Anticipating, Chapter 38

**Author’s Note**

Bla, bla, bla:  You know I only own the original stuff, right?

**I really hope you beautiful, amazing readers don’t mind me stretching this uber-important night out into so (incredibly) many chapters.  I have to keep in mind that Godric and Cara haven’t actually been able to spend all that much time together “just talking”, and they need to cover so many topics.  Patience, dear readers!**


(A different kind of night, aka:  Ponder, Plan, Plot, and Pray – Part 5…)


Godric pinched the bridge of his nose.  Although he completely understood Cara’s anger, he himself was torn between wanting to comfort her and wanting to yell back at her in frustration.  He never yelled for emotional reasons…the only time he ever raised his voice was to make himself heard over louder noises.  Now was certainly not such a time…


She jerked her face up to glare back at him.

Oh no…no…not…not that…fuck.

Her bottom lip trembled.

Once was all it took before he gathered her stiff, protesting body in his arms and tucked her head into his shoulder.

“Love, can you not tell?” He started smoothing his hands over her back as he growled low into her ear.  “If ever I were going to misuse any sort of bond between us, now would be the time.  Your anger and especially your distrust wound me more, I think, than you realize.  It kills me that I have hurt your feelings, and that you feel I have in some way betrayed you.”

Cara didn’t speak, but she did calm down some and tried to explore the bond.  She examined the feelings she was receiving from him, and found that, in amongst the surprising number of emotions she sensed, the strongest were love, worry, determination, and a sense of hurt that she hadn’t noticed from him before.

Arms still folded, body still tense, she leaned back a bit and replied softly, “It’s never been my intention to hurt you, Godric, just as I’m sure it’s never been your intention to hurt me.”  She sniffed and tucked herself back where she most wanted to be.

Godric started to speak again, but she quickly shook her head.  She knew she just needed a moment to calm down, review all the facts, and enjoy the simple pleasure of being held in his arms.  He continued rubbing her back in soft, soothing circles.

Suddenly she jerked.  “Oh God, honey, I’m sorry for calling you such a disrespectful name!  I shouldn’t stoop so low…my mouth runs away from me when I…please forgive me?”

She leaned back, and when Godric met her tear-filled eyes, he knew he would forgive her anything.  He smiled, nodded, and kissed her forehead.

“Of course I forgive you, ma chere.  Your anger is understandable.  Can you forgive me for how this bond started?”  Through the new bond, Cara could feel the spike in Godric’s trepidation, although his face didn’t reveal a thing.

She sniffed, then slid her arms around his waist and held him as close as she could.  After taking a deep breath that flooded her lungs with his dark leather-and-pine scent, she replied, “Of course.  I’m so sorry, honey.  It’s my tendency to over-react and lose control of my mouth that makes me understand and forgive you for how you started this double bond thing between us.”  Suddenly she snickered.  “Pot, meet kettle; kettle, meet pot.”

Godric drew back and looked at her quizzically.  She just laughed and raised her arms up around his neck and held him to her.

A moment later, she leaned back from him and took his face between her palms.  She bit her lip for a long moment as if she were contemplating something.  Finally, she spoke.  “I want to try something, ok?”

Godric nodded, curious to see what she was going to do.  He would agree to anything to keep those tears away.

The thought that she might have hurt his feelings gnawed at her.  Cara looked into his sunset blue eyes, and concentrated on sending him all the love and comfort she could muster.  It must have worked because an instant later his eyes grew big and his jaw dropped, giving her the biggest open-mouthed smile she’d ever seen.

The sparkling joy in his resulting laugh banished any remaining negativity.

“That…that is incredible!  Cara!  You just sent me your emotions…they are so clear!  I have never felt anything like it!”

She laughed as he gathered her up in his arms and swirled them around the room.

“My turn,” he claimed a moment later as he stilled their movements.

Keeping his hands firm about her waist and her body close to his, he lowered his head to peer down into her bright mahogany eyes.  He concentrated on sending her all the joy and elation he felt, and noted with elemental satisfaction how her eyes widened with surprise and her enticing heartbeat increased slightly.  The sound of her warm laughter ignited his affections in a way already proven dangerous to verbal communications.

He clasped her back to him as he halted his breathing in an attempt to control his arousal.  His fangs throbbed and his cock reacted accordingly, but he was determined to at least try to control his more primal side.  He realized that he might should get dressed…as if mere cloth could contain his lusts.  With great difficulty he retracted his fangs.

