The Moon, Ch. 14

**A/N:  Eric in this chapter may give you cavities, but Eric and I both believe that pregnant women should be treated with gentleness, kindness, respect, and consideration.  Antidiabetic drugs are available at the door… (I’m diabetic so I can make crappy jokes like that!)  Also, I’m somewhat sad-ish that no one caught my Marvel Comics egg in the last chapter. (fake pout)**

Sookie finally closed her mouth…only to have it immediately fall open again. With a cry sounding remarkably like an angry animal, she punched the sofa cushion beside her leg, then growled, her voice rising in alarm, “Another three, maybe four, months? Another three or four months? Eric? What the fuck? Another three or four months!?”

Even as he extracted the glass vials of blood from her hand and placed them safely on the coffee table, Eric was certain his face showed just as much shock and confusion as hers, and for once he didn’t bother trying to hide his expression.

What the hell?  Three or four more months of this? How? Why?

He could not imagine it, but least he could finally heal those damn bruises now without worrying about the safety of the little girl growing inside his Sookie.  Women, especially pregnant women should never, ever be hurt or abused in any way.

With a gentleness demanded by both her condition and the warm feelings she brought to his heart, he wrapped his arms around his distraught fairy and eased her over onto his lap. No matter how soft the furniture was, he didn’t want to risk letting her temper cause her any harm.

“Shh, shhh,” he shushed in an attempt to calm her understandably rattled nerves. With a light thump she plopped her side into his chest, and he very willingly stroked his hand up and down her back, the movements soothing and consoling.

“Three more months of this, Eric! Three more months and I already don’t even remember what my feet look like,” she wailed as tears suddenly flooded her eyes and started spilling down her cheeks.

He noticed that she chose not to add that potential fourth month, but wisely didn’t dare remind her of that possibility – the sight of her tears was more than enough to curtail the words.

“We’ll get through this, Sookie. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out,” he said quietly yet resolutely. Somehow he managed to keep his own shock from his voice.

When Willa entered the apartment a few minutes later, Sookie’s crying had dwindled to heavy sniffles.

Immediately concerned, the brunette blurred to kneel before her friend and her Maker.

“Sookie? Sookie, what’s wrong? Did the doctor have bad news?”

“Yes,” Sookie immediately wailed. “I’m supposed to be pregnant for another three or four months and I don’t even know why!”

This time Eric was better prepared for the deluge of tears.

Eventually Eric and Willa were able to calm and reassure Sookie that yes, this was terrible news but that she would have their whole-hearted support through this horrendous travesty, but that in the end everything would be fine.

Privately Eric worried more about her emotional state. Being pregnant by that bastard was bad enough but having to endure a longer gestation for reasons that had not been explained to her beforehand? He couldn’t wait to get his hands on Steve fucking Campbell.  As much as he wanted to discuss with her what his investigator had found, or rather, the lack of information found, now was not the time.

Sookie was obviously starting to wilt after the emotional overload and allowed Eric to gently lift and carry her to the bedroom she was currently using. She had always known Eric to be capable of gentleness and consideration, but his obvious care for her now during her pregnancy doubly warmed her heart.

While she was still overwhelmed by the doctor’s news, she knew freaking out about it not only wouldn’t shorten her time but might be bad for the baby, so she resolutely turned her thoughts toward Eric as he settled her on the bed.

He was an enigma, and she found that she rather enjoyed trying to figure him out. His previous cold spell toward her made better sense now – why would he have allowed himself to show kindness toward her if he’d thought she’d left him in her past or was only using him now? But once he realized that not only had she called him but that she’d stopped by too, it was as though a dam had burst.

As sweet and gentle and protective and careful as he was being toward her pregnant self…more tears rose in her eyes, but at least these were filled with gratitude and appreciation, not bitter shock.

As Eric very carefully placed Sookie on the bed, he once again thought as far back into his human days as he could. He hid a self-aimed smirk – he had never spent so much time delving into his memories as he had since meeting the woman he was now settling into the bed.

As a vampire he had been around precious few gravid women, but during his human days, breeding women were far more common.

Of the slowly increasing number of facts he could remember about them, one of the most important things was that women with child needed to be treated gently and with the greatest of respect.

The more he thought, the more he remembered, and he was glad for the information. He didn’t want to risk anything happening to his Sookie, and especially not during her pregnancy – and sure as hell not by his own hand or stupidity.

From his memories, he knew how difficult a time it was for a woman.  Although most of the memories were murky, there was something about how their backs and bodies ached from the growing child, about how easy it was for them to suffer harm and, during his human days at least, how easy it was for them to die from so many mysterious things. He already knew how emotionally fragile a breeding woman could be.

