One Night – The Third Night – Part 6

*A/N:  Remember, this Part will be shorter since there wasn’t all that much “night” left, but…I wanted to show them settling in…and Godric’s definite affection for our furry little Tina.  So…read!  Reduce!  Reuse!  Recycle!  Review!  Other R Words!!  😀  Lol, enjoy!**

As Eric crossed the threshold into his Maker’s home with his new telepath close by his side, a certain overview of his actions occurred to him.

So here I am…a vampire well over a thousand years of age…a vampire who has achieved that somewhat rare status by being cold, hard, wary…  Ok, ok, suspicious, devious, and more astute than potential and known foes…and yet…yet I am purposefully escorting a mortal…a fucking part-fairy mortal…into my Maker’s home…and I have only known the delicious little mortal for not quite three nights now.

And she is delicious…but that wouldn’t be worth the potential threat if she had ill-will toward us in her heart.  At least there’s a bond…helpful, that… Something about her…don’t think she’d be a threat, not to our existence anyway… But still…

Brilliant, Northman…way to uphold my Maker’s teachings about security…an unglamorable telepathic mortal at that…  *snort*  Well, considering that said Maker is holding the door open for me to bring her in…basically makes it his fault, right?

Yeah, I’m totally going to blame this one on my Maker.  He’s good for it…

“Fairy nice to meet you” indeed…

Ancient brat.

Eric couldn’t decide if he was surprised or not with how Godric, his shockingly old, shockingly powerful Maker, was by all accounts glad to receive not just him (justifiably, of course), but the girl as well.  He had even gone out of his way to lightly – even playfully – test her mettle with his own particular…peculiar, to some…brand of mischievous theatrics which, to his pride, she had passed with those proverbial flying colors.

To make the evening even more surreal to the vampire, the very young mortal girl by his side had oddly few trepidations about entering the home of such an ancient vampire.  There were some, of course…just not nearly as many as would be considered normal in his esteemed opinion. His hand on the small of her back served to soothe what misgivings did surface but he sensed far stronger emotions than fear.

Curiosity?  Oh yes…lots of that…some fatigue…but no more than expected for a mortal soon needing her rest…but true fear?  *pfft*  More humor than that…

That slight nervousness he’d felt from Sookie had swiftly changed to comfort at his touch, and the speed with which his hand merely caressing her lower back had soothed her pleased him in a way he couldn’t immediately identify.  However, given that he was growing accustomed to such unanswered questions, he chose to ponder the vagaries later.

He glanced down at the back of her head as he politely allowed her to precede him – she barely come up to his collarbones, but her presence seemed so much larger.

As safe as he knew his Maker to be in this current situation, she was wise to…

Even innate bravery is wise to quail, however briefly, at the thought of entering into the dwelling of such an ancient…remarkably aged…like a fly easing into the spider’s web… Godric…spider…should I introduce him to the one that lives in Sookie’s grandmother’s kitchen?  They both excel at watching from a distance. 

Ah, Sookie…  Will I have to tell her in small words that vampires are dangerous to mortals?  She knows this, of course, how could she not, but she treats us as fellow humans.  Perhaps that is part of her charm?  Perhaps it is a certain charisma? According to my Maker and both her sweet scent and taste…  Fairies do have a form of influence…  Thank Odin she’s using her powers for good…

Once in the large foyer, Eric automatically closed the door behind them and watched with bemusement similar to what he felt from Sookie as Godric raised Tina’s carrier to peek at the cat.

Although the old man had grabbed the possibly even older carrier from the porch, the son knew the father was distinctly aware of the vagaries of thought plaguing the son’s mind about the fairy freaking hybrid said son was escorting into said father’s house.

The smug pings from the father told the son so.

A fucking fairy…

Smug old bastard – figured it out in one sniff or less, apparently.  Let him be smug if he wants…no skin off my fangs… 

A fucking fairy…

I should have known…that sweetness…that internal glow she seems to have…but fairies… They tend to be selfish and greedy…devious and cunning…Niall Brigant being the perfect example…  Sookie, though…  She seems to be none of those things…but then, she is ridiculously young yet…  Thank Odin and all the other major and minor deities that she doesn’t smell like a pure-blood.