“Are you hungry?” he pulled back to ask a few moments later, his eyes still sparkling dangerously.

“I could eat,” she replied with a laugh as she basked in his glow.  Even in his happiness, he still radiated a power that couldn’t be ignored.  “But first, there’s something I have to say.”

Godric raised the brow she enjoyed so much, and waited for her to continue.  Thankfully, the bond told him that she was still very happy, so he felt only curiosity.

“Thank you.”

“For what, Cara-mia?”

“For setting aside tonight just for us.  For that lovely basket.”  She cupped his jaw, and stroked her thumb over his cheek.   “For all the attention to detail you put into the contents of that basket.  For letting me get my over-reaction out of the way so we could progress with our evening.  For caring enough about me to see past my many glorious faults,” she finished with a soft laugh.

“Cara, in the process of loving you, I have discovered that I am, by turns, even more patient and,” he sighed, “impatient than even I was aware.”  He gazed down into her eyes, as happy and content as he could ever wish.

He kissed her cheek, narrowly avoiding her plump lips by sheer willpower alone.  “Come, eat.”

Ensconced back on the couch, Cara contemplated the banana and the éclair, and wisely chose to postpone her teasing plans with them.  She would be quite happy, for now, with the cookies and another cup of thermos-hot coffee.

“Ok, so if I’m now jobless, what am I supposed to be doing?  These white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are really good, by the way.”

Godric grinned his satisfaction with her pleasure as he returned from the bedroom.  Cara was disappointed to see that he was wearing black silk pajama bottoms, but was glad, too.  His hard, muscled body was distracting in the most delicious ways.  Well-defined lines led to smooth planes and mouth-watering valleys she really wanted to explore.

“Thank you, and anything you wish.”

His fangs dropped when she sent him her own scalding sideways glance.  His resulting rumbling purr was an arousing reminder of just how thin his veneer of civility really was.  The fangs helped with that reminder, too. Cara blushed and purposefully redirected most of her attentions back to her snack.

When she was finished, Godric easily hauled her over onto his lap.  “Now you can sort through your things left from the apartment.  You will have time to read your many books, and I hope you will become comfortable with the books in my study upstairs.  And, I have a surprise for you,” he added charmingly.

Sensing his mood to play, Cara replied, “Lemme guess…a one-footed purple plastic flamingo flying a kite?”

Godric laughed and shook his head.  He missed teasing with her, he realized, even more than he thought.

“Erm…a pink and orange polka dot mouse costume?”

He laughed harder and shook his head again.  “One more guess.”

Cara pretended to think as she absent-mindedly ran her hand over his bare chest.

“Oh, I know…a stuffed pillow shaped like a teddy bear peeling potatoes?”  She blinked innocently.

Godric hugged her to his chest and laughed out loud.   “Ah, Cara, you are a delight.  No, I am afraid such things are not likely in your future.”  He tapped her lips when she fake-pouted.  “However, you may be happy to learn that your plants have been salvaged and are growing well according to our gardeners.”

Cara’s eyes lit up.  “Really?  Seriously?  That’s awesome!  I’ve been worried about them, but I knew there wasn’t anything I could do about them.  That’s wonderful news!”  She straddled his lap so she could hug him properly.

He closed his arms around her and tried not to think about just how arousing her new position was.   Or how easily he could part her robe.

“I have contracted with DesChamps to have your apartment fully restored by tomorrow, but I would ask you something.”

Keeping her hands around his neck, Cara sat back on his lap to ask, “What?”

Godric took a deep breath and hoped she would not sense his nervousness.  “I would ask you to move in here with me, permanently.”

Cara didn’t say a word.   Because she sensed his nervousness, she had a feeling there was more to it than just giving up an apartment she didn’t really like anyway, so she just waited for him to finish.

He settled her more into his lap, and continued.  “While it is true that you still need protection from the Weres, the fact remains that I wish for you to be here regardless.  Now that we have established the beginnings of a mutual bond, I would be able to sense if you were in danger even more quickly and locate you much more accurately, however, I…”

Cara placed a fingertip over his lips.  When he stopped talking, she leaned up a bit and kissed his nose.  “Yes.”

Instantly she was laid back flat on the couch being thoroughly kissed by a very talented ancient vampire.  Before she could stop herself, she wound her legs around his waist and returned his kiss with arousing enthusiasm.  When Godric began trailing open-mouthed kisses down her chest following the opening of the conveniently-parting robe, she told him with a shaky laugh, “Godric, we should stop.  We still have talking to do.”

