bare chest.  His firm hands rose to her shoulders then stroked down to her waist.  Her drawn-out moans of pleasure rewarded him when he grabbed her ass with both hands to slowly grind his hips into hers.  If she only knew how the perfume of her arousal ignited his already inflamed senses…

She gasped and leaned her head to the side, unknowingly inviting his vampire’s kiss.  Suddenly her back was hard against the wall of his study, his hips grinding rhythmically into hers, and his lips and tongue and teeth and fangs were doing amazing things to the crook of her neck.

“Tell me what you want,” he growled against her burning skin, “exactly what you want.”  His open-mouth kisses and teasing nips combined with the quickening rhythm of his hips was driving her insane, so she decided to get some of her own back.

Godric jerked as if he’d been shocked with electricity when she started her own assault against his neck and body.  Little tonguing nips mixed with great open-mouthed sucking kisses reduced him to incoherent groans and gasps as her hands roamed him from broad shoulders to tapered waist to firm, high ass.

He gently retaliated by raising her legs to circle his waist and grinding even deeper into her warmth as his lips and fangs returned to her neck.  She shuddered at the more intimate contact and raised her hands to claw at his shoulders as the contact became more and more intense.  The heat rolled and surged like a tidal wave crashing at the shores of her sanity until she shuddered hard and long.  “Oh God – Godric!!!!” she screamed his name as she rode out her pleasure.  His lips claimed hers in a searing, crushing kiss as he found his own powerful release.

Cara came to with a gasp, then groaned as she rolled over and tried to find a cooler side to her pillow.  These dreams were going to drive her out of her ever-loving mind.  His surprise kiss earlier that evening certainly didn’t help with the sleeping thing either.  But…these dreams…

First she’d dreamed about him laughing and teasing and being so very sweet with her as he held her close and stroked his hand up and down her back.

Then she dreamed that she’d have to make some sort of decision about him.  That dream hadn’t made a lot of sense to her, but it was still…hot.

Then she’d had a long, drawn-out, hazy dream of him kissing her for what seemed like endless hours and whispering things she couldn’t remember into her ear.

Then another time she’d dreamed about sleeping with him, just cuddling up with him in a warm, soft bed, inhaling his scent and having the most peaceful sleep ever.

And now this…wow…who knew sex dreams could seem so fucking real?

And why in the hell would she dream about Godric asking her to talk dirty, of all things?  She didn’t do things like that.  But these dreams…  They seemed so…real.  So focused.  Fuck.  It was going to be another long night.  Did she dare try to go back to sleep and risk having yet another dream?


Not too very far away, a certain self-satisfied, slightly panting 2100-year-old vampire relaxed back into his comfortable, silk-and-satin bedding and envisioned the night the powerful dreams he could cause would become a hot, pounding reality.   Her capacity for passion surprised him, and he had no doubt that when these dreams finally became a reality she would drive him to his knees.  The anticipation was already driving him mad.

In the meantime, however, he had to concentrate on keeping her, and the rest of them, safe.   DesChamps’ trackers had finally caught the pack’s scent.  He hoped they were found soon, and that they were still in his state.  He saw no reason to involve any authority other than his own in this matter.  The only time he wanted his hands tied would be when Cara…

Fuck, he needed to get out of this bed and get back to work.  Their safety was much more important than his highly overactive imagination.

He checked his emails and voice messages and was pleased, if not surprised, that even more vampires owing him fealty had volunteered their assistance in securing and ending the missing pack.  He had several older vampires in his area known for their skills in battle and planning.  According to the bedside clock, his meeting with a select group of them would start in less than an hour.

Even if DesChamps trackers did locate the missing pack this night, he still needed to know if their agenda had been personal against him or his child, or if it was part of a larger plan.  He needed to capture a couple of those Weres and “question” them before ending the rest of the pack.

He had no love for torture; killing was so much simpler.  To him, if someone deserved torture, they therefore deserved death, and death was much quicker and cleaner.  He could call in someone who better enjoyed such things.  He knew immediately who was best qualified for such tasks, but hesitated to contact her.  To get her, he would have to go through her sheriff…who was his son…who would immediately come to his aid whether he actually needed him or not.

Godric hated to interrupt the peace his son had finally achieved with his fairy.  They were such a well-mated couple, and deserved the tranquility they finally found.   Although in retrospect, his son’s mate would make a perfect friend for his Cara.  Perhaps she could help make her transition into his world a little easier?  And he always did enjoy a visit with his son…

In the meantime, he would leave them be.  Should alternative interrogation techniques become necessary, he was certain he could find someone…qualified.  Besides, Isabel herself could be quite creative, and she deserved her revenge.  As her Maker, it was his duty to oversee her education in such matters.  Yes, he would wait to contact his son, and should the opportunity become available, allow his daughter both her revenge and some needed experience.

Meanwhile he could bask in knowing that Cara seemed to like her position in his household.  Throughout dinner she had held her hand well with the Weres; even that Anderson had kept his muzzle shut.   Although he wished that she had not worked so hard, the Were Sarah had performed duties adequately enough.  Perhaps he should consider employing someone else to help out?  He definitely would if more Weres were assigned to the grounds.

Cara’s willingness to work through her weekend pleased him greatly.  She was definitely safer in his home under his care.  He could also use this as an excuse to gift her financially, and he would get to see her.  He hated that he would be gone most of her evening Saturday night…perhaps he could ask her to stay until his return?

Isabel was certainly pleased to have her around the estate.  He got the impression that if Isabel had been free, she would have enjoyed spending time with Cara.   Currently there were just too many tasks needing completion, but maybe soon she would be able to continue her friendship with the lovely human.  If nothing else, he could lighten her task load by transferring some of her duties to Scott.

As his memory drifted back over the events of the evening, he had to wonder what Cara saw out of the kitchen window that fascinated her so.  He had noticed her gazing out the window just often enough to arouse his curiosity.  The view was nothing spectacular – that window simply overlooked the gardens.  The external lights had not been engaged, so it would have been too dark for human eyes to discern much.  He would ponder this later.  At least that window provided a nice reflection of her sweet face.




*Godric, you dirty, dirty dream-causing dog you!  Can you cause me to have some of those dreams, too?  Please??*


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17 thoughts on “Anticipating, Chapter 19

  1. *raises her hand, jumping up and down*
    Memememe. Me too please. Dreams for me when you jave the time Godric!

    I guess he has already slipped a small ammount of blood to Cara. Sneaky sneaky vampire!

    And… Eric, Sookie and Pam! Heck yeah 🙂 that would be awesome!!


  2. Hehehe! Godric is a naughty boy. I love the hint that Eric and Sookie are together and happy in your world. Makes my heart happy. 😀 I wonder what king of shenanigans are next?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. FairytaleAmber: Ohhh I do love me a naughty Godric… And I loved being able to present Eric and Sookie as already happily together. 😀


  4. A brilliant idea! Now if we can only get True Bill (a bad fanfic on cable) to get on board with the program…. 🙂
    I like some angst but not ALL the time. That is what real life is supposed to give us. Which is why they coined the phrase “Happily Ever After”

    Now onto more reading…


  5. Yes! Get along or else. I’ll just turn you off and then where will you be Tablet?!
    Oh, now I made myself sad….(walks back to Tablet and gives it a hug)
    I feel a bit happier now 🙂


  6. Yay -Eric and Sookie are coming! Naughty Godric – those dreams would be maddeningly delicious. Bet Godric is right and Cara and Sookie will be friends.


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