The Moon, Ch. 9

**A/N: So you may need a toothbrush and some toothpaste after this chapter…and maybe a hanky…and although I don’t remember Eric ever calling Sookie “Lover” on TB, Imma use it here anyway cause I like it.**

“Missed you?” Eric’s voice was just short of incredulous. He rearranged their position on the couch so that he and Sookie, who was still sitting on his lap, were facing each other a bit more.  He had missed her face too much to not look at it every chance he could.

The decision to no longer fight his feelings for the lady in his lap gave Eric a curious sense of freedom. Now he was able to give voice to the intense love and passion he held for his Sookie without feeling as though he had to bite his tongue. With an even lighter heart, he spoke the words he wished he could have spoken so long ago.

“Sookie, I have wanted you since that first night I met you. I have been falling in love with you since that first night I met you, and” he paused to cup her cheek in the palm of his hand, “I have needed you since that first night I met you.” His eyes almost glowed with the strength of his emotions.

Of course I have missed you. For the longest time now I’ve simply been going through the motions. Yes, I’ve been busy with the businesses, especially so just after…we routed the Yakuza,” he said, abruptly changing his words. His eyes darkened for a moment as he thought about the pain his Sookie must have felt over fucking Compton’s cowardly death.  That one died as he lived – determined to wring every ounce of useless angst and unnecessary drama he could from those he supposedly loved.

He hated thinking about those times, and not just because of her pain, but because once again she had chosen Compton over him, but no more. If she truly had reached out to him, and he had no reason to doubt her word…

“But even so, of course I have missed you, Sookie. No matter how busy I was, no matter what fucking continent I was on, I never stopped caring about you, never stopped thinking about you.”

Eric sighed as he took advantage of their position to place the lightest of kisses on her forehead near her hairline, then leaned back to meet her tear-filled gaze.

“Life without you has been…surprisingly empty,” he smiled sadly. “Every night without you has been darker than the one before. No,” he softly admonished when Sookie’s lips started trembling and more tears spilled from her eyes. He quickly wiped the tears away – the damn things would always slash at his heart. “No crying, Lover. If I have my way, the time for tears is over.”

Determined to be honest with the love of his unlife now secure in his arms, he took a steadying breath before assuring, “Never again doubt my feelings for you, Sookie. Never again. At first I did just lust for you,” he grinned and wiggled his brows in a successful bid to make her laugh, “but that lust very quickly turned into a genuine liking, and by the time the events of Dallas had taken place, even I had to admit that you already owned a piece of my heart. But the way you stayed with Godric…the way you stood by him when I could not…” Eric broke off, his eyes brimming with red tears as he remembered the pain and heartbreak of that night

He remembered the consideration Sookie had shown to both himself and Godric when she had offered to stand with his Maker during his final moments on this Earth. Granted Godric had saved her from a horrible situation, but it was a kindness that Eric knew he himself hadn’t deserved – especially after tricking her into taking his blood. Nothing he could do would ever be enough to repay her for that act of compassion toward his beloved Master.

But damn’d if he wouldn’t try now that she might finally let him.

Eric cleared his throat and blinked away the evidence of his memories. “When you stayed with Godric during his final moments on this Earth, that sealed it for me. My whole world was reeling, but the one thing I eventually took from that most horrible night was that I loved you, and that I always would.”

Already close to emotional overload, the solemn tone of his voice, the fiery look in his eyes, the tender way he held her…it was too much for Sookie. Great gasping sobs worked their way up as she leaned fully into his broad chest and brought her hands up to cover her face, still sore from the slowly fading bruising.

“Shh…shh…shh…I’ve got you…I’ve got you,” he whispered as he stroked his hand up and down her back.  He tried hard to calm her tears, but to no avail.  In fact, his attempts seemed to make it worse. Not only did he hate when she cried, but now he was also concerned about the baby daughter held sweetly within her body. Surely crying so hard wasn’t good for either of his girls!