A fucking fairy…

When Godric lowered the carrier to the floor, Eric took that as his opportunity to formally introduce everyone.  Most vampires adored their overblown pomp and circumstance so he might as well start introducing Sookie to that bullshit sooner than later.

“Master,” he turned and bowed to the elder vampire and gave him a conspiratorial wink, “allow me to introduce to you my mortal telepathic partner erstwhile of Area 5, Louisiana,  Sookie Stackhouse.”

At Godric’s nod (and burst of approval for the lesson being held on Sookie’s behalf) he then looked to the politely smiling lady near his side, “Sookie, this is the vampire Godric, my Maker and current Sheriff of Dallas and Surrounding Areas for the State of Texas. You may address him by name.”

Clearly deciding that the time for pomp was over, Eric smiled  proudly.  “His name is known world-wide.  Use it carefully and with pride.”

I won’t tell her exactly why – all the exact whys – just yet…

“That was an example of the kind of supercilious greeting you may encounter in our world.  Among friends and acquaintances vampires tend to be far less formal.  We rarely relax our guard but most of us don’t need the…” he trailed off as Sookie grinned.

“Most of y’all don’t need the high-fallutin’ nonsense,” she finished for him.

He grinned, the humor and approval brightening his intelligent blue eyes.

“On the way back to my house the other night Beehl informed me in no uncertain terms that vampires don’t shake hands, which is what I’d be doing if y’all were humans.  Since I can’t officially do that here, I’ll just say once again,” she paused to face a benignly smiling Godric, “Godric, it is very nice to meet you.  Oh, and hi.”

The ancient vampire imperceptibly scrubbed his toes on the shiny hardwood and enjoyed the cool, smooth sensation.  Interplay between his child and the telepath was one of the most curious things he had ever beheld.  The pings he’d received from the boy over the past few nights had been a journey worthy of the great Jules Verne…but seeing these two together…

All of the hard-fought lessons he had shared with this child upon his rising and for centuries thereafter seemed to have fled the dear boy’s mind…and he could not be more pleased.

True, there were times when a vampire needed to emit a cold, heartless facade for their own survival, but as he himself had come to slowly realize over too many centuries to count, there were times when the opposite was true.

Such was life, of course.  What is applicable on a Monday may not be so on a Tuesday…  To his undeniable and extreme pride, one of the most valuable lessons possible was one his beloved child had taught himself – fluidity, mutability…changeability, and the knowledge of when to allow each side of himself to show.  It seemed the father still had much to learn from his son.

He laughed in delight both with his child and with this new addition…of a sort…to the family, if all cards landed where they should.

“Hello, Sookie.”

Eric savored his father‘s pride although he wasn’t sure of its exact cause –  pride from one’s Maker was priceless whatever the reason.  The pleasantries had served their dual propose in that he also felt Sookie become even more comfortable with her surroundings.

Social niceties, however they’re performed…the glue that makes the world go round in more species than one…regular vampires practice it when they can but the self-important jerks in our world live for the show…

Tina’s antics interrupted his mental meanderings and made his lips turn up into a half-smile.  When Godric had brought her carrier into the house, the cat had changed from angry hell demon heavily glaring and lightly plotting everyone’s bloody demise to pitiful wee little kitten crying for love.

The transition had been remarkable.

Wonder if Pam can obtain theatrical awards for perniciously dramatic felines…

While continuing to what was probably, if Eric guessed correctly, a public bathroom set somewhat behind a set of stairs off the main entryway, Godric said over his shoulder, “It seems the cat is also a faker.”

Sookie snorted.  “That she is,” she agreed with a grin.  “Poor thing, I bet she can’t wait to get out of that cage.”

Other than curiosity and a bit of lingering awe over either the house or Godric, Eric was glad to sense that Sookie seemed fine now in the presence of his Maker.

Which also makes sense…from an unwary mortal’s perspective, I guess.  At first glance he does appear to be quite young and he is putting forth his more easy-going facade for the benefit of his guest…not to mention that he’s barefoot, no surprise there…but more power in his littlest toe than most adult vampires…  Appearances can be extremely deceiving, though, a fact he has used to his enemy’s disadvantage countless times…hope she never sees his Death persona..  Terrifying…damage for nights on end…  Some things bloodstains would never leave…

“We will release your delightful little beast in this restroom as it has been prepared for her arrival.”

