The Moon, Ch. 7



Seething, snarling, and towering over the table, Eric couldn’t believe what his own Child had just suggested – how dare she!  Sookie was his!

Fuck if he was going to let her…

There was no way in hell he was letting another vampire get their blood into his Sookie.

Even through the pounding of his fangs and the tensing of his muscles aching to spring at the threat to the sanctity of his fairy-hybrid’s blood, he still detected a niggling sense of betrayal that his own progeny would even think of doing such a thing. It could be excused, even lauded, if Sookie’s injuries had been life-threatening and he wasn’t around, but not only were her injuries technically minor, but he was standing right there!

Not being one to cower even from a vampire well over a thousand years older than herself, Willa had automatically risen from her seat at the inherent threat from Eric – her vampire instincts and the innate bravery carried over from her human days had demanded it. She wasn’t even aware that she was snarling or that her own fangs had descended – all her attention was focused on the furious Viking seconds away from removing her head.

With a livid, growling, fang-bearing Eric on one side of her and a reactive snarling fang-bearing Willa on the other, Sookie did the only thing she could to ease the sudden tension filling the kitchen.

She didn’t cry.  She wasn’t worried.  She wasn’t even afraid.

Sookie was pissed.

As a slight case of pregnancy rage overtook her already-taxed emotions, she stood up and slammed her palms down on the table so hard it made her hands sting.

Enough! Damn! This is too crazy for words! Eric, put your fangs up and sit your ass down. And stop with the growling! Willa, honey, you do the same. Y’all are family and it’s high time you started acting like it, and growling and snarling at each other is not the way to do it, either!”

Shocked at her outburst, Eric relaxed his stance and sheathed his fangs, but remained standing at attention. He resented Sookie’s tone and words, but did appreciate not having to attack his own Child. He settled on staring hard at the blonde telepath instead as he ground his teeth.

It ate at him that his resolve to remain unemotionally involved with her had lasted all of, what, maybe an hour at the most?


He couldn’t believe himself. Raising a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose, he had to wonder if he was destined to always be this pathetic over her. Maybe Pam was right all along about Sookie being his elemental weakness, the Achilles’ heel to his existence.  It was starting to look that way.

But then again, that resolution had been made before he’d received the update…  Exactly how was he supposed to pretend that he didn’t worry about the keeper of his heart, the one whose existence ensured his own?

Willa gladly took the chance to retake her seat, both chagrined and proud of her instinctive behavior; although she was very relieved to not be attacked by her Maker. She knew she wouldn’t have any chance in hell of winning, but she’d certainly try her best. She might be a Burrell, but she was her mama’s daughter, too.

She was also very glad to see Sookie’s temper finally coming back. “Defeated” Sookie was made of sterner stuff than that and needed to go.

“Now then, that’s better at least. I am not a bone and I do not appreciate being made to feel like one. Eric, what would it matter to you if Willa did heal me with her blood? You’ve acted like we were all-but strangers since I woke up this evening…then that happened.  I was thrilled to see you when I first woke up, but…never mind. I don’t know what’s going on, but I really don’t see the big deal with the blood.  Willa, I appreciate your offer, but honestly, I’m fine. Besides, we need to get some pictures of my face as it is just in case there’s a trial, don’t we? We’ll have to use your phone, though. My battery’s dead and I don’t have my charger.”

Willa nodded and grabbed her phone quickly. Her nerves were still unsettled with little “damn, that was close” tingles still running up and down her spine, and she was glad to have something normal to do – well, if “normal” included taking pictures of the results of domestic violence…

She highly suspected that Eric would be giving the telepath his blood before the night’s end regardless of what she’d said, especially given the way he had narrowed his eyes at her words. Privately, she was rather proud of her friend for calling out her Maker for blowing hot and cold, even if she couldn’t quite blame him, either.  Apparently things between them had been even more complicated than she’d thought.

“Good idea, Sook. Come over here and stand against this wall. It’s plain so it’d make a good background.”

When Sookie moved, she felt the baby start to move, too, but went over to the wall and leaned back against it anyway to get the proof pictures taken. As they worked, she couldn’t help but notice that every time Willa had her tilt her head a different way for yet another shot, Eric’s face would harden just a bit more until he finally looked away.

What is going on with him, she wondered as she excused herself to go to the bathroom now that she was fairly sure they wouldn’t kill each other in her absence. That was really odd. Why would he care if Willa gave me her blood? At least she offered…  Well, he did offer to call a doctor for me, so I can’t complain. But hell, he’s been acting strange ever since I woke up.