Damn if he was going to add to her suffering, pain, discomfort…or even her emotional upset if he could help it.

She was his to cherish, and not only would he protect her from the world, he would protect her from himself if need be.

Once he had her settled in the bed he made to leave her to her rest, and was somewhat surprised when she stopped him.

“Where are you going,” she asked, her voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

“I was going to leave you to your rest,” he said, trying not to reveal his true desires.


The disappointment in her voice acted as both a balm and a jab to his heart.

“I can stay for a while if you like? I need to give you some blood, too, but that can wait until after you’ve had some rest.”

“You don’t mind?”

“No, Sookie, I will never mind being granted the opportunity to rest with you, and as you should know, you are always welcome to the healing power of my blood.”

After removing his shoes and shirt, he raised the covers and very carefully arranged himself along Sookie’s back, slowly and gently easing his arms around her as best he could without disturbing her comfort.

Sookie hid a smile at how long he was taking to settle in, knowing that he was being extremely mindful of her condition.

“Eric, not that I don’t appreciate it, because I really do, but why are you being so careful? I’m pregnant, not broken.”

Once situated to his satisfaction, he whispered into her hair, his hand involuntarily rubbing the lumpy curve of her abdomen as the girl child stretched within her mother’s womb, “Yes, I know you are not broken, that you are strong and healthy, but it is my mission to keep you that way. I remember little about pregnancy from my human life, but I do remember that being with child is not easy for a woman.”

He stopped and concentrated on gently massaging the site of a particularly noticeable kick before continuing.

“In my day, the safety of a pregnancy was never guaranteed.  In most villages and settlements, like mine, women were treated with dignity and respect, but a woman carrying a child was always treated with even more care and consideration – much more than they seem to be today. Only the lowest of scum would punish, abuse, or disrespect a gravid woman.  Even my father…” he trailed off as a new memory slowly surfaced.

He smiled. Even his father – gruff, stern, vaguely chauvinistic as was excused by the times – had treated his mother with incredible care and consideration during her sometimes-failed pregnancies.  With a soft kiss to the top of Sookie’s head, he continued.

“My father was not a man who ordinarily expressed his affection much in public, but when my mother was with child, even he would coddle her.  In retrospect,” he stated with a laugh, “I think he might have enjoyed the excuse to show his gentleness to her in public.  He valued his image, but he loved her well.”

He grew quiet in appreciation of the newly recovered memories.  They were far more precious than gold.

Finally he added, “I would do no less, and far more, for you.”

Sookie couldn’t stop yet more tears from falling and tried her hardest not to sniff.

“Sookie?” What had he said to make her cry? He needed to know so it wouldn’t happen again.

“Good tears, Eric.”  She added a nose-relieving sniff and a soft giggle.

He could hear the smile in her slightly thickened voice, and was relieved.  The small laugh made him smile.

“Ok.” He waited a moment. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Can you rub a little more to the…yeah, right there. She’s really active tonight.” Sookie squirmed a bit trying to find a more comfortable position. Eric felt his body react to her movements and willed himself to ignore the ill-timed pleasure.

Three or four more months…then…

Another enthusiastic fetal movement grabbed his attention.

“My future football player,” he whispered.

“Football,” Sookie mumbled.

She had been at the verge of sleeping, and he hated that he’d spoken.

“What you call soccer,” he replied just as quietly.

“Oh, ok. Maybe. If she wants to. She can be anything she wants to be as long as it’s safe.”

“Anything. Now rest. I would like to heal you before I go into my dayrest.”

With a sleepy mumble of acknowledgment, she dozed off.

Almost as though she had been waiting to hear the telepath’s breaths slow down, Willa knocked very lightly on the closed door.  Without waiting for a reply from her Maker, she whispered far too softly for Sookie to hear, “Eric? I’m going out for a while. Those vials of her blood on the table are starting to smell a little too good. So, um, bye.”

Barely a moment later, he heard the door to the apartment gently close.

With a heart bursting full of pride and love for both, nay, all three of the most precious females in his unlife, including the one not yet born, Eric slipped into downtime.

To his relief, Sookie woke up on her own, rather, Sookie’s full bladder woke her up, about half an hour before the sun would rise.  His own instincts had brought him out of downtime in ancient warning of the approaching day, but he had hesitated to wake the soundly sleeping woman in his arms.  Wisely, he allowed her own diminishing bladder capacity to do the dirty work for him.