As they approached the partially closed door, Tina, apparently sensing upcoming freedom, meowed with a bit more authority, although the woebegone-kitty ploy was still highly evident.

Her three ‘escorts’ snorted in unison.

“Yes, little cat, you have suffered beyond measure all safe and sound in your large carrier.  What, they abused you by ensuring you had water for your trip?  Oh, my, my, whatever shall we do…,” he teased the cat who intelligently meowed in response as they walked.  “But I must ask my child something.”

Godric glanced sideways at Eric.  “Dearest progeny-mine, where is your laundry?”

Eric laughed at both the question and the antics.  “It’s in the car.  Speaking of which, I need to unload the two vehicles and move them to the garage.”

Godric pushed the door open and Eric felt Sookie’s surprise.  He didn’t know if she’d been expecting a tiny “powder room” or a coat closet or a day spa, but guessed the size of the room had surprised her.

“Call for the guard Gearhart when you return to your vehicles and he will help you unload.”

“Oh, I can help, too.  Some of that stuff’s mine,” Sookie offered but looked quizzically at the ancient vampire when he simply shook his head with a half-raised brow.

“Of course you could help, child, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  Come, let’s settle your pet then the boys can do their thing.”

Eric nodded and followed them into the rather large bathroom.

To his own amused surprise he saw a pet food and water ‘station’ set up near the elaborate sink and an enclosed litter box placed closer to the toilet.  Near the litter box sat a small trashcan with an odd slotted scoop of some sort placed on its top.

As he took in the scene, he thought about how Godric already seemed to be taking Sookie under a Maker-like wing.  His earliest nights had been filled with such quips – some rather mundane, some in later times unnecessarily cryptic to his annoyed ear – of what turned out to be infinite wisdom.  A strong wave of nostalgia flared through his old heart.  Those had not always been the easiest of times in the ways others might consider important – sleeping in the dirt lost any imagined appeal after so long, but in hindsight…

“Come little diva, you are safe,” Godric said as he placed the carrier in the middle of the room.   “In here you have food and water and a box you can scratch in.”

Eric watched as the old boy knelt and opened the carrier’s creaking door.  As Tina slowly exited like the dignified little queen she was, he made a note to buy her a new one as soon as possible.

Wonder if these cages with all the holes come in gold?  Little divas…they need gold, right? Pam could locate her a gold and pink camouflage design, surely…maybe some little kitty booties…a small cape…diamond studded collar…wonder if they come with diamond spikes?

As the cat surveyed her surroundings with regal disdain, Godric revealed to Sookie that bowls filled with dry food and larger bowls filled with water, as well as boxes for “cat excretions”, awaited in several locations throughout the large house.  Apparently there were also many toys scattered hither and yon, and specially designated dishes for her canned food and tuna were already available in the kitchen.  Sookie’s emotions firmly stated that she was shocked and grateful for the consideration paid to the cat by the ancient vampire but Eric wasn’t surprised at all.  Godric had always had a fondness for the furry little creatures.

When Sookie threw her arms around the ancient vampire’s waist and hugged him while expressing her gratitude, then…then he was stunned.

For a split second, so was Godric.  His eyes turned black as he froze from the unexpected action…but he quickly recovered enough to gently pat the grateful blonde on her back before slowly easing away while politely accepting her appreciation.

Fuck – the old man’s eyes have gone black!  Her scent!  And the instinctive sense of danger from…sudden, unanticipated movement toward…instincts would have seen that as an attack!  Thank Odin he calms so quickly!  Hmm…how long has it been since he last fed well?  Her scent…so sweet, her warmth so enticing…

The second he’d seen what was going on, Eric had instantly flooded the Maker/child bond with what he hoped like fuck came through as self-control and strength and he exhaled an oddly shaky sigh of relief when what could have been a bloody situation deescalated…although it did take a moment for the old vampire’s eyes to return to their normal blue color.