A vague memory suggesting that pregnant women were naturally more likely to have emotional outbursts wasn’t very reassuring, but helped Eric to make a decision.

As if she weighed nothing, he scooped her up into his arms and took her back to her bedroom. He eased her down onto the bed, climbed in with her, then covered her with the comforter before taking her back into his arms. With a heartrending patience he hadn’t known he possessed, he simply let her cry herself out in the comfort and security of his embrace, and allowed himself the solace of rubbing her back as best he could while quietly murmuring reassurances and sweet endearments into her ear.

Finally calming down to the occasional sniffle, Sookie rubbed her forehead along the soft cotton of his shirt as she breathed in his achingly familiar scent, and savored the feeling of his strong arms holding her close. She was vaguely surprised to find herself back in her bed, too emotionally overwrought before to notice the movement earlier, but had absolutely no intentions of leaving that small cocoon of very welcome comfort after suffering its absence for so many months and years.

The warmth of the soft bedding, the strong safety and support of Eric’s arms after being without him for far too long, and the exhaustion that comes after a hard cry soon took their toll, and before long Sookie was sound asleep.

Eric sighed in relief as he felt the tension leave her tired body as she drifted off into her slumber, but he remained in place – he was exactly where he wanted to be with no desire whatsoever to leave his beloved’s bed.

While he held his sleeping heart close, his mind raced. The problem of Steve fucking Campbell nagged at him and he had already mentally outlined what steps to take in that direction, but currently he focused on the problem of Pamela…fucking Pamela who was soon to have a very, very bad life.  Every tear his Sookie had shed this night, and any other since the night of her call, was coming out of Pam’s hide.

It took quite a few deep inhalations of Sookie’s beloved scent before he could retract his fangs and think clearly once again.

He also needed to get his blood into Sookie to heal those damn bruises, but was unsure as to what effect it might have on the child growing within her.  After all she’d been through, a visit with that troll of a doctor certainly wouldn’t hurt, he decided, and she could surely answer his questions about the blood, too.

Decisions for their immediate future made, Eric minutely adjusted his hold on Sookie, and allowed himself to fully relax for the first time in recent memory.

**A/N:  Well, I did say it was sweet…  (In future chapters we’ll learn more about why Sookie didn’t repeatedly try to contact him…or did she?  Guess you’ll have to hang with me to find out, eh?  And yes, I am giggling evilly.)  So, what’d ja think? You know how I love your pretty, pretty words…**

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64 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 9

  1. So sweet and needed. I LOVED IT!!! I fear for Pam if Sookie tried to contact him on more than one occasion. Well a little. I’m not a big fan of TB Pam. I can’t wait for more. Now off to write my next chapter of Black Friday. Maybe everyone will get a Thanksgiving treat or maybe I should wait for Black Friday to go along with the title. LOL

    Love ya lots like jelly tots!!!


  2. gyllene: Oh that would be awesome – BF on BF!! It’d be a great treat for those of us staying HOME and avoiding the BF insanity…

    And yeah, TB Pam annoyed me. Loved the actress, but the way Pam treated Sookie got on my nerves. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love holiday treats, especially when they won’t wreck my blood sugar! Very happy to see that heads have been removed from asses. And I’m always curious to read which way Eric will punish Pam. Some writers go the physical route and others take the mental. (Silver vs humiliation.) I’m anxious to read whatever you come up with for our “dear” Pammy.


  4. Bless you. This story I can be thankful for! I know Miss PAMELA deserves retribution but I hope he doesn’t waste his energy and attention on that retribution. Cut her out and move on, that would hurt her the most, any attention would feed her need to be in the center of his unlife. Eric needs to focus on his and Sookie’s life together, that is what will heal their collective pain for opportunities missed and lost forever.
    Thank you again for letting Eric let go of his pain.


  5. Loved it! So happy they are finally connecting and talking. Ludwig should be an interesting visitor, she is always so much fun. That Pam, TB Pam was always so selfish and bitchy, she deserves whatever Eric dishes out. Can’t wait for the next chapter and you have yourself a lovely Thanksgiving!!!


