Hoo-ley Poll-y!!!

Y’all are freakin’ AWESOME!  You have totally blown me away with your voting!!!  Talk about a (much needed) ego boost from, like, Valhalla or something!! 

1,459 (1,463 now) votes in less than two days!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a screen shot from a little while ago (10:17pm EST, to be annoyingly exact):

poll score dec 8, 14 at 10 18 pmAnd that’s after only *two* days of the poll being open!!!  It’s so close that I’m going to leave it up for a week in total – Dec. 6th through Dec. 13th – so that everyone has the chance to vote as often as they want.  You can select up to three stories, but you can select those three as often as you want.

Now, in all honesty I totally expected my beloved Andre to be in last place because he’s NOT generally thought of as being…hero-esque…but even so, EVEN HE HAS 218 VOTES SO FAR!! 

218 votes for my LEAST POPULAR fic??  THAT’S FARKIN’ AMAZING!!!

The top three favorites have been dancing around each other and fighting for top vote since the poll opened.  Logically any one of them could win, so if you have a definite favorite:  VOTE!!

Here’s the poll again, so please, have at it as often as you want:

And here’s something I’m posting just so I can show it off!  4Padfoot made this for me!! Isn’t it awesome??  I didn’t want to have to wait for Christmas to display the beauty, lol:

Godric Merry Christmas by Robin

In summary (see how official I can sound?), I really do want to thank you for your incredibly enthusiastic response to this poll.  Y’all have made my everlovin’ day!!!



5 thoughts on “Hoo-ley Poll-y!!!

  1. Is it bad that as I want them all, I tend to vote for a random 3 each time I vote, but I try and throw in Andre, cause I love him!!! I mean what’s not to love, Andre has everything!!!! There’s Andre and his Emma, his super BFF Eric, and Eric’s lady love Sookie, the amazingly lovable Berts, you know, Wybert and his brodder, and lest we forget a fun and sassy QSA!!!! what more could we want??? Oh yeah, that’s right, we want more Andre!!! Just saying!!! 😉


  2. missrissa81: Awww, thank you Rissa! 😀 No worries – I’m not saying that I won’t update the rest of them in December, it just depends on how much time I can scrounge AND be in that writing zone. And Andre…I do love that semi-sorta-(not so much now) psycho-brat!! 😀 And the ‘Berts…and you know how well Emma is getting along with QSA and Sookie… 😀 And Rasul and Tracy… 😀


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