He murmured his agreement since his lips and tongue were suddenly busy teasing her nipple.  Long minutes later Godric strained to remind himself that control was a good thing.  In that exact moment he could not remember precisely why  he was supposed to be so concerned with not fucking his beautiful Cara because all he desired was to be sheathed balls deep in her slick heat, but he knew they were supposed to be doing something other than writhing on his couch.

Cara moaned yet again as his wondering tongue dipped into her belly button as he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.  When he finally stopped and rested his cool forehead on the flushed skin of her stomach, she gasped at the temperature difference.

He chuckled at the noise, then raised his head to meet her slightly hazy stare.  After he captured her eyes in his burning blue gaze, he sat up between her legs and very slowly, very lightly, trailed his hand from her nipple down her stomach past her hip to the inside of her leg.   “There are many places on a human’s body from which a vampire may feed.  After we have talked, my Cara, I wish to show you a place you may find…particularly exciting.”

The pure male lust flowing from both his body and the bond made Cara’s hips twitch.  Caught up in the heavy scent of her arousal, Godric kept his incredible focus on her eyes as he moved his fingers the bare inch needed to gently part her slick folds.

“Part your legs for me, Cara,” he commanded, his voice deep and thick.  She let one leg dangle to the floor at his words, and didn’t break their gaze when he raised her other leg up by the knee to rest it over the back of the couch.  “Put your hands behind your head for me, Cara.”

She didn’t know where this new commanding streak was coming from, but for now the fire in his eyes and the tone of his dark, sweet voice was turning her on in ways she never thought possible.  She did as he asked, and thought about how weird it felt being so exposed to his burning gaze, even though his eyes hadn’t once left hers.

He slowly moved his fingers up past her clit then slowly stroked all the way down…then all the way back up again.   On the way back down his fingers found and rhythmically invaded her opening, and his thumb stretched back up to lightly tease and circle her clit.  Suddenly he was rubbing faster and harder in a way that had Cara breaking their eye contact by throwing her head back and screaming his name repeatedly.

His hand slowed down but never quite stilled while he waited for her to regain her breath.  When she finally moved her head to meet is eyes, he slowly withdrew his fingers from her warmth and bent his head to kiss her softly.

“Magnificent.”  He kissed her forehead.  “You are truly a delight to all my senses.”  He kissed her lips again.  He wondered why she did not embrace him, then remembered.  “Cara, you can move your arms, my love,” he said with a grin.

She giggled.  “Are you sure about that?  Why did you tell me to put them behind my head?”

“I am sorry for that, love, but if you had touched me just then, there would be no more conversation this night.”

“Ok, I’m confused,” she admitted, then impulsively drew his head down for another kiss.  “If you were that turned on, then didn’t it make it worse for you doing that with me just now?”

Understanding her confusion, he smiled against her lips.  “Oddly, no.  Giving you such pleasure satisfies something deep within me.  I still crave you, and if we do not move soon then all this will have been for naught, but I must admit that I adore watching you reach your pleasure.”

“So…um…”  Cara blushed a charming shade of red.

“What is it, ma chere?  You can ask me absolutely anything.”

“Good, because there’s a lot I don’t know about this kind of thing.”



“You do not have much experience, this I know.”

“Well, I know a lot in theory, but not in actual practice.  Let’s put it that way.”

“I know much in practice, and have never really bothered with theory,” Godric said with a low laugh.  “Cara, ask.”

She closed her arms around him and held him to her.  She thought it should feel odd being so comfortable with his weight atop her virtually naked body, but she was.

He felt her gathering her courage, and wondered at her reluctance to discuss whatever it was that she was questioning, but with her sexual inexperience, it made sense.  He suspected he had already expanded her horizons, and was proud that she had chosen him.

“Ok, I’ll be blunt.  You’re not into power-tripping S&M or Dom/sub shit, are you?”

He pulled back, surprisingly offended.  “No, of course not.   And, even if I ever had been, I love you much too much to want to hurt, dominate, or humiliate you in any way, but especially not during sex.  You mean too much to me for me to want to abuse you in such ways.”    His upper lip curled in disgust and his eyes blazed in indignation.

“I didn’t mean to offend you, honey, but I had to know.  I wouldn’t mind a bit playing around with you maybe, sometimes, but I’m not into hurting people or power games or whatever.  I have too many control and authority issues as it is,” she laughed.