“I will see to refreshments while you, Miss Sookie,” Godric smiled a bit impishly at Sookie as though nothing had happened, “tend to your kitty and you,” he looked at Eric as he sent his progeny reassurance, “tend to the luggage and vehicles.  We will be in the library by the time you return.”  With a nod Godric excused himself and blurred to the kitchen undoubtedly to drain several bags of blood.

Sookie had smiled and nodded at Godric, but once the older vampire had blurred from the room, she turned to look up at Eric in confusion.

Glad to see that she was somewhat aware enough of the situation to sense that something was off, he leaned down to whisper in her ear.  Even though he knew that his ancient Maker would be able to detect every word, he wanted to grant the telepath the illusion of privacy.

He just wasn’t sure why.

“You are doing very well for your first meeting with an elder vampire, but keep in mind that vampires will instinctively read a sudden, unexpected move as an attack.  Most will be able to keep from reacting badly, but there are those who may not.”

He felt the realization dawn as her confusion gave way to shock and remorse…and a beautifully mortified expression suffused her face.

“Oh no!  Eric, I just wanted to thank him for all he’s done for Tina – I didn’t mean to scare him away!”

From the kitchen part of the house, along with the sound of the microwave he heard his Maker chortle as extreme merriment flooded their tie.  He had definitely overheard every furiously whispered word…

It was all Eric could do to keep from literally rolling on the floor laughing.  Containing what was sure to be strange cackling noises was almost painful.

She thinks…she thinks… SCARED HIM AWAY!  Oh…Odin…she thinks she scared him…!  How do I…  SCARED!  GODRIC!  Ohhhh Odin…  Oh, Sookie…

Before he could do anything about it, twin tears of silent laughter fell from his eyes to quickly course down his mostly stoic cheeks, and when his oblivious little telepath spotted them, she gasped and paled.  That…broke him.  Suddenly he couldn’t contain himself and proceeded to laugh aloud with all the refinement of a mule with hiccups.

I have laughed more…since meeting her…than I have in the past…I don’t even know how long…  That look!  Her face!   Oh my Maker – Godric, I didn’t know you could make those kinds of noises when laughing…!  Odin…Oh Odin, please…make it stop!

His amusement fed Godric’s which in turn fed his own even more.  The revolving expressions Sookie’s face – contrition muting into horrified fear sliding back briefly to confusion that quickly morphed into narrowed-eyed suspicion – made everything even worse, so he put his hand over his eyes to attempt to…

Ah, fuck…why even bother…

He gave himself permission to laugh for an entire half-minute longer before trying once again to regain his composure.   The thought of Godric – his Maker, Godric – being “scared” by Sookie…the noises the old man was making…

As he withdrew a handkerchief to mop his face, he assured a now-glaring Sookie who had her hands on her hips, “Sookie, Godric wasn’t scared – you did not scare him away, I promise you that.  I honestly can’t think of a single thing, entity, situation…anything that would even come close to scaring my Maker.   I’m laughing because…  Well, we’ll talk more about this later, but for now I need to see to the vehicles.  Tina should finish trying to dig through her box in another dozen or so minutes, and I noticed that the door to the library is open so you’ll spot it easily.”

The new glare she gave him for his efforts threatened unspeakable retribution if he didn’t keep his word, and the thought of her scaring even him – a thousand year old Viking vampire – almost set him off again.

In an effort to avoid rolling around on the floor while clutching at his aching sides – a thing he was sure would happen if he remained in her presence another minute and he was determined to retain at least some dignity around the chit – he kissed first her lips then her cheek before blurring to the vehicles before she could say a word.

Odin bless her but she never suspected the true threat…his eyes…so dark…she still doesn’t have a clue, really…will have to warn her against sudden affectionate movements toward ancient vampires…  Fuck…any and all vampires – except me, of course…  Damn but his eyes…too dark, too quickly…  Too close…  Need some time in a sauna to recover from that kind of fright…

He quietly called for the Were Gerheart and as they unloaded the vehicles into a small mountain of luggage in the large foyer, he kept his ears turned to the silly conversation now taking place between the telepath and her cat.

Apparently I laugh like a loon…interesting…do loons even laugh?  Oh, my, a drunken donkey?  Bray…is it donkeys or mules who bray?  I am a thousand year old vampire, I’ll have you know…I do not bray. 