  6. A no-carb Thanksgiving treat! Yes!! And…it was sooooo sweet —and calorie free! Who couldn’t love Eric. And…if Eric finds out that Sookie tried to contact him on more than one occasion, Pam will be in for a world of hurtin’
    Love Ludwig –can’t wait to see what she has to say!

    Thank you!!


  7. E. B. Rhome: Glad you like it – and you can have unlimited servings, too! 😀 I can’t see Eric (well, my Eric) physically punishing Pam, but he IS livid…


  8. Sookie es testaruda y orgullosa. Eric lo es, también. Un capítulo muy emotivo y, creo, necesario (ambos deben admitir lo que sienten y no callárselo por temor a que les hagan daño).


  9. Pam should know better than keep Eric’s calls from him. It will come back and bite her.. Love the story and glad Eric and Sookie are together.

    Have been seeing several stories where Pam doesn’t like Sookie and does her best to keep them apart. Pam had been ended in a couple..


  10. motomary: Awww, thank you! As much as I wanted this to be a “fix-it fic”, I also wanted to give some plain old healing to Eric and Sookie both, and you’re so right – one of the best ways for them to achieve that is by simply getting on with their lives together. 😀


  11. The Queen of all that …: Thank you! 😀 I love incorporating Ludwig when I can – she’s a blast! And I totally agree: TB Pam was such a pain in the ass…


  12. duckbutt60: Glad you liked it! And you can have unlimited servings, too! 😀 Ludwig is a blast, and I’m thinking she might have something interesting to impart, too… (And I’d love a serving of Sweet Eric for dessert any time!)


  13. suzi44ky: I haven’t read any where she was ended (and I’m glad, too, cause I’d cry…), but I can see Eric doing what he’d have to do to keep Sookie safe from a jealous Pam. So glad you love the story! 😀


  14. I hope you continue to supply the toothpaste because I’ll soon run out with all the sweetness 😜 You know Adele always threatened to tan hides maybe that’ll work for Pam it would only be fitting that she were to end up as a pink leather jacket… The perfect baby shower gift for Sookie’s little girl perhaps…


  15. So sweet, can’t wait for pam to get hers and for them to talk. Thanks for the early fix as I’ll be baking and hosting for the next 3 days. Happy thanksgiving!


  16. Well that is the calm before the Pam storm 😉 great chapter they are to start working on their relationship. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for this treat.


  17. I’m glad they’re talking and I’m glad that Eric finally feels like he can take the leash off of his emotions. He deserves to finally let them go and have them reciprocated. Yay! 🙂


  18. VictoryInTrouble: Thank you and exactly! At first it made sense for him to hold back as it was “the vampire way” and he was also so new to the whole emotion thing, but now? Now it’s high time and past for him to let loose with the pretty words. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  19. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe!

    That was perfect!!! And I can’t wait for what your devious mind comes up for Pamela. … :::evil crackling laughter begins… quietly. I have a sleeping Murphy at my feet!:::


  20. Kittyinaz: Thank you gorgeous! And ohh yeah, Pam’s in for it. At some point in the next few chapters, she’s gonna have a bad, bad time… *evil laugh* :Dd


  21. So I may have run out of words for how much I adore both your writing, and this story!!! I can’t help but melt inside a little bit every time that sweet and loving Eric shows up, don’t get me wrong, I love a BAMFVV more than most, but there is just something so perfect in seeing Eric allow his vulnerable side to come out and respond to his Sookie!! Well done my dear, I loved it and am already needing more!!!


  22. No floss? Being real thankful here 😉 I had to look up the process of tanning a hide naturally because I vaguely remember it being slightly icky but this instruction seemed a perfect piece of torture: “The oils in an animal’s brain provide a natural tanning method, and each animal has a brain just big enough to tan its entire hide (although with this Pam we’re going to have to test the validity of that statement). Cook the animal’s brain and a cup of water until the brain breaks down and the mixture resembles soup. Place it in a blender so it is completely smooth.”