Satisfied with her answer, he quirked that brow she loved so much.  “Playing around?”

She blushed.  Of course he’d latch onto that.  “We’ll just have to see,” she teased, now much more at ease with his sexual presence.  “Ok, vampire up, human needs a minute.”

Godric kissed her nose, then helped her up.

When Cara returned from the bathroom, she found Godric sitting on the couch drinking a bottle of nasty fake blood.  She sat down facing him on the other end of the sofa.

“Why do you drink that stuff if it’s so nasty?  Not to sound self-important, but you’ve got me on tap now.”

He placed the now-empty bottle on the table.  “It is my turn to be blunt.  Cara-mia, you are delicious.”  He grinned at her resulting blush.  “You taste better than anyone I have ever tasted in my unlife.  Your scent not only hardens my cock, but drops my fangs with amazing regularity.  But, at the same time, you are precious to me.  I refuse to risk your safety by taking too much from you or by feeding from you too often.”  He started to reach for her, but changed his mind.  Her scent was still too fucking appealing.

“At my age, I may not require much blood, but…as your scent is so enticing, it is safest that I drink that foul rot at regular intervals.  It does not help much, but it helps enough.”

Cara knew that he had just paid her a huge compliment, but still, the whole thing was still a bit…icky.  But…what if he got tired of the fake stuff, and wanted more of the real thing?  It suddenly occurred to her that he could very easily feed from someone else.  If she remembered right, one or two of the guys in his retinue kept donors or pets or whatever they called themselves, didn’t they?

He felt the sharp jolt of her apprehension and jealousy, and wanted to nip that in the bud.  “Cara, only once since I met you have I fed from another, and then it was only a feeding.  Do you remember your first night here?”

She met his eyes warily, and nodded her head.

“That night, after I settled you into your quarters, I had two realistic options.  I could either drink from you and risk not only our relationship but possibly your life, or I could feed from donors.  I chose donors.”  He did not like the way she was looking at him, but he would not lie to her.

Cara glared at him for a moment, then closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  She distinctly remembered that particular night.  If Godric hadn’t had the forethought to ask her to stay in his house until he returned from his meeting, she would likely have been killed by the Weres who broke into her apartment and wrecked the place.  She remembered the closeness she finally allowed herself to thoroughly enjoy in his embrace, and the light teasing they’d done before he flew her up the stairs.  And then she remembered the way he’d looked at her:  feral, aroused…and hungry.

She tried to tamp down her body’s pleasant reaction to that memory.

She opened her eyes but refused to meet his direct gaze.  They still had talking to do.  “Godric, I completely understand.  I just hope they tasted nasty.”  She snickered as she cut her eyes sideways at him.  She felt his relief with her teasing and rubbed her foot along his silk-clad leg stretched out on the couch near hers.

“You may rest assured they were nowhere near your caliber.”



“Only on days ending with ‘y’.”

He laughed out loud and, in the blink of an eye, had Cara resituated on his lap.  As she curled sideways into his chest, he held her close, and reveled in the intensity of the peace flowing between them.

“Will you consider moving in here with me?  I worry about your reaction to sleeping beside my still body during the day, but I wish to have you by my side.”

Cara concentrated hard on picking at the edging on the robe.  “It’s…that’s one of the things I was kind of upset about, you know?  I hated feeling like you didn’t want to sleep with me when we were through.  But, I have to say, now that you’ve basically invited me to move in with you, it’s weird, but now all of a sudden I feel like we’re moving too fast.”  She laughed at herself.  “I’m such a mess, honey, but at least I admit it.”  She placed a sweet kiss on his chest in apology.

He appreciated her honesty, and he was inordinately pleased with the level of her self-awareness, but he still had a few tricks, and truths, up his sleeve.

He softy kissed her temple and smoothed back her hair.  “I sleep in these quarters because these are the safest rooms on this estate,” he whispered in her ear.  “I think often of the joy I feel when you fall asleep in my arms, and while I would never expect you to remain trapped in here during the daylight hours, ma petite, I do dream of waking with you here, in my bed.”

He turned her slightly more into his chest, and stroked her cheek.  “But, Cara,” he paused to tilt her chin up to gaze into her soft brown eyes, “I also dream of falling into my daytime sleep with you safe in my arms.  I dream of the warmth of your body seeping into mine, of your scent easing away the stress of the night, of the sound of your heartbeat lulling me into my rest…knowing I have you here, safe, in my arms.”




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