When Reading My Words

First, thank you for taking a pause out of your day to spend some of your time with me and my words. I say “me” because I do put a lot of myself into my writing, so I feel as though you’re having a small visit with me as well as with the story, and I appreciate it.

In a perfect world we should all be able to “retire to the reading room” (or whatever) to make a nice event out of reading whatever has piqued our fancy. But, in reality, most of us are doing pretty damn good just to be able to find a comfy sofa with decent lighting and a place to set the drink – and that’s not even taking into consideration that myth of “peace and quiet”.

On that note, I love being drawn into a story so completely that I can drown out the outside world!  Whether I’m reading an exciting adventure, a sweetly passionate and charming romance (especially when it involves a steamin’ hot vampire!), an epic saga where said sweetly passionate love conquers all, it’s such a win!

Now, I have no illusions that my stories will provide the such as that for my readers, but I do hope that I can give y’all a bit of a mental respite from the day-to-day. To that end, if you have the time to thoroughly enjoy my chapters as soon as they’re posted, then by all means – go for it and enjoy!  That’s why I posted it!   😀  

However, if your life is going crazy and you have kids/bosses/etc hanging off your elbows, please, deal with all that first – I can wait.

If you’re at work or have errands you need to run and business to take care of, do that first (and concentrate on your driving, please) – I can wait.

When you read my words, I want you to have a great (if sometimes short) break from everything else. I love to imagine my readers being comfortable in whatever way they (you?) like, whether it’s stretched out on a comfy sofa or sitting before their PC, maybe lounging by the pool or while soaking in a bubble bath (don’t drop your devices!). I love to imagine that y’all have your preferred beverages handy, that comfy throws and pillows are waiting nearby for if you want them, that the background noise is turned down enough to be negligible, and that you’re ready for my words to take you on a (probably mediocre) mini-vacation.

You deserve that break, that quietening down, that mental “deep breath”.

As for myself, I don’t like reading while I’m waiting for someone else to arrive or to do whatever it is they’re doing.  I like to live however momentarily in the story that I’ve invested my time into, and I want to savor the background information and the nuances and be able to fully visualize each scene as it happens.   It’s hard to do that while waiting on an oil change…

I would vastly prefer waiting until I can do the words and the experience justice rather than rushing through (or, worse still, skimming through) the chapter or the book, etc., while my mind is dealing with a blue billion other things. (I’ve missed some subtle plot points in the past doing it, and that’s no fun.) So… I wait until I’m back home, changed into my comfy clothes, have my drink at hand, etc. before delving into hopefully deliciously-written words.

That’s why I want you, dearest readers mine, to clear the decks, deal with the bills and hubby/wife, kids, and in-laws, cars, groceries, laundry, whatever, first. Get the important crap of the day taken care of, make your favorite drink, sink down into your comfy chair or sofa, take a deep breath, crack open the laptop or device (or read from a full-screened PC like I do, lol) and then come visit ‘me’.

You do what you have to do, of course, but if that means you can’t get to my chapter/s until Tuesday or the weekend, then that’s perfectly fine.

Are my words worth that effort?  Probably not, but you are.

I’ll wait.


18 thoughts on “When Reading My Words

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  2. I can’t believe this. I just saw the update notice, waited and merrily hopped between my comforter to settle in to read the new chap of Andre at the end of the day and then read ‘my words ‘ . It expressed exactly how I was feeling – the anticipation and satisfaction of reading another great chapter of your addictive stories. Don’t you dare cut any of them short, they can all go on forever as far as I’m concerned! Thanks.


  3. motomary: Oh wow – talk about perfect timing! I love that!
    To me the act of “settling in to read” is almost as important as the story or chapter would be. It’s a break from the every-day routine that gives us that mental breath of fresh air, and it lets us give the story, fic, or even chapter the time (even respect?) it deserves. Skimming or rushing through a work makes the reader miss so much of it, the nuances, maybe a word that would have made the whole thing make a lot more sense, etc., and robs the joy that the reader could have gotten from it if they’d taken the time to let themselves be drawn into the scene. Reading can be magic, but ofttimes that magic needs a setting… 😀


  4. @hisviks – you made me spit my drink!
    @meridian – lovely words! also, I want that reading room in the picture. I just want it. It even comes with a couple awards I don’t deserve, but screw it, I want them!


  5. Yep, much prefer to be able to sink into a story instead of just reading it! It is so much more enjoyable that way.


  6. I had started looking at something quickly the other day and thought to myself that I needed to wait until I got home so I could enjoy it. THEN I saw this. Perfect timing. It always seems there’s so much to read and not enough time, but when you don’t take the time, you don’t enjoy it or you lose some of it in your haste. Often, I enjoy your chapters/updates so much that even though I take my time, I read them twice as to not miss anything.


  7. mom2goalies: It does!! And it’s so hard to really get into a story when you’re waiting for someone to do whatever or waiting on your car to be serviced, etc. I’d rather wait until I can spend some time with the words.


  8. kinnik7104: Exactly!!! And srsly, that IS perfect timing! 😀
    As for me, I love reading and so I want to make “an event” out of it, especially if I respect the material. And…well…skimming…rushing through the chapter/story…that’s just no fun! *sad head shake* (Even if I have been known to rush through a chapter to hurry up and find out what happens and then re-read it when I get home/have more time later so I can savor the words…)
    Awww, thank you – I’m so glad you like them enough to visit twice! 😀 And if, after that second read, you have a different take or another comment, feel free to let me know what you think – there’s always room for more.


  9. My sentiments exactly , there is nothing better than sitting down and loosing yourself in a good/epic/addictive and funny story and that is exactly what your stories are . I also love doing a re-read from start to current or complete , getting sucked in all over again .
    As you can probably tell I’m having a Meridian day lol .
    Think I’ve caught up on all the updates and now I’m sitting back to round off my evening with a completed work .
    Bliss , sheer stress free bliss
    Lori xx


  10. lorip100: Hey thanks! I love that you love my stories! Enjoy as often as you want – refills are free and and the management will never glare at you if you stay late… 😀

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  11. There’s nothing mediocre about your writing! I have over 800 books on my Kindle and 200 in Audible, yet I constantly look for good writing that entices me with humor & sensuality, good plotting and complex characters. I find a lot of that in Fan fiction, including yours. Fanfic is often much better than the canon works (SVM, Twilight) and can expand on canon from a deceased author who died too young (Jane Austen).

    There were many things I wanted to do after I retired. One was to read as much as I wanted, uninterrupted. Happily, I’m able to do that. But I find that fanfic constantly draws me to the stories of my favorite characters instead of to new books. Hopefully I have a long time to live and read before me. So please keep writing.



  12. Irene: Hey thanks, I appreciate it! There are some truly talented fanfic writers, many of whom I believe are much better than most professionally published writers, and I hope to see many of them become professionally published as well. And I definitely agree with you – there truly are quite a few fanfic writers and stories that by far exceed the quality of their source material.

    Uninterrupted reading time? What…what is that? That’s a dream, right? It must be… And a grand toast to you: May you live long enough to run out of reading material, and may your reading material never end!


  13. Maybe that should be our new all occasions toast; “May you live long enough to run out of reading material, and may your reading material never end!”


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