Anticipating, Chapter 13

**Author’s Note**

**It’s Godric’s view of whatever-it-was that just happened.  He might be a truly ancient vampire, but y’all, don’t forget:   he’s also…male.   Gloriously,  irritatingly, deliciously,  stubbornly,  beautifully,  over-reactionarily…male.  (Just how I like’em!)** 


(The best-laid plans – AKA:  Oops)

He had wanted to quickly put to rest Gervaise’s ludicrous suspicions, and then continue on with their pleasant evening.  That had been the plan.  Show her around the house, make sure she felt comfortable, mention the sanctimonious underling’s ridiculous doubts, and clear them quickly so they could naturally flow into a nice, long conversation or a stroll through the gardens or …

But something had gone terribly wrong when he thought of Cara, small, thin, frail Cara, voluntarily attacking massive, dangerous full-grown Weres…something had come unhinged.  His famous control, his much-vaunted self-restraint…simply broke.

He could not remember the last time he had felt such intense…anger?  Disbelief?  Incredulity?  Surely she was not that stupid!   Surely she had been part of some sort of plan or scheme and had not put herself, alone and human and so very, very breakable, directly in the path of four such large, dangerous animals!  Surely she had better sense, better instincts, than to attack full-grown Weres when she was armed with nothing but a tiny silver pen, a small spray mace, and an insane lack of fear!

But apparently she had done…exactly that…to save his child.  She had braved four lethal Weres, alone, at night, to save someone she did not even know.

And now, for her efforts, for her courage and bravery and selflessness, she was bruised…furious…insulted…and scared…in his own home…by his own underling…and by his own words.

He hung his head in shame and despair.

That strange place in his chest hurt again, but even worse now.  There was another…feeling?…in that same area.  He recognized this as fear.

How in the fuck was he going to salvage this situation?




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11 thoughts on “Anticipating, Chapter 13

  1. I am fast becoming addicted to Godric also!! Just so you know, you only have yourself to blame when I come knocking on your door wanting more!!! 😉


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