Godric…SCARED!  Ohh….ha ha ha!

Ok, maybe I bray a little but only under extreme hilarity…

Sweet Sookie…so much to learn…

As he and the Were began separating the vehicles at supernatural speed, he sensed a new satiation from Godric, one he had not noticed coming from him for far too long now…and wondered how many bags of fresh blood the old brat had actually needed before finally feeling something approaching replete.

True, the older the vampire the less blood they need, but fucking hell, they still need *some* blood, and not just to survive, either.  Wonder if it’s a Catch 22 situation…satiation may not always have anything to do with hunger…always unsatisfied if needs aren’t fully met therefore always feeling a strange emptiness…  If fundamental needs aren’t met, what’s the point? 

Am I going to have to start force-feeding my own damn Maker?  I don’t think they make bottles that strong…and I can’t see him happily sipping away from even a Royalty Blended bottle…maybe from a straw in a blood bag…*snort* Capri Moon – just add a ridiculous little straw…maybe Ginger has more of them lying around…

He needs to hunt more…may challenge my brother to a hunt…that would do him more good than anything…remind him why he should…the joys of life…  Can’t pet the kitties if he’s unfed, dehydrated dust now can he…or laugh at Sookie…

When Eric rounded the house in his ‘vette, he heard what could only be metal clanging against metal and figured his Maker was ridding the kitchen of iron the old-fashioned way – by throwing it out the first-floor window.   The gardener would surely find a surprise the next day if the house Weres didn’t collect them first thing.

His extremely refined sense of smell would make it easy for him to locate any now-forbidden utensils, cookware, anything; the same would apply to any foods containing citrus in general and lemon in particular.  A few soft thumps and several suspicious crashes followed, then when the Viking exited his vehicle, the scent of lemon poultry and other several other foods assaulted his nose.

He had to snicker.

The cabinets were likely missing a few dishes…and maybe some baking things, too.  My Maker…so efficient…such “delicate” handling of the situation…  He should get a job on some of those home-remodeling shows.  Need a new roof?  Bam – old roof lands in neighbor’s pool…along with half the walls and a portion of the basement…  Eh, contractors would love him…

Parking the separated vehicles took no time at all, so within minutes he was en route to the library.  He didn’t even realize that he kept thumbing the new keychain in his pocket as he thought about the hazards of leaving his Maker and the telepath to their own devices.

Somehow I do not trust those two on their own…Godric…always had a mischievous side…ordinary rules need not apply…Sookie thinks outside that proverbial box…beguiling mixture of pragmatic, idealistic, and something else…best not to leave them unsupervised for long…  Tina would just egg them on.

As he approached, their light conversation continued but the pings from his Maker were still blasting him with various flavors of humor.

Fairy…  A fucking fairy…  Obviously a hybrid or she wouldn’t still be alive…but why would she automatically think she’d scared…oh, yeah, the blurring away bit…  Sweet, silly Sookie…  Hey, wasn’t there an ethnic dish…something Oriental…sweet and silly chicken…something…one of my former regular meals was addicted to it…

Once he reached the library door, he lingered a moment before entering the room.   The sickly-sweet scent of sweet iced tea pervaded the area but he could still detect the faint aroma of fresh blood from his Maker’s recent meal.

A brief check of everyone’s bonds – Godric, Sookie, and Pam – told him that they were fine for the moment.  Flushed and glowing with new-found satiation, his Maker was in the process of assuring Sookie that the cat could roam the grounds freely… while he carried said cat around the large room.   The fairy-hybrid was pleased and excited, apparently because her cat could have freedoms similar to what she’d had at home.  And Pam…was Pam.

“…fence surrounds the property. Were guards patrol during the daylight hours, so between them and the fence, not much is likely to disturb this little girl.”

He paused to scratch the purring fluff-ball behind her ears for a moment as he silently pinged Eric now in welcome.

“Do you know what Weres are?”

Sookie, still smiling broadly as much, Eric guessed, from seeing Godric making over the cat as his considerations for the pet, replied, “Eric mentioned them but other than knowing that they’re a species that exists, that’s about it.  We haven’t really had time to go into much detail about, well, anything really.”

