So whaddya want?

Ok ladies and gennelmen, I’m almost somewhat sort of ready to climb back in the saddle/hit the road running (limping)/pick up where I left off/other euphemisms for “slowly starting to write fanfic again”.

So, which story do you want me to turn my writerly eye toward first (no guarantees but I’d love to hear what you guys want)?  Un/fortunately there are several to choose from.  Heh, good excuse for (you guessed it) a poll, right?  You know my thing for lovely delicious little polls.


Didja vote?  While I won’t make any promises (I tend not to unless I’m 100% positive I can keep the damn thing), I really would like to know which story/stories you’d most like to have updated first.  Encouraging words are being accepted, too.   I’m still sore from being kicked by life.  

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.  Oh, yeah, and I yet live.  And stuff.


Question and Other

Ok, readers-mine, time to touch base with y’all again.  As enthusiasm for “One Night” seems to be waning (like tides and allergies, it happens…, and while clicks on the page haven’t fallen all that much, page likes and reviews *are* down from previous Parts so it’s kind of obvious), which other stories would you prefer that I concentrate on instead?  Lol, we have choices…

(Moon isn’t listed because it depends more on the FLM than I’d like for her to know.)  (See also:  SEVRIN…)

Now, for the “other” – to correct a typo on the YWB page, the site is allowing voting to continue until Oct. 22nd now, so go back, vote for your faves and, I dunno, have a coffee and think fondly of me and Eric’s Spider or something, lol.

*snicker*  Kittyinaz suggested nominating Eric’s spider (*spoiler* to be named later by, well, Eric himself) for Best OC next awards season…and I totally support that notion.  No, I haven’t told Eric yet…I’m smarter than that (usually).

Anyhu, lemme know what story you want updates on next!  (If “One Night” recurs in the comments, then I’ll definitely listen, but you guys deserve options.)

NOTE:  I am not bitching about the falling number of likes and comments – I’m thrilled that even ONE of you guys likes it enough to, yeah, like and comment.  But…I *am* reacting to the (inevitable) trends in how interest in stories can fluctuate – srsly, like tides and allergies, it happens (hence these annoying polls from time to time).  So, yeah, the story is in no danger whatsoever – I just want to know what you’d *rather* be reading and will attempt to bribe the FLM accordingly.  (And she just totally flipped me off, btw…*sigh*…)

Have a <beverage of choice> day!  (And yes, that banner was chosen just because I’m kinda hungry.)


Poll Bitnez, Not Chapter Yet (so ignore if you’re busy)

Man, you ladies (and gents? We have any gents in the house?) should be writers yourselves!  Your fantastic suggestions have been fun, interesting, and inspired – very creative and imaginative and I can totally see some brilliant backstories being thought up for so many of those names.  Really, people – go pick up a pencil or a keyboard and get to it! 


Now, I don’t know if the poll will close on its own or not – damn thing is smarter than I am – but as of (glances at watch) right now, poll-wise Seb’s in the lead with Richard trailing along in eventual second place. 

But…I’m loving EVERY ONE of the suggestions in the comments!  I should have known better than to pull a poll because now I want to use ALL THE NAMES.

*grumph*  Dude may end up with the longest name in the history of fanfic naming conventions…Well, it IS Texas…and things are always bigger in Texas…

Oh, and here’s the deal about dear ol’ Stan Davis.  Many of y’all mentioned that he was the King of Texas (I ran out of time to reply to individual comments…sorry), and that’s kind of what I’d thought, too – and we were all right…sort of:

In SVM, Stan Davis was the vampire Sheriff of Dallas who does, eventually, become King of Texas much later in the book series (wiki says in book 7), but during this “time frame”, he’s not the king (yet) – still just a Sheriff (which is Godric’s job in the TB version that I’m mostly going with). It’s annoying that the ‘current’ king’s name wasn’t ever given (that I can find at least).

But in TB (where I’m basing the majority of this story), Stan’s just Godric’s mouthy, aggressive lieutenant and to my knowledge no name for the king of Texas was ever given there, either.

So…there’s that, hence this…

Anyway, as for the next installation, I’m already 4,200~ words into it and I’m not even at the half-way mark yet.  Lots of things happen in this Part and apparently these things require lots of parts of speech.  For comparison, the previous Part was around 8,981~ words, give or take.  Warning:  This installation is en route to becoming a monumental bastard with about 12 pee breaks, 2 dinners, and a vacation suggested.

I’m tempted to edit what I’ve written so far as a “”Part1a”” and post hell out of it tomorrow or something.

So that’s where I am.  And if you noticed that I didn’t mention which name/names/conglomeration of even more names I’ll be using, you’re right! *evil grin* You’ll just have to read on…and on…

Hearts and mosquitoes (cause I’m tired of dealing with the fuckers – I mean, really, “Fall” is supposedly scheduled to make its way here on Thursday and it’s still 88*F outside at *checks watch again* now ffs),


Poll! EN: ATS, Ch. 17 is up and so’s… *smirky grin*

You’ll just have to read an’ see…

There are several things to cover in this post so:

Which story do you want to see updated next?