Figuring she had hidden out in the bathroom as long as she could, she continued her inner monologue as she washed and dried her hands and slowly waddled back toward the kitchen.

It’s been years since I saw him last, so I guess he could have changed, and maybe he has, but in a way it doesn’t really feel like he has. But…still. He acts like he doesn’t care, not really, but then he does. Maybe he does still care, but doesn’t want me to know? But why? It’s not like he ever returned…

Suddenly she stopped near the table and gasped as a kick broke her train of thought. She grabbed her abdomen instinctively and started rubbing the scene of the internal soccer move.

“Sookie?” Eric spoke for the first time since the incident, his voice somehow managing to sound both clipped and concerned. He was by her side in an instant.

“It’s nothing. The baby’s kicking is all…oof!” Her words ended on a slight gasp as she felt another kick follow the first one, this one especially hard.

Before she could even blink, Eric had one arm about her waist holding her steady as he grabbed a chair and pulled it over with his other. He helped her to sit down and then knelt by her side. The worry evident on his face gave her more hope than anything else had that evening.

“Wow she’s active tonight,” she said with a wince. “I think she’s trying to swim in there.” The kid had no respect for internal spaces.

“She? It…it’s a girl child?” Eric’s face and voice reflected his awe as he asked the question.

Sookie nodded, a shy smile gracing her face as she gazed over into his surprisingly happy blue eyes and unguarded expression. There was the Eric she knew…and loved.

“I’d asked not to be told the sex of the baby since I wanted it to be a surprise, but I know she’s a girl. I just…know. Maybe it’s a fairy thing,” she trailed off with a shrug. She truly couldn’t explain how she knew; she just did.

The baby chose that moment to stretch, and, feeling very brave, Sookie grabbed Eric’s hand and placed it over the moving lump.

He held himself stiff for a moment, then, with a strange lack of defiance he let the rest of his resolve melt away into the enigma that was Sookie, and slowly, gently, stroked his long fingers over the mobile bulge in her abdomen.

A daughter…

A moment later he lowered his ear toward her baby bump, and sighed as Sookie placed her hand on his hair and lightly eased his head onto her stomach.

When she started threading her fingers through his hair, he closed his eyes against the almost painful prick of the tears he did not wish to fall. Between the comforting sound of the child’s rapid heartbeat and the feeling of his Sookie stroking her fingers through his hair…he could have stayed in exactly that position for at least a century.

With the comfort of his nearness and the heart-warming sight of his handsome face looking up at her as he pressed his ear against her stomach, Sookie allowed the peace of the moment to give her the courage to finally ask a question she had been dying to ask for years now.

“Eric, why didn’t you ever call me back?”

**A/N:  Ok, so…you know how I said the drama/angsty part wouldn’t last very long?  There ya go – better now?  What’d ja think?**

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66 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 7

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  2. I’d say Willa’s offer had the desired effect. I love Sookie’s outburst. The last part was adorable. I think Sookie’s question at the end had Eric pricking his ears up. It did mine.


  3. Misty eyes. 😦 I love how touched Eric was by hearing the baby and Sookie running her fingers through his hair. At first I thought Willa offered her blood to purposefully get Eric to react but I guess I was wrong. Things are looking up for Eric and Sookie and I can’t wait for… I think I know more than the other readers and don’t want to give anything away but I can’t wait! Great chapter as always. Love ya lots like jelly tots! ❤


  4. Just liked Sookie’s outburst and Eric/Willa growling at each other wow! A moment so intense and then you give us Eric laying his head on Sookie’s baby bump and Sookie caressing Eric’s hair! Beautiful image…I’m anxious for more ?! Please? Take care


  5. Ughh the talk is gonna happen! I hope everything turns out fine and Sookie does not go into labour while stressed out.
    That moment was beautiful. WHen he lowered his head and listened to Sookie’s daughter 🙂


  6. Beautiful moment with them at the end. Sweet Eric leads with his heart even if he doesn’t want to.


  7. I am not a bit fan of angst but in stories post-TB Season 7 I think it is hard to avoid as things ended in such a mess and the Sookie-Eric relationship very much in tatters and very much Sookie’s fault (I blame the writers but it is what it is…). So yeah, bring it on… Eric’s cold but still possessive… I can go with that… Willa was brave there… Love this Willa…
    Loved that cliffie too and I guess you’ll give us some redemption for Sookie which is not a bad thing either…


  8. Oh, I’m pretty sure there’s more drama coming after that little bomb Sookie dropped at the end there. Clever, brave Willa to push Eric into calling Sookie “his”.