Eric helped her from the bed and made sure that she was steady on her feet, once she was in the bathroom he wrote her a note for when she woke again that afternoon, then waited impatiently for her return.

He had bruises to heal and he was sorely tired of waiting to do so.

After helping a furiously blushing Sookie change into a clean sleep-shirt, and failing miserably at stopping his cock from hardening at the sight of her gloriously enlarged breasts, he gathered her into his arms, sat on the bed with his back against the headboard, and placed her sideways on his lap.  He didn’t trust himself to position her in any other way.

His left arm supporting her back, he tilted her chin up, and spoke.

“Sookie, will you let me heal you?”  He remembered how fucking Compton had treated her, and wanted to allow her a choice whenever possible.

With a tremulous and slightly sleepy smile, she nodded as she looked into his eyes.

To his surprise, she maintained that contact as he bit his right wrist and lowered it to her mouth.  She placed her hands, so much smaller and softer than his own, on his hand and arm to hold him steady as her warm lips closed around the small wound….all while keeping her gaze focused on his.

The intimacy of the gesture, of feeling her hot tongue laving the skin around the wound, of feeling the pull of her draws…of knowing that his blood was coating her tongue, flowing into her mouth and down her throat…of knowing that his blood was inside her body, healing her, strengthening her…bonding them together ever so slightly…

There was no way she could miss the force of his pleasure as he spent himself in his pants…while holding her gaze.

As hard as he had willed the small holes in his wrist to remain open, eventually they did close, and he was sorely tempted to open them yet again, only, he dare not risk the child’s health for his personal wants.  So, with a rueful sigh, he removed his wrist from her warm grasp, and refused to give in to the driving need to cover her sweetly rounded body with his own.

**A/N:  Annnd…how do you think Sookie reacted? There’s no way she COULDN’T know…  (I mean, really…)  Next chapter? We finally get to meet Sevrin!  So, what did you think about this chapter?**

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56 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 14

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  2. It was awesomely perfect!!!! SO much fuck yeah that’s about right followed by so much awwww….Sookie’s reaction was perfect you could have put it in all caps and her reaction would have been perfect and Eric is acting exactly someone who hasn’t dealt with a pregnant women in 1000 years would act like


  3. charity6201: Awww, thank you! That’s exactly how I want him to be. He cares and would therefore be potentially TOO careful with Sookie’s health. He wouldn’t dare take any chances no matter how fuzzy his memories might be (even though more are surfacing)! 😀 Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Natsgirl: Thank you! (Glad I posted a “sweet Eric” warning at the beginning of this chapter…should I have placed some packages of toothbrushes and toothpaste at the end?) And me, too – love when they’re getting along. Glad you liked it! 😀


  5. Like Sookie said, she’s pregnant not broken! Climb on and let her enjoy the ride 😉


  6. ericluver: Well, YOU know that…and I know that…but does ERIC know that?? 😉 He’s a bit overprotective of the preggo… 😀


  7. aaww….you’re right, Eric is so sweet i think i just developed cavities. but it is what is needed and i guess this is going to be second nature for Eric from now on. and Sookie needs it too. if i have to be pregnant that long, i think i would end up cutting a bitch. blah!

    great chapter though. more plase! 🙂


  8. galwidanatitud: Exactly. I figure that with their recent separation, the shitty time she’s had with Steve, finding out about Pam, etc…, Eric needs to be able to show that tenderness and care, and Sookie needs to be able to feel it. Glad you liked it! 😀


  9. Oh god I must see a dentist right now with all this sweetness!
    You are absolutely right a woman should be treated with love and respect even more if she’s pregnant!
    I went back to Chapter 13 to look for that Marvel egg you dropped on us but I’m so sorry I didn’t read nothing between the lines!
    Shame on me…especially because I’m a great Marvel fan!


  10. *demands you hand over toothbrush, toothpaste, copious lengths of floss (not the butt kind), mouthwash and a dental appointment* …and save the diabetic medicine for Bill it might actually alleviate that constipated face of his… I’ll be off swooning on this for a bit “I would do no less, and far more, for you.”


  11. Claudio Carletti: Thank you – very glad you liked it! (My teeth STILL feel the need for a good brushing!) But yeah, Sookie needs kind, tender Eric right now, and I think he needs to be able to show that side of himself to her, too. Also: *snicker* What’s Sookie’s non-Supe dr’s name…


  12. What a sweet Eric. He had proper upbringing when it comes to pregnant women. Either the baby is going to be very large or she is close to her birth size and needs to mature in other ways. Nice chapter.