The old vampire nodded as he walked toward a set of deceptively elegant French doors leading out to a rarely used patio of sorts.

“We will make time to further your education.  There is much for you to learn and discover, and the various supernatural species – we call them supes – are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.   There is no rush but you must know all these things by tomorrow night,” he said with a grave face belied by the twinkling in his eyes as he rolled them.  The negligent toss of his hand – the one not holding the kitty – may have helped negate his words as well.

Eric smiled at Godric’s teasing but also caught the truth in his Maker’s words.  Sookie had a lot – more than a lot – to learn and she needed to do so as quickly as she possibly could.  While it was true that he and Cataliades, not to mention Godric himself, had bought her some precious time to prepare, the supe world waited on no one.

He quashed his impatience as Godric opened one reinforced, bulletproof glass-paned door while keeping a firm hand on his newest furry little friend to keep her from escaping.

A flick of the nearby light switch revealed that a waist-high wall erected from local stone mostly enclosed a wide circular area lined with smooth stone pavers.  Eric suspected that comfortable lawn furniture and strange bowls for fires would soon populate the empty space.

And a grill…mortals do so love charring their meats and other foods over fire…much the same as centuries ago…equipment may have changed but the charring rarely does…at least our food never reeked of chemicals…just a burnt stench if it wasn’t tended well…

“I suggest you wait until tomorrow, perhaps even tomorrow night, to allow her to explore the yards so that she may become accustomed to the house first, but this area should provide an adequate place for you to bask in your sun.”

Eric entered the room and came to a halt beside Sookie to look out at the patio.  Although unfurnished, the area along with the grounds had been professionally designed and was more than large enough for the girl to sunbathe.

Why is he taking such pains to show her how to access this areaMaybe he thought she might want to maintain her tan?  Does have beautiful skin…lovely glow…need to see more of that skin…wonder if she brought a bathing suit…need to have a pool installed so I can see her in it…flimsy strings on some suits…  Sookie…in a bathing suit…oh, hell…

A mighty and knowing ping from his Maker brought his attention back to the conversation.

“Ohh, this is perfect!  Thank you!  And no, I’m not going to hug you again…yet,” she teased with a grin and a sly look at him from the corner of her eye.

He laughed, and the sound once again brought warmth to Eric’s chest.  Seeing his beloved Maker being teased so gently by his Sookie was…indescribable.

He and Godric both laughed, then the elder vampire gracefully countered, “You may hug me if you wish, just give me fair warning.”

Sookie snorted.

She makes what would normally be considered a highly disrespectful noise at a vampire so old and powerful that he could end her in the blink of an eye…that’s…so Sookie…

Then she continued.

“I’ll be sure to give you plenty of warning so that I don’t scare ya,” she then assured the elder vampire with an almost believably straight face that would have been slightly more believable had the dancing light been missing from her gaze.

Eric rolled his eyes but felt her mood become far more serious.

“Really, though, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.  I’ve only actually been around one vampire besides Eric, and that one was mostly busy tryin’ to pretend he was human during what little time I was around him.  It’s gonna take me a while to learn how to act with, well, real vampires, so you guys are gonna have to tell me if I do somethin’ wrong, ok?  And you really shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable in your own home.”

Tina purred as the old vampire scratched behind her ears again as he reentered the house.

“I – we – will teach you what you need to know just as you have things to teach us as well. We will discuss the important things starting tomorrow evening, but Sookie,” he said as he caught her gaze, “you are to consider this your home while you are here, and you are welcome for as long as you wish to stay.”

Eric didn’t understand the surge of relief he caught from her, but was glad his Maker had soothed whatever doubt she must have been carrying.

What have I failed to cover with her?  What did I miss? 

Godric secured the door, then continued, “Now, there are two lady-Weres who will tend to you and to the house during the day.  Simply tell them what you need and they will make it so.   Also, be sure to tell them what you want so that you may enjoy absorbing your sun’s light.”

As Sookie nodded, Eric couldn’t help but notice how serious Godric was about ensuring that the telepath spent time out in the sun.