  9. Loved Willas instincts. And the fact that post fight, she knew she had no hope. Even though it was obvious that was the response she had wanted from Eric lol.

    Hopefully Eric gets over the ‘I am a mountain’ mindset.

    And awww, bubby tummy cuddles!


  10. Good to see Sookie still has some fire in her. She’s gonna need it to go toe to toe with Eric and come out a winner in the end. (And by winner I mean belonging to Eric just as much as he belongs to her) Loved the sweet little bonding moment over the bump. Now I am just chomping at the bit for Eric’s answer to Sookie’s question. And to find out who was intercepting her calls so Eric didn’t know about them. I am kinda hoping it wasn’t Pam, but it is definitely something she would pull. Looking forward to more!!!


  11. murgatroid98: It did – go Willa! And between her emotional exhaustion and her nerves from everything that happened (not to mention from being pregnant), I can’t blame Sookie at all for her outburst. And yeah, I think Eric’s going to want to know what she meant by that… 😀


  12. nicoleraslich: She did!! Thank you! As she would say, “I’m not my mama’s daughter for nothin’!” 😀 Annnnnnd yeah, Pam may have some ‘splaining to do… Thanks for reading!


  13. gyllene: Oh, you weren’t wrong at all – Willa did offer her blood to Sookie to get exactly that kind of reaction; she just didn’t think he’d react THAT much… And you do, and good things are coming! 😀 Glad you liked it! More than monkey swings and jelly beans?? ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  14. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: You ought to have seen how tense it was between Eric and Willa in my head! *scared face* Glad Sookie and her mini preggy-rage came to the rescue! And the image of Eric on his knees beside Sookie with his head on her belly listening to the baby with Sookie stroking his hair? Yeah, it was even sweeter in my head than I was able to write it. 😀 Glad you liked it!


  15. Sakshi Chopra: Thank you! I hate angst and didn’t want that part to take any longer than it had to so that we could get on to the sweeter parts of the story (although there is more drama to come). Glad you liked it! 😀


  16. suzyq591suzy: Yup, that he did! Now I wonder who could have taken/intercepted that call… Will…she’s turning out to be an awesome character (if I do say so myself). She is her mama’s daughter, after all… And I think I just heard Eric falling absolutely in daddy-love with a wee baby fairy girl… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  17. VictoryInTrouble: Thank you – glad you liked it! 😀 I do love a sweet Eric, and it’s awesome to see him following his heart whether it’s leading him to battle or a bedside…or to his knees listening to a baby… Thanks for reading! 😀


  18. redjane12: You’re absolutely right: no matter how badly angst sucks, to fix the crap that TB left us with, unfortunately there does have to be some to realistically fix it.

    Once Eric hears a few truths that have been kept from him, I’m thinking he’ll triple the “possessive” and drop the “cold” – well, where Sookie’s concerned, at any rate.

    And yeah, as much of a twit as Sookie can be, she’s due a bit of redemption… Glad you liked it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  19. switbo: Heh, there is, but at least it’s not of the “Eric and Sookie hurting each other” variety. And GO WILLA!!! I think Eric will have his hands full with that Child, but I don’t think he’ll (eventually) mind a bit – she’ll fit right in with the Northman clan… 😀


  20. gwynwyvar: Poor Willa! She got the reaction she wanted from Eric, just don’t think she thought his reaction would be THAT strong…! She has the makings of a vampire worthy of Eric’s line.

    Heh, and I think Eric’s attempt at detachment flew out every covered window in that apartment… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  21. missingjasamalways: Thank you – very glad you liked it! Sookie needed to bring back her fire and her backbone, and I think that now that Steve and his subtle ways of putting her down and isolating her are over, she’ll not only come back to herself, but because of natural maturity and time, she’ll be more “grown up” than ever so that she can and will be Eric’s equal. ❤

    And yeah, sad to say, but Pammy's in for a rough time… 😉 Oops did I type that out loud???


  22. Go WIlla! That sense of detachment Eric tried so hard to cling to didn’t last too long. Hehe! WIlla may be young, but she has her own wisdom. Glad to see some spunk and strength coming back to Sookie. Can’t wait for more 🙂


  23. ericluver: I can totally see Willa hanging out in the corner of the kitchen smirking and patting herself on the back while watching the sweet scene happening right before her eyes… She may have even written on the calendar on the fridge under that day’s date: Score 1 for Me!

