The Moon (WIP)

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Here’s my TB (with a splash of SVM via Thalia) rewrite set starting the night of the Thanksgiving gathering in Sookie’s yard, which I guestimate to be approximately 4.5 years (“about 1 year later” + “3 years later” + “the next Thanksgiving” = 4.5 years to me) after Emo chose to goo himself.  Things aren’t as fine and dandy as the fuck-ups at TB wanted to brainwash us into thinking they are (but Emo’s still definitely dead…).

This is naturally going to be AU, OC, and whatever other abbreviations you want to use.  And of course, an E/S HEA is the mission.

I suggest having tissues handy during the first chapter or two.  It’s not meant to be a very long fic, and you know me – I’m anti-angst, therefore the drama-llama won’t be parking her ass here for long, so just bear with me.

Finally, I’d like to thank the very talented writer (go read her works if you haven’t yet!) Gyllene for the awesome banner below (which when clicked will take you to Chapter 1) and the chapter header – she’s fantastic!

aThe Moon banner

Click the dropdown menu on the dash, the next/back buttons at the end of every chapter, or the menu to the right side of the home page to access the chapters, but above is Chapter 1 to get you started.

Hope you like!



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