Interesting…but why?  I’ll have to ask…does seem to be a point, though.  She’ll be finding her bed soon judging by the fatigue I sense…been a long day and night for her…she has done so well!   Ugh, Pam, could you feed a little quieter already?  Haven’t we discussed this before?  Stop fucking with your mouth full…

After a brief and thankfully uneventful tour of the first floor of the house during which Godric gave Sookie permission to explore the aboveground levels as she wished during the day, with well-hidden reluctance the elder vampire returned Tina to her rightful owner so that he and Eric could gather Sookie’s portion of the luggage and head up to her quarters.

When the old man proudly showed Sookie her “bedroom with en suite bathroom”, Eric could understand the pride that oozed from his Maker through the bond.   The rooms had been nicely decorated in a feminine style but not overwhelmingly so, were well supplied with additional blankets and pillows and the like, and if Eric knew his child as well as he did, he could definitely understand Godric’s suggestion that Sookie open her closet door rather…slowly.

Pam had overnight delivery down to a science.

After mentioning to a now-yawning Sookie that her bathroom held a similar pet feeding and “scratching-box” station, Godric bid her a nice sleep and gracefully excused himself from the room.

To Eric’s amusement, his Maker had left the girl’s bedroom door mostly ajar as though the father was reminding the son to mind his manners.

Eric surveyed the room again and his eyes focused on the king-size bed.  The covering, soft and plush with its blush-colored satin inviting a caress, drew his mind immediately to how Sookie would look…and he mentally grumbled as he felt his manly bits swelling at the thought.

No wonder the old man had left the door open…old brat…

He watched with a kindly eye as Sookie deposited Tina in the middle of the bed.  Tina, naturally, jumped down immediately thereafter and proceeded to judge everything in the room on the basis of its smell.

“She seems to be settling in fine,” he began and silently castigated himself for having nothing wittier to say.

He knew what he wanted to say, knew what he wanted to do – knew exactly how he wanted the rest of the minutes in his night to go…  He also knew that what he wanted was rightfully verboten by the door purposefully left open by his Maker’s sly and all-too-knowing hand.

Damn it.  Old bastard’s still a little know-it-all I see…  Just because he’s right doesn’t mean I have to like it.  But…he is right.  Her first night here…I wouldn’t have…  Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have tried…

Unfortunately small talk was not in his list of things perfected.  Bluntly, he detested small talk; found it a complete and total waste of both his time and his attention, but for once he’d like to have had something up his sleeve.

Sookie, to his eternal gratitude, eased the conversation along. Although she was exhausted and for some reason suddenly shy, her lifetime of inherent social graces came to their rescue.

“She is, she’s doing great.  I can’t believe how much Godric has done for her, and for me, too.  Do you think he’d mind if I took some towels and a pillow out to that patio tomorrow?”

“I think he wouldn’t have mentioned it if he hadn’t wanted you to,” Eric replied softly, grateful to his Maker for his consideration.  He had truly gone ‘above and beyond’ to make Sookie feel welcome even in ways he didn’t currently understand.  “My Maker is quite taken with you and is sincere in his wish that you feel at home here.  Plus…he likes Tina, so there’s that,” he ended with a grin.

Sookie laughed then quipped, “I’m afraid Tina’s going to be Godric-napped!”

Her eyes met his in amusement…amusement that quickly morphed into something more basic.

Without a second thought, Eric lowered his head and, keeping his hand to himself through sheer bloody-minded willpower, gently kissed the more than willing telepath.

To his delight she had no qualms about moving her own hands, and quietly growled in approval when he felt them clutching at his shoulders.

Deepening the kiss without use of his hands required him to trust her to meet his movements in synchrony, to hold her head at the right angle…and she did.

When he felt her fingers stroking along his throat, he knew it was time to exit that open door.

Reluctant to end the kiss, Eric raised his head anyway, and was rewarded with the sight of Sookie’s flushed cheeks, sparking eyes, and gently smiling lips.

“Sleep well, Sookie.  I’ll see you later tonight.”

“G’night, Eric.  And thank you – for everything.”

He gave her an intense look before easing through her door…which he shut firmly once in the hallway.

It was going to be a long morning.