    Eric…I totally understand why he was needing to detach himself, and I totally understand why it didn’t work (and not JUST because I wrote it…). 😀

    I’ve missed that Eric and it’s good to have him back.


  24. Okay, I give up…where did you hide the NEXT button? it has to be here somewhere. Now I guess I’ll have to wait to find out why he didn’t return her calls…could someone have been intercepting them by chance? Wonder if Pam has been mucking about in their business…


  25. valady1: Pam? Mucking around in Eric’s business?? Neva…not sweet li’l Pammy-Poo! Why butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth… 😉 And sorry about that next button – the fairy muse is still out chasing it down…


  26. So I thought I had already reviewed this chapter, apparently not, and I’m just going crazy! I loved it so much, I thought that Sookie’s response to the mine and fangs and growling was pretty spot on for the fiery telepath!!! I am such a sucker for a sweet Eric, not that I don’t love a BAMFVV, cause we both know I totally do!! His response to seeing the aftermath of her injuries, and then the moment when the baby being a part of his life became a legitimate possibility, was so perfect and heartfelt!!!! I’m going to leave you with straight up begging for more…soon!!!! LOVED IT!!!


  27. missrissa81: 😀 I loved being able to bring out more of Fairy Sookie – been missing her (in this story…she’s rather prevalent in several others I’m writing, lol). And I’m totally with you on the BAMFVV, but Sweet Eric is so nice to see, too. He’s a great combo of both. Thank you gorgeous! 😀


  28. Seeing as I don’t really know what jelly tots are I can’t really say. Probably more than monkey swings but I doubt they are better than jelly beans. 😀


  29. I smell Pam’s hand all over this. As jealous as she is of Sookie she definitely wouldn’t want her to be able to talk to Eric. I don’t imagine Eric will be very happy with his oldest child at all.


  30. Kittyinaz: Lol, I know the feeling with things getting lost in the email shuffle. Most of the drama between Eric and Sookie should be coming to an end now, maybe, but I’m pretty sure Pammy-Pam might be in for some drama of her own here soon… 😀


  31. damn , it worked better than Willa thought it would and damn if these two are more stubborn than the other. but the question at the end by Sook, something is not right , who didn’t give him the message. KY


  32. Mine, that is a great start. Yeah right there doing what hummm Eric? I can just see the ‘Oh Darlin! Bless your heart you have no clue’ in Willa’s gaze as she stands off to this confused raging Viking. And Fairy Sookie is free *please stay in control Human Sookie is going to get you injected with the Injector* Cause Sookie has those southern charms she knows how to pitch a conniption or hissy fit. Not an achilles’ heel but maybe something that keeps him just a little bit human. *Snicker* Willa you are a doll love you! I have no comments cause I just want them to understand they both still care about each other. Dangnabbit! The baby did it. You go girl make them admit they still care for each other. Just remember Eric…crying doesn’t indicate that you are weak it means you are alive. Gulp! What a jumping off point. I feel for everyone who was reading and had to wait for the next chapter. Love this story!

    Off to the next chapter!



  33. 4padfoot: Ya gotta love a ‘charmin’ Southern belle” at times, right? Willa just was NOT going to stand for that level of unnecessary tension between her friend and her Maker. She might not have known what all went on between them, but she knows star-crossed lovers when she sees them. My readers were/are really nice with the NOT coming after me with pitchforks…


  34. Lovely – such a sweet image of him with his head in her lap listening to the baby, her fingers in his hair. Willa was very brave and I totally agree with you that she was like that as a human too. Of course they had to come back together.


  35. ladytarara: I see Willa as a product of her environment, but instead of becoming a simpering idiot whose sole purpose is to help THE MENS in her life advance their political power, she saw how things really were and developed her own strength and savvy. I’m also choosing to believe that somewhere in the back of his convoluted and stressed-out mind Eric saw that part of her and was perhaps even in some small way “pulled” to Willa. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
    Eric and Sookie needed that “moment in familial time” to reconnect on a deeper level. ♥


  36. It’s a good story – I for one can’t believe he would turn Willa for such a shit reason as revenge, so your story is a lot more in keeping with Eric’s character as far as I’m concerned. And she’s have to be brave to have such an asshole for a dad and not be one herself.

    Liked by 1 person

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