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  23. Eric finally allowed to let Sookie know how he feels!! Yay! Now he needs to cut Pam out of their lives so they can enjoy time together. I wish my guy could open up like that, sigh


  24. missrissa81: Awww, thank you Rissa – I’m so glad you like it! And I totally agree – I love the BAMFVV – I do… ohhh yeah, I do, but I love Sweet!Eric, too. The one just doesn’t mean quite as much without the other. It’s awesome when he shows his physical strength, but it’s just as beguiling when he shows his emotional strength. 😀


  25. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: Thank you – glad you liked it! It’s going to get a bit twisted…but it’ll all work out in the end… And no, I did not just giggle evilly…much.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!! 😀


  26. mom2goalies: Yeah, I definitely agree: Pam needs to GO so they can get on with the “being happy”!
    (I’ve noticed that guys tend to have an easier time opening up if their tummy about half full {full = they get sleepy} and if you’re not facing them directly, fwiw… Good luck with that…*sigh*…)


  27. Awwww…. so cute… love that they have begun to talk…. still a lot to talk about and resolve but… good start!!!!


  28. redjane12: 😀 Thank you – glad you liked it! They do still have a few miles to go, but at least they’re finally on the right track! 😀


  29. Lovely. He really poured his heart out. I think those two are gonna be just fine. There are a couple of other people whose shoes I wouldn’t care to be anywhere near though. Thanks for the Thanksgiving present.


  30. murgatroid98: Thank you, and he really did. I imagine that he’s fought so hard for so long to keep that emotional dam in place that when he gave himself permission to let loose, the words came flooding out. Glad you liked it! 😀


  31. Wonderful. Someday Eric will learn to carry those little packs of Kleenex with him for his crying Sookie… Very sweet & since I don’t have to do anything in preparation for the holiday but show up, I can read it all I want without worrying about the calories or cavities! Can’t wait for Dr. Ludwing who is always fun, and to see what Eric has in mind for Pam’s punishment. No atoning for this one especially if Sookie made more than one attempt! Oh my! Have a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving! 🙂


  32. msbuffy: Once he gets the idea, I can just see Eric checking his stockpile: 15 packs of those tiny tear and snot catchers and 12 silk hankies? Check…

    Lol, re-read as often as you want – it’ll still be here!

    Dr. Ludwig is a blast!! I love writing her!



  33. marilyn59: 😀 It won’t be too long after the Poll closes till I post a chapter of the story that wins (and, honestly, maybe a chapter of another fic or two, too)…(too)… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  34. after saying all he needed to say and she going into emotional overload, i think they are the road to a healthy and new relationship. sure there will be bumps, Steve, Pam and life but together they will be unstoppable. plus it has me wondering were her friends all glamour to not see what was right in front of them and that is why the vampires were never allowed or asked to be around. HMMM KY


  35. Chapter 9 *dashes off for toothbrush, toothpaste and a hanky and sitting back down looks up at Godric. “Godric why do I need these?”* Reading…He had missed her face..awww how sweet. Damn…Sookie you are getting one chance to correct this misunderstanding and make it right with Eric or I am getting Godric to find me a witch and we will be having a Freaky Friday body switching and I will be taking your place even at 9 months pregnant cause those words from Eric just melted me. So I guess that answers my earlier question no Godric in this story….*sniff sniff grabbing hanky!!* His girls…Better put Willa in that group too..but toss Pamela sooo not liking her at all! No not Pam’s hide PAMELA’s hide! Now Eric is minutely planing this is going to be good. I am not happy and I can hear your evil giggling!

    Off to the next chapter!



  36. The line about Compton dying as he lived is so true! Unnecessary melodrama indeed! Pam’s hide is going to be seriously the worse for wear soon enough, and can’t wait to solve the enigma of Steve Campbell. Think I can smell a fairy!


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