On Godric and Eric

I wrote this, then cut it because it didn’t fit that particular chapter, and then didn’t fit that story.  I thought it expressed in Eric’s words the true nature of the sexual part of their relationship.  It is raw (meaning it hasn’t been edited), incomplete, and will most likely remain so, since it’s just a peek into the dynamic between Maker and Child.


Godric and Eric, in Eric’s words:

After his “baby vamp” era had passed and Eric could easily have struck out on his own, their relationship had changed. While Eric had never sought the physical love of a man during his human years, he had felt such stirrings for his Maker – his Maker who had never once overstepped that boundary when his Son was still new to this dark life and therefore still dependent upon him.

Once those first decades had passed and the two were on a much more equal footing, Eric finally came to know the physical love of his Maker, and both thrived upon it. While intensely satisfying, their encounters just…happened. Neither had before or since held a preference for men, and both were somewhat surprised by the ease with which they could come together. Their intimacy wasn’t romantic, nor were they in any sort of defined relationship.

While Godric felt and displayed a Maker’s possessive and protective tendencies over his Child, and Eric felt the same toward his Maker, neither was the least bit jealous over the other as many lovers were want. Sometimes decades, and even the rare century, would pass between bouts of intimacy, which bothered neither. Both would take on other lovers as they wished, or not. The Viking – because of his youth, his Maker teased him – had always been very much focused on his desire for sex. Godric, however, claimed that the newness of such activities had worn off during centuries past. The younger vampire would often tease his elder by claiming that Godric was simply “past his prime”…a common tactic he used to ‘trick’ the oldster into proving quite pleasurably just how strong his ‘prime’ still was.

Eric often snorted at how society was so determined to classify male lovers as either “tops” or “bottoms”. He and his Maker were both equally, depending on what each partner needed or wanted from that particular lovemaking event. Godric was his Master, certainly, but he never sank to using that to his advantage.

7 thoughts on “On Godric and Eric

  1. galwidanatitud: Exactly! Mutual respect, mutual adoration, but they’re NOT a couple, nothing romantic there, just equality and a sometimes good time with someone they could each trust implicitly.


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