One Night – The Second Night

One Night

This is a continuation of the first part, One Night, which explored the possibilities of what could have changed in one night had Eric been a bit more, shall we say, “pro-active” in his pursuit of Sookie. 

We know he was intrigued with her, and we know he was attracted, but what I, for one, never understood was why he let sniveling, obnoxious, obviously substandard Beehl get away with claiming that Sookie as “his”.  (Ew.  Showers are to the left; towels and Dial soap are provided.) 

The Eric Northman I envision would have definitely wanted to investigate further – especially the telepathy part.  Even if he hadn’t been attracted to and intrigued by Sookie, the fact that she was a potential asset would have driven him to give her a drop-by, right?  And as Sheriff of the Area, he’d have had that right and duty, right?


So:  One Night explored that in four parts.  Yes, in case you don’t know, there is a Godric involved.

Now, due to popular demand inspiring my muse to stomp all over my brain, here’s the next logical part:  One Night – The Second Night, which will theoretically have three parts of its own if it goes as parsed.  Staying true to form, this next set of parts will only cover that literal second night.

Then, eventually, there will come a One Night – The Third Night – Dallas.  Part of it has already been written, but we have to get “there” first.

Now, on with the story.

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