**A/N:  I’m considering writing an outtake of the conversation that might take place between Eric and Godric before they go to their room and sink gracefully – or not so gracefully – into their respective dayrests.  Is this something you guys would want to read, maybe?  Anyway, so – what did you think of this last official Part for the World’s Longest Night, aka “the third night”?**


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34 thoughts on “One Night – The Third Night – Part 6

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    I REALLY want to see where this eventually leads. How Sookie deals with King Texas, whether she decides to take a contract with him, yadda, yadda, yadda
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    No rush, since I know this is the busy time of year for most of us (starting with Tomorrow’s Black Friday and going through to New Years).
    Anywho…more please :D.

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  4. Loved this chapter! The interaction between the three was great! And you had me laughing along with Eric and Godric!! I am really looking forward to the fourth night!!! Assuming your muse cooperates! Also your dessert sounded yummy!


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    Of course I’d like one of your illimitable outtakes.


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    I love every look we get into Eric’s brain- he even thought of the spider! Too funny. Thank you for this extra special Thanksgiving Day. This was another great chapter of a wonderful story that always gets me going with its humor and snark.

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    I loved everything! Godrics reaction to the hug and having to properly eat after not taking care of himself, all the laughter, the ancient vampire toting around princess kitty.. all of it!

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    Of course I want more of this story and I also want to know what happens to Godric in his head to meet a fae, even if she is hybrid, in person. Surely they are very interesting thoughts and an almost unique occasion for a vampire.

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    And Eric needs to catch up with Godric. Though they both should have asked Sookie if she was allergic to iron or lemon before tossing. JS!!


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    Oh course an outtake would be welcomed, celebrated and enjoyed 😄
    It seems that Sookie’s presence will push Godric to feed himself – such a great side-effect of the visit.
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    Loved the pings back and forth between Godric and Eric, especially during their ‘meltdown’ when Sookie scared Godric! lmfao
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    Happy Thanksgiving !


  15. Is this something we would want to read? Pfft! Of COURSE it’s something we want to read! As a general rule, just assume that if you write it, we will read it. (And, yes, in my head I totally heard that in that whispery Field of Dreams voice.)

    “..all the refinement of a mule with hiccups”. This may be my new favorite phrase. I foresee saying it to my boys all the time.

    Loved Godric’s care and concern for both Sookie and Tina, especially the imagery of him tossing everything iron and citric out the kitchen window. (Of course, around here, we LOVE lemons, but it’s still sweet of Godric.)

    So…. if we send the muse coffee and sweets… when can we expect the fourth night?


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  19. There is a lot of catching up and clarification that needs to take place if they are to proceed with their plans to protect this ‘chit’ that Eric just met three nights ago. Fortunately Godric seems to be just as taken with Eric’s companion and with his insight of her hybrid status more considerations are raining down on them. It shows how much in denial of his physical status he is that among the preparations for his visitor Godric did not include feeding. I truly feel this story arc has great potential for an epic tale! Just saying…


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    I have to admit I jumped from the First Day to the last chapter to get a glimpse of Godric. Mea culpa! I promise I’ll go right back, after I get some sleep, to the Second Night, plus I will remember to review. (I have to do that for the First Night too.) Blame it on your writing – I get so caught up in your story and dialogue, that I can’t wait to “turn the page”. I have this silly smile on my face throughout the reading, and my husband is always asking me what put it there? A conversation between smitten Eric and mischievous Godric would be a treat and certainly cause for more smiles.

    I have some great coffee for you. It’s called ‘Peixoto’ from Brazil. I’ll send it air mail.


  23. oh i loved their interaction. that was awesome, everything about it. it made me smile the whole time i was reading it. can’t wait to hear what daddy dearest has to say about the fairy -hybrid in his house. i think Tina and Godric have a mutual affection. they will kidnap each other. KY


  24. Such a good chapter. Absolutely love this story. The hug was so funny. The fairy reveal and Godric likes her 👌 . The kiss at the end was perfect!


  25. kleannhouse: Heh, Tina and Godric are definitely in a mutual admiration society all their own! 😀 Very glad you liked this part. It was good getting Eric and Godric back on home ground.


  26. mindyb781: Heh, go Sookie with “scaring” Godric!! That still makes me snicker. Not even Godric may have realized it yet but he has definitely taken Sookie under his wing. 😀


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