Attaining: Sequel to Anticipating


~~~~~COMING SOON~~~~~

(well, eventually at any rate)


Consider this proof that not only have I not forgotten about my original Godric and Cara story, but that it is going to happen – after I finish The Revealing of Andre (and yes, that’s a giganto-clue).


Attaining Sign

9 thoughts on “Attaining: Sequel to Anticipating

  1. None of my suspicions have been confirmed!!! Can’t Andre wait? *wah-bulance waaaahiing in the distance*


  2. fundamentalblue: Ha! Well, since Andre’s story is a direct feed into the sequel (the sequel being a combined sequel for both Ant and Andre) …sorry?? 😉


  3. fundamentalblue: Andre’s story is my special little baby in a way. I took a huge chance when I decided to write him (he’s generally a despised character), and it wasn’t always easy (not many reviews because most people wouldn’t even be curious about him much less want to take the time to read about him), but he and I, and Emma, persevered. There’s one big final/epilogue-esque chapter left, then eventually I’ll be on to the sequel.

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  4. Hey Meridian
    Just wondered when the sequel might be starting? Anticipating it with great excitement. (See what I did there…hehe!) 😀


  5. ericluver: I see what you dun thair…ha! It’s mentally…sort of…in the works, but actual words have not yet been typed. I need to complete my other on-goings first, and we can see how THAT is going… *sigh*


  6. Hi, as its now almost the 1st of May 2018, I was wondering if you were going to continue writing your story ” Attaining” ?
    I loved the 2 previous stories to this arc, especially Andre (I had always disliked him previously), it was really good to read a very different version of him 😉
    I am itching to find out what kind of Supe Emma is !!
    So here’s hoping you will continue this st


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