(Haven’t done one of these in a while…hope I remember how to check the results and all that…well, the results should display, right?  That’s what I clicked anyway.)

You may vote more than once and for more than one choice (hey, I’m easy) and “comments are allowed” (apparently in the poll thingie?) but then, they’re always allowed and encouraged so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.  I in my infinite magnanimity/stupidity have even added a write-your-own-answer “other” option (which was probably kind of dumb of me considering that I know some of y’all…).

News:  Fanatic Fanfics Awards thingie is accepting nominations until March 6th so if you’re interested in nominating any fanfic writers, fics, or artists:

Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic Cropped



Aye yai yai….

Translation:  I just finished voting in the Fanatic Fanficts and…yeah, gimme a sec…


Ok, my flighty little caffeine-addicted muse is starting to whisper a bit in my ear (unless it’s a ghost…), and she wants to know which fic you want me to work on next.  

Options in no particular order are:

Sookie Takes Charge
The Revealing of Andre
The Moon
(I can’t list TwiFuckery because I don’t know any other fandoms all that well, so it’s on temp. hold…)


Ok, about the voting:  this is basically ROUND ONE – this voting determines who will go on to, I guess, the final round of voting?  You can select up to 10 nominations in each category (unless there aren’t 10 options, then you can select up to 5).  You can vote once per IP address.

I highly suggest you use Control + F to find the nominations you’re wanting to vote for – you’ll see why.  The options are generally plentiful (sometimes VERY plentiful), and are listed story name first, not writer name.  I’d love it if you would vote for me, but please, do vote for your favorites! 

Now:  GO VOTE!!  (Pack a lunch…)  ❤

fanatic fanfics multifandom awards

Just like in politics, your vote counts!


a votesI am absolutely positively BLOW AWAY by the response to the Poll!  You guys have amazed me with your ‘turn out’!!!

3,943 votes at final count when the Poll closed at 9pm EST????!!!???


Ok, you asked for it – you got it:

Chapter 9 of The Moon for your reading pleasure!

aThe Moon banner

(For all my awesome STC readers – I have Chapter 9 almost ready, too!)

Thank you all very much for letting me know what you think – your votes and your opinions matter!  😀

Hoo-ley Poll-y!!!

Y’all are freakin’ AWESOME!  You have totally blown me away with your voting!!!  Talk about a (much needed) ego boost from, like, Valhalla or something!! 

1,459 (1,463 now) votes in less than two days!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a screen shot from a little while ago (10:17pm EST, to be annoyingly exact):

poll score dec 8, 14 at 10 18 pmAnd that’s after only *two* days of the poll being open!!!  It’s so close that I’m going to leave it up for a week in total – Dec. 6th through Dec. 13th – so that everyone has the chance to vote as often as they want.  You can select up to three stories, but you can select those three as often as you want.

Now, in all honesty I totally expected my beloved Andre to be in last place because he’s NOT generally thought of as being…hero-esque…but even so, EVEN HE HAS 218 VOTES SO FAR!! 

218 votes for my LEAST POPULAR fic??  THAT’S FARKIN’ AMAZING!!!

The top three favorites have been dancing around each other and fighting for top vote since the poll opened.  Logically any one of them could win, so if you have a definite favorite:  VOTE!!

Here’s the poll again, so please, have at it as often as you want:

And here’s something I’m posting just so I can show it off!  4Padfoot made this for me!! Isn’t it awesome??  I didn’t want to have to wait for Christmas to display the beauty, lol:

Godric Merry Christmas by Robin

In summary (see how official I can sound?), I really do want to thank you for your incredibly enthusiastic response to this poll.  Y’all have made my everlovin’ day!!!



It’s up to y’all – POLL TIME

Ok, so, I’m running around like a drunk elf trying to “get things done” (insert lots of bla bla bla about everything that’s going on + WAAHHH HOLIDAZE!!! here) – and boy, am I running behind – I think I even saw my own ass the other day, and ugh, I so need to start exercising (yeah, right…sooo not gonna happen)…  

HOWEVER, I also feel a responsibility toward my readers to not leave y’all hanging any longer than I have to, so…to that effect:


Which story/stories do you most want updated?  Not that I’m promising anything, but this will give me something of an idea of where to at least try to aim my flighty li’l muse.  Whether she cooperates or not is debatable, but  I have half-chapters of ALL of these already dangling precariously from my fingertips.


(TwiFuckery and To Dream Again aren’t listed because those aren’t in the regular ‘rotation’ anyway.)

So, whaddya want?  Now’s your chance to let me know!