It’s up to y’all – POLL TIME

Ok, so, I’m running around like a drunk elf trying to “get things done” (insert lots of bla bla bla about everything that’s going on + WAAHHH HOLIDAZE!!! here) – and boy, am I running behind – I think I even saw my own ass the other day, and ugh, I so need to start exercising (yeah, right…sooo not gonna happen)…  

HOWEVER, I also feel a responsibility toward my readers to not leave y’all hanging any longer than I have to, so…to that effect:


Which story/stories do you most want updated?  Not that I’m promising anything, but this will give me something of an idea of where to at least try to aim my flighty li’l muse.  Whether she cooperates or not is debatable, but  I have half-chapters of ALL of these already dangling precariously from my fingertips.


(TwiFuckery and To Dream Again aren’t listed because those aren’t in the regular ‘rotation’ anyway.)

So, whaddya want?  Now’s your chance to let me know!


13 thoughts on “It’s up to y’all – POLL TIME

  1. Ha! I think I hear your muse laughing in the background about being directed in between fake coughs of delusional and fat chance… yeah it would be nice if they just sat still and did what they were told instead of the usual taunt and menace one is subjected too 😉


  2. … In my weird mind she’s making those bizarre noises that hairy thing on Star Wars makes. Note to self: get Meridian that Fairy to Human translator thingamajig 😇


  3. gwynwyvar: Thank you!! *tosses over virtual padding so you can have a soft landing jic you exit your body during one of those startled-jumps*…*soft landings are worth the time and preparation when possible* 😀

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  4. Sarah Wilder: Me too! *stares meaningfully* Lol, I’ve got half-chapters of everything stewing, just really waiting on time to finish them and roll them out. I just wondered which stories people most wanted to read first so I could try to talk Madame Muse (she still won’t tell me her real name) into cooperating with me on them.


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