  13. Many people think of the gestation period as a disease. In truth, she does not know whether she is acting out of character, but she does know when she can not get to tie the laces of her shoes.

    Sookie is smart. Sure knows how to help Eric to feel better.


  14. hisviks: *passes over 1 Standard Sweet-Eric Kit* (keeps the meds – Bill isn’t worth it) Awww, glad you liked it! It’s one of my favorite lines from this chapter. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  15. murgatroid98: He is! It’s really nice being able to write a sweet Eric – he doesn’t get to come out to play nearly often enough. *psst: option 2* Thank you – glad you liked it!


  16. cari1973: You’re absolutely right – she’s going to miss seeing her feet by the end of her pregnancy! And while Sookie is truly enjoying this sweet side to Eric, she knows that he needs to be able to show her that sweetness, too, that it makes him feel good to take care of her.


  17. lostinspace33: Awww, thank you! I’ve really enjoyed writing this side of him – we so rarely get to see it that it’s so much fun being able to bring it out in a realistic way. I’m so glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Love this sweet Eric! He seems to be like his father even if that thought didn’t register with him yet! So glad Sookie allowed him to heal her and love that she kept eye contact with him as we all know how much Eric needs and loves eye contact.
    But, geez, another 3-4 months…at least the she has Eric ready and willing to be there


  19. So glad I drink my coffee black with all that extra sweetness flying around! Eric is just perfect, his care and concern are exactly what she needs right now. Sookie will get herself together and show him she’s got some other hormones going on soon I’m sure, but his letting her take control of that aspect will be, again, exactly what she needs. This was the perfect treat to wake up to this morning, thank you!!!


  20. Awwwww… Doting Eric is awesome… No wonder Sookie can’t stop her crying… Also yeah… 3 to 4 months extra sounds like a life sentence after she thought she was coming to term…
    Call me optimistic but I expect Sookie to give Eric at the very least a very intense smooch…


  21. mom2goalies: You know, he does seem to be taking after his father more than he might realize. And I think Sookie wanted to give him that intimacy, but she also wanted it for herself, too. She’s smart (at least in this fic, lol) and knows exactly the effect taking a vampire’s blood will have on the vampire, and while they might not be emotionally ready for sex just yet, it was definitely time to up the intimacy factor. (And I’m still shocked that Sookie hasn’t stabbed me with something yet…) Thank you – glad you liked it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  22. The Queen of all that is Delicious: Thank you! *hands over virtual toothbrush* And I totally agree – Sookie needs that TLC, and honestly, Eric needs to be able to give that to her. The giving and the receiving of kindness, care, and concern nourish the souls of both the giver and the receiver, and helps build that emotional intimacy between them. Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Well, if Sookie stabs you then she will be left in this state for even longer! See she is smart, lol


  24. redjane12: He is, and itt’s so great writing him this way! 😀 And I do feel kind of bad for Sookie crying, like, every 8 seconds, lol, but it goes with the course I guess. At least they’re sometimes happy tears?? 😀 And…she maaaaay have…have to wait and see… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  25. So she has an elf and the hulk for ob-gyn huh? He needs to see she needs the physical evidence of his attraction to her to alleviate her insecurities about her gravid appearance (lots of needs here). She sees herself as the blob while he sees her unique and special beauty and must find a way to show her his attraction and need for her.


  26. he was so gentle with her and she finally realizes that he is perfect for her. and YES she noticed his little happy in his pants, looking forward to what she says and if they get the approval from Ludwig to consummate their relationship. until then,. KY


  27. I can’t imagine being pregnant for that long and my body wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s never been able to go 40 weeks let alone adding all those extra months. I feel sorry for her because I can’t imagine how uncomfortable she’ll be and with no explanation. I’d probably send Eric to threaten her until she told him. LOL.

    Great chapter and what a sweet Eric. That’s just what a pregnant woman needs. 🙂


  28. I loved Sookie’s reaction to her extended pregnancy and I loved Eric trying to remember how to treat a pregnant woman! Can’t wait for more!


  29. Yip I would have reacted the same , at 9 months gone there is not much else you can do , crying and peeing ( least it was the first option ) . Love Eric treating her as he remembers woman of his time being treated .
    Intrigued by Sevrin and what kind of relationship he has had with Eric. Also curious to how Pam is going to react in his presence .


  30. Jackie69: BINGO!! I’m no comics geek by any means (novice at best), but I love being able to slip an egg in sometimes! 😀 Glad you found it!


  31. motomary: Ha – you got it!! 😀 She does, and while that road might not be as smooth as one would hope, Eric is nothing if not, erm, up for a challenge! 😀 (And I’m still happy seal clapping that you caught it! Ok, that might not have been the best comparison…*cue SSSSS flashbacks*)


  32. kleannhouse: Is it sad how much I enjoy writing a sappy Eric – almost as much as I enjoy writing BAMF Eric! 😀 And can you just imagine the conversation with Ludwig about that? LMAO!!! Glad you liked it!


  33. gyllene: Heh, she’ll be dinfing out the, um, species? of baby-daddy in the next chapter… *rubs hands gleefully* I love writing this Eric so sweet! He’s by far not a one-dimensional character, and that sweet side does need an excuse to come out to play… Glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

  34. askarsgirl: Thank you – very glad you liked it! It’s so much fun showing a sweet, gentle Eric who enjoys treating Sookie so well. 😀


  35. lorip100: It’s fun exploring the possible memories Eric might uncover from his human days, and that’s something I could see him remembering. Plus, pregnant women NEED to be treated gently and respectfully…and Eric does love his Sookie, so naturally he’d be doing whatever he could to see to her comfort. 😀 (Plus a Sweet Eric is awesome!) Thanks for reading!


  36. Oh no, she knew! How could she not? I mean this is Eric “big dick” Northman. LOL! Loved this. The care of pregnant Sookie does make my heart melt into a gooey mess. Swoon Eric!! 🙂


  37. Chapter 14 Now I am really nervous only one more chapter after this one. I will go back and try to find the Marvel Comics egg if you have me happy by the end of these chapters. Wait did Ludwig just leave to go tell someone else that Sookie is pregnant? You are a wise man Eric, don’t argue with a pregnant woman you will never win. What did I call that Steve thing before fucktard…yeah what is he? Memories those are invaluable Eric…treasure them. *drool* shirtless Eric. Not to mention barefoot. What is it about a guy just in jeans that is sexy? Aww Willa you are the bomb. She is a gem. Bonding them again? Where are you going to go with this? Humm…Yea Sevrin in next chapter.

    Off to the last published chapter!



  38. 4padfoot: (Nah, she didn’t – she was leaving for vacation) Willa’s turning into an awesome character! I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed writing her.


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  40. Not sure what will annoy Sookie more – the extra 3/4 months or Eric’s medieval (sweet for now lol) perceptions!


  41. Ok foot and back rubs I’d put up with it. Hell who am I kidding – I’d put up with any version of Eric!


  42. anem72: There are quite a fer versions of Eric I would refuse to put up with (really? Dom Eric? Abusive Eric? WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME FANFIC WORLD??? ERIC IS NOT A DOM! HE IS NOT AN ABUSIVE ASSHOLE!!!) Oh, sorry, rant over, well, delayed more like… 😀 But a sweet but clueless Eric? Ohhh yeah, I’d work with that…a lot…often…what?

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Yes, you have a valid point – I was too encompassing LOL. I don’t if it’s written as something they both enjoy and it’s in fantasy land. Personally, I wouldn’t be anywhere near an abusive asshole. I like that fine line Eric walked in True Blood. The Eric who fiercely protects those he cares about, whilst the compassion screams out of him. Season 4 was an opportunity to see Eric without the 1,000 years of survival mode.


  44. anem72: I adore a BAMFVIL2F Eric – fierce, protective, Alpha-male (but without being a disrespectful abusive kinked-up asshole) who does have that sweet, gentle, considerate side hidden away but not forgotten. I love when he’s strong enough to let that loving, caring side show to Sookie and his progeny – in other words to those who are worthy of seeing it and not abusing it. I love when we get to see Erics who are totally wrapped around Sookie’s little finger, but only when she respects that emotional power she would then have over him. I want him to be strong enough to protect her – to end the world over her – and also strong enough to love her and show her that love, too. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Definitely a very sweet Eric, but hey, I’m not complaining. No reason why he can’t be sweet when he wants to. And of course he enjoyed the blood-giving and of course Sookie would have noticed. Now why has ‘t Ludwig given an explanation of the extended pregnancy? I’m guessing Steve is a supe of some sort but fae pregnancies are usually pretty short, so maybe he’s a demon? Hmmm definitely something going on!


  46. ladytarara: That’s one of the things I like most about “my” version of Eric – he’s strong enough inside to BE sweet when he can/wants to with Sookie, and with Willa (and Pam when it’s applicable). He doesn’t have to hide his more tender feelings because of fear or cowardice. (And I never said Sookie actually WOULD endure ALL those extra months of preg., now did I?? Huh? HUH?)…..(snicker)

    Liked